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Starlight & Scars

Hey, another chapter posted, another one will be following real soon. I'm not sure about this one so please tell me what you think, I hope that you enjoy and thanks so much for everyone that has continued to read this, I've said it so many times but it's true, it really does mean a lot :)

Starlight and moonlight glittered on the water turning it silver in the darkness. It was such a clear night, the moon full and bright, sprinkles of stars dotting the black, the air crisp and fresh as she filled her lungs with it greedily. This was freedom, all moments with Edward were, and she found herself grinning broadly at his back, which was beaded with silver drops of water that dripped down the multitude of scars that marred his skin.

This was a world all their own, the dense forest drawing the darkness around them, blotting out the sounds of the village and any sound that might have filtered down the hill from the Manor. All the evil she had seen paled into nothingness, unable to make it through the press of the trees, getting lost in the rich foliage, losing its grip on her heart.

He ran his hands through his hair and she smiled at the delicate sound of droplets of water rippling across the surface of the lake, almost musical in the clearing. She stepped out of the line of trees quickly untying her robe and making short work of her dress; shedding it as she shed all her worries and concerns, all the darkest thoughts and standing naked, the warm air whispering through her hair. She walked toward the edge of the lake silently, her heart bursting with the love she felt for the man before her. There were only good things when she was with him; how he made her feel, how his breath would mark her skin, how he knew her heart and how he understood her. He would always leave his cares behind too, an unspoken promise between them that she was grateful for.

"Alas the night draws swiftly in and I must see my love." Edward muttered, amusement lacing his voice as he slowly turned to her an easy smile spreading across his face, eyes opening wide in wonder at the sight of her stood before him. She took in a deep breath and smiled back; she knew that she would never get used to the way in which he worshipped and adored her with every look, every word and touch. She marvelled at how quickly it had become so easy to be this free with him, no shame in her nakedness, in fact, she found herself walking taller because of his love, head held high, a strange power coursing through her veins at how beautiful she felt around him, how she made him weak and strong in his love for her.

Mina stepped into the cool water, sucking in a breath at the chill, goosebumps erupting along her arms. But Edwards' arms were warm as they encircled her waist, warm and strong and littered with scars that she traced with the tips of her fingers.

Edward had the body of a warrior, there was no doubt about it, everywhere she touched or kissed was sliced with a scar, some of them faint, almost pearlescent in the low light, others jagged and harsh as if they snarled at her from his skin, roaring their pain as she tried to soothe them. Sometimes she wondered at that side of him, how he looked when he fought. She sometimes mulled over thoughts of him caught in battle, how fierce and unmatched he would be, how strong. It never ceased to make her breath quicken and her cheeks warm, even though she knew nothing of that side of him, she'd imagined it and she felt as if she already adored it, already craved it.

Hermione was mortified, uncertain what to do with the turmoil of emotions roiling about in the pit of her stomach. The sight of a naked Edward was something she hadn't quite prepared herself for. Rough around the edges and all the manlier for it, lean and muscular and so clearly in love with Mina that it almost made her heart hurt. Still just because it was beautiful and magical that they had a love that quite clearly had somehow stood the test of time, all the time, she really did not want to see it all first hand and, being privy to such an intimate moment felt somewhat wrong.

"Mina." He muttered her name with reverence, lips slanting over hers, and Hermione's thoughts were overcome with the sheer taste of him, how Mina craved it. He tasted like love and promise and secrets, it was heady and made Mina gasp, grasping at his shoulder and clinging, desperate for time to stop, for theirs to be the only reality.

"I missed you." She breathed, and he seemed to grumble, forehead pressing into hers as if he wanted them to become fixed and never have to be apart again.

"And I missed you, missed this." He mumbled, brushing his lips against the column of her neck, making her hum contentedly. She tipped her head back further, muttering his name as his tongue traced the length of her collarbone, his fingers dancing along her side.

She was caught almost off guard by the faintest glow emanating from his clothes that had been piled on the shoreline, a purple glow that spoke of magic.

"What's that?" She whispered, trying her best to get a better look over his shoulder, struggling to clear the fog that his ministrations had created in her mind.

