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The Third Task

'Who died and made you so happy?' Blaise asked, leaning his forearms against the railings of the stands, ignoring Pansy, who was waving a Potter Stinks flag, rather vigorously.

'I don't know what you're talking about.' Draco commented innocently. All of the school's inhabitants had made their way outside to witness the third and final task, the noise of various cheers crashing together in the summer air. Draco had to admit to himself that the maze did look rather impressive, stretching into the distance in the most foreboding way, a thick haze of mist curling above it.

Draco scanned the crowd and smiled when he spotted a familiar bush of brown hair. Even with the mass of students and teachers, the dizzying array of colours, and the cacophony of noise, he could still find her, as if they were the only two people stood beneath the stars. He admired the back of her head, her hair back to its usual frizz, no longer plastered against her face with the magical rain that had fallen from the ceiling of the Sensieve's room.

As if sensing his gaze, Hermione turned and looked at him. Draco's heart raced as the ends of her lips turned upwards in the offering of a small smile, which he returned, his cheeks burning. Quickly she turned back to Weasel and Weaselette, nodding her head as they spoke to her, their own faces alive with excitement.

'See, there you go again.' Blaise turned, gesturing to the grin that Draco immediately tried to suppress.

'Can't I be happy?" Draco asked pointedly.

'Well...yeah, I's just.' Blaise stuttered, searching the ground for the remnants of his sentence.

'What he means to say is, no one's got hurt yet.' Pansy cut in, leaning forward, craning her neck to see around Blaise, her Potter stinks flag held loosely in her fingers.

'I can be happy about other things.' Draco bit out defensively, taking great interest in something, anything, that was happening the other side of the stands.

'Such as?' Pansy asked, raising an eyebrow and smirking rather evilly.

'Other things.' Draco tried his best not to smile again as he thought of Hermione. They hadn't spoken much after she'd cried. She'd simply pulled away, her face red and splotchy, sniffing in the most adorable way, as she wiped the tears from her face, with the sleeve of her shirt.

He shook his head slightly, trying to dislodge the thought before it took root. He thought it was beyond amazing, beyond magical, that Hermione was so friendly with him when that very morning she had been slapping him around the face telling him what a terrible person he was. To hope that she would feel the same way that he did, was too much for even him to ask for.

'This is about that gir….'

'Bodnis Fudge.' Theo called, pushing between Blaise and Draco, waving a silver box under their noses, and cutting in on whatever can of worms Pansy had been about to unleash.

'Is that the stuff your Aunt sends you?" Blaise asked, wrinkling his nose at the rather grey looking lump Theo held in his fingers.

'Yup.' Theo said, popping the P and tossing the lump into his mouth. Blaise turned slightly green as he watched his friend chew the fudge happily.

'I don't know how you eat that.' Draco sniffed, 'It looks like the crap you scrape up from the bottom of a stagnant pond.'

'Tastes like it too,' Blaise added, and Draco nodded in agreement.

'I'll have some.' Pansy bustled past Blaise and reached into the Silver box, pulling out a small grey lump and sniffing it suspiciously.

'I wouldn't Pans, not if you value your senses. One cube of that will kill all of them. Melt the eyes right out of your head.'

'And rip the lining from your stomach, I was in bed for two weeks afterwards.'

'That's because you Malfoy's are such delicate creatures.' Theo's smirk died on his face when Draco gave him a look that was warning enough. Theo chose to keep his opinions to himself and took another piece of fudge, nibbling on it nervously.

'You guys are so dramatic, how bad could it be?' Pansy shrugged.

'Bad.' Both Blaise's eyebrows rose with the severity of the fudge's awfulness.

'Don't say we didn't warn you.' Draco sighed, turning back to the crowd, his eyes immediately being pulled to where Hermione sat, nodding her head vigorously to whatever the Weaselette was saying. He could tell she was worried, could see it sitting on her shoulders. He wondered if Weasel could tell if Potty knew how much Hermione worried about him. He grit his teeth as he felt the familiar burn of jealousy.

Sounds of Pansy's disgust dragged him out of his thoughts, and he smirked. 'Told you.' He tossed the words over his shoulder, his eyes not leaving the back of Hermione's head.

