The Rabbit Hole @halfofmysoul
Chapter 1

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The Rabbit Hole

Chapter 1: The Meaning of a Name

Bella Swan was tired. Tired of everything. Tired of loving and getting nothing in return. Tired of almost dying at the hands of what she thought was her forever. As she listened to Edward spout off his usual self-pity bullshit, all she could do was sigh. She bowed her head, letting out a humorless laugh. Edward stopped speaking, tilting his head confused. "I don't find this the least bit funny." He snapped, his brows lowering as he gazed upon her, sure Bella must have hit her head during the party.

Bella's shoulders were full-on shaking with laughter now, holding her stomach as she bent over gasping for breath. She held up a hand in Edward's direction as he tried to get a word in. "You know what? Go! To hell with you! I always knew I was never good enough, so this is no surprise to me." She cleared her throat, looking upon Edward with her most serious expression. "I'm no good for you Bella! I could hurt you Bella! You're so fragile..." She scoffed, hoping she offended him with her horrible impersonation. "I don't need you," She said, holding her head high; glaring at him. She didn't know where all of this was coming from, but right now, Bella was numb.

Edward could only stare at her with his mouth agape like a fish out of water, his frozen golden eyes eyeing her in disbelief. " were leaving weren't you?" She asked, crossing her arms over her chest. "I'm sorry..." He whispered before disappearing. Bella rolled her eyes, sighing heavily as the weight of it all started to crash down on her. She turned around heading towards home, wanting to curl against her father and let out a good cry while Charlie gave her his 'I told you so' look.

The sky was slowly starting to turn grey, clouds rolling in, thunder booming in the distance. She followed the path out of the woods, coming upon the side of her house. She froze as she saw men coming out of a black van dressed in all black with large guns in their hands. She slowly sped towards the side of her house, her eyes widening in terror as she peaked through the side window. The men burst through the door, the large crash making Bella jump in fright, her eyes shooting to Charlie who stood from his spot on the couch in shock. "Charlie Swan?!" One of them yelled, pointing to Charlie. All of the men were dressed in black suits, nothing but their eyes visible. Bella covered her mouth in fear, blinking as one of them held up a gun, aiming it directly at him. "Where's the girl?" One of them demanded, pushing Charlie into his recliner, the barrel of the gun now at his chest.

"You'll never find her..." Bella gasped as the man socked Charlie in the gut. Charlie barely flinched, his mustache twitching. Where Bella was standing, she could see Charlie plain as day. She held her hand to the glass as they made eye contact, her eyes going to his hand, watching for any kind of sign. At a young age, Bella was taught a secret code that only she and Charlie had come up with if anything were to ever happen. His finger only twitched once, his eyes blinking twice, and Bella knew that things were about to change for the worst.

"Fuck you. You'll never get anything out of me..." The man nodded to Charlie once, a loud gunshot ringing out into the eerily silent night. Tears ran down Bella's face as Charlie was shot in the chest, dying instantly. She quickly moved away from the window, slowly backing up into the trees once more, hiding in the shadows. She climbed a nearby tree, silent as ever as the mean searched her backyard, even the perimeter of the woods. "She's not here! Everyone head out. Let the boss know the parents have been terminated."

Bella held back a sob at that statement, her shoulders shaking in grief, yet she was quiet as a leaf until all was quiet. She slowly climbed down, and after checking if everything was clear, she ran back home, bursting through the back door. She immediately ran through the kitchen and towards Charlie, her heartbreaking even more as she realized that he was still alive, barely, but alive.

"Daddy..." She whimpered, grasping his hand. Charlie closed his eyes in relief. "I'm so sorry." He rasped, blood slightly covering his bottom lip. Bella shook her head frantically, swallowing the lump in her throat. "No... no... just hang on, I'" Bella burst into tears, unable to find the words to say, squeezing his hand tightly. Charlie patted her hand, smiling weakly. "It's too late...I don't have much time...I did all that I could, and I want you to know that I love you. I've always loved you like my own." Bella frowned, wondering what Charlie was talking about. "Dad..." She started, closing her mouth as he rested his hand over her hand. "Just door, there is a black car, just tell Mr. Jacobson that it is time. He will know what you mean. You are going to get in that car and drive down to the airport, but don't get on a understand?"

