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Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Questions With No Answers


The dark room was foreign to me. At first. My erratic beating heart drowned out the computerized voice that was speaking to me, and the light next to me flicked on automatically, surprising and blinding me at the same time. "Ms. Stark?" The use of the last name that wasn't legally mine yet didn't bother me in this moment. "I'm alright Jarvis," I breathed out, wiping the sweat from my forehead.

"So you have said for the past week. Your heart rate has been reaching stressing levels," Jarvis says to me. "They're nightmares J. Just…really bad nightmares," I whisper, removing the covers off me, and slipping my feet into my Iron Man slippers. Yeah, I caved. Have to support my dad somehow, right? After putting on my robe, I opened my room door, and shuffled out into the hall.

Jarvis' voice followed me to the elevator, "Would you like me to wake Mr. Stark?" I hit the button on the elevator and shook my head. "That isn't necessary, and whisper, will you?" I smarted, walking into the elevator, hitting the floor to the main section of the building. After the doors open, I go to the kitchen, and fix a glass of water. I turn towards the outside patio by the pool, and make my way outside into the cool night air, heading towards the railing so that I could look down upon the city that had become my home.

New York was a beautiful place. It was different. It was busy and calming. I liked it. I really did. "It's really pretty isn't it?" Pepper's soft voice almost gave me a heart attack, and by her apologetic smile, she knew it too. I nodded, sipping at my water. "You too?" I asked, glancing over at her. She smiled at me, nodding. "Yeah. Your father tosses and turns a lot," I hummed a bit. "We're terrible sleepers," I chuckle, looking back at the lights that reflected around me. "Are you alright Bella?"

I shiver a bit. I'm not sure if it's from the cold or the question. Either way, she notices. "Yes and no. I…keep having these nightmares of…" I trail off, swiping my hand over my eye. I can see Pepper step closer to me, and I lean into her, letting her arm come around my shoulders. "I try so hard to save them. I just keep watching them die," I whisper, staring out into space, the horrific visions passing behind my eyes like a horrible movie.

As much as I thought I was getting past the death of Charlie and Renee, I was still holding onto things I couldn't control or change.

"Oh sweetie," She whispers into my hair, her hair tickling my nose, her fingers running through my own strands. Pepper's touch just made me want to cry more, the feeling reminding me of my own mother. Well, the mother that loved me. Renee and Charlie were my parents, they always would be. Now, I have my father, who is a freaking superhero, and Pepper. Even though the two aren't married, Pepper is the mothering type. These are the only people I have left.

The thought made me tear up. As Pepper hugged me close, my bottom lip wobbled, and I tried to hold it in, and as I sucked in a shaky breath, Pepper's arms tightened around my shoulders. "Let it out. You can't bottle things up forever," Her soothing voice had me complying against my will, and my glass of water was forgotten as I held onto Pepper, crying my eyes out for probably the 1000th time since I've been here. The thought of losing them too terrified me. I lost my mother, my father, my biological mother didn't want me, the only boyfriend I have ever had, didn't think I was good enough, and now I have two people left that truly care about me. I couldn't bear the thought of having to part with them.

My life was just going through so many changes, and I don't think I've properly taken the time to process everything. I was just going through the motions, putting on this brave face. There was so much darkness, but there was some light. Some light I could reach for. Tony and Pepper of course. Then, there was Thor. I haven't seen him since our date night, about a week ago. He had to travel back to Asgard to inform his people about his brother. I kind of missed him. Thor was very different. He was loud and funny, but down to business when need to be. He cared about the people of this planet. We meant something to him. Even though he was on Earth once before, human like us, he still struggled with human concepts, but he gained an understanding of our strengths and weaknesses.

I was kind of pathetic to say that I was starting to like Thor, and I didn't like it. I didn't want to be dependent on someone, anyone again. I didn't want to get so involved that I would lose myself or hang around long enough for Thor to see that I was nothing just as Edward had thought. On one hand, I was happy to be rid of Edward. He thought that he was just so great and sat on this pedestal where he deserved to be worshiped. To him, I was just a human, and on some level, I knew that, but I also fooled myself into thinking that the vampire loved me.

And here I was pining over a God.

