Fire and Ice @esm3rald
Chapter 2

Yes, I know. It's been a long time, but better late than ever, right? Thank you so much for those who is following my story, that left me reviews and that added my story to favorites. I'm glad you're liking it. Right now it might seem very similar to canon!Revenge but it will quickly differ from the TV show, I just need to set the scene and position the players in the right places, so to say. Next there will be the Memorial Day party and we'll meet some other characters.

Just a reminder, a lot of the characters are AU from the canon!characters, okay? Both Ned and Robb are very OOC for one, but they need to be this way for this story to work. Sorry about that, I like them well enough in canon (though they're far from my favourite characters) but the plot requires for them to be this way, so. Making Sansa a bitch is not that far from the TV show canon though, so I'm not particularly sorry about that. Anyway, hope you like this chapter!


Ghaston Grey, Juvenile Detention Centre, Dorne – March 2011

Daenerys would have preferred never to return here, but she has a promise to keep.

"Daenerys?" Doreah's voice call out, clearly surprised to see her there. "You came."

"I told you I would." Daenerys says, hugging her friend to her chest.

She and Doreah look a lot alike. Both silver haired and violet-eyed (though Doreah's eyes are a darker indigo colour, similar to Rhaegar's eyes, in fact, while Daenerys' eyes are lilac, like her grandmother Rhaella's). Doreah's mother, Elaena, was a Rogare of Lys, of Valyrian descendant.

They even share some features – that is because they both had a Martell for a parent. For Dany it was her mother Elia, for Doreah, Elia's older brother, Doran. Most people, if they didn't know who they were, would mistake them for sisters.

Doreah shrugs, looking a little bashful. "People have a way of breaking promises when it comes to me."

"I'm not one of those people. I'm your friend."

Doreah smiles brilliantly at her. "I know." Then she takes a good look at Daenerys. "Wow, you look so different. So elegant…And you cut your hair."

"Yeah. I changed a few things when I found out my dad died."

Doreah nods. "I heard about your dad. I'm sorry. Though, I suppose, it must be a relief for you, at least a little?"

"Not exactly."

Doreah looks at her questioningly. Daenerys takes her aside until they're sitting in a corner, away from prying ears.

"I thought I could handle it, you know? Being Rhaegar Targaryen's daughter. But people out there, they look at me like I took down the plane myself."

"Since when do you care what people think?"

"I'm not as strong as I pretended to be in here. Not as strong as you are, anyway…" Dany takes a deep breath before continuing. She isn't being totally honest with Doreah but she can't tell her the whole truth. If Doreah doesn't know the truth about Rhaegar, Daenerys can protect her and leave her out of the radar of the people she's about to go against. "Listen, my uncle left me some money…" Dany takes a piece of paper from the inner pocket of her jacket, "and I want you to have this."

Doreah looks at the paper in her hand and widens her eyes. "Isn't it a bearer bond?"

"Yeah. It's worth 50'000 dollars. There are twenty of these and I'm giving them to you. Plus, the 5% interest every year for each one since it was issued thirty years ago…It's a total of two million and five hundred thousand dollars. And they're all yours."

This is the entire inheritance that Uncle Aemon left for her. It is a lot of money, but it is nothing compared to the 45 billion dollars she has gotten by liquidating the shares of Tyrion's company; those millions are just pocket change. In fact, she even feels bad leaving Doreah with so little if compared with her real fortune. But she doesn't know how much money she would really need for her plans of revenge against the people who had destroyed her father's life and hers. Since those people are among the richest and most powerful in the country, she imagines it will be a lot.

"That's a lot of money. Are you sure you want me to have all this?"

Daenerys sighs. "I have a favour to ask you."

Dragonstone Island – May 2017

Doreah stands ankle deep in the chilly water, thinking.

Seeing Jon again, after all these years, leaves her feeling odd. She remembers the child he used to be, how kind and gentle he was then. She wonders how much damage living with the Starks has done on him. Is he like them now? Would he turn out to be yet another enemy she needs to take down?

It doesn't matter either way, she tells herself. Jon is a just a means to an end, nothing more. A way into the Stark family, to destroy them from the inside.