Bella nodded frantically. "You will then see a man dressed in all white holding up a sign with the name Stark on it. He's only going to hold that name up for a second, so you better pay attention. You get in that car; the man will drive you to an airport an hour out...he'll escort you on the earliest flight to New York City. Do not ask any questions and talk to no one. He will have everything you need. Tony Stark is the man you are looking for, and don't you stop. Not once do you stop until you are in his possession. Do we understand each other?" Bella's lip quivered as she tried to grasp what was going on. She let out a sad whimper, tears falling onto their joined hands. "It's time to be strong." Charlie's grasp became weak as he leaned up to kiss Bella's forehead. Bella's breath hitched as his grip completely loosened, his brown eyes no longer seeing her.

Bella sat there for a long moment, her body shaking as she held her father close to her. She used her fingers to close his eyes, her hands shaking. Without a care in the world that blood was all over her hands and shirt, she exited through the back door, making her way around towards the front of Mr. Jacobson. Bella had only ever met the man twice when she was a little girl. He was nice as far as she could tell. He never married, but also never seemed interested in women or anything for that matter. She frantically rang the doorbell, stopping short as the door was already opening, Mr. Jacobson standing before her with red-stained eyes.

"It's..." Bella's voice quivered as she looked upon him, her hands still raised towards the doorbell. He nodded, pulling her into his home and shutting the door quickly, taking a glance out of his window. He pulled Bella by the arm, walking her towards his garage. "What's happening?" She asked, looking at him as he gave her a set of keys. He did not say anything as he flicked on the light, the only car in the garage was a black one like Charlie said. "Charlie said no questions. It's got a full tank." He opened the car door for her ushering her inside. Bella closed the door, starting the car, rolling down the window. Mr. Jacobson gave her a nod, looking to her with serious eyes. His eyes were a deep emerald green, the emotions frozen in his eyes.

"Stick to the back roads. Drive like a bat out of hell because there are people on your ass. He truly did love go!" He patted the hood of the car, pointing towards the driveway as he hit the switch. Bella did as told, the tires screeching as she peeled out of the driveway.

Bella's heart raced as she drove through the back streets, her tears blurring her vision off and on. She took deep breaths, running through everything that Charlie said. Who were those men? Who was Tony Stark? Why would Charlie say he loved her like his own? Bella's chest ached as she drove, her eyes frantically watching for anything out of the ordinary. She made it to the airport in record time, hoping she saw this man Charlie spoke of. She left the car running, hopping out of the car. She started to look for a man that would most likely stand out in a crowd such as this. She was unaware that someone had just slipped into the car, cleaning the seats and wiping down the steering wheel. She caught a glimpse of white, the name Stark flashing briefly before it was gone. She raced through the crowd, coming upon a tall man with short black hair, a look of urgency about his face.

He stared at her as she walked forward, opening the door for her. She slid in, the door closing behind her before the man got into the front seat, taking off before she could even get her seatbelt on. "Here's a jacket miss. I'm sorry that I did not bring you proper clothes. Here are the things your father requested you have." He handed her a brown jacket to which she put on. He handed her a passport and an ID that had the name Isabella Marie Stark.

"I'd also advise you to put your hair up. For now. You'll be much safer in New York City, but until then, get some rest." Bella couldn't help but lean her head back, closing her eyes until all she saw was darkness. She was soon awoken by the driver, his hand out for hers to take as he held the door open. "We must not waste time. Let's go." He wrapped an arm around her shoulder, pushing the hood on her head, hiding her face as they walked through the airport. Bella went along with it, listening as he was able to get her on the airplane first before anyone else. He sat her down in a small room that had a bed and a mini-fridge. He smiled warmly at her, lifting her chin with his finger. "May you reach the end of your journey Miss." He bowed before leaving, leaving Bella alone, her mind racing a mile a minute. She took off the jacket, frowning as an envelope fell from her pocket. She picked it up, frowning at Charlie's handwriting. Her hands shook as she opened it, a piece of paper was all that it contained, as well as a small locket.

"Dear Bella..." She whispered...

