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Alter Ego: Carbon Copy

Alter Ego: Carbon Copy

Jasper knew that when he felt a bubbling panic within his gut, something was wrong. The string that tied him to Bella tugged violently. Urging him to make haste. He came across the scene of her truck, the thing bent in all places.

He crouched down in front of the truck, eyes, and ears assessing her body before deciding that it was safe for him to pull the door off. Her cell phone was clutched in her hand, her eyes closed, her long hair hanging around her face like a curtain.

He clicked the seatbelt, catching her before she could hit her head, gently pulling her out. Using his gift, he eased the pain, laying her on the ground. "Jasper?" She mumbled, her eyes slowly blinking open. "I'm right here darlin'," He responded, smoothing the hair from her face.

He assessed her body once more now that she was out in the open. "You hit your head pretty hard," He frowned, listening to her heart. "Jasper…Charlie…" She trailed off, groaning in pain. "I don't feel so good," She whispered, her face suddenly going pale. "Shhh," He whispered. "I've got you," He leaned down, placing a kiss on her neck before sinking his teeth into her flesh, pumping as much venom as her body could take.

Jasper walked the scene of Charlie's accident, frowning. He found it odd that on two separate sides of Forks Bella and her father were in car accidents, and an eyewitness says a silver car ran the light, hitting Charlie head-on.

The car continued down the back roads of Forks, before disappearing from the sight of the public. Driving like a madman made it possible to hit Bella as well. Someone was trying to take them out. Jasper hopped into his car, pulling out his cell. He dialed a number he never planned on calling again. "What a surprise…Major." He just hummed.

"Nothing is a surprise to you is it Alice? I don't know what Jasper saw in you. What the fuck is Edward doing in Forks, and why the hell did he try running Bella and her father off the road?" Alice's voice suddenly switched to confusion. "What are you talking about? Edward's dead,"

Jasper pulled the car over, frowning. "This is not the time to fuck with me. A silver car ran my mate and her father off the road. He's in the hospital and she's currently changing. Where is he?" His brows furrowed as Alice laughed.

"Major…are you telling me that you don't remember? Holy fucking shit. When you emerged forth after being suppressed for so fucking long you blacked out. Literally. You and Jasper physically split bodies….in his rage….and confusion, he killed Edward after he broke up with Bella. The fucker is as violent as you are, but he hates your fucking guts. What better way to piss you off than to kill your only reason for existing? I guess that didn't work so…I'd push that gas pedal and make your way to the hospital…"

"I'm sorry son, but he suffered a major heart attack. Your name?" Dr. Gerandy asked, frowning in sympathy. "Jasper Hale. A major heart attack huh? Um, can I see him? I'm here on behalf of his daughter Bella. I don't know if you remember me, Carlisle Cullen's son," The doctor's eyes widened in recognition. "Oh! Sorry. I didn't recognize you with the hair. Cut the hair a bit I see… Um, sure I guess. Follow me,"

Charlie's room was right around the corner, and Dr. Gerandy opened the door, his eyebrows shooting up in surprise. "Um..his..his body was right here…"

4 Days Later

"There's two of you?" Bella questioned, her ruby red eyes narrowing as Jasper nodded. "Well, he failed. You changed me and faked Charlie's death. Charlie has a few hours at best. What does he want?" Jasper paced back and forth, stopping to look out the window. "He thinks he's better. He always has,"

Bella was next to him in seconds, tilting her head as she stared at his reflection. "Well…you two are literally the same person. There is not a move he won't anticipate. You two are the same,"

AN: So….. I don't know what the hell happened here…I just ran with this thought and kept it going. Um….what's next?

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