"What's what?' He asked, smiling smugly when the scrape of his teeth made her moan breathily.

"That?" She pointed, and he followed her finger allowing himself a big sigh.

"My clothes." He shrugged moving to kiss her again, looking almost wounded when she stepped back, creating some distance between them.

"You know of what I speak." With a sigh, he tipped his head to the side.

"It's nothing, now come back here."

"Now I know it is hardly that, Edward." She admonished, moving towards the shore, wriggling from his grasp every time he tried to reach for her.

"Do you now?"

"Yes, yes I do." She said over her shoulder, almost floored by the blue of his eyes trailing every inch of her skin. He groaned lightly, almost begging when he spoke.

"Just come back, it's only a rock, just a normal, boring, glowing rock."

"Now that does not sound normal or boring," Mina muttered, digging through the clothes, smiling wistfully to herself when her bending over elicited another groan.

"It is, I assure you, now come back to me."

Mina's breath caught when she dug the rock from the confines of its clothes, the centre of it glowing brightly. It hummed with the muted song of magic and the light it created painted her fingers a light purple. Hermione recognised it instantly from Draco's had description the night before. Edward had found a pile of them hidden beneath the home in which Tharin had taken refuge. She felt almost proud of the Slytherin, he had spared almost no detail and the rock appeared much as Hermione had imagined it. She quickly tried to distract herself from thoughts of the blonde boy, silently hoping that the Sensieve's magic hadn't rendered them both naked, she had no idea how they would be able to act naturally if such a thing were to occur.

"Where did you find it?" Mina asked, turning her attention to Edward who quickly ran his fingers through his hair before giving her a look that told her the answer was not a subject he wished to talk about.

"I have not seen this in a long time." She muttered, stepping back into the water, holding the rock between them and being momentarily mesmerised at how the shine of it glittered in Edwards' eyes, how it painted his skin as it had painted her own and made him look as if he was not of the earth.

"You know what it is?" He asked hopefully, his fingers ghosting her hips and making her sigh.

"Well, it is a rock." She answered with a smile and he splashed water at her half-heartedly.

"Alas, my fair maiden, I knew that already." He commented drily, grinning at her with mirth.

"And that faint glow is magic." Edward gently took it from her hands holding it close to his face before looking at her.

"How?" Mina shrugged, letting her hands wander over him, watching in fascination as his stomach jerked at the contact.

"No one really knows. I know very little about the subject but magic…magic is everywhere, in everything and sometimes it simply gets absorbed into rocks." Edward nodded slowly.

"Sonyea tell you this?" Mina stilled for a moment, partly at the mention of her friend, the other part because she realised that Edward still did not know that side of her. Yes, he knew that she was sympathetic to magic users, wanted to help them with her last breath, but he knew nothing of her own magic. Sometimes she thought about telling him, revealing that part of herself for him to love and cherish, but something always stopped her.

"Hmm." She answered non-committedly. "I don't…" He breath hitched when Edward stepped forward, his fingers tracing patterns on her hips, drawing them all the way to the underside of her breast. "I don't know whether they can be used for much, but some…" His thumb delicately traced the curve of her breast and she shivered despite the cold.

"Do you wish me to tell you all I know." She mocked half-heartedly as he gently kissed her, lips curling into a small smile.

"I wish a lot of things, especially when you look so…" the words seemed to get stuck in his throat and Mina grinned.

"So?" Edward stared at her, his blue eyes seeming to darken, and Mina giggled. It had become quickly apparent that while Edward often spoke of many things that made her heart soar, when they were together, all these words often devolved into guttural noises that made her toes curl.

"So beautiful." He muttered, hiding his face in her shoulder as he smiled. Mina let her fingers run through his hair and he hummed, shoulders relaxing.

"Why can't I just take you away, fall into the night. We'd be far from here before anyone would know." It was a phrase he always said, sometimes softly as if bestowing a secret wish or other times loudly with great hope, like it could and would be possible if only they'd just do it. Tonight, it was a tired sigh, like the sleepy sound of a man sinking before a fire at the end of a long day.

"Do you wish to know more." She asked quietly, turning her head slightly to him.

