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Masarvas Charm

Ron groaned as a hex hit his chest, sending him flying back. He landed in a heap, narrowly missing the cushions Hermione had strategically laid out for him to fall onto. Hermione tutted, shaking her head as she rushed to the ginger-haired boys' aid.

'How many times have I told you, land on the cushions, Ronald, they aren't for decoration you know.' she admonished, helping him up into a seated position.

'Don't really have much control over where I land, do I?' Ron bit back, wincing as he tried to stand. They had practiced spells numerous times, the effects of which were mapped across his skin in a pattern of fresh bruises. 'I have said this before, haven't I?" He asked, looking at Harry for support. The black haired boy simply shrugged, glancing down at the list of spells Hermione had written for him, too tired to get into an argument with the pair of them.

The list was extensive, the scroll dragging against the floor as Harry held it in his hand. As far as he could see, Hermione had covered all possibilities, every eventuality. He allowed himself a small smile of gratitude, glancing up at his bushy-haired friend, as she re-arranged the cushions on the floor.

'Anyway, I thought Harry had mastered the stunning spell? I should know, I've still got the bruises to prove it.' To reiterate his point, Ron rolled up his sleeve, showing them both the yellowing bruises peppering his arm.

'It's always good to go over them, it keeps them fresh in his mind. Anyway, stop complaining, he's only done it once.' Hermione muttered, tipping her head to admire her handiwork.

'It's alright for you to say, you haven't been blasted with every spell imaginable,' turning to Harry he continued, 'I still think we should try those out on Crookshanks.' He gestured to the list in Harry's hand'

'Ronald Weasley, to even suggest such a thing,, it's just cruel.'

'Well I happen to think subjecting me to this, is cruel.' Hermione rolled her eyes, and climbed to her feet, brushing off her skirt with a sigh.

'You agreed to help, Harry needs to test it on someone. Plus who better to help him with this, than his best friend.'' she shrugged, thinking that she was starting to sound mildly Slytherin, her words more manipulative and persuasive than they were usually. She allowed herself a small amount of pride though, as Ron kept muttering to himself, but did not aim any particular argument her way.

She rolled her eyes as he slumped into a corner, casting a rather unhappy look out towards the Hogwarts grounds. Training for the third task was proving hard, and scary; every day that passed brought Harry closer to stepping into the Maze, where only Merlin knew what was waiting for him. The mere thought had Hermione burying her nose in yet more books, checking for any hexes or spells that she had overlooked.

Hermione cast a glance at her two friends and allowed herself a small smile. There was no denying that the school year so far had dragged the three of them apart, opening up rifts in their friendship that she hadn't even been aware existed. Now though, she felt that those rifts were closing, that they were finally coming back together. Though threat loomed, she found herself enjoying being with her friends again.

Malfoy though, annoyingly, infuriatingly, remained on her mind, and she couldn't help but feeling a little guilty, for not spending time with the blonde Slytherin. She shook her head, almost laughing at how unbelievably crazy her thought process was. Not long back, she'd have hexed anyone who suggested that she, Hermione Jean Granger, would ever be anything but the enemy of the Draco Malfoy.

Not for the first time, Hermione worried over their tentative friendship, nibbling her bottom lip as she thought of how long it had been since they'd actually spoken. He'd been happy with his present, and for days after he'd thrown small smiles across the room when no one was looking. Those smiles had made her a lot happier than she was willing to admit to herself, but they'd stopped, almost as quickly as they'd started.

'Right, Harry, what's next on the list?' she asked, tapping her foot lightly on the stone floor. Harry had picked up one of her books while he'd been waiting, flicking through it lazily.

'What about this?' He asked, gesturing to the page in front of him, 'I don't think this is on the list, it might come in handy?' he suggested, lifting the book closer to his face.

'What's that?' she asked, walking across the room, and settling down next to him. Hermione read the page, her eyebrows shooting up into her hairline, her mouth opening and closing in surprise. She couldn't believe she had missed it, in fact, she was almost certain she couldn't have missed it, and yet there it was. The Masarvas Charm.

'Give that here.' Hermione said, and Harry quickly handed her the book, a small frown of confusion crinkling his forehead. With shaking hands, Hermione began to read.

The Masarvas Charm - Hide things in plain sight, and no one will find them. The name of this spell originates from the Veela word, for 'keeper of' (Masarvas). The Masarvas Family, renowned for their Veela lineage, were keepers of secrets, this is one of their most famous spells, dating back to the very origins of magic.

'Of course,' Hermione exclaimed, nearly dropping the book as realization hit her square in the face.

'What?' Harry asked, staring at the book and then back up at Hermione, his eyes wide.

'How could I have been so blind,' she breathed, her eyes scanning the words again, in case she had misread, but it was there, black ink against parchment, very, very real.

'What is it, Hermione?' Harry asked again, huffing slightly at not being in on whatever piece of enlightenment Hermione had found.

'It's nothing,' Hermione muttered, 'just..just that everything I've been looking for has been staring me right in the face.' Harry stared incredulously at the side of her face, still no closer to understanding what the young witch was talking about.

'Can I use it?' Harry asked.

'Use what?' Hermione muttered, not even bothering to look up from the book as she spoke to him.

'The spell, Hermione, can I use the spell?' Harry said, exasperated, waving his hand in front of his friends face, in order to drag her out of whatever world she'd disappeared into.

'Oh, the spell...right..right.' Hermione glanced down at the spell again, then back up at Harry, shaking her head. 'No, it might be a spell of concealment, but it only conceals objects, closing up doorways and the like. Living creatures are much more difficult to conceal, because of moving parts. I don't see how it will help you inside the maze. Might be something to note down though, for later use.' Hermione said, marking the page of the book off, before snapping it shut, and stealthily slipping it into her bag. Her heart was racing in her chest at the prospect of telling Malfoy what she had found, in fact, she was almost tempted to put off the training and rush of an tell him at that very moment. If she was right, then she was pretty sure she knew what happened to the all the magical artefacts, and where to find them again.

