Memoria Luxareo @tootytots1
A Talking Bug

Draco slammed his quill onto the table, splattering spots of ink across the scroll in front of him. The small unicorn, that had been sniffing around some snugger cubes that, Draco had managed to get him from the kitchen, jumped a mile, galloping behind some books. He emerged sometime later, his mane frazzled, and a less than impressed look on his face.

Draco ignored the tiny creature, burying his head in the palm of his hands, and groaning. The stupid, prissy Gryffindor was getting on his nerves. Infuriating him, and he could swear she was doing it on purpose. Why else would she spend time with him, make like they were friends, even give him a present and then proceed to ignore him completely?

The Golden trio seemed to be pallier than ever though, wandering around the corridors, their three heads pressed together as they had their own little private conversations that excluded the rest of the wizarding world, who were far lesser beings. He curled his hand into a fist and hit the table, sending his ink pot into the air. It landed with a crash, and blue ink spread across the wood, sinking slowly into the grains. Draco didn't bother to clear it up. The unicorn whinnied and began to splash about in the spilt liquid, seeming, for once, to thoroughly enjoy himself.

Draco had noticed that the present Hermione had given him, was incredibly similar to her. It was more than just it's moods, which were, more often than not, terrible. The small thing loved ink and quills, and it seemed more at home around books than it did outside. He'd made that mistake once, thinking that a bit of fresh air would do the little guy some good, only to find that he spent the entire time burrowing his way deeper into Malfoy's pocket, shaking in fear. A trip to the library had sorted him right out, he'd clopped about on the table, neighing and whinnying so much that Malfoy had given up on his homework to watch him.

Draco grit his teeth, leaning back in his chair and staring up at the ceiling of the common room. He didn't want to be bothered. He'd given himself several dressing downs on the matter, only to find that it did absolutely nothing. He'd see her in the corridor, or stare at her during meal times, and nothing changed. He wasn't suddenly cured of his obsession and infatuation, and the anger he felt at being ignored, at being pushed to the side, burned ever brighter.

'She's burned her bridges now.' Draco said matter-of-factly, glancing down at his small companion, whose legs were turning a brilliant shade of blue as he splashed about in the ink some more. 'Won't be any coming back after this.' He muttered with a nod. The unicorn had stopped and was pinning him with a stare that told him exactly what he feared. He wasn't fooling anyone, least of all a unicorn the size of a snitch, who wasn't even supposed to understand what he was saying.

'Salazar, I need help.' Draco groaned, once again covering his face with both his hands. If he spoke to her, what would he say? He couldn't tell her that he hated how much time she was spending with Scarface and Weasel, the world's crappiest hero and his just as unfortunate sidekick. He couldn't tell her that he missed her and that her not wanting to see him, to talk to him, actually hurt. He couldn't say any of that, because...well because pride, and dignity, and because if anyone knew he thought or felt like that, he'd be a laughing stock.

He realised he'd been over the same thoughts before, and always come to the same startling conclusions. He leant forward in his chair picking up his quill and dangling the end of it in front of the unicorn, smiling as it pulled a face when the feather tickled the end of its nose. It sneezed in the most adorable way, before deciding to take a chunk out of it, and chew on it happily.

'By Salazar that is the cutest thing I've ever seen.' Draco winced as Pansy screeched, bustling across the common room. With a grin she pressed her face as close as she could to the tiny unicorn that was desperately trying to hide behind Draco's arm, burrowing his face into the material of his shirt.

'Can you go be you, somewhere else.' He breathed, rubbing his face with both his hands. Pansy had managed to pull the unicorn into her hands and was shoving it close to her face, screeching slightly when the petrified animal bit the end of her nose. Draco watched in mild amusement as the unicorn whinnied in panic, trying to wiggle free of the brown haired witch's grasp.

'Where did you get this little guy.' She asked, rubbing her cheek against the unicorn's fur, grinning happily.

'That would be filed under, none of your business Parkinson, now would you put him down?' He asked. Pansy begrudgingly place him back on the desk. With a snort, it clopped its way behind a pile of books, where, periodically, it would cast suspicious glances around the corner.

'What's his name?' Pansy asked, leaning back against the table, trying to look past the pile of books to the unicorns hiding place.

'He doesn't have one.' Draco said simply, shrugging.

'What?! But he's got to have one. He's too cute not to.' Draco rolled his eyes, turning to the brown haired witch in exasperation.

'And I care why?'

'Because he's cute and I'm telling you that you have to. Now, how about Speckles?'