"Oh…Did Thor…?" I looked up from Pepper's shoulder to see Tony who had somehow snuck up on us during my crying. His expression made me crack a smile. He looked hesitant and conflicted. "No dad. This isn't about Thor. He hasn't been back yet," I reminded, and he almost looked relieved. "That's a good thing," He murmurs, and he and I meet eyes. His eyes softened, and he drew us both into his arms, and I pulled them close to me, closing my eyes, tears flowing freely against my will.

The next few nights provided some relief for me as I started to work on getting myself into the University, specifically in a science major. There was the Empire State University, and I was in love with it. Tony had to deal with some business stuff, and Pepper was all too happy to accompany me along to tour the university. Their science program was absolutely stunning. I got to meet some of the teachers, some of which who were kissing my ass so to speak, but I just wanted them to treat me like any student.

As if I was a normal girl, with normal parents, but I knew that was going to be hard. Pepper was ever the professional, scoping things out like the mother hen she was starting to become, Happy by our sides, his stern face making me chuckle. He was anything but. But dad was serious about me, my safety, my life.

His enemies were now my enemies, which I had much experience with. The hunt for what caused that man to explode was still on full force, and nobody had a clue where to start, except dad and I. My mother. She was the key, and I could only wonder how she fits in with all of this. Was she trying to kill me? Is she the one who had Charlie and Renee executed?

So many questions with no answers.

It was frustrating.

I had to fill my mind with other things though. With my credits from Forks, and my high test grades, I could get into any school I wanted, and of course I wouldn't have to worry about a thing. Well, maybe driving in the city. There was only one Happy Hogan, and he couldn't be a million places at once.

I knew if I asked, dad would get me one right away, but I kind of wanted to work for my first car, which I know he would almost be appalled if I bought it up. Hmmm, something to think about. I zoned back in as the last professor introduced himself. He was kind of tall, with long shoulder-length blonde hair that was slicked back. He was very handsome honestly, and I could tell he had the hots for Pepper as he would send her these flirtatious winks.

His name is Aldrich Killian, but he liked to go by Al. He would be my counselor as well. He was friendly enough, but there was something odd about him. I just couldn't put my finger on it.

The first days were always the hardest. I used to hate the attention back in Forks, but here? I despised it. It was a lot. Students whispered as they looked at me, girls that I would have never spoken to in my life tried talking to me, and guys that would have never looked at me twice winked at me.

Thankfully, I didn't have to do the whole introduction thing in class, and some of the teachers treated me like a normal person. I liked my classes and my professors so that was a plus. The students would take some getting used to. I was currently leaving my last class of the day, and I stepped out into the hall. My attention was transfixed on the commotion going on a few feet away. A young boy around my age was being bullied by some guy that didn't even look like he belonged here. "Think you're so smart Parker. Just like high school all over again!" This jerk proceeded to push this Parker person against the wall, making him drop his books.

"Hey!" I called. I hated bullying. Also, to see that none of the students did anything was also annoying. This jerk doesn't look like he knows basic formulas to the logistics of scientology. Okay, well most people don't, but you get my drift. Jerk-off looked over towards me, eyeing me up, and I walked over. I was never this forward before, but I would not stand by and let this happen.

"Leave him alone," I squat down to grab his fallen books, raising a brow as he just looked down at me confused. "Who the hell are you? Do you have any idea who my dad is?" Pfft. Does he have any idea who mine is? "Isabella Stark, and believe me, he's not even on my radar," It was like I cursed him, his brown eyes widening, letting go of Parker's shirt. "T-Tony Stark?" I tilt my head. What other Stark was there?

"I uh...I apologize...we were just horsing around, weren't we Parker?" Parker...I think his name was Peter, glowered at him, and jerk-off made haste and down the hall. "Here you go," I handed the fallen books over, smiling at him. He had short brown hair, was kind of tall, a bit on the skinny side at first glance. He was dressed in a polo and some khakis with sneakers.

I held out my hand, and he shook it. "Isabella Stark, but of course, I'm sure you knew that," He chuckles with a nod. "Yeah, the whole school has been buzzing about you. Peter Parker," He smiles. "Nice to meet you Peter. No offense when I say this, but you're the most normal person I've met all day," I chuckle, and we decided to walk out towards the front of the building. Peter laughs, "Tell me about it," I look down at his schedule, and I see we have a few classes together. "We have physics together, as well as biology," I note. "That's right. I kind of zoned out, our professor just drones on and on," I nod in agreement.