Harry sighed, falling back onto the cushion he had nicked from Hermione's pile, wiggling about to make himself more comfortable. He pressed his spectacles back up the bridge of his nose and perused the list with tired eyes, he wasn't sure that his brain could soak up much more information, but he knew Hermione would push him till he did.

'Right, jinx's.' he said, stifling a yawn. 'Seriously Hermione, where did you find all this.' Hermione flushed with pride as her friend offered her a small smile, over the top of the large piece of scroll he was holding.

'I have my ways. Some of them will be useless, but it doesn't hurt to have them there as a point of reference, just in case.' she smirked, before clambering to her feet. 'Now come on,' the young witch clapped her hands together, 'It's time we cracked on.'

'You're starting to sound like Mum.' Ron muttered, as he slowly made his way towards Harry and Hermione, his head lowered. With heavy sighs, he shuffled over to where Hermione had arranged the cushions, grimly preparing for whatever Jinx Harry would send his way.

They practised a few more spells, before deciding to call it a day, the sun was getting low in the sky, they were all tired, and Ron was looking somewhat worse for wear. Added to that, the ginger-haired boys' complaints were starting to get on both Harry and Hermione's nerves. He rather pompously pointed out, that any lasting damage would be on their heads, then had proceeded to turn a dark shade of red, when Hermione pointed out that any lasting damage, stood a good chance of being an improvement.

Needless to say, the comment had lead to Ron flat out refusing to be used for Harry's target practice.

'Really Ron, he needs to practice, the task is only days away.' Hermione chastised, biting back a laugh as Ron stomped rather comically over to the window, pressing his face against the glass. A particularly nasty jinx had left him covered in warts. The warts themselves had long since disappeared, but his skin remained a similar shade to his brightly coloured hair, and incredibly sore.

'Don't you think I've suffered enough?' He spat, turning slightly to the witch, gesturing to his face, before slumping against the cool glass.

Hermione sighed before consulting her list, grinning at the sheer amount of spells they had managed to cross out. She knew some of them were very creature specific, and most likely would not be needed, but better safe than sorry, and she needed Harry to be safe.

'You're doing well though, Harry, not many more to go through.' she showed Harry the list, and he nodded rather half-heartedly. Hermione examined him, her head tipped to the side in sympathy. The young wizard was once again sat amongst the cushions, twiddling his wand between his fingers, his messy black hair falling down into his eyes. She understood his lack of enthusiasm, every spell simply reminding him that he would have to again risk his life, for a tournament he hadn't even wanted to enter. Hermione wondered if there would ever be a moment that Harry Potter would get a break from all the things he seemed to get involved with.

'Some of these are bound to be at least, a little useful.' she reiterated, smiling brightly down at Harry, before nodding at the list, as if confirming her statement to be fact.

'Hey, you guys, come and look at this.' Ron called, waving his hand wildly in the air. Harry and Hermione cast each other questioning glances before heading towards the window and standing either side of Ron.

It was growing dim outside, the sun was setting, casting a yellow glow over the black lake, making it burn orange. The sky was streaked with a dizzying array of colours, and Hermione allowed herself a small smile as she enjoyed the view. She had not noticed the change in weather, too busy having her head buried in a book, or sneaking off late at night to meet a Slytherin; now though, she took time to admire the grounds. She breathed a small sigh, as she watched the trees, lush with green leaves and blossom moving lazily in the wind; birds skittered along the surface of the black lack, some of them settling atop the mast of Durmstrang's ship, preening their feathers happily. She was so distracted by the view, she almost missed the very thing that had caught Ron's attention.

'Wonder what that git's up to.' He muttered, tapping the glass as if he were trying to squash a bug. Hermione looked towards where he was pointing and grimaced when she realised what git she was on about.

Draco Malfoy was stood beneath a tree, Crabbe and Goyle either side of him, matching grins marring their features. Draco was muttering at something in his hands, sporting his own malevolent grin, that sent Hermione's stomach knotting uncomfortably. Something told her, that no matter what Malfoy was up to, it wasn't good. She wondered if he'd maybe taken her spending less time with him, to heart, presuming the Slytherin had one. Hermione shook her head, knowing that wasn't fair, conversations with the boy had shown that he did, in fact, feel things, it was just buried under sarcasm and pettiness.

Hermione thought how he'd reacted when she'd accidentally stood him up, during the second task. That had been one occasion, and afterwards, he hadn't spoken to her for weeks. Her not meeting up with him, in order to train with Harry seemed like something that would annoy him. Hermione chastised herself when she started to feel bad. If Malfoy went in a mood over something so petty, then she would let him. Her friend's life was at stake, and that, as far as she was concerned, was far more important than keeping a pompous pureblood happy.

'Looks like he's using a walkie-talkie.' (AN: From the book, not mine) Harry commented, pressing his forehead against the glass to get a better look.

'He can't be, I've told you, those sort of things don't work in Hogwarts.' (AN: Again from the book) She moved away from the window, trying to ignore how worried she was. Sure Malfoy was an idiot, that overreacted in the most childish of ways, but she had known his paddy's cause some real harm, like buckbeak. She couldn't imagine what he had up his sleeve, but she had a feeling that it wouldn't be very good for Harry. Shaking her head, she turned brightly to Harry.

'Right, shall we try the shielding charm?' Both boys seemed less than impressed with the idea but pulled themselves away from the window begrudgingly.

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