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This story is inspired by the TV show Revenge, which is itself inspired by 'The Count of Monte Cristo' by Alexandre Dumas. I'm not really going to follow Revenge though, only some things. But my story will have its own spin on things.

This is going to be a Jonerys story. While, at first, it could seem very similar to the relationship between Daniel and Emily in the show, I promise you, it will be very different. Also, there's a little Jack/Emily as well, mostly the childhood part and the dog thing. But the Jonerys relationship won't be like either of these relationships, really, it will be its own thing. It could be a little angsty at times, but they will be together throughout the whole story, and this story will have a happy ending eventually.

Dany won't be referred with the name Daenerys for most of this story, except for those who knows who she really is and will call her with her real name. Instead, she will be called Doreah. So, Doreah is Daenerys in this story.

Hope you like this idea, tell me what you think!

Disclaimer: I don't own 'Game of Thrones', 'A song of Ice and Fire' or 'Revenge', nor any of their characters. I also don't make money by writing this story.

BTW, some sentences in this chapter are taken from the Pilot episode of 'Revenge'.

Also, for those who are reading my other stories, don't worry, I will keep writing.

"And now...farewell to kindness, humanity and gratitude. I have substituted myself for Providence in rewarding the good; may the God of vengeance now yield me His place to punish the wicked."

- Alexandre Dumas, The Count of Monte Cristo


In another life my name was Daenerys Targaryen. Seventeen years ago, my father Rhaegar was accused of a crime he didn't commit and sent to prison for life, where he died an innocent man ten years later.

Before that fateful day my understanding of revenge was as simple as the Seven Pointed Stars doctrines it hid behind. Neat little morality slogans, like "do unto others" and "two wrongs don't make a right". But two wrongs can never make a right, because two wrongs can never equal each other. For the truly wronged, real satisfaction can only be found in one of two places: absolute forgiveness... or mortal vindication.

This is not a story about forgiveness.

When deception cuts this deep, someone has to pay. My father's chance to bring justice to the truly guilty was stolen from him. His only option was to forgive. I have others.

When everything you love has been stolen from you, sometimes, all you have left is revenge.

Dragonstone Island – End of September 2017

A gun shot, whose sound is masked by the fireworks exploding in the air, and a man in a white suit falls face down on the sand. The gun is shot twice more before the man stops moving.

A few meters away, a wooden gazebo built by the beach is festively adorned in red and white colours. People are dancing and drinking, while in the background a slideshow is depicting a handsome couple – one dark haired and grey-eyed, the other silver-haired and violet-eyed – occupied in various activities: sailing, riding, having dinner, dancing.

The same beautiful young woman in the pictures, wearing a long red dress like all the other female guests, silver hair collected in a long braid falling down her shoulders and back, is standing in front of a long table whose surface is covered in various appetizers and opened bottles of champagnes and decorated with an ice centrepiece carved in the shape of a wolf.

The woman wipes a few grains of sand from her hand before she's joined by a pretty dark-haired and dark-skinned woman.

"Doreah! There you are! I've been looking for you. Where's Jon?"

"Uh, he's walking and brooding by the beach. We had a…thing. But, don't worry, he's right behind me."

"It's my job to worry. Yours is to enjoy yourself. It's your engagement party after all."

Doreah smiles at the other woman. "Thank you, Missandei. Oh, and if I haven't told you yet, this looks incredible. You did an amazing job."

Missandei smiles back at her, "Thank you." She comes closer to Doreah and whispers, "Are you sure about this? You can still back down," Missandei says in a joking tone, but her eyes belie the lightness in the question.

Doreah fakes a laugh, "I went into this with my eyes wide open. Don't worry about me. I love Jon."

Missandei nods. "I know."

They can't talk more openly than that, so they stop talking altogether and Missandei busies herself with finding Jon. "Can someone get me a 20 on Jon Snow, please?" She talks into her earpiece before walking away.

Doreah notices Tyrion Lannister waving at her from a nearby table. Some random guy Doreah doesn't remember the name of congratulates her on her engagement and she absentmindedly thank him while making her way towards Tyrion.

"Nice night for it." Tyrion says with a grin at her.

Doreah forces herself not to roll her eyes at him. "Nice night for what, Tyrion?"

"Celebrating, of course." He sips his champagne with a satisfied nod.

"You shouldn't be here." Doreah says through gritted teeth and a fake smile.

"That makes two of us." Tyrion replies. "I know you love him but…"

"That's not why I'm marrying him." Doreah says in a whisper.

"Yes, that's why you shouldn't be here. What happens when he finds out who you really are?" Tyrion murmurs, his lips covered by the champagne glass.

Doreah doesn't answer. She doesn't want to think about it. The truth is that she hopes that, once he'll find out – and he will, sooner or later, because everyone else will as well – that he will forgive her, and that he'll understand. Jon doesn't know the whole truth, but if he did, he would have as many reasons as her to hate Ned and Catelyn Stark.

It's pointless to think about it now. She'll cross that bridge when she gets to it. For now, only the plan matters.

"Doreah, where have you been hiding?" Margaery Tyrell approaches her. She ignores Tyrion who raises his glass in her direction once before walking away.

Doreah turns to smile at the woman. "I was right here the whole time."

