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Summary: "She looked like a beautiful angel, the dark red blood staining the snow. She fell to her knees, a plea on her lips, her brown eyes meeting my dark, evil, red one's. She would never beg for anything ever again. She belonged to the Devil now."

Peter cared for nothing and no one. His demon was a force to be reckoned, pacing the cage inside his walls. Ready to be set free. To feel the tearing of limbs once again, to drown in the screams of his victims. Raise hell. He was salivating for it. His wish was finally granted when a little human by the name of Isabella Swan crosses on his territory, bruised, bloody, and tortured.

Rated: M -Never know what can happen

Chapter 1: Red

Montana in the winter was a beautiful place, sometimes the sun would peak from under the clouds, shining on the glistening snow, making it look like a bed of crystals. For Peter, it was solitude. This was his favorite property to visit, to do nothing but roam his vast land and be content. He hadn't the need for company. He rather spent his days alone, most vampires fearing him on sight. His time with Maria, forever making a long lasting impact in his life. Peter wasn't one to fuck with, the second lone vampire that vampire's fear more than The Volturi. Some would say now that the Captain strikes fear more so than the Major. Last he heard, he was chumming it up with some Veggie munchers. Peter could care less honestly, he risked his ass to save the most feared vampire in the world, only to barely get a thank you, as he left with a little imp that was definitely not made for him. To each his own.

Peter twitched lightly as he spun in a slow circle. His eyes taking in his home. "What the fuck am I here for?" He growled to himself. The snow had no effect on him as he turned around in another circle, his eyes searching for something, his ears listening for anything. His gift really had a way of fucking him over. It was vague as shit and took forever to get to the point. Every time he thought about leaving, a little voice in his head would hiss, telling him to stay put.

He went inside the house and starting with the living room, he started dusting off the sheets that lay over the furniture. Room to room, not really knowing why, but he did anyway. He cocked his head to the side at the bed, wondering just why in the hell he needed to get that shit made. It's not like he was going to lay in it, and he sure as hell didn't feel like fucking the daylights out of somebody on it either. Peter just didn't have the patience of such things, because at the end of the day, he was going to kick the little woman out and be done with it. He didn't need company, and sure as hell didn't want any either. He was sure that he was incapable of feeling anything for anyone, as everything was to leave one day. It was said that every vampire out there had another half, some lucky enough, and some not so lucky, forever roaming the earth for that missing piece.

Peter felt as though nobody could love him, and he was alright with that. He didn't love, and he didn't feel. There wouldn't be anything on this earth that could make Peter whole, that could go toe to toe with his demon, and bring that bastard out enough for him to give a shit. Until he heard it.


It was faint, that much was clear. I could hear that little heart beat clear as day, the thing trying to put up a fight. The raspy breaths of the human, I could hear the sharp intake of breath. Dropping the sheet, I leisurely made my way down the stairs, taking my sweet slow time. I could hear their feet crunching on the snow, the faint scent of blood wafting towards me. If I wouldn't have met and ate my singer decades ago, I would've thought that the human outside was the most delicious being I've ever smelt.

I opened the front door, my eyes taking in the blood that stained the human's clothing, her pale, almost blue hands holding a gushing wound. I gazed upon her curiously, wondering what she could be doing out here. Her clothes looked old and dirty, blood and dirt staining them. Her jeans ripped in places that showed bloody, torn skin, my eyes briefly going to her visible private. I almost grimaced. Her tan shirt, ripped just below her breasts. Now who would do such a thing to a lady like her? I cocked my head to the side as she stopped, hearing her intake of breath. Her brittle brown hair, lightly blowing with the wind. She looked like a beautiful angel, the dark red blood staining the snow. She fell to her knees, a plea on her lips, her brown eyes meeting my dark, evil, red one's. She would never beg for anything ever again. She belonged to the Devil now.

I could feel him, pacing the cage, as we looked down at this human, rattling the cage I locked him in, his anger like a wave, wanting to kill, maim, and torture. But not her. Never her. I'd willingly throw myself in a fire than hurt her. I walked forward slowly, watching as her brown eyes flashed with something of recognition, immediately tearing up. Her lips parted as she looked down at the snow, her bloody hands curling in it. As I got closer, she looked up at me, her voice barely a whisper. Her eyes giving up. I dropped to my own knees, her hands reaching up, grasping my wrists. "Make it quick. Please." She begged. I cocked my head to the side, wondering how she knew what I was. I ran my thumb across her blue lips. "Make what quick sugar?" I whispered. I took in her pale, dirty, face, I nudged her cheek with my nose, smelling her.

That voice in my head was telling me not to bite her yet. I wanted to. I wasn't about to let her bleed out on me. Her brown eyes met mine once again. A tear slipped down her cheek. "Kill me." I narrowed my eyes slightly, moving one hand behind her neck, holding her head up, as her eyes dropped closed, and her head rolled back, promptly passing out. "Not yet sugar." I whispered in her ear, lifting her into my arms.