We finally make it outside, and I look around seeing Happy waiting for me, and his eyes shoot to Peter with a frown. "Well, there's my ride," Peter tentatively waves over, and Happy just crosses his arms. "He's a big softie. It was nice meeting you Peter. See you tomorrow!" I glance back at him as I walk and he nods at me with a smile.

I bound over to Happy, whose expression had changed to amused. "How was your first day kid?" I rolled my eyes with a groan as he opened the front door for me. "As I expected. I'm like a shiny new toy," He chuckles before closing my door, heading over to the driver's side. He gets in and starts the car, driving off. "Who was the kid?" He wonders. "Peter Parker. We have a few classes together. He's the only person that didn't fanboy over me," Happy smiles. "I bet. There's a surprise waiting for you at home," I narrowed my eyes at Happy. "I don't like surprises. Is it a good one?" I ask, looking over at him. "Can't tell you,"

I grumble quietly, looking over at him again. He just shakes his head. "You suck," I mutter, and Happy laughs, causing me to smile a bit. When I got home, I wasn't sure what I was expected, but what I got was better than I could have imagined. I tried to not do the whole desperate running thing that most girls did, but I couldn't contain my wide grin even if I wanted to.

He was waiting by the stairs, flowers in his hands, and what looked to be a box of chocolates. He was dressed in normal clothing this time, his hair somewhat tamed, his oceanic eyes drawing me in like a magnet. "Thor," I smiled, his name slipping off my tongue that almost sounded like relief. He stepped down to greet me, and I flushed red as he placed a kiss upon my cheek, his unique scent making me close my eyes for a moment.

"For you," He hands me the flowers and the chocolates, and I find the gesture sweet. "Thank you," I pull him into a hug, sighing as he gently wrapped his large arms around my waist, as if afraid he'd hurt me. As much as I tried to deny myself the thought, I had never felt more at home than this. There was something about Thor that just made you feel safe.

"How was Asgard?" I ask as he pulls away. I loved hearing about his tales of his home. It sounded magical and adventurous. I lead him towards the stairs, not feeling like taking the elevator up today, listening as he told me about home, his mother and father who were quite concerned and furious about the prospect of their son wreaking havoc on Earth. Loki has found some way to block his parents and the all-seeing Heimdall from locating him on Earth.

I could tell Thor was troubled, his usual mood clouded by the worried look in his eyes. "You know what? We should watch a movie," I plop down on my bed, smiling up at him as he regards me with curiosity. "What kind of movie?" He asks, taking a look around my room. I smile. "J, bring up Snow White and the Huntsman," "HD?" Jarvis asks, and I nod in confirmation. "You'll love it. I think dad has some clothes for you around here somewhere," I muse. After finding Thor some more comfortable clothes, he and I settled into my bed, and I cuddled up to him.

As the movie started, Thor claimed the princess looked like me, and I had to admit that the huntsman looked like him. "Can't the huntsman and the princess see they're perfect for each other?" Thor blurts out, and I softly laugh. "Just wait till the ending," We watch the movie, and I wasn't afraid to admit that was slowly falling asleep. Today was a pretty busy day for me, and adding Thor's appearance after two weeks of not seeing him made it that much more interesting. "Thor?" I question, my vision blurring as I was trying to fight sleep. "Yes?" He answers me, and I'm not sure if he's looking down at me or not, but the unsureness makes me feel a bit braver as I tell him, "I missed you," I hide my yawn in my hand, and I feel him shift before my head is placed gently on my pillow.

"As did I Lady Bella," I hear him whisper, but I'm too far gone, leaving me wondering if he said anything at all.

The blaring alarm on the nightstand seeps through my muddled brain and I groan into my pillow. "Okay, okay, I'm coming," I sit up in bed, rubbing my eyes. "Good morning Ms. Stark. The current time is 7:15. There is coffee and breakfast waiting downstairs. Your first class starts at 9. After class, Mr. Stark requires your presence at Stark Industries. I would bring an umbrella today as the weather calls for cloudy skies," I groan softly, nodding to myself, only half hearing what Jarvis was saying. My brain was still trying to wake up.

