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Alter Ego: The End to a Beginning

Alter Ego: The End to a Beginning

AN: This will be the second to last part to this mini-story as some of you have said this can be flushed out, and I agree.

I'm not very good and starting a story and then finishing (I get to it eventually) lol so with this, I'll definitely work on a few chapters before posting. Meaning that there won't be a story for this as of yet.

I'm letting you know now that most of your questions will not be answered in this part. Not even the next. You'll probably hate me for the way this is going to end ….

Charlie was shocked when his daughter turned up on his porch, freezing to death, cheeks pink as the cold bit at her, bundled into who he knew to be one of the Cullen's. "What…Bells, I've been looking for you everywhere," He let them in, closing the door behind him, keeping the cold air out.

He still shivered, despite the fact that it was warm inside. "That would be my brother's fault sir," He turned his eyes to the blonde, something within him screaming danger. "I don't understand," He looked down at Bella who was still shivering. "Edward broke up with me," She whispered, grabbing the cover from the back of the couch.

Charlie had to stop himself from jumping up and down and clapping his hands like a girl. He despised Edward Cullen and knew that boy was no good for his baby. Instead, he frowned, making his way to the recliner. "I'm sorry Bells. I know how much you liked the boy. So, you've been with…sorry kid, I don't know your name," The blonde reached out his hand, and Charlie shook it, his eyes narrowing at the cool temperature. "Jasper Whitlock. I found her actually. Dear ol' Ed left her in the woods. I go hunting, so, I know the area pretty well,"

Charlie's eyes widened. "What do you mean he left you in the woods?!" Bella winced at his outburst. "We went out way past the trail and he was too fast to catch up with and I got turned around," Charlie shook his head. "Oh, that piece of….well where is he so I can give him a piece of my mind?" Charlie stood, ready to grab his trusty shotgun before he suddenly calmed. He sat back down looking confused. "I'm afraid that's impossible. Edward got accepted into this music arts program up in New York. The family moved on the spot. I stayed behind. Just to clear up some things before moving out myself. I was taking a stroll, and I wanted to apologize for my brother's behavior a few nights ago, and I came across this one. Thought I'd bring her home before we both got sick,"

Charlie just shook his head. "Well thank you, Jasper. I know it's late, so you better head on home son. Call if you need anything," Bella glanced at Charlie in surprise, shooting 'Jasper' a look. He just winked. "Will do. Goodnight darlin',"

Bella walked him out, just staring at him. He tilted his head, looking like a lost puppy. "You should get inside before you freeze to death," He chuckled, running a finger across her cheek. Bella nodded, giving him a small smile. "Will I see you?" She asked. "Where else would I be?" He smirked before disappearing.

Bella just smiled to herself, before walking back inside. Charlie faced her, a beer in hand. "I know this might be a little too soon, but why couldn't you end up with that one? He's nice," Bella snorted. "Dad," She laughed. She folded up the blanket and laid it across the couch.

"I'm just saying. But really…I'm glad you're okay," Charlie kissed her hair, before returning to the game on the tv.

Bella got out of her cold clothes and decided to shower, hoping it'll wash the day away and help her evaluate on some things. She was still hurt that she was nothing to any of the Cullen's. She also realized that she really knew nothing about this world. Everything she thought she knew was a lie.

Except for Jasper….kind of. She didn't know whether to call him Jasper or the Major. Now knowing the truth, Edward was nothing but a distant memory. Her head was now swimming with all things Jasper, wondering how she could ever call her relationship with Edward a thing. She felt the truth in Jasper's words, felt a pull somewhere deep in her soul.

She now pondered on what she wanted. Her decision to be a vampire never wavered, but is she ready to leave Charlie?

Once the water started to run cool, she finally got out, and after running her brush through her hair did she emerge and quietly step into her bedroom. She closed the door behind her, pausing at her open window. "It's just me," She jumped at the sound of his voice, her hand going to her heart. "Jesus," The lamp clicked on, and she found him sitting on the edge of her bed.

She regarded him for a moment, taking in his red eyes with surprise. "You look…better that way," She whispered, heading over to her closet to dump her clothes in her hamper. "Can I ask you something?" She turned around to face him wringing her hands.

He patted the bed, and Bella walked over, sitting beside him. "What do I call you first of all? You're Jasper, but you're not him obviously," He chuckled, his finger touching a wet strand of her hair. "I'm Jasper, just not that Jasper. Whatever you want,"

"I'll stick with Jasper then. Are you really leaving?" She questioned, swallowing as his stare seemed to get more intense. "Silly girl," He murmured. "Now that I've found you, you can't get rid of me that easy," He teased. "How long do you have here….before I need to make my decision?" Jasper hummed frowning. "I won't rush you. If being human is what you truly desire, I won't take that choice from you. Two years tops is all I can give you before people get suspicious,"

Bella nodded at that. Junior year was slowly about to end in the next few months. "A year and a half. After graduation, I'll leave with you,"

While Jasper didn't like the idea of this school charade, he did it to keep up appearances. He couldn't have too many curious eyes. When he did leave with Bella, they couldn't have a trail following them either.

The two were the talk of the school, many claiming that Bella cheated on Edward and stole Jasper, or that Jasper and Bella wanted to be with each other instead. Some believed that Bella got pregnant and Jasper stuck around to take care of the baby.

Bella didn't flaunt a relationship with him in front of the school, but you never saw her without him. Mike finally backed off after an incident with the vampire, fear gripping him so bad he pissed his pants in the middle of the cafeteria.

Charlie took a liking to Jasper very quickly, inviting him over to dinner more than enough times, and Bella was surprised he actually came, even if he never really ate anything. Before Bella knew it, December was rolling around, and Christmas was right around the corner.

Bella and Jasper's relationship had slowly progressed. She knew that he was where her life would ultimately end and begin, having no fears jumping into anything. His kisses were much different from Edward's, truly showing her that he could kiss her senseless and like any other human, and she'd come out unscathed.

He wasn't afraid to touch her, he wasn't afraid to be rough when he wanted to be. He could bite her without injecting venom, giving her the human experiences she desired. They hadn't crossed that line just yet, but Bella knew that was the one thing she wanted to give him.

She had it all planned out since Charlie would be going on a special trip with a few of his deputies a week before and returning Christmas Eve. Jasper invited them to the Cullen's old home for those two days. Bella didn't understand why the old Jasper hid this one away from the world.

He was in his element and much different than she expected. He did despise humans, except for Charlie ignoring the fact that he was his mate's father. They just got along. Charlie loved him, and Jasper found the man just like his daughter.

"Dad, I thought you were going to get snow chains!" Bella admonished, pointing towards his tires. "I did. I got you some new ones," Bella frowned, looking at her tires. Charlie chuckled, pulling Bella to his side. "Don't worry about me kiddo, I'll be fine," He grabbed his last bag, putting it in the trunk. Bella waved him off as he got into the cruiser and drove off. She glanced up at the clear sky, smiling as the snow started to fall.

She grabbed her own bags from the porch, putting them into the cab of her truck. She locked up the house, doing a quick check of everything since she'd be gone for a week. After starting her truck, she let it warm up before pulling out of the driveway. She fiddled with the radio station, finding a classic Christmas station. She hummed to the tune of 'Let It Snow' smiling. She stopped at the stop sign, looking both ways before continuing forward.

She drove through the back roads, her excitement growing. As she crossed another intersection, she gasped as a loud crash sounded before glass rained down everywhere, pain blooming on her side. She screamed as her truck flipped over three times, landing on its top. She felt blood dripping down her head, and her ears ringing. She blinked furiously; the road ahead becomes blurry.

Her eyes caught the end of something silver before it disappeared from sight. She breathed heavily, wincing as she tried to move her leg. Her cell rang, and Bella tried moving her head to find it. She found it above her head, and she let out a cry as she stretched her hand.

She snagged it, her hand shaking as she flipped it open. "Jasper…" She answered, swallowing as she tried to fight off the dizziness. "Where are you?" He asked immediately. "I-I can't see…someone hit me. The back roads…" She could hear the wind whipping in the background, and she closed her eyes, finding something to focus on. "Did you see a car?" He asked, trying to keep her talking. He hadn't the chance to assess her yet, and he didn't want her slipping into a coma on him. "Uh…A…silver…I think. A silver car," She mumbled, his voice slowly fading.

She blinked her eyes open, gripping the phone tightly. "Jasper?" She asked, hearing nothing on the other line.

"When we finally kiss goodnight,

How I'll hate going out in the storm!

But if you'll really grab me tight,

All the way home I'll be warm."


"The fire is slowly dying

And, my dear, we're still goodbying

But as long as you love me so

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!"

"We ask all drivers to be careful driving this morning as there has been an accident on the outskirts of Forks. We have been informed that involved in the accident was a police cruiser. Snow chains are important! At this moment, we have no information if the victim survived,"

AN: To tell you guys the truth, I thought about making this the final installment until I decided that I couldn't leave it here…..or I can I?

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