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Follow the Rules

Chapter 5: Follow the Rules

BPOV (Yay!)

When I could no longer ignore the sounds around me, I took in a deep breath, pressing my face into Peter's arm. He smelled good, felt like safety. When I first saw Peter, I was terrified, for sure he'd kill me, trick me into being comfortable and then snap my neck.

But by being here, 3 days now, Peter has shown me that's not the case. He's gotten me food, given me shelter, has been patient with me, pushing me out of my comfort zone. Last night really proved a lot to me. I could also feel something as I watched him in the snow waiting. I was scared for one thing, terrified really of the family I once knew, their reason being the reason I looked like I did.

She used to say their names each time she cut me or bit me. Hurt me till I screamed. Then shut me up when I wanted to. Their faces flashed through my head every time. She did terrible, terrible things. When she let me go, dropped me from my chains, and didn't stop me, I walked out. Looking back of course, but I kept going.

I honestly think she wanted me to bleed out there in the cold. I'll see you soon pet. She whispered those words to me and every time I closed my eyes, I heard them. On repeat. When I finally saw Peter, I was happy, there was somebody, somebody. Until I saw his skin, his red eyes. I prayed for death. But when he dropped to his knees...and his eyes met mine, something did click but I didn't want to see it.

But now? I don't know what it is I want from him. But I know I like him, I know I need him near me. When he held me last night, I felt so safe. I know that he'd do anything for me.

Peter's fingers dancing across my cheek made me open my eyes. I blinked up at him, taking in his beauty. He was looking at me in concern, his eyes taking me in. "Alright sugar?" He asked me. I nodded, leaning into his palm. He was so soft, he almost felt human. I breathed him in a little bit, sighing.

"Peter?" I asked, looking up at him. He tilted his head at me. I didn't know what I wanted to ask him. What I wanted from him. He confused me really. How was I made for him? How was he made for me? What exactly did I have that made him whole?

"Bella?" He asked, gathering my attention once more. I shook my head in a daze. "Nothing. I'm going to go shower." I moved away from him, his eyes on me. He grabbed my hand as I stood, making me look down at him.

He stood to his full height, and I cranked my neck to look at him. This was first time we were really alone in a sense. In our own bubble. I wonder what he thought of me. I wonder if he thought I was fragile thing.

He reached sown caressing my cheek softly. I could see the question in his eyes. "I'm alright." I smiled. He let me go before nodding. I walked into the bathroom, grabbing the scar cream on my way. I closed the bathroom door before stepping into the shower to turn the water on.

I walked towards the large mirror, taking in the black tile that covered the bathroom. I sighed, slowly undressing, taking in most of the bruises. I touched the large scar on my stomach remembering the pain of the hook. I closed my eyes tightly. I'll slowly bleed you out, before letting your guts spill all over the place.

I sighed heavily, reaching down, feeling the scars that ran across my skin. I sucked in a breath shuddering.

I sobbed into the cloth, shaking as Victoria ripped the front of my jeans open, the underwear with it. I was shaking my head, pleading for her not to do this. I could take everything else, but not this.

"Please." I cried, the word coming out muffled. Victoria glanced at me, her red eyes glowing. The little razor she had was glinting with blood. I grabbed on tighter as she sliced my skin, trailing down. "You must be still Bella. You don't want me to cut you do you?" She asked, looking almost concerned. I sobbed more shaking my head, going still like she said.

I winced as she palmed me with a laugh. She took the razor with one hand, using the other to open me up. "Hmm, should I?" She asked, glancing up at me.

She took the cloth from my mouth, tilting her head.

I shook my head, moving my hand away. I swallowed the hole in my throat and turned away walking into the shower, wiping the tears as I went.

As I washed, I thought about what I wanted to know from the Cullen's. What was it they knew? Why did they leave me? Did they look for me? Did Alice see me? Could she? Why did Edward lie? What if they were working together? Oh god..what if they were working together? Why would he admit to killing her if he knew for sure he didn't?

I slid down the glass panicking. Water got in my eyes, my hair sticking to my face. I'll see you soon. I couldn't do this. I'll gut you and hang your insides for decoration.

I felt like I couldn't breathe. Something in my gut was telling me that I was right. That somebody that was in this home would be my demise. My end.

I shook my head, standing up. "Calm down Bella." I whispered to myself. I'd talk to Peter about it. He'll know what to do. I finished washing and turned off the water. I grabbed the towel, shaking off my panic attack. I stepped out, wafting the steam.

I walked to the mirror again, and dried off. Using my hand, I wiped the glass, the hairs on my neck standing up. I took in a breath, my eyes slowly going wide.

I blinked a few times, seeing nothing. What was that? I was starting to think I was going crazy. I whirled around glancing in the corner. I felt like I was in one of those horror movies. I was tempted to go into the dark corner and try to figure out what I saw. I know I saw a person, but it was so fast that I really could've been imagining things.