Tony was currently in a meeting with Fury and the rest of the merry band of superheroes he disliked with a passion, discussing this so-called God of Thunder and his brother. "We need that Tesseract." Fury stated, looking upon them all. "How do we get it? Loki has people all over working for him, not to mention Clint." Romanoff answered, looking around the table in thought. "Sir..." Tony perked up at Jarvis's voice, wondering what he would interrupt about. "Can you please turn him off?" Steve asked in annoyance. Tony gave him a dirty look before clapping his hands. "Yes J?" Tony rose to his feet happy for a break. "I apologize to tell you this, but the sealed file on Isabella Swan? It's been compromised." Tony's smile dropped, freezing on the spot. Everyone watched in concern, never once seeing the billionaire playboy freeze up the way he has.

Tony grabbed his coat, heading towards his garage. "Who?" He demanded, putting in the code, uncaring that a few of the team had followed him down. "That is unknown sir," Jarvis answered. "Who is this Isabella Swan?" Fury asked, looking to Tony as he started pulling up files on his computer. Tony stopped momentarily as he opened a folder, no information on it whatsoever. "My daughter," Tony replied, biting his nail as he started searching through worldwide cameras. "I wasn't aware you had one." Fury stated, crossing his arms. Tony didn't even look at him as he started moving pictures out of the way. "You weren't supposed to. No one was. Jarvis, get the car started up, I need Happy." Tony pushed past Fury and Banner, glaring as Fury grabbed his arm. "We've got more important things than a father-daughter reunion." Tony shrugged out of his hold, menacingly stalking towards Fury. "No. We don't. She didn't even know I existed till now, which means somebody found a way inside my security system and has put her life in danger. Because of me. Most likely the parents I entrusted with her safety are dead. Now if you'll excuse me." He sneered, walking away before anything could be said.

Bella looked around the bustling airport in fright, nervously looking around unsure of what to do next. She swallowed as she started heading for the double doors, looking around frantically. "Bella Swan?" Someone called, and Bella made the mistake of turning around to see a tall man dressed in black pants, shoes, and a black turtleneck heading towards her with a walkie-talkie. Her eyes widened as she saw the gun on his hip, and she turned back around, making a run for the doors, only to stop short as there were so many people. She started making her way through the crowd, aware that the man was now chasing her, shouting for her to stop. She kept on running, finding herself in a less busy section, all the more trouble for her. She looked behind her as the man now had his gun drawn, gunshots ringing out as he shot at her. Bella screamed, turning down the street, only to slow down in fright as a bolt of lightning came from the sky landing in front of her. She wasn't fast enough though as she ran right into a large man made of bricks.

He looked down at her, catching her as she rocked backward. Her eyes were wide with fear as she stared upon him. "What have you in such a fright?" He demanded, hoping his brother wasn't causing this much damage as to scare a woman such as she. Bella couldn't even speak as she stared upon him. She turned around in fear as the man finally rounded the corner his gun aimed. "You're a hard bitch to catch. I'm just happy I found you before Daddy did." Bella cringed as he cocked the gun, the large man quickly holding up his hammer as a bullet wheezed past, ricocheting off and taking out a streetlamp. Bella gripped the man's arm in fright as cars suddenly filed the area, surrounding them.

The man looked down at the woman who clung to him in fear, his arm wrapping around her waist in a tight hold before he looked up at the sky. "Up we go." He warned before disappearing in a cloud of thunder and lightning. The man who was chasing Bella growled, marching over towards a van. "Follow the lightening!"

Thor landed in front of Stark tower, knowing this was the man he had a row with just hours ago. He didn't know anywhere else to go, and the woman in his hold had passed out cold from the shock he assumed. Tony had just walked out of the house, yelling at Happy in frustration. "What part of emergency don't you...what the hell?" He looked towards Thor, eyeing the woman he had in his arms. He looked down at the picture in his hand, partly able to see her face. Tony rushed forward, looking to Thor in confusion. "Why do you have her?" He asked, ushering for Thor to follow him inside. Thor followed, frowning. "I was looking for Loki once again. I appeared right in her path. A man was trying to kill her. You know this woman?" He asked, laying her on the couch. Tony didn't say anything, dropping to his knees, lifting a hand to her face. "Yes. what did this man look like?"

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