'Sweet magical mother of Merlin, what is in that?' Pansy squealed, spitting the offending fudge out at her feet'

'Death, destruction, all the woe of the world in fudge form. It's like eating a bitesize apocalypse.' Draco muttered, turning away from the crowd. Hermione had been snuggled up rather close to Weasel, and the sight had been more than annoying.

'It tastes like bat piss.' Pansy gagged.

'Ooo that's a new one.' Blaise grinned down at the girl rubbing her back consolingly.

'Got experience with bat piss?' Theo asked, raising an eyebrow as he chewed another piece of fudge.

'You know what I can you actually eat that?' She screeched, glancing up and watching in horror as the boy appeared to be eating the fudge with no problem, a small contented smile playing on his lips.

'I don't know what's wrong with you guys, Vinny and Greg can't get enough of the stuff.'

'They will eat anything, literally anything.' Blaise nodded at Pansy's words.

'I once caught them nibbling on bat wings during potions.'

'Well, they are a delicacy in some countries.' Theo shrugged.

'Delicacy is just a nice way of saying 'tastes like crap.' Draco muttered, having sampled quite a few foods that his mother had sworn blind were a delicacy.

'Where does your aunt get it from?' Theo looked at Pansy for a moment, as if contemplating whether or not to answer the question, he sighed deeply, shaking the box gently and examining its contents before he continued.

'Well where she lives, the gnomes leave it outside homes as a sort of offering.'

'Gnomes are gits, the only thing they'd leave is…' Horror dawned on Pansy's face as she realised the sheer magnitude of her mistake.

'We did warn you.' Blaise muttered sympathetically, shivering in disgust as remembered his own traumatic experience. Draco had held him back to stop him from beating Theo into a pulp that resembled his beloved fudge.

'Bon appeturd.' Draco said with a smirk.

'Gnome shit? Are you kidding me.' Pansy screeched. Blaise winced, Pansy hardly ever swore, always snootily pointing out that pureblood breeding called for a more refined manner of speech. When she did swear, however, it was almost a given that Slytherin wrath would follow. The small brown haired witched rounded on Theo, who was backing away slowly, his one hand raised in surrender, the other still holding the offending item of food.

'There's no evidence to suggest that, my aunt happens to think they're offerings of peace.' Theo commented, scowling as both Blaise and Draco suppressed laughter.

'Is this the aunt that thinks she can talk to rocks?" Pansy asked, her eyes narrowing in suspicion. Theo examined the contents of his silver box innocently.

'It might be.' He muttered.

' they sell it where your aunt is from?' Pansy asked, clutching at whatever pitiful straws she could.

'Well….no, not really. My aunt sort of hopes it will, you know, catch on.' Theo shrugged.

Pansy stared off into the distance for some time, her eyes wide, her bottom lip wobbling. Both Blaise and Draco examining their friends face. Slowly Draco waved his hand in front of Pany's face and shrugged when the girl didn't react.

'I think you broke her.' Blaise muttered, turning to Theo.

'I ate gnome faeces.' Pansy whispered.

'Acceptance is the key to healing.' Draco pointed out, smirking slightly as he turned away.

Cheers picked up as the 'champions' exited the tent, glancing up at their spectators with wonder. Draco sneered when he spotted the messy head of hair attached to Scarface. He glanced down at Hermione and noticed that she was leaning forward in her seat, her shoulders hunched. He rubbed his face as his thoughts strayed towards the territory of him fighting through the crowd to comfort her.

'Okay, so bets on who's going to win?' Blaise said excitedly, stepping past a rather shell-shocked looking Pansy.

'Diggory, it's a given.' Theo nodded, stepping next to his friend, and glancing down at the champions. 'Although it would have been nice to see Fleur dela-yum win, we could have discussed her victory over firewhiskey and my incredible…'

'You're disgusting.' Pansy cut in, sharply.

'You didn't let me finish, I was going to say my incredible sense of humour.' Theo said defensively, placing his hand over his heart.

'Of course, you were.' Pansy spat, standing beside Draco, waving her Potter stinks flag, half-heartedly.