"You said you knew very little." His eyes glinted mischievously, a playful blue that made laughter bubble in her stomach.

"Little could still be of help, no?" With a sigh, he stepped back, gesturing that she should continue.

"As I was saying, some people have been known to use the stones for healing purpo…" Mina stopped, her mouth open in shock as Edward smacked the surface of the water, sending a great wave of it over her head.

"You talk an awful amount for someone that knows very little" There was a moment of quiet before she let out a wild shriek, pushing water towards him and huffing when he easily swam out of the way, a cheeky grin on his face. The stone was discarded into the water, the glow of it turning the water around them a faint purple, the depths of the lake clearly visible.

Mina went to flick water at him again, but he caught her wrist, drawing her towards him, looking down at her as though everything began and ended there, with them.

"No more anything else, just this." She couldn't be sure he'd said it as he uttered it so quietly, but then his mouth was on hers, hands on her hips, the pads of his thumb brushing burning circles on her stomach. He grabbed her thighs, smirking when she shrieked, and drew her legs around his waist walking them back to the shore, his steps sure, his kisses never faltering in their hunger.

When he lay her down on the earth and muttered her name over and over, his mouth breathing life onto every inch of her skin, Mina thought she had never felt so worshipped, so cherished.

"I love you." He muttered it into the shell of her ear; her secret, their secret, secret like their meetings, like the way they met and moved as one, their bodies just puzzle pieces to a better picture, that felt so good she hardly found the words to voice it, cries leaving her throat as she tried and failed to express all that he made her feel. She let her legs fall further apart as he drew her closer; there were no nerves anymore, not like there used to be, only excitement, an expectation, a feeling of rightness that settled over her like serenity.

Hermione's breaths were quick as the memory abruptly ended and Draco was over her, pressed between her legs in the same way that Edward had pressed against Mina. She was shocked when the feeling did not disgust her but simply continued in that curling warmth that alighted all her nerve endings with a fierce energy that made her very aware of his warm breath on her neck, heavy and panting just like her own.

He shifted and they both gasped, the pressure of the Sensieve's magic seeming to make him choke as if holding back a sob. And then he wrenched himself from her, turning his back and hastily adjusting. He cleared his throat loudly, running his fingers through his hair, tugging the ends as if it would override any other feelings.

Hermione silently thanked the magic for not relieving them of their clothes, though hers were all kinds of dishevelled and his own looked significantly rumpled they were still, mercifully, there.

She supposed she should have expected this, should have known that Edwards and Mina's relationship could have posed a significant issue considering the experiences they'd had in the Sensieve before. Still, she had not expected it to feel this good, to look at Malfoy and imagine what he would look like, waist deep in water, pale moonlight ghosting his pale skin. He'd be different from Edward that was a guarantee, but she found herself biting her lip at the thought of it, the sheer want to know.

He turned quickly his eyes widening and a strangled sound leaving his throat before he quickly turned away again, the tips of his ears turning a bright red. Hermione found herself momentarily mortified with herself, had she seriously been fantasising about Draco Malfoy, wondering what he would look like naked. Her mouth dropped open and she shook her head, assuring herself that it was just the Sensieve's influence, just her own mind adjusting to being back in her own body, with her own thoughts. She hoped that Draco hadn't been able to see the thoughts she was experiencing written clearly on her face, hoping he hadn't read into her lower lip being tucked wantonly between her teeth. The very thought of Malfoy having any inkling of how she thought or felt about him filled her with unbelievable dread.

Quickly she rose, adjusting her skirt and determined that, though shaky legged and uncertain, she would not be phased. They were going to see the memories through to the end, even if some of the memories did leave them in somewhat compromising positions. It was nothing that she couldn't handle.

"Well we are no further forward, but at least they had some happy memories." Hermione cast a glance at Malfoy and despite everything found herself biting back laughter. He was looking at her as though she had sprouted another head.

"I don't see what's so funny." He muttered, but a small smile was curling the ends of his lips and Hermione found herself blinking rapidly when she thought seriously about tasting them. It wasn't like she hadn't before, and she reckoned that his laughter would taste sweet, like ice cream

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