Devil’s Darlin’ @halfofmysoul

Chapter 8: Forks


I think I sighed for the thousandth time, my eyes following Bella as she moved back and forth, her teeth worryin' that bottom lip of hers. I made my way across the room stepping in her way. "Worryin' ain't finna help anything sugar," I said, holding her by the arms. She pushed the hair from her face looking up at me. "We'll figure it out. We can be on a plane this evening and make it to Charlie by early morning." I pulled her bottom lip from her teeth smiling down at her.

I wasn't as worried as I initially was, knowing that Victoria was going on foot. No way could I intercept her. She was too random. But a plane? Perfect. There was just no telling how her father would react when seeing his daughter after 5 years. Bella nodded, leaning her head on my chest. "You're right. I'll go pack a bag do you think he'll react?" I smoothed her hair down with a chuckle. "It might just give him a heart attack." She hit at my chest with a mock glare, a slow smile forming. "I'll book the tickets." I was already heading towards my computer, Bella's light footsteps heading down the hall.

Garrett's laugh traveled outdoors as I pulled up in a rental. "You'll be back," I shook my head at the sight, Bella's arms wrapped around Garrett as tight as she could. I stepped out heading towards the back door grabbing the suitcases. While this was no laughing matter, Bella needed something light. Of course, I wouldn't let anything happen to her, but I know it was a relief to her that nothing would really change here. The life she had 5 years ago was long gone, and we all knew that Forks held nothing but her father. Although I did hear something about shapeshifting humans.

Bella was happy nonetheless, truly letting go of some of the control Victoria had on her life. Bella would see her father again, and I knew despite the worrying she was doing deep down, she was elated to see him. "Come on, we've got to go," I called, nodding to Garrett. He would keep an eye out for the Cullen's while looking for this silent intruder. I knew they might have been long gone, except maybe Edward, if they survived. The invisible vampire on the other hand possibly tipped Victoria off on just who I was. Nobody fucked with the Devil. She only wants to draw Bella out of hiding. Did she think I'd be dumb enough to let her go alone? She might've escaped the Cullen's, but I could find Bella anywhere.

I opened the passenger door for Bella, and then put the suitcases in the back before getting into the driver seat. I pulled out of the driveway making my way to the airport. I reached into my shirt pocket pulling out Bella's ID and passport. "Here. All yours." She scooted herself in the seat, grabbing her identification before leaning her head on my arm as I drove. I wove my right arm around her shoulders, Bella content sigh reaching my ears.

Boarding the plane wasn't a hard feat, many humans rather wanting to get me away from them, their instinct to a predator. One thing I did despise about planes were children. They say on every flight there is always a screaming baby, and sadly? They weren't wrong. Bella snickered at me, glancing over her shoulder, wiggling her fingers in the baby's direction. "Don't entice it," I hissed quietly, turning my own head to glare at the beast of a child. The baby's blue eyes found mine, their face freezing of all emotion until their eyes crinkled and mouth pulled into a frown.

Bella gave me a look as she turned back around. "Really?" She asked, her brow raised. I shrugged, taking in her features all of a sudden. I realized that she looked so much better, her face no longer varying shades, the bags under her eyes not as dark, her face actually glowed. God was she beautiful. Her brown hair now shined with some color, showing hints of burgundy in the light, her lashes creating shadows over her cheeks. My favorite thing of all was when she'd blush, a light shade of pink that reminded me of cotton candy.

I took her hand in my own, kissing the back of her hand before setting it on the armrest between us. She squeezed my hand with vigor smiling. "I know I should be freaking out, and somewhere deep down I am, but I've missed him so much." I smiled, leaning back into the seat, drowning out everything except Bella's heartbeat...

And that godforsaken demon of a baby.

By the time we landed, Bella was fidgeting, her heart beating a mile a minute. She was practically bouncing on her feet, her face changing from scared to excited, to worry and fear. There was nothing I could do to calm her nerves really, letting her own mind roll with what was happening. I already had a taxi waiting, and we rode the hour and a half to Bella's old home. It was rolling about 5 in the morning, no one out and about as of yet.

I kept my gift and senses on alert, finding nothing out of the ordinary so far. Bella was now tapping her foot slightly as the taxi started slowing down, her hands shaking. The taxi pulled to a stop in front of a small two-story house, the porch light on. Bella was chewing on her lip again, her leg now bouncing with her foot. I could see the taxi driver giving her a strange glance and when he cut his eyes to me, I just raised a brow in return.

"Here you kids go, enjoy your night," I paid the fare, pulling out the two suitcases. Bella slipped out, closing the door. The taxi slowly pulled off, and Bella stood at the end of the driveway just staring at her house. I waited patiently for her, my ears only picking up one heartbeat from the house and the quiet sound from the television. "He's awake," I said to her, hoping to urge her forward. She jumped at my voice before nodding. "You got this..." I heard her whisper before she started walking down the driveway. That's my girl.

I followed behind, my nose twitching at the scent of undertone dog. Disgusting. Bella rang the doorbell and waited. I kissed the top of her head. "You're doing great," I encouraged. She closed her eyes taking in a deep breath. With every creak of the floorboard, Bella seemed to rock on her feet, holding her breath when her father unlocked the door.

The door opened to a semi-tall man with a mustache, salt, and pepper looking hair. He looked like a man that had been through hell 10 times over, looking as if he hadn't slept before in his life. He glanced at me first, his brow crinkling in confusion before those same brown eyes turned to look at Bella. I won't lie, but I think his heart stopped for just a second, his eyes looking her over from head to toe. The recognition hit his eyes immediately, but he struggled to say a word as he gripped the door frame tightly.

I caught him by his arm as his knees buckled, Bella's hand reaching out to steady him. "Dad?" She asked, ushering him inside. I followed behind shutting the door behind me. I wrinkled my nose once again at the dog-like smell permeating the house. Bella led him to the couch, his hands shaking as he touched her face. I stood in the shadows watching this moment unfold. "Is it really you?" He whispered, a tear sliding down his cheek. Bella nodded, swallowing, her face turning red as she tried not to cry.

Her father pulled her into a hug, crushing him to her, rocking back and forth. I watched Bella truly break down, her arms wrapped around his neck as he shushed her. I was glad for this moment. Bella needed this. So did he. After about 20 minutes, her father stood stretching out his hand. I shook it, watching him as recognition once again flashed on his face. He slyly looked over to Bella before letting my hand go. "She knows," I state, walking around the living room for a moment, still trying to pinpoint that disgusting smell. "Dad, this is Peter. Peter, this is my dad, Charlie. I know you have a lot of questions, and I can answer them. I see you know of Peter saved my's a really long story."

I sat next to Bella, stretching my hand out to shake his once more. "Pleasure," I greeted to which he nodded, shaking my hand. Charlie sat down across from us, leaning forward to run his hand through his hair. "I don't know where to start...What happened to you? You just disappeared," I squeezed Bella's thigh, her hand coming to rest upon mine. She slowly started to explain to Charlie what had happened to her, sparing no details. I've never seen a human turn so red, or purple for that matter.

Charlie was quiet as he stared off into space. He let out a deep breath, blinking before looking at me. By now, I knew my eyes were no longer a ruby brown, but a bright red. "Jesus, and you've been with Peter for almost a month now? Two?" Bella nodded, grasping my hand. I leaned down nuzzling my nose in her hair, even the scent of her wasn't enough to get the smell of dog out of my nose. "Sorry to interrupt Chief, but do you have a dog?" Charlie shook his head at me frowning. "No, but...oh." "What is it?" Bella asked. Charle sighed shaking his head.

"The boys down on the Rez turn into...giant wolves. You used to hear the stories Bells. It was around the time the Cullen's came back for your ...funeral," Bella frowned, her eyes glossing over as she stared into space. Charlie looked to me in concern. "She does this a lot. Mentally Bella is trying to piece herself by together. Victoria did a lot of things...she's been gone for a long time Charlie. Alone. Terrified. Victoria will need to be a pile of ash before she can fully heal. That's why we're here. As you know, she let Bella escape. She's coming to Forks, most likely for you. She most likely assumes that Bella would make her way here alone. She's an idiot. I'll ambush her here. These wolves. I'm assuming vampires are their natural enemy?"

At his nod, I continued. "Do you think they'll be willing to work with me? Victoria will only tear this town apart, and I doubt they want blood on their hands," Charlie looked to Bella for a moment before nodding. "I'll call Sam now. I do have to warn you though," I raised a brow in question, watching the man fidget before rolling his eyes. "Bella's childhood friend Jacob is a wolf, and ever since he was a child he's been in love with her. I don't know how he'll react to seeing her. I can see that my daughter is in a fragile state and I don't want anything jeopardizing her mental health even more. Jacob is very...pushy."

I didn't say anything for a moment gauging his body language. "You care for these boys?" I asked, and he narrowed his eyes before nodding. "I've been around since these boys were in diapers," I hummed, leaning back into the couch, my arm on the back of the sofa. "I don't know what you know about vampires and mating, but for a vampire, with a human mate, things are very different. With Bella in a state like this, I will do everything I can to make sure she's safe. I'm warning you now, if this Jacob does anything or say anything to jeopardize her health, I won't hesitate to do what I must. She doesn't take physical touching very well, nor sudden movements. If you want, I'll meet with them outside with you to break down some guidelines?"

Charlie nodded before heading towards the kitchen to make his phone call. By that time, Bella had leaned into my side, her eyes closed as she snored softly. I had about two days before Victoria showed her face. I needed to make peace with these creatures, and I just hoped for Bella's sake that there wouldn't be any issues.

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