'You could always offer a shoulder to cry on.' Blaise pointed out, and Theo nodded at his suggestion, head tipping from side to side as he considered it.

'You do realise she is a first class bitch.' Draco looked down at Pansy as she said this, a scowl marring her usually quite pretty features.

''Oh but a very beautiful first class bitch.' Theo crooned. Draco rolled his eyes, watching with mild interest as both Diggory and Potter disappeared into the depths of the maze, the green hedges closing ranks behind them. Hermione was stood, her hands pressed against her chest, and eyes trained on the space where they had once stood, her gaze unblinking.

Krum followed soon after, his strides long and sure. Pansy swooned slightly next to him, and Draco glanced down at her amused.

'Reckon he's got a chance of winning Pans?' he asked, nudging her in a suggestive way. Pansy smirked, looking up at him.

'Doesn't matter, he'll look fantastic either way.' Draco scoffed, shaking his head.

'You're as bad as Knott.' Pansy looked none too impressed by this statement, her eyes burning into his.

'Do not lump me in with that turd eating jerk.' Draco chuckled, watching the maze appear to swallow the Delacour girl like it had all the others.

Draco stayed quiet for some time, alternating between watching Hermione and listening as his friends argued. Pansy was assuring Theo that she had not forgotten what he'd tried to feed her, and retribution would happen when he least expected it. During that little argument, the first flare rose in the sky. The crowd oohed and ahhhed, gasps of apprehension rippling from one person to the next.

'What do you suppose that's about?' Blaise asked, staring up at the red flare still shimmering against the inky black sky.

'Bet its one of the champions.' Pansy stated matter-of-factly. Draco stared up at the flare himself, wondering who had sent it shattering into the sky. He knew that Hermione would be panicking, wondering if Harry was the reason for its appearance, wondering if her friend would make it out alive.

When the second flare went into the sky, Draco didn't even look up, instead turned to Blaise and grinned. 'One galleon says it's Krum.' The dark haired boy grinned.

'I'll take those odds.' Blaise said, taking Draco's hands and shaking it.

'I cannot believe your betting against Krum.' Pansy said in shock, looking between the two of them disapprovingly.

'Not all of us get all hot and sweaty under our robes for the seeker.' Theo pointed out, ignoring Pansy's anger and looking at Draco. 'Two Galleons says it's Potter.'

'You're on.' Blaise and Draco spoke together, watching the maze intently waiting for the champion to emerge. Draco cheered when the Bulgarian seeker was carried out. With a smirk, he collected his hard-earned galleons and slipped them into his pocket.

'Just Potty and Diggory now.' Theo stated, chewing on some more fudge.

'Merlin, are you still eating that?' Pansy was leaning forward, watching Theo place another piece in his mouth in disbelief.

'Why wouldn't I? It's good stuff.' he mumbled past the food.

'Urgh, you are just….there are no words Knott, no words.' Draco shook his head in exasperation, slowly turning back to Hermione, her presence a gravity, that dragged his gaze toward it constantly.

She was still looking at the maze, her hands clasped in front of her, Weasel was talking animatedly by his side, but she didn't seem to hear him, or even realise that he was there. Draco looked down at his own hands, trying to squash the jealousy that always rose when he saw them together. He was inspecting the nail of his thumb when he felt her gaze, the Sensieve's magic shifting around him, confirming what he already knew.

Hesitantly he glanced up, his heart racing as her brown eyes were staring straight into his. He didn't know what she was trying to communicate across the space, but he smiled at her anyway, because he hoped it would make her feel better.

Suddenly gasps erupted throughout the stadium, followed by enthusiastic cheers as the champions returned. Hermione broke his gaze and turned back towards the maze. When Draco glanced down himself, he knew something was wrong. Potty was gripping the still body of Diggory, trying to fend off people as they moved toward the pair.

'Merlin.' Pansy muttered, covering her mouth as she watched teachers crowd around the two champions.

'What happened?' Theo's box of fudge had fallen out of his hands and skittered between the stands beneath them. The answer came from someone on the lower stands, shouted in shock, and spreading throughout the students like wildfire. Cedric Diggory was dead.

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