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Prefect Duty

Time seemed to have fled by and they were well into, what was turning out to be a truly monstrous term. The ever pink and proper presence of Umbridge had everyone wishing they were anywhere else but Hogwarts. Even Hermione, who usually found the good in every situation relating to studying, found herself whimsically thinking of being elsewhere.

Added to the annoyance of Umbridge was the annoyance of Draco Malfoy who had, quite expertly, avoided all her attempts to broach a conversation with him. There was only so many occasions of being victim to his ferrity aversion tactics she could stand before she had given up altogether. Though it bugged her, she figured there was nothing left for them to talk about, especially considering that the Sensieve hadn't made its appearance since they'd arrived back at school. Though its silence bothered her, Hermione figured that they must have seen all it had to offer, even if all it had to offer did feel a little disappointing and premature.

A major plus, however, was that her lack of contact with the blonde and the ever confusing magic of the Sensieve had meant that, whatever feelings she'd been experiencing, had taken a back seat to the other more pressing matters the year was throwing her way. They cropped up every now and again when she caught him staring at her, or when her mind wandered back to the previous year, or even when she saw Draco and Daphne secreted up some random corner of the castle exchanging saliva. She'd lost count of the number of times she'd spotted them canoodling when she knew full well he should have been doing rounds of the school. All her attempts to chastise them for their tardiness had been dodged by Draco spotting her and, predictably, running in the opposite direction.

Hermione sighed as she rounded the corner making her way along the corridor and checking each an every classroom. She was supposed to be on duty with Draco for the whole week but she'd gotten so fed up with chasing him that she figured trying to find him for perfect duty would be counter-intuitive. Plus, she could almost guarantee he was off somewhere with Daphne, no doubt too busy searching the back of her throat to give Hermione a passing thought.

Hermione's stomach clenched uncomfortably at the thought and she gritted her teeth reminding herself that he was a pompous git who was mean to first years and ignored her existence. Hermione nodded to herself, remembering the fiasco of getting the first years across the lake; he'd been nothing but an arse to anyone that had come within a few feet of him, completely ignoring any and all of the duties they'd been briefed on during the train journey. How he and Pansy had managed to achieve their roles as Prefects was beyond her.

Hermione's musings were interrupted quite abruptly by the sight of the boy himself, leaning against the wall, hands dug in his pocket and head down as he stared at his shoes. He was alone; he hadn't been alone since they'd come back to school, always with Daphne or Pansy, always sneering. Now though he seemed sad, the weight of whatever bothered a rich pureblood weighing down on his shoulders.

Hermione swallowed wondering why her heart had begun to race and why she desperately felt the need to talk to him, to ask him if he was okay and get rid of the frown that was furrowing his brow. She had the sudden want to see one of his rare and genuine smiles, the ones she'd seen with scary regularity over the holidays. Embarrassingly she'd found herself craving them, thinking a little too much about how they dimpled his cheeks and made him look...

She cleared her throat gently biting back a laugh when he jumped out of his skin, pushing off the wall and standing to attention, grey eyes wide at the sight of her. He turned away quickly and Hermione almost rolled her eyes at how predictable he had become. Suddenly though he stopped, his shoulders slumping heavily as he slowly turned his head, his grey eyes meeting hers.

"Hey." He mumbled and Hermione's breath caught, the Sensieve's magic shivering across her skin and choking the air around her. It made her dizzy, delirious, happy and for some reason overwhelmingly angry.

He wasn't going to. He'd made up his mind. No matter how much he missed her, no matter how much he shamefully craved her company he would not go and meet her for their prefect duty. She could do it alone, she was more than capable, a regular paragon of prefects. She wouldn't need his help let alone want it. He'd simply told Pansy that he'd be spending his evening with Daphne and then proceeded to tell Daphne that he needed a walk because...reasons. Reasons that had entirely nothing to do with Granger. If he happened to run into her on his 'walk' well then he'd turn the other way, 'get out of there' as Pansy had so eloquently advised. He definitely wouldn't talk to her.

It wasn't like he wanted to see her, wasn't like he spent every minute of every day thinking about her. He definitely didn't imagine that his blonde girlfriend had brown bushy hair and brown eyes. Absolutely not.

Draco groaned into his hands and fell back against the cold stone. He'd done so torturously well at avoiding her and everyone was so darn chuffed. Snape had stopped admonishing him for memories of Granger, Pansy had stopped squawking so much and forcing him into the arms of Daphne had become somewhat of a thing of the past. Even Daphne had somehow become less clingy which in itself was a miracle. It was all going wonderfully to plan but Granger was always there. Always in his head with her smile, her laugh, her stupidly soft lips. He'd lost count of the number of times he'd thought of giving in and talking to her.

He leant his head back digging his hands into his pockets. The Sensieve hadn't made any sort of appearance, in fact, it had been quite conveniently absent leaving just enough gap for Draco to realise how utterly screwed he was. All the feelings were his own, all the cravings and the longings, they were all compliments of Draco Malfoy. No help whatsoever needed from the old jewel encrusted bowl. He was so royally screwed.

He gazed down at his shoes watching the reflection of the torch flicker in the expensive leather. Longing stung in his chest and he angrily blinked away tears that were prickling in his eyes. He couldn't help but be in complete awe of the patheticness of his own messed up feelings. Even if he did happen to run into her he had no clue what he would say to her.

He supposed he could tell her the truth, blab it all into her face and hope that she would smile and tell him that she felt the same. They could blow the Dark Lord into nothingness and fly off into the sunset like two soddin heroes, happily ever after written in the clouds above their heads. Draco was about to groan again when the sound of a throat being cleared had him jumping out of his skin.