I took her inside, now realizing why I got the bed ready. I took her upstairs, holding her to me, scanning her body over, suppressing the growl as the sight of the obvious torture that was inflicted upon her skin. Who did this? I smelled her again, making my way into the bedroom, my nose twitching at a certain scent. I committed it to memory, before laying her down on the bed. I smelled vampire, and right now, I wasn't a happy camper. I went into the bathroom, turning on the water, glad I left on the water heater. I went to the bathtub, putting the stopper in. I fiddled with the temperature, making sure it was lukewarm, before turning the heat on in the room.

I glanced at this human of mine, the intended being for me. I walked to the bed, feeling her skin, which was ice cold, her breathing shallow. I considered changing her right then and there, worried that she'd die before I could care for her. Don't. I pinched the bridge of my nose and sighed. I started with her shirt, ripping it off of her in one go. Venom filled my mouth as I took in the bite marks that littered her skin, the bruises that were all over her body, piling on top of one another.

I leaned in close, sniffing her again, that same vampire smell on her. The demon in me was snarling for retribution. I eyed the wounds along her body, the deep gash on her side, it was sliced open, with what looked to be like a hook. I growled softly, seeing infection settling in. I was suddenly thankful for the medicine kit I had, as I didn't want to permanently scar her. I went about gently but quickly cleaning the wound, sewing it, and wrapping it. The next move was her jeans. I was a gentleman, but it was also instinct for me to care for my injured human, my human mate, when she wasn't able to do so.

I don't think I ever felt so much anger in my life, as I gently pulled her pants down, the scent wafting towards me once again. I swallowed the mouthful of venom as I took in the damage to her lower region. I don't think any part of her down below was without any cut or bite. They almost looked like little razor blades. I shook slightly, trying to get a hold of myself. I think if it was possible, I'd cry. She was completely mutilated, a small bit of relief hit me as I noticed that the inside was intact.

I gathered her in my arms, the girl limp, only her heartbeat telling me she was alive. She was barely breathing. My fingers touched along her back, and I felt indentations of something, like lines. Before placing her in the tub, I pulled her toward me, glancing at her back. I could feel my eyes go dark, that cage breaking, our minds becoming one. My lip curled as I hugged her to me. I gritted my teeth, as I stepped into the tub first, lowering her into the water slowly. I purred softly as she whimpered out at the stinging. I started with her face, wiping the blood, dirt, and grime off of her skin. I grabbed the soap, and started washing the blood from her body, the water already murky.

I was gentle as I washed her back, the whip indentations looking very fresh. I washed every inch of her, careful of her nether regions. I sat there for a moment, just thinking. "Who did this to you?" I asked out loud. I sighed deeply as I got out, cradling her in my arms. I dried her off gently and laid her on the bed. I went to my closet, knowing I had nothing for her to wear. I applied some cream to her scars, knowing that when I changed her, they'd forever be on her skin. I dressed her slowly and just stood there, watching her. I knew that I needed to get food, and supplies for her, but I didn't want to leave her alone.

I warred with myself for a moment before pulling out my phone. I hit 2, and waited for the fucker to answer. "Garrett speaking." I left the room as to hopefully not wake her. "Garrett. It's Peter. I need to cash in my favor." I stated, tapping my foot. "What do you need?" Right down to business. "Are you close to Montana?" I asked, hearing the wind in the background. "Actually I am. I was passing through." I listened for the heartbeat before speaking again. "How far are you from my house?" Garrett paused for a moment. "2 minutes out. I can see it from where I am." He stated. "I need you to watch my property. I need to run into town for some things." I answered, going downstairs and grabbing my keys. He chuckled. "What am I guarding? Or preventing?" He asked. I could already hear him coming close, so I ended the call and made my way outside.

I gave him a tense smile as he dropped down from a tree. His eyes flitted to the house in curiosity. "Good, you hear it. Garrett, if anything happens to that human, I will kill you. Inside is the only thing that I will die for. This woman, girl, she appeared in the driveway." I showed him the large blood stain. "She's been tortured looks like and from what I've seen a vampire is responsible. I need to pick up some things for her. I want you to stay downwind, but close. I'm not expecting anyone, so anyone that comes across here is not friend. You call me if she wakes up." Garrett nodded, not saying a word.

He disappeared into the woods and I went towards the garage getting into my tuck.

I pulled into the driveway, looking at the loads of bags, Garrett came down next to me, grabbing a few. "She's been asleep this whole time. Nobody came through. Do you have any idea at who she is?" He asked, walking inside. I followed along and sat the bags in the kitchen, sitting everything on the counter. "No, I haven't gotten a name. She passed out after she begged me to kill her." I wrinkled my nose, shuddering. I was ready to tear through something. Garrett looked towards the stairs briefly.

