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So, this is my new story. It's basically a Female!Harry from another universe raising Harry Potter. It will be FemHarry/Severus for sure. Who Harry will end up with, I don't know. Definitely not Ginny though. Personally, I'm partial towards Draco but I'm not 100% sure.

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BTW, this story is inspired by 'The Games They Play' by DebsTheSlytherinSnapefan. if you haven't read it yet, do it because it's brilliant!

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She had spent months researching, immersed in books from the Black Library, trying to find a solution. Unfortunately, there was no way to go back in time so many years, especially not after all the time turners had ended up destroyed at the department of Mysteries at the end of her fifth year.

She had almost given up when she had found a reference of parallel worlds in one of the most ancient and darker tomes. They were worlds similar and different from the one she lived in, some were almost identical to this one, with only very tiny differences, others were completely different. It wasn't the ideal solution but it was a feasible one anyway. For her world it was too late but, maybe, she would at least be able to save another one, with versions of the people she had once loved, healthy and alive once again.

It was incredible, how fast the war had escalated, how quickly the muggles had discovered their world, a few years after the second war against Voldemort was over. They had been completely unprepared, too busy celebrating the death of Voldemort to realize that another war was at their door.

So many had already died during the second wizarding war, and so many others had died after with the war against muggles. The magical people were now on the verge of extinction. And all this in the span of only two years.

The muggle Prime Minister, the one who had been a witness front and centre during the second war against Voldemort, had been re-elected for a second term, and for years he had been planning. Planning on finding technological ways to solve the magical problem. And his team of scientists had found a solution in less than five years – an isotope of molybdenum, a metal that could nullify magic. And then the war had broken out for real, not only in Great Britain, but the rest of the world as well.

How naïve she had been thinking that the Dursleys were different, simply the worst of their kind. In truth, people like the Grangers and her mother's parents were the exceptions. Most of the muggles simply couldn't accept the fact that there were people that could do things that they couldn't. Some were afraid, most of them simply hated them on principle. The more religious ones were convinced they were demons in human form, unnatural and evil by nature. It was incredible how quickly Christians, Muslims and Jews – at war with each other for centuries – had bonded against the common magical threat.

Her two best friends, Ron and Hermione, died together not even six months after the war started. Then it was the turn of Neville, Luna, Ginny and the rest of the Weasleys; Andromeda and her husband and then little Teddy, her godson, all dead in a matter of two years.

The magical people who had survived until now were all in hiding, herself included. She had chosen Grimmauld Place because it was one of the safest places on hearth right now, though nowhere was safe these days.

That was how she had spent the last two months, reading book after book of the Black Family library trying to find something to put a stop to this war. She had thought of going back in time at first but she had found nothing that could transport her body or her soul so many years into the past.

That was how the parallel worlds came into play. It was the only solution she could see. Well, it wasn't exactly a solution since the war would still rage in this world. Unfortunately, this world was already lost, there were so few of them left now that it was almost pointless to try to save it, especially because there was no way for them to stop the muggles or find peace with them.

By going to another world, on the other hand, she could choose in what year she would end up and that would allow her time to plan and save as many people as possible.

She had found a world almost completely identical to her own that really seemed perfect for what she had in mind. The only difference was her, or rather, the person in her place. It seemed in this universe she was born a boy: Harry James Potter, the boy-who-lived. The rest was the same.

She intended on appearing in 1987, when Harry was only seven, after the first instance of accidental magic, when she had ended up on the roof of the school while being chased by Dudley and his gang.

She would take Harry away from the Dursleys and raised him herself, teaching him all that he needed and had been denied to her when she first made her appearance in the wizarding world at age eleven.

Part of her was tempted to appear before that, stopping Voldemort from killing the Potters, but she didn't want to think what consequences such a decision would have on the rest of the Wizarding World so she decided not to. She had also thought about taking Harry away from the Dursleys earlier but she needed him to experience a little of what life with abusive muggles was like to really realize what they were up against. Having Harry grow up as a pampered pureblood, completely oblivious to the dangers muggles represented, wouldn't help anyone. He would survive it, just like she did, and he wouldn't ever have to come back there unlike her. And, at least, this time, Harry would have someone to explain to him what he could do, that his abilities didn't make him a freak but someone special.

There was a forbidden ritual that would help her establish her place in this new world, creating a history and an identity for her where there would have been none otherwise. It wasn't difficult either, she only needed to write on a piece of paper and bring it with her once she would cross the portal. Of course, both paper and pen would be spelled beforehand and the paper would disappear once she was in the new world. The really complicated thing was finding a background history for her that would be believable and that would allow her to have legal guardianship of Harry so that, not the Ministry nor Dumbledore would be able to stop her from becoming Harry's guardian in both the Wizarding World and the Muggle world.

Fortunately, the solution appeared in front of her one day while observing the Black family tapestry. There was a Charlus Potter who had married Dorea Black and together they had one son. After some research and Gringott's records she had accessed to, thanks to her job as a curse-breaker (or what had been her job as a curse-breaker before the war against the muggles started) she had been able to find out that Charlus had been Fleamont Potter's younger brother and that both he and Dorea had left England to go to America in 1938, away from the Second World War and away from Grindelwald. The son had gone to Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and met his future wife, a witch whose father had been a squib from the Sayre family and whose mother was a muggle (technically not a muggleborn by blood but still considered as such at school). They had both died childless in 1965, while Charlus and Dorea died in 1959* from dragon pox. Becoming their only daughter would be the perfect solution.

It was perfect for a variety of reasons. First because Fleamont Potter was her and Harry's grandfather, therefore making her and Harry cousins and her the closest magical relative he would have. Second because, with the fact that the family lived in America, it would explain why she had not before had any contact with James Potter or his family before now. With the death of 'her parents' it wouldn't be strange for her to seek out the only Potter left beside her – Harry. Third, her being part Black would give her the right to investigate Sirius Black's lack of trial and subsequent incarceration without any problem. From there to prove his innocence the step was brief. Though she loved Sirius she had other reasons for wanting him freed as soon as possible. With Sirius free, she would have access to Grimmauld Place and therefore Slytherin locket that much faster.

She decided on 1962 for the year of her birth since she was now 25 and she would be 25 when she would appear in 1987 in the other world and the 13th of June as the day because that was the day when she had finally killed Voldemort.

Everything that she could carry would appear in the other world too, therefore she decided on her three compartments trunk, big enough to bring everything she needed with her.

One compartment was for her personal things like her invisibility cloak, the marauders map, the firebolt Sirius bought her as a gift in her third year, all her clothes and school things. Another compartment was for all the money she had withdrawn from her Gringott's vaults when the war against the muggles first started while another was a library in which all the books she had been able to save from the Hogwarts' Library and all the books from the Black Library would stay.

The only thing left to do was for her to spell the mirror that she would use as a portal for the other world. It was a tedious job, carving all the runes needed but after days it was finally ready.

After a rotating movement of her wand and a muttered spell the mirror in front of her started to glow, obvious sign that the ritual had worked. She shrunk her trunk, put the spelled paper in her pocket and in a single step she was walking through the mirror. A moment later, feeling like she was falling from a great height, she closed her eyes and finally landed on asphalt, right in front of number 4 Privet Drive.

*For the sake of this story, instead of dying in 1977, both Dorea and Charlus died in 1959.

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