She watches as a wave recedes and sinks into the sand, feeling the cold seeping into her skin. A memory from the last summer with her father came to her.

Little Dany giggles and shrieks, feeling the icy cold water touching her feet. "These waves are freezing!"

"There's a trick, you know." Rhaegar tells her. "If you plant your feet and stand still for a whole wave, the next one will feel warmer, then the next one after, and the next one... until you barely notice the cold at all. Want to try?"

Dany nods at him, tentatively. Rhaegar takes her hand as a wave rolls towards them. The cold water nips at their ankles. Dany squeals, squeezes his hand, but holds her ground.

"Must come from a family of polar bears." A woman's voice snaps her back to the present.

Doreah turns to see Lynesse Hightower approaching from behind her. "That water's ice cold." Lynesse tells her and Doreah smiles at her, playing along.

"Only at first. After a while you can't feel anything."

Lynesse smirks with amusement. "Sounds like my marriage used to be. So, you're the girl who bought the Arryn House."

"Doreah Martell. Word sure gets around fast."

"Like lightning. Always assume someone's watching and listening. Something most newcomers learn the hard way." Lynesse reaches for Doreah's hand. Doreah shakes it, keeping a smile on her face. "I'm Lynesse Hightower. We'll probably be seeing a lot of each other, I walk this beach nearly every day. Not that it does my ass much good."

"I think your ass looks great."

Lynesse grins. "I do believe you're going to fit right in around here, Doreah. Welcome to Dragonstone."

With that, Lynesse starts her power-walk along the shoreline. As Doreah watches her go, her smile drops. After a beat, she drops her robe as well and she dives into the frigid ocean.

After a good swim and a shower, Doreah is downstairs, her tablet in hand, watching the archival news footage, all dated March 23, 2001. The screen of her tablet shows a federal courtroom, focused on Rhaegar Targaryen at the defendant's table as a beautiful blonde-haired woman takes her oath at the stand. She may be 16 years younger, and a lot less confident than the woman Doreah has just met, but there's no mistaking who it is: Lynesse Hightower.

"Federal prosecutors wrapped up their case for treason against disgraced hedge fund executive Rhaegar Targaryen. Taking the stand was Targaryen's secretary, Lynesse Hightower, whose testimony supported the damning allegations made by Targaryen's former business partner, Ned Stark. Stark's testimony detailed the scheme Targaryen used to channel money to the terrorists responsible for the downing of Flight 197. All 246 passengers onboard that flight were killed.

"Mr. Targaryen's former secretary testified to shredding thousands of potentially incriminating documents under Targaryen's orders in the Spring of 2001..."

The scene jumps to the Court House steps where Lynesse stands in front of a dozen reporters, giving her statement. A reporter shouts out his question: "Miss Hightower, was it difficult giving testimony against your former boss today?"

"Rhaegar Targaryen had everyone he ever met fooled, including me. If I have any regrets, it's that I didn't see through his act earlier. Now I have to live with the likely fact that I helped launder money for a terrorist organization that's killed hundreds of innocent people... I hope he gets the chair."

Doreah grits her teeth, feeling the familiar mix of rage and pain gnawing at her chest. She touches the screen and opens the gallery. A photo of present-day Lynesse pops up. She's on the balcony of a hotel suite, and she's not alone. In quick shutter series, a man can be seen stepping onto the balcony to join her. He puts his arms around her. And as he does Doreah watches his face, clear as day: Ned Stark. Lynesse turns to kiss him and Doreah nods to herself.

She takes a photo out of the wooden box her father left for her and observes the people in the photo one by one before stopping on the blonde woman standing between her father and Ned Stark. The photo had been taken in the year 2000 and in it there were depicted all the people that would become, one year later, the conspirators that had put her father in jail for life, some more responsible than others but all of them guilty, except for her…Lyanna Stark. The only one who had tried to prove her father's innocence. The woman her father loved, Ned Stark's sister and Jon's mother. She had died not even ten months after her father had been put on trial. Car accident. Or so they had made it seem. After everything Doreah had learnt in the last nine years, she just knew that her death hadn't been an accident at all. It was their M.O. Killing someone and make it look like an accident, a fatality. They were experts in that.

Will Jon believe her when the time comes? Will he believe that her mother had been killed at her own brother's orders simply because she had interfered with his plans? Not that she has any proof on the matter, only her suspicions. But if she were to prove it, maybe…? Can she turn him on her side and against his own family?

She struggles to admit it but she wants him on her side. Jon is her first friend, her first crush. She cares about him still and she doesn't want to hurt him. But revenge is a path that she has to walk alone. She can't get attach, can't let anyone get in the way. Not even him.

"Arya? Did you take my eyeliner again?" Sansa Stark yells, entering her little sister's room with a frown.

Arya shrugs. "Yeah, so what?"

"So, what? It's mine. How many times do I have to tell you not to touch my things? You can't even use it properly anyway. You always look like a panda when you use it."

Arya glares at her. "Shut up!"

"What? Can't bear to hear the truth? I'm your sister, I'm supposed to tell you when something doesn't suit you. Well, make-up doesn't suit you." Sansa says with a shrug. "Or dresses, or pretty things. Because you're not pretty."

"Shut UP!" Arya screams at her. "Why do you always have to be so mean?"

"Just don't touch my things again." Sansa replied, ignoring her sister's shining eyes. Then her gaze wonders out of Arya's window and she sees a figure getting out of a sports' car in the front lawn.

"Robb's home!" She says to Arya before running down the stairs to greet her big brother.

"Ooh, Robb! You're back!" She says, hugging him.

"Ah, yes. How you doing?"

"I'm so happy to see you."

"I'm glad to see you too." Robb says, before noticing the various things carried out of the mansion. "What's going on, a fire sale?"

"Mom's organizing a Charity event."

Catelyn Stark walks down the stairs to join them. "Welcome home, Robb."

"Hi, mom." Robb replies, hugging his mother as well.

"I have to get ready for this evening. See you later?" Sansa says.

"Okay. See you later." Robb says, watching her sister climbing the stairs before returning his attention to his mother.

"She's taller every time I see her."

"She's growing up fast. Too fast." Catelyn says while the two of them walk to the living room. "You hungry?"

"You know, I'm a little wiped out. I think I'll just lay down for a bit."

"Yeah, you look a little tired."

Robb laughs. "Well, studying will do that to a guy."

Catelyn frowns in reprimand. "Mm. So will partying."

"Mom, I just got here, give me a break. Where's dad, golfing?"

"Where else?"

"Yep. Where else?"

Doreah sits in the restaurant/café adjacent to the lobby of the Dragonmont Hotel, sipping coffee, her eyes trained on Ned Stark checking in at the front desk.

Ned Stark receives his room key before walking away. Once in front of the elevator, he takes his phone out of his pocket and makes a phone call. When the doors open, he steps in. A little while later Lynesse enters the lobby from outside. She slips into the same elevator Ned used. Doreah grins into her cup. Perfect.

A waitress approaches her table, pot of coffee in hand. "More coffee?"

Doreah's gaze lowers to the nametag on her chest. Irri.

Daenerys smiles at her. "Please."

Some time later, just outside the Dragonmont Hotel, paramedics rush a gurney towards a waiting ambulance. Mr. Stark is the man being tended to. He's clutching his chest, looking in great pain as a paramedic squeezes an oxygen mask above his mouth. Lynesse rushes alongside the gurney, holding Stark's hand, practically hysterical.

"One minute he was fine, the next he couldn't breathe." Lynesse explains to the paramedic.

"Is he taking any medications?"

Lynesse wrings her hands, looking deeply distressed. "I'm not sure…I…"

"Pulse is 100 over 60 and dropping."

"Is that bad? Is he going to be okay?"

"Ma'am, I need you to step back." The paramedic tells her, not answering her question, before shutting the doors of the ambulance.

Doreah rushes to Lynesse's side. "Lynesse?"


"Oh my gods, was that your husband? Do you need a ride to the hospital?"

Lynesse startles, then frowns. "No…no…I…I have a car." Lynesse says, looking around herself and realizing a small crowd had formed in front of the hotel. Not knowing what to do, she just turns on her heels without saying anything, leaving the scene at a brisk pace. Doreah watches her go with a smirk.

At the docks, Jon is preparing his sailboat, intending on spending the few hours before the party with Ghost as the only company. Robb will be back today and Jon is not particularly eager to see him. Instead, he plans on replaying in his mind as many times as he can the encounter with the beautiful woman of that morning, Doreah.

He's just about ready to set sail when Tyrion Lannister shows up. "Ahoy, Cap'n Snow."

Jon sighs. "Welcome back, Tyrion. What can I do for you?"

"Need a boat for the summer. This one will do."

"It's not for rent." Jon immediately says.

"Who said anything about renting? How much you want for it?"

"Not for sale, either. Thought you hated the ocean."

"I'm terrified of the ocean. Big difference. Spent a lot of time and money working through that this year, among other things. So, I'm buying a boat."

"Just not this one."

"You don't like me much, do you?"

Jon shrugs. "Something else for you to work through, I guess." Ghost growls at Tyrion and Jon grins. "Good boy, Ghost."

Tyrion moves away a few steps, taking a look at the name painted on the aft of the boat. 'Dany'.

"You named a boat, 'Dany'? Must have been a very special girl."

Jon shrugs, uncomfortable. "Just a childhood crush. Can I do something else for you?"

Tyrion shakes his head. "No. I guess I'll just find another boat to buy."

"Yeah, you do that, Tyrion. Now, if you don't mind…"

Tyrion nods, a grin on his face. "Of course. See you later at your aunt's party then."

Jon merely nods, watching the weird, little man walk away.

At the hospital, Catelyn Stark, after receiving the phone call that warned her of her husband's condition, is rushing towards Ned in apparent worry.

"Hey." Ned tells her with a small smile.

"Dear gods, Ned. I thought I was going to find you dead."

"I'm fine."

"What happened?" Catelyn asks the doctor standing near her husband's bed.

"Acute abdominal dyspepsia. The remorse of a guilty stomach."

"Your staff made it sound as if he was having a heart attack." Catelyn said with a glare.

The doctor looked sheepishly back at her. "Well, depending on the severity, the symptoms can be identical. As far as I can tell, your husband's as healthy as a thoroughbred. But I do suggest that he stay away from the Dragonmont Hotel's spicy bisque for a while."

Catelyn frowned, watching the doctor leave the hospital room. She turned towards her husband. "The Dragonmont Hotel?"


"I thought you went golfing."

Ned shrugs. "Yeah, I did, earlier."

"The Dragonmont Hotel is a half-hour in the opposite direction."

"I'm aware of that."

"Well, you know I just get in the way when you're planning one of your parties. I just thought I would go for a drive and stay out of your hair for a while. And I'm sorry that I scared you."

Catelyn sighs, momentarily appeased. "Don't do it again."

"Am I to assume that Ned Stark's little incident today has something to do with you, Daenerys?"

Doreah sighs, finding Tyrion Lannister sitting on the sofa of her living room.

"What are you doing here Tyrion?"

Tyrion raises his arms in a sign of surrender. "Don't worry, don't worry, your secret's safe with me. As always. So, what's your plan and how can I be of service?"

"You can't. You're not a part of this."

Tyrion frowns and stand up from the sofa. "Yes, I am. Remember, I witnessed first-hand what these people did to your father. They're hard-core."

"I can handle them. And I have no problem taking you down, too, if you get in my way."

"I-I don't want to get in your way. I want to help you."

"You can't help me, Tyrion. I work alone."

"Suit yourself." Tyrion shrugs in what is obviously fake nonchalance. "But I can be just as powerful an enemy as any one of them." At Doreah's glare, Tyrion raises his hands in the air. "Just sayin'. Oh, you might be interested to know, I had a nice chat with Jon Snow today. Guess who's still carrying a torch for little Daenerys Targaryen?"

Doreah crosses her arms in front of her chest, her glare intensifying. "Daenerys Targaryen is dead. Now there's only Doreah Martell."

"Of course, my mistake. Well then, welcome home Doreah."

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