I don't know if he could feel me, or maybe by the fast pounding of my heart, but Peter knocked on the door. "What's wrong?" He asked concerned. I had to smile to myself a little. He could tell when something was wrong or bothering me. I don't know why he doesn't just walk in, it is his house after all and he's seen me naked already. I didn't see the point of concealment.

"Nothing, I..I thought...I thought I saw something." I tried brushing it off but whether I did or didn't, Peter needed to know. Either I'm crazy or there was somebody there. The door opened immediately, his eyes finding me first. He was giving me his usual once over that he gave when he'd be gone for a minute.

I pointed towards the corner and he went, surveying the area. "What did you see?" He asked. I too looked. "Someone. It was quick. Or maybe I'm seeing things. It was so fast." I whispered. Peter shook his head glancing at me.

"I don't smell anything. But I'll do a perimeter sweep real quick. After you get dressed, you can find Garrett darlin'. There's some breakfast on the island." I nodded. "Wait." I called as he was about to leave the bathroom. I grabbed the cream with a sigh of hesitance. "Can you do my back?" I asked curiously and in return was a smile. "Yeah." I turned around and watched him in the mirror as he applied the cream to my back and shoulders.

His hands were warm, something I still didn't understand as he applied the cream. When he was done, he asked his usual question and I shook my head. "I've got it." He kissed my hair before disappearing. I started with my neck counting the scars. They didn't hurt anymore, but they held the memories. I knew though that each scar represented some pain I survived and the fact that I was here and alive, was something she couldn't take away from me.

I wrapped my towel back around me, feeling a tad bit better. I faced something on my own, and that was another thing she couldn't take from me. I opened the bathroom door, and walked towards the large closet that held our clothes. I pulled out one of Peter's shirts knowing he wouldn't mind, a set of sweat pants and some socks. It was warm in the house, so there wasn't a need for long sleeves.

I made my way out of the door and down the stairs. I took my time, wondering if all of them were downstairs. I knew Peter wasn't back yet as he would be by my side. I turned the corner seeing Esme and Carlisle on the couch, and looking towards the porch to see Jasper outside. I smiled as I saw Garrett in the kitchen warming up my food. "Thank you Garrett." I smiled. He handed me my plate and I grabbed a cup pouring my juice.

"Peter made these?" I asked surprised. Garrett nodded looking at me in disgust. " I so don't miss human food." I gave a chuckle, eating quietly. I could feel eyes on me, and I shivered slightly. After eating, I cleaned up wondering when everything would begin. Looking at the clock, it was still early in the morning. Garrett's phone rang, and I looked to him expectantly. He pulled out his phone. "It's not Peter. I need to take this. An old friend. Stay in the living room or kitchen." He stated before walking outside. I decided to stay in the kitchen as I didn't want to be in the living room.

I grabbed the juice off the counter and put it in the fridge. I closed the fridge door, freezing as I saw her reflection in it. I didn't turn around just watching her. When I saw her hand move I whirled around, and I'm sure I look like a deer caught in headlights. I shook my head. I didn't want her touching me. I pressed my back into the fridge. My eyes flew to the living room, seeing Carlisle no where to be found.

She reached her hand out and touched my arm gently, her ice cold hands making me flinch. Slowly her face started to morph before my eyes, her brown hair turning red, and her face changing, and those golden eyes melting to a bloody, bright, vibrant red. I knew I was seeing things, that Victoria really wasn't here, but it didn't stop the pounding of my heart or shake the fear from my body.

My throat was tight as I opened my mouth to tell her no, to tell her to back away, but everything seemed to change. The house started to shrink, leaving only the kitchen as it changed to stone, the walls turning a horrible grey and brown, my blood pooling at the ground. My hands went to my hair and I pulled. I pulled hard, enough to tear a few strands. I slid to the ground, Victoria squatting down with me. Smiling.

She held up what she liked to call 'my best friend', the knife glinting in the sun that shined through the window. "Are you ready?" She asked me. "I'm coming." She laughed. Suddenly she wafted away like smoke, and the walls slowly started to expand changing colors once again, golden eyes staring at me in concern. I pushed away from Carlisle, shaking. Garrett pulled Carlisle by the shirt, the force throwing him backwards, him hitting the wall by the stairs.

He helped me to my feet and stood in front of me. I grasped his shirt. "Garrett, I want Peter." I whispered. He nodded. "I know. He's coming. He caught a scent a few miles out, he was tracking it. Are you alright?" I didn't answer as I looked to Esme, who was looking guilty off to the side. "I didn't know you would react like that. I'm sorry." She whispered. "No you're not. As soon as Carlisle left the room, you came in here. I saw you walk in here, but I didn't know what you were doing. What don't you get? You are the reason she was out there. Bella, are you alright?" He asked again, his voice hard. I nodded, realizing he wasn't staring at me but at Carlisle. "Truthfully? No." I answered.

He growled low in his throat as Carlisle stood, shaking off the flakes of wall. "I was trying to help. She was having a complete psychotic episode." He said defensively. "She's not psychotic." Peter said walking into the room, his face hard and dark. It was an expression I've never seen before. Carlisle glanced at me as I moved from behind Garrett and into Peter's hold. "Peter, she completely had a meltdown."