She was there. She was actually there, stood just a little way from him, her brown eyes shimmering in mild amusement. She was beautiful and incredible and he definitely wasn't moving like he said he would. He was going to run, he had to run. Bad things would happen if he didn't, there'd be talking and that would lead to...he gave up, shoulders slumping as he dropped all the heaviness and turned to look at her.

"Hey." The brilliance of his words had him blinking owlishly. Only Merlin knew why Granger wasn't grovelling on the floor before him.

"Is that it?" she snapped quickly, her chin lifting in the air as she crossed her arms.

"Erm...hey Granger?' He offered, smirking slightly "That is usually the etiquette for greeting someone, isn't it?"

"That depends on whether or not you've been ignoring that someone for several weeks," Hermione commented dryly, her eyes giving nothing away.

"Ahh, I wondered whether you'd mention that." He said airly, trying desperately to shrug it off as no big deal but he could tell that Hermione was having none of it.

"I bet you did." The words were spat from between gritted teeth and Draco flinched at the venom. She really wasn't happy with him.

"So are you going to explain yourself?" Hermione continued giving him an appraising look that had him feeling about three feet tall.

"I kind of thought I already did." He realised as soon as he'd said it that it probably was not the best thing to say.

"In what crazy made up world did you ever explain anything?" Hermione whispered furiously stepping towards him. He watched her hair bounce with each step, the sight of it somewhat hypnotising. He found himself wondering if it still smelt of strawberries.

"All you did was kiss me then run away and then ignored me." Her mention of the kiss had him thinking about it all over again. He quickly turned his head, hiding his reddening cheeks behind a scowl.

"You going to keep banging on about that, Granger? I told you, it was something to do with the Sensieve. Don't worry I don't find you irresistible." He cleared his throat as the lie seemed to get stuck making it a little difficult to breathe.

"Well thank you for clarifying that fact, now I can stop pining for you." Hermione bit back sarcastically, turning on her heel and walking away.

"Where are you going?" Draco asked slightly panicked, he didn't want her to leave just yet not when they were finally talking.

"To do my rounds." She stated simply neither turning to him or slowing her pace.

Draco followed her quickly, jogging slightly till he fell into step with her. She looked up at him quickly a scowl marring her features

"What are you doing?"

"Come now Granger, prefect extraordinaire doesn't know what prefect duty looks like?"

"I know what it looks like, I just don't understand why you're doing it with me." Draco was momentarily distracted by all the other things he wanted to do with Granger, he blinked past them hurriedly and smirked down at her.

"Aren't we partnered on this weeks rota?"

Hermione sighed and came to a standstill making Draco pause mid-step and look at her curiously.

"You know you can't just do this." She suddenly stated glaring up at him.

"Can't do…"

"You can't just keep expecting me to pretend like you aren't a prat." Draco gritted his teeth and glared at the wall in front of him.

"I thought you didn't expect me to be anything but." He clarified enunciating every word slowly, anger shaking each syllable.

"You know know that stopped being…" Hermione stopped a million thoughts running through her mind before her head once again snapped up and she pinned him with her anger.

"Why do I have to explain myself to you?" Draco began to shake his head but Hermione didn't let him speak, marching forward and poking a finger into his chest like she'd done so many times. He almost hit himself when he found himself relishing the contact, the feel of the Sensieves magic around each stab achingly familiar.

"Why do I have to explain anything to you, you're the one that ran away, you're the one that ignored me."

"I was embarrassed okay." He shouted, wincing when his words echoed back to him.

"What?" Hermione looked confused, her finger pausing mid poke and her head tipping to one side slightly.

Draco ran his hand over his face hoping to buy himself some time if he was going to be able to spend any time with her at all he would have to lie and lie good.

"Look, that...the err...the thing, it wasn't supposed to happen and it just made everything weird." Hermione stepped back slightly, her face no longer contorted in anger which he took as meaning she was believing him a little bit.

"And then every time I saw you I knew you'd want to talk about it, want to dredge it all up because, let's face it, you can't let anything go."

"Well, I'm sorry that my curiosity is an inconvenience to you." Hermione spat

"There's curiosity Granger and then there's obsession."

"Obsession? You really think that you're that important that I'd obsess over you?" Hermione scoffed walking around him completely clueless as to why she ever found him attractive.

"Granger, wait."

"How about no." Hermione flung over her shoulder.

"Will you stop being childish?" He grabbed her wrist and Hermione wrenched it free.

"You're a fine one to be accusing others of being childish, Mr-I'm-going-to-ignore-you-because-I'm-embarrassed."

"Granger will you just…" He went to grab her wrist again missing by a fraction.

"Well, congratulations you don't have to worry about any of that anymore because I've had enough of your crap." Hermione singsonged, the sound of her shoes stomping against the stone the only indication that she was fuming.

"What does that mean?" Draco pulled her to a standstill, holding onto her tightly as she struggled to get free forcing her to look at him.

"It means that I've had enough of this," she gestured between them, "whatever this is. I've had enough of you going in moods for no apparent reason, I've had enough of trying to work out why exactly you seem to hate me so much. The Sensieve hasn't shown up so I'd say that our business is offi...what?" Draco wasn't looking at her anymore instead he was fixated on something happening over her shoulder. Hermione turned and almost groaned audibly. The corridor was changing, green pillars replacing the white stone of the castle, mist silently rushing toward them.

"You were saying?"

Whatever comeback Hermione had shouted back at him was lost in the mist as they were both pulled back into the memories of Mina and Edward.

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