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AN: I hope you guys aren't getting tired of Jasper and Peter lol I will have an Alistair one up next. Any Carlisle Bella fans?

Summary: Bella is on the run from Victoria and stumbles upon an ancient forest. In this forest, blood is spilled, and Bella inadvertently conjures something evil.

Pairing: Bella/Peter

The ground hummed, vibrating with energy as for the first time in almost 500 years, someone had finally stepped foot in its hellish circle. The wind suddenly stirred, as if from a deep sleep, blowing violently, almost knocking over the human who stumbled across its ground.

"You will die tonight!" The human went flying into a tree, letting out a scream as the bones in her leg cracked. Within seconds she was lifted off the ground, icy cold fingers wrapping around her throat. Bright red eyes glared into her own, fingernails ripping into her flesh.

"I've been waiting for this moment for a long time Bella," Victoria's nose twitched as she dropped Bella to the ground smiling as Bella tried to crawl away. A sickening crunch echoed throughout the air, as Victoria stomped her foot, the pressure snapping Bella's ankle.

Bella's scream echoed off the trees, louder than the birds that seemed in that very moment to go berserk, flying high in the night sky, as if they were lost…or scared. Victoria grabbed a handful of Bella's hair, jerking her head back. "This…is all your fault," She growled in her ear, pushing her head into the earth.

Blood trickled down Bella's forehead, a few single drops saturating the soil.

Victoria lightly stepped on Bella's back, grabbing her arms back behind her. Bella immediately stilled, her heart-stopping for all of two seconds before it went into overdrive.

"Please…" She cried, her eyes screwing shut, as Victoria started to pull at her limbs.

The ground suddenly shook, causing Victoria to pause. Bella frantically looked around in the dark, using the distraction to free her arms. Victoria snarled, crouching down, ready to spring for her attack. A bright golden light appeared to their left, causing them to squint.

Bella slowly backed herself flush against a tree, shielding her eyes. The light dimmed slightly, the ground going still. Looking through her fingers, a silhouette of a man stood, standing tall, dressed in all black. He was very pale, had light brown hair, close to a honey blonde color.

The ground vibrated beneath him with every step he took, his attention directed at Victoria. Victoria was still, her eyes wide, body shaking. "What are you doing to me?" She growled, her eyes briefly shooting to Bella, snarling as she tried to fight against the invisible force holding her still.

The man moved faster than Bella could see, making her jump in fright as she realized this man was possibly a vampire. He walked in a circle around Victoria, sizing her up before stopping in front of her. He slowly turned his head in Bella's direction, his eyes pitch black, no irises. They were soulless.

Bella's lips trembled as he was suddenly crouched in front of her, staring her deep in the face, the black pits seeming to roam over her face, before his hand briefly made contact with her skin, moving pieces of her torn shirt out of the way as if to get a better look at her injuries.

His eyes suddenly changed to that of a dark red, so red it looked like blood. Bella reared back in surprise, never in her life seeing something like this. The man was gone, grabbing Victoria by the arm, dragging her to this golden circle. Victoria screeched, bucking wildly, trying her best to escape this thing's hold.

"NO! NO! WHAT ARE YOU?! NO! NO! I DON'T WANT TO GO!" Bella winced, raising her body to see what exactly Victoria was screaming about. The man said a few words Bella briefly recognized as Latin before that golden light was back, making Bella squint.

The man let Victoria go, before turning back towards Bella, stalking towards her. Bella's eyes widened as she tried scooting on her butt, her body trembling in fear. The man stopped in front of her reaching an arm out, his fingers wrapping around her shirt, pulling her up effortlessly.

He lifted her up, taking quick notice of her legs and ankle, swooping her up bridal style. He started walking, away from where Victoria stood still, screeching loudly. Bella leaned up in his hold, her fingers grasping his shirt. She gasped as a horrible howling emerged from the circle which she could now see was a pit.

"Wait…" Bella gasped, surprised as the man stopped. Bella covered her mouth as Victoria was grabbed by dark shadow type figures, her body floating into the air, arms and legs spread. Bella hid her face in the stranger's shoulder when Victoria's limbs were pulled from her body, blood spewing from every pore, before her body was falling in the pit, the ground quaking before everything stilled, the forest going quiet.

Bella panted in fear, the man resuming in his walking, getting further away. "What are you?" She whispered, her jaw tensing. "I'm many things. I like to be called Peter," He responded. He shifted her in his hold, cradling her so that she wouldn't be in pain and stressing her already injured body.

"Where did you come from? Why are you here?" She asked, looking at the side of his face. "Hell," He said casually, looking down at her briefly. A large boom crackled in the air, the rain suddenly falling from the sky violently. Lightning flashed across the sky, illuminating his face briefly.

Bella shivered as his eyes flashed before he turned away, seeming to hunch his shoulders, shielding her slightly from the rain. "You called me here. You happened upon an ancient land, a portal. Can only be opened by human blood,"

Bella frowned, reaching to her head, grunting quietly. "Where are we going?" She asked, panic slowly rising within her as she didn't know where she was being taken. "Hospital," He responded.

"Why?" She asked, looking away as he looked at her again, his eyes holding annoyance at her questioning. "You're injured obviously. It is now my job to protect you till the day you die,"

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