Vampire Series @halfofmysoul


Summary: The moment Aro saw her, he knew he had to have her.

Pairing: Aro/Bella

As a human, she was divine. Rosy cheeks, long brown hair that cascaded down her back in locks. Her brown eyes were wide with fear and the unknown. She pleaded with them, her face contorting in pain as she watched her lover almost get beheaded.

Her high shrieked 'please!' made Aro hold up his hand, his eyes sparkling in delight. He walked forward slowly, a slow smile creeping upon his face. "You'd trade your life….for one of us?" He asked surprised. Her heart beat fast against her rib cage, and Aro cut his eyes to her pulse wondering if she tasted like the sweet ambrosia young Edward had tasted.

Although somewhere in his mind that is not the only thing he wanted to taste. He licked his lips at the thought. The girl was just begging for the boy to claim her.

She smelt sweet, like fresh fruit and wine.

She was a pretty thing. A pretty little human. She swallowed at the sight of him, her eyes widening slightly if that was possible. "May I?" He asked, gesturing towards her hand. She hesitated, just for a few seconds before she placed her hands in his, a quiet gasp leaving her mouth as their hands touched.


She was indeed silent to him, nothing. White noise. He raked his eyes over her body, meeting those brown eyes once more. Her attention was stuck on him as much as his on her. "Immortality would become you," He purred lowly.

Somewhere in the background he heard the foolish boy speak, demanding his precious human to get away. As if she could. She blinked up at him as if dazed.

"Why do we play these games Aro? She must die, and the Cullen's must be held for treason. If they haven't changed her already, they don't plan to. They've broken the law!" Caius snapped. Aro hummed. He had to admit that his brother was right.

Such a pity.

She was spectacular. Their hands were still touching, a small spark settling between the warmth of flesh and frozen stone. Aro had not felt anything like that before in all his life. What was that? "I have proof she'll become one of us. I've seen it," The seer piped up.

Aro snapped his head in her direction, beckoning her forward. "Show me child," He commanded, closing his eyes as the seer's vision suddenly shown itself behind his eyes as if it was happening before him.

The La Tua Cante stood no more, in her place was a glorious beast of perfection. Ruby red eyes, jaw lax as she stared down at the people before her. Her head was high, a smile gracing her face. Her hand curled around an arm, her face shifting to expose the emotions of softness.

Aro stood proudly next to her, his hand firmly nestled against her hip, her nose then pressed against his cloak. He sat on his throne, his prize on his lap.

"Il mio per sempre" (Mine forever)

She turned her head once again, the sunlight filtering through the ceiling shining down on the neat scar that set between the flesh of her collarbone and neck.

Like that the vision ended. Aro blinked in awe, truly wondering why he'd let such a prize like Alice leave the castle. "Aren't your visions based on decisions Dear?" He asked, his eyes flashing back down to the human who still stared at him awed.

The small woman nodded. "Yes, but this one Master Aro…" She stated, making his eyes meet hers. "This one what?" He asked.

"Was always set in stone," She declared.

Aro hummed, looking back towards the boy.

What a prize indeed….. He thought.

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