I make my way out of bed after a good 2 minutes on contemplating if sleep was worth it. After my morning routine I dress in semi casual clothes, and slip on one of my cardigans just in case before grabbing my bag and heading towards the elevator. I ride the elevator down and upon entering the living room, I see dad's Mark 42. I walk past it, wondering what it was doing here and not in the shop downstairs. "Dad?" I call, stepping around the corner in the kitchen, seeing Thor, but no Tony in sight. "Good morning," I murmur, smiling as he greeted me with a grin. "Did you like the movie?" I question, an eyebrow quirking as I grab an apple from the basket on the counter.

Thor gave a nod, but a sour expression passed across his face. "I wish it would have ended differently. He clearly knew he was her true love, why did he not tell her?" I shrug, shaking my head at him. "Not sure. Have you seen my dad?" I wonder, and Thor shakes his head. "Hmmm. His Mark IV is out. He doesn't usually leave it around unless he's testing some things," As I've stated, despite it being a heroic figure in the eyes of the people, the Iron Man suit was creepy when no one was in it. Imagining it at night had to be disconcerting. I knew a little bit about my father to know he wouldn't leave it out unless for good reason.

"Well, I guess I better be off. Are you staying, or do you have to go back to Asgard?" I smile softly as Thor all but stuffs donuts in his mouth. "I am not to report to Asgard until I have Loki. I will be working with SHIELD into figuring out where he is," I nod slowly, furrowing my brows in thought. "You'll find him. Hopefully before he hurts anyone," I murmur. At that point, I hear loud thumping coming from the other room, and I furrow my brows. "What is that?" I question, turning to look towards the living room.

Thor turns with me, coming to a stand. Around the corner comes the Mark 42, eyes a bright blue. "Man of Iron. You were in the suit all along?" He wonders, amazement in his voice. I knew though that it was empty. The arc reactor was the same from his old models. "Thor, I don't think that's my dad," My assumption was correct as an automated voice spoke through it. "Target acquired," The arm rose, and I could hear the repulsor beam firing up.

Thor takes the intended hit for me, and it sends him flying somewhere over my head. I duck to the floor, my apple and everything else forgotten as the Mark 42 barely misses my hand, shooting up the marble floor. I roll over, barely missing the metal that was intended for my head. I'm suddenly jerked up by my sweater. I wiggle out using my arms, and once my feet hit the floor, I look around for Thor. His hammer flies past me, hitting the Mark 42 and sending it flying outside the patio and off the tower.

He holds out his hand, his hammer boomeranging back into his hand. We stare at each other for the moment, and I lick my now dry lips, nodding to myself. "We need to get downstairs," Thor doesn't question me, and follows behind me as I lead us towards the garage. "I'm going to have to get Jarvis to initiate a lockdown, like full blown," I explain as we reach the bottom, and I quickly type in my birthdate, and Thor ushers me in as the door opens. The door closes behind us, and I march my way over to the computer, pushing some hair behind my ear to get it out of my face.

"Jarvis, I need you to lock down Stark tower, and all electronic devices," I bring up the security code implanted in Stark tower, my eyes flying across the holographic screen. "I am afraid that I would be offline as well," He responds to me, and I sigh. "Are you able to be accessed through a backdoor, some way only dad had access to you, that's completely off a network grid?"

"Yes. Shall I alert Mr. Stark?" I shake my head. "No, lock us down," I command, and as soon as I do, I can hear metal shutters around the tower, blocking off every entrance and exit. The lights then go out, prompting the emergency lights. I glance over at Thor, and I clear my throat. "I guess it's me and you for a while….damn, I didn't really wanna miss school," I murmur, sitting down in the chair. Thor comes to stand next to me, laying his hand on the back of my chair.

"You cannot as they say 'catch a break', can you?" Thor asks.

AN: I know it's not as long as usual or a lot happening. Just getting back in the groove of things. Next chapter, we'll see Bella back in school and more calming chapters up next. At this point in the story, we will be getting into the Avenger's timeline, so no more murder attempts right now. I just wanted to give a glimpse of Bella's thoughts dealing with everything. As for our lovely Peter Parker, he will be a regular occurrence, and whichever Spider-Man you envision is up to you. Do you guys want Tony's POV next?

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