"So what are you going to do?" He asked, leaning against the counter. I mimicked his position and nodded. "Take care of her. Nurse her back to health, in whatever way possible. Find the son of a bitch who tortured her. Whoever did this, is vile. Marked her body with scars, wounds, mutilated her. I wont rest until I find out what happened to her and kill the person who did this." I vowed. "Well, whatever you need, just ask. You know how I feel about that shit." I nodded. "Thank you." I responded. I started with one of the cans of soup, heating it on the stove. I turned on the heat downstairs, getting it nice and toasty.

I looked up, hearing a slight groan. I flashed upstairs, opening up the door. My human sat up slowly, and looked down, lifted up my shirt, running her hands along the bandage. "I hope you didn't mind." I stated, knocking on the door. She jumped a little, her wild eyes staring at me. She scooted up on the bed, letting out a pained moan. I held my hands up as I moved closer. "I stitched you up darlin'. Please be careful." I motioned towards her, wanting to check her stiches.

She glanced at me before nodding hesitantly. I made my way over slowly, noticing her shaking in fear. "I'm not going to hurt you. Relax." I soothed. Her eyes stayed stuck to me, as I sat on the edge of the bed. She flinched away from me as I started to lift the gauze. I glanced at her, her brown, wide eyes, staring at me with complete terror. I almost growled, hating to see that look on her face. "It's okay." I soothed, the beast within purring, hoping to calm her in some way. She started to visibly relax, her brows drawn together.

I peeled the gauze back a little, glad nothing pulled. I pulled the shirt back down, and tried to give her a smile. "I have some soup on, if you're hungry. Would you like some?" I asked. She glanced at my hands and then my face. She nodded quickly. She started to sit up, but winced as she did so. I reached an arm out, watching her reaction. She stared at it as if it was going to bite her. "I'm just helping you sit up. I know you're scared, but know that as long as you're here, I'm not going to do anything to hurt you. I just want to help you darlin'. Can I do that?" I asked softly.

She glanced at me before taking my hand hesitantly. In a quick move, I had her propped against the pillows, and sitting. She sucked in a breath, staring at me with confusion. "I'll be right back. I have a guest here, and he's like me." Her eyes widened as she shook her head frantically. I grabbed her face gently, relieved when she didn't flinch too much. "It's alright. Shh. I won't let him do anything to you. He's a friend. He's going to help me find whoever did this to you. Shh. It's alright." I soothed. She took in a shuddering breath and nodded.

I let go of her face, and gave her a small nod, before slowly walking out of the room. I went downstairs and got a bowl, putting some soup in it. Garrett raised a brow. "She's terrified. She was shaking like a leaf when I went to make sure she didn't pull her stitches. Freaked when I told her I had a guest." I growled, Garrett taking the bowl before I crushed it to pieces. I took in a breath. "We'll find out who did this Peter, and when we do, they'll have hell to pay."

I nodded, the demon in me roaring at the prospect. I grabbed the bowl, some juice, and medicine and headed back up the stairs. She was in the same position I left her, watching the door. She looked at me hesitantly and then the food in longing. She whimpered out, reaching towards the food. "Okay, I'm coming." I sat the medicine down on the dresser next to the bed, along with the juice.

I handed her the bowl, the bowl shaking. I grabbed it from her and sat on the edge. "Can I?" I asked, holding up the spoon. She nodded, swallowing. It was oddly soothing, despite the situation as I fed my mate. I fed her slowly, watching some color come back to her skin. She sighed happily as I gave her a straw to drink the broth. "How do you feel?" I asked turning to grab the medicine and the juice. She shrugged at me, glancing curiously at the medicine, her eyes flicking to me. "Apple juice alright?" I asked, to which she nodded.

I sat the pill on her tongue and gave her the juice. I nodded once she swallowed. "My name is Peter. My friend, his name is Garrett. Was it one of our kind that did this to you?" I asked. She nodded, looking away. "Do you know them?" I asked, brining her attention back to me. She nodded once. She narrowed her eyes as she glanced at her scraps of clothing. "Do you know where they are? Where you are?" She took a glance outside the window and made a motion with her hands. I furrowed my brow. "Paper?" I asked, and she nodded eagerly.

I was gone in seconds and back. She jumped a bit, but wasn't soo startled. I handed her a pad and paper, and she scribbled down Montana. So she knew where she was at least. "Is Montana where this happened to you?" I asked. She nodded. Let go. She wrote. I raised a brow. "You were let go?" I asked curiously. She nods. "Why? On purpose?" I asked again. Game. Game. A game. "So this is a game. They're going to be looking for you." I looked down again as she wrote. She. She will be looking. "Okay she. What does she look like?" I was getting giddy. I wasn't going to ask why she didn't talk, I was okay with any type of communication. I knew she could, and if she wasn't then she had a reason for it.

Red hair. Dirty. Evil. You'll protect me? I read what she wrote and got down to her level. I looked into her eyes, still seeing the fear in them. "I'll find her. I can promise you that. I won't let anything hurt you. As long as you're with me, nothing and no one is going to hurt you. They'll have to get through me, and trust me, that isn't easy. What's your name sugar?" I asked, hoping against hope that she would tell me.

Isabella Swan. Thank god for small favors.

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