'Please tell me you are attempting to be witty, I would hate to think that was all you could come up with.'

'Oh har de har, aren't you the joker.' Pansy scowled down at him, pushing herself off the desk and stalking over to the fire. 'I thought it would be a good name, you know, because of all the ink on his legs.'

Draco looked at the pile of books, grinning as he caught the unicorn chancing a look nervously. When thoroughly convinced the threat had moved on elsewhere, he wandered out from behind the books and dipped on hoof tentatively into the ink. Draco had to admit that he did have blue speckles, dotted all up his white legs, and while not the most imaginative of names, it did seem the most appropriate.

'So what you think?' Draco muttered, leaning on his arms so his face was close to the animal. While he'd given into talking to him, he didn't particularly want anyone else to know that he did. 'Speckles a good name?' The unicorn looked affronted, his head pulled back in utter disgust and disbelief. Draco couldn't help but laugh, a wide grin spreading across his face as the unicorn moodily showed his backside.

'I don't think he likes that name, Pans.' Draco said, chuckling to himself.

'Who doesn't like what name?' Blaise asked. The tall boy wandered over to Draco's desk, looking somewhat dishevelled.

'Draco's got a unicorn,' Pansy pointed out, from her seat by the fire, ignoring the look Draco was cutting her.

'You've got a what?" Blaise spluttered, his eyes finally landing on the animal in question, who was flicking his tail lazily and appraising Blaise in a rather bored manner.

'Wow,' He muttered, creeping forward slowly as if frightened he would spook it. 'Where did you get that?'

'Why is everyone so concerned with my business recently?' Draco snapped, making Blaise raise an eyebrow in his general direction.

'Fine, keep your secrets,' he shrugged, standing up to his full height and dumping his bag on the floor. 'You named it yet?'

'No, no I haven't, now if there isn't anything else, would you kindly, bugger off.' Draco bit out. Blaise stepped back, raising his arms in surrender, backing off towards the fireplace where Pansy was sat.

'What did you do?' Blaise muttered as he made himself comfortable in a chair across from her, looking back over his shoulder to check that Draco couldn't hear them. The blonde didn't move, and Blaise figured he was safe.

'I didn't do anything.' Pansy scoffed, looking rather affronted. 'He was laughing a moment ago.' Pansy pointed out.

In spite of what his friends thought, he could hear them perfectly well, Pansy had never been one for keeping her voice down, and Blaise's deep voice cut through most noise. He didn't mean to snap at them, though he would never admit it. Their questions skirted dangerously close to Granger territory, and that was a conversation that he never wanted. He could imagine the looks on all their faces, then the general disbelief, possible hexing, the usual Slytherin shenanigans. He remembered one Halloween, when a sixth year had admitted to getting all too close and personal, with someone of the heroic lion persuasion. The uproar in the common room had been of grand proportions, and Draco was in no doubt, that by the end of the proceedings, the sixth year was in no mood to go within 10ft of a Gryffindor.

'I don't think he's sleeping properly you know?' Pansy speculated, casting glances over at Draco, before leaning closer to Blaise conspiratorily, 'would account for his mood being so erratic.'

'Figures, Crabbe and Goyle aren't known for being quiet sleepers.' Pansy nodded to herself as if Blaise's words had confirmed her suspicions. She cast another glance at the boy in question, frowning slightly.

He had been out of sorts the past few weeks, seeming more on edge and irritable than ever before. Pansy figured it was something to do with his mystery girl, but all investigation into her identity had been met with a brick wall, or Theo and Blaise shaking her head and telling her to back off. The two idiots had been anything but helpful, but she had not given up. There was a girl, she knew it, could feel it in her bones. She also figured that the small unicorn had something to do with her as well.

'What in Merlin's name is that?' Pansy was brought out of her thoughts by Theo's excited voice, he was leaning over Draco's table a smile plastered on his face. Draco mumbled something inaudible under his breath.

'Has he got a name?' Pansy winced, as she watched Draco's handshake.

'What is it with you idiots and names, yes he does have a name, it's called Keep-you-nose-out-of-my-business Malfoy. You happy?' The smile dropped from Theo's face, as he glanced across the room in panic, looking for help from his two friends. Pansy shook her head at him and gestured that he should back away.

Theo walked towards her, his eyes wide in shock, his face a little pale. 'Sooooo, what or who annoyed the ferret?' He pointed over his shoulder and flopped down onto the sofa, looking at Blaise and Pansy, in turn, both of them shrugged.

'Pansy seems to think it's lack of sