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Alter Ego: Awoken

Alter Ego: Awoken

Bella sucked in a shuddering breath, leaning back to get a good look at Jasper. His dark eyes met hers, his face void of any emotion except pure curiosity. Bella shook her head a bit, "I don't, I-I don't understand," Jasper tilted his head. "Tsk, Tsk, Tsk. Jasper tried to keep me hidden for a long time," A shiver ran down Bella's spine as he slipped a finger under her chin, turning her head to the side.

His lips grazed the shell of her ear. Bella's fingers tightened around his shirt in fear, her breath coming out in short pants. "Wanna know somethin'? A little secret between just the two of us?" He purred, one of his fingers dancing across her collarbone making her shiver.

"Jasper wanted you dead. The moment they walked into school. He couldn't stand you…" The harsh growl of his voice made her wince, eliciting a squeak of fear from her. "Shhhh," He whispered, turning her face so that he'd meet her eyes again. "Why?" She asked, her brow furrowing in confusion. She knew he had trouble with the diet, but did he really want to kill her?

Jasper, or rather Major chuckled. "You brought me close to the surface. He couldn't stand living with me inside of him. Although that might be a little of the elf's doing, she screwed his head all around. The moment we smelt you…" He paused, his nose resting on her temple. He breathed deeply, letting out a deep sigh. "You woke me up. He couldn't have that. He didn't want to jeopardize," He rolled his eyes, staring at her.

Bella was riveted, wanting to hear the story. If this was true, then she definitely didn't know a single thing about this world.

"So, he stayed away from you, made sure Edward told you that I was dangerous. Which I am. Striked fear in you. It worked. Until we ran into those nomads. The more you stayed away, the less likely I was to break free. But I was already aware. I wouldn't be going anywhere that easy. Why do you think I told you that you were worth it? This internal battle. Your blood was everywhere when we killed James, but it wasn't enough. I mean it makes no sense right? Why snap after just one drop?"

He questioned, waiting to see if she'd get it. Bella's eyes widened as she put the pieces together. "If he killed me…then….you wouldn't be here?" She asked. "See, I knew you were smart,"

Bella frowned then, looking down at the forest floor. "Did Edward even…." She trailed off, furiously wiping away a lone tear. "No," He responded. "Did any of them care?" She asked, looking at him, bracing herself for the truth.

He caressed her cheek, letting out a sigh. "I did," He whispered. Bella pulled away from him, standing shakily as her legs were tingling. "Only because I let you free right? I was just a human that you each wanted something from. None of you ever cared. I was nothing more than a pet," She spat angrily.

Bella suddenly lost all the confidence in that moment, taking a step back as the Major suddenly towered over her. He glared down at her, stalking towards her until her back hit a tree. He leaned down to her level, his nose almost touching hers. "Let me make something clear to you," He growled, gripping her chin as gentle as could be, but added some pressure to make his point clear. "I fought tooth and nail to come through, to finally take control. Where do you think you fit in? Do you think you're just some random human that can just wake me up and pull me out of my own head?" He bushed some hair out of her face, his features softening as her wide brown eyes stared into his. Understanding slowly registering in them.

"In the South, a long time ago, I was a fearless leader. Jasper and I co-existed. We were one. Until he fell in love. The more she changed him, the more he suppressed me. When you suppress your demon so much, when you become separate, we split. Jasper was Jasper, and I am the Major. Two different personalities. Two very different vampires. I am true to my nature. You drew me to you. Edward might've lured you in, but I craved you. I needed you. You're anything but a pet to me," He loosened his grip on her chin, stepping back from her. "A true vampire wouldn't be able to resist changing their mate if they were human. They wouldn't throw you into the line of danger," In a flash, Bella found herself flush against his chest, her head tilted back so that she could see his face. She suddenly felt hot, a feeling slowly bubbling inside the pit of her stomach, making her eyes roll into the back of her head.

Jasper's hand braced her head, his lips delicately brushing over her creamy, smooth neck. "They'd claim you no matter if you're human or vampire," He whispered sensually, causing Bella to softly moan, her fingers gripping his shirt. "I can be gentle," He purred, pulling her up so that her head was against his chest. He pulled back the lust a bit, causing Bella to gasp, her body shuddering as her body tingled all over. He softly nipped at her ear, a low growl emitting from his chest. He gripped her leg, hiking it up over his hip, rolling his hips in a swift motion, eliciting a mix of a whimper and a scream from her throat.

"I can be rough," He growled, sending out a wave of calm towards her, humming in content as she stared at him through hooded eyes. She blinked slowly, her limbs suddenly feeling like liquid. "But believe me, I could never hurt you."

AN: Sooooo yeah. I felt like this was a good ending.

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