"Come on, let me see that ring." Margaery said and Doreah showed it to her once again. It was a beautiful 10 karat diamond solitaire that Jon had told her belonged to his mother.

"Jon certainly has good taste. You're a lucky girl." Margaery says with a sweet smile. Doreah smiles sweetly back but she knows Margaery had designs on Jon at one point, though she shifted her attention on Robb Stark, Jon's cousin, since then. Robb was technically the highest prize, as the male heir of Ned Stark and all his fortune, but Margaery had never forgiven Jon for rejecting her years ago.

"Oh, I know." She simply answers back. "So, where's Robb? I thought you came with him tonight?"

"I did." Margaery says. "He was here a few minutes ago. He said he would go looking for Jon. They're probably together now."

Doreah nods at Margaery but before she can add anything else, Catelyn and Ned Stark walk to stand side by side on the small stage built for the occasion, smiling at the guests around them and obviously ready to give a speech.

Catelyn took the microphone handed to her and started to speak, "fire and ice... When we first sat down to discuss tonight's occasion, I was immediately taken with the idea of an evening inspired by primal bookends, fire and ice, beginnings and endings... and the love between a man and a woman."

Doreah walks away from Margaery and takes the phone out of her purse. She calls Jon but the only answer she receives is from the answering machine.

Ned Stark takes over his wife's speech. "Tonight, not only marks the final weekend of a remarkable summer in Dragonstone, it is also the celebration of my nephew, whom I love as if he were my own son, Jon's engagement to the lovely and beguiling Ms. Doreah Martell." Doreah puts down her phone and applauds him. "And though we've only known her for a few short months, Doreah already feels like the piece of the family puzzle we never even knew was missing. In a word, I approve. And as anyone can tell you, approval is not something I give away freely." The crowd laughs. Catelyn smiles next to her husband, but her blue eyes are icy.

Ned Stark had been taken with Doreah from the start, approving of the relationship between her and Jon as soon as Jon had introduced her to his uncle and aunt. Catelyn, on the other hand, had been suspicious of her and outright hostile at times. Doreah would have commended her for her intuition if she wasn't such a thorn on Doreah's side.

Catelyn descends the stage and walks towards her. "Where the hell is my nephew?" She asks Doreah in a furious whisper.

Before Doreah can answer, a scream is heard in the distance.

Dragonstone Island – Five Months Earlier

"I can't tell you what a rare opportunity you have here, Ms. Martell. The size of the lot exceeds the 6 acres, with a wide garden that surrounds the house, the swimming pool and the tennis court. The gated private road, as you saw when we came here, leads directly to the house, which is 12'000 square feet, and a three car garage. The interior's spacious living room with fireplace and the connected dining room have two french windows each that open to an oceanfront porch connected to a private path that leads to the beach less than 300 feet away and a private dock. On the same floor there's the large sun-filled kitchen with breakfast area, a bathroom, a library, a billiard and bar room, a theatre room and a laudry room. The first floor has nine ensuite bedrooms and a gym with steam, sauna and massage room. The property also includes a small cottage with a living room and kitchen, three more bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms, and its own swimming pool, which can be used to house either additional guests or the domestic staff. All of this only for eighty millions, and both the house and the cottage come fully furnished." The real estate agent says to Doreah, showing her around the mansion that had once belonged to her father. "The current owners are eager to sell, though they stayed here every summer for fifteen years. Perhaps if Mr. Arryn had been a bit more loyal to his wife, they wouldn't be selling now."

Doreah picks up a photo that depicts the couple in question. Mr. Arryn looks rather old, his short air all white, and though he had certainly been handsome once, now the only attractive feature on his face is his baby blue eyes. His wife – soon to be ex-wife – is much younger than him, but she looked worn, unhappy. Her dark red hair is sprinkled with grey and her blue eyes are dull.

"Word has it, he dumped her for a girl that could be his granddaughter. Men." The real estate agent continues but Doreah is barely listening to her.

"You mind if I look around a bit?"

"That's what we're here for."

Doreah walks out onto the porch and sees the three-headed dragon still etched into the porch baluster.

She remembers the day her father carved it with his pocket knife. It was the first day of what will turn out to be their last summer together.

It had been a reminder of who they were and where they came from. They were the blood of old Valyria, the blood of the Dragon.

'Fire and Blood, these are our words. And the three-headed dragon is our crest. Do you know why three heads?'

Doreah – Daenerys then – had shaken her head so Rhaegar had explained. 'Because three are the stages of life: birth, life and death. And three are also the way we divide time: past, present and future. Three separate entities, but all connected with each other, like the three heads are connected to its body. Without birth, there's no life, and without life there can be no death. Without past there's no present and without present there is no future. Do you know what it means?'

Daenerys had shaken her head.

'It means that every action, every deed, whether good or bad, has its consequence. It's just as Newton's third law states: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.'

"Ms. Martell?" The estate agent brings her back to the present. "I have to warn you that I have other offers as well, but since you were the first to take an interest in this property, you have precedence. However, I can't stall for much longer. The summer is about to begin."

Doreah looks to her left, at the large manor house that she knew belonged to the Stark family. Seventeen years ago, it had been half the size that it was now.

"I'll take it."

"Oh. Wonderful." The estate agent said with a big smile. "I'll get the contract."

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