Peter growled pulling away from me, and stalked towards Carlisle. He grabbed Carlisle by the neck, pushing him into the wall. "Because of your wife, and it's called trauma. Was I not clear when I said not to touch, talk, go near her? I can feel her, and trust me, I felt her. I don't know what you're tryin' to do, but she will never trust you. Never go back with you. Never leave with you, leave me for your family. She has no loyalty to you and you damn sure don't have any to her. Next time any one of you touch my mate, I'm coming for you first. The only reason I won't rip her hand off right now is because I don't want Bella to see the things that bring me joy. I'd smile like a Cheshire Cat while I ripped your head from your body. Keep her and your family in check before you have none. Understand?"

Peter was suddenly by my side again grabbing my hands, frowning at the hair in my hands. He just grunted wiping my hands. He pulled me close to him, breathing me in. I grabbed his shirt tightly in a fist. I swallowed. "I was there again. I...she was here, right in front of me." I looked up at him, feeling the tears pinpricking my eyes. He held my face, and leaned down, his nose touching mine. "Shh. It's alright." He whispered into my ear.


I held Bella in my arms, her back against my chest. All the Cullen's were now in the living room, and I squeezed Bella a little tighter. "I want to know what happened after you killed James. Why didn't you hunt Victoria?" I asked. The demon in me was awake now, his mate in his arms and his enemy at his mercy. Nobody spoke for a second and that was already thinning my patience. I leaned low, whispering into Bella's ear. "Darlin' you're going to see a side of me you've never seen before. I might scare you." She turned her head, her lips at my ear. "I trust you Peter." I kissed her temple and nodded to Garrett.

He grabbed Carlisle, forcing him to his knees, and grabbing his hands. "Carlisle only has 10 fingers. Start answering." I stated, glancing at them in boredom. "You wouldn't. Jasper spoke so highly of you." Alice whispered, her fear shining through. "He means it. They didn't see her as a threat. I did, but I let it go since Carlisle said to drop it." Jasper said. "Why?" Bella asked, looking to Carlisle. He shrugged. "We didn't see her anymore after that, nor Laurent, so I thought it was better to not to put us in anymore danger." Carlisle was looking at me when he spoke, his golden eyes frozen. "Did you think she'd come back? For revenge?" She asked him. Carlisle looked to her shaking his head. I glanced in Jasper's direction and then Carlisle. "Garrett." I commanded who immediately broke a finger off. Bella jumped in my arms but didn't turn away. She glanced at me curiously. "That was a lie." I stated. Esme stood, her hand to her mouth.

"You knew. Now why didn't any of you go after Victoria?" I asked. "They weren't mates. More so companions." Edward responded. He was staring at Bella with a look I knew all too well. One I didn't like.

"Okay so what's with the mate for mate bullshit?" I asked angrily. What's her motive? Why did she kidnap Bella and torture her for 5 years?

"We don't know. It wasn't just Jasper that made me break up with Bella. We knew Victoria would come around, but we hoped she'd seek revenge on one of us, not her. Weeks after I met Bella, Alice told me she would be a vampire, but not one of us. Bella is the one who ultimately kills us all." I tilted my head in confusion trying to understand what he was trying to say.

"I don't understand. What does that have to do with Victoria?" Bella asked, turning so she was pressed against me. "Everything." Jasper whispered. I glanced at them all, knowing that this was much deeper.

"Jasper." I snapped angrily. He looked up at me, his eyes glossy. "We.." He paused as Rosalie's hand grasped his wrist. "No." She growled. "Garrett." I nodded to him, hearing the crack. Carlisle let out a yell as his hand landed in front of me. Bella leaned down, grabbing it. Her face scrunched up in disgust and I grabbed it from her before the fingers started moving. She wouldn't like that too much.

"We gambled Bella's life.." Carlisle hissed, looking up at me angrily. "Years before she was ever born. We..met with Victoria, James, Laurent, and another vampire name Louis. Louis was Victoria's mate. We were hunting one night, when the four of them stumbled amount us. Edward was just a newborn at the time. His emotions got the best of him when Louis came close upon his feeding, and he killed Louis. At that time, Alice and Jasper had already joined us and Alice has a vision of Bella. At the moment, we were responsible for Edward so if he died, we all did as well.

Edward was already uncontrolled as it was and caused numerous suspicious activity in over three different countries. The Volturi would soon find us. Louis used to work for the Volturi and after serving his time, was able to leave. Victoria also had her connections to them and we told her that in exchange we'd give her something else. A human. A human that had the blood of the sweetest scent, ambrosia. A human that was gifted. This human could lead her to power one day.

The strongest mind. She accepted. But then Edward met Bella that day, he fell in love with her, and we knew that the deal we made would be off. We left, hoping that she'd come for us once and for all. But she went straight for you. I think killing James, and with her mate gone, it threw her over the edge. She wanted retribution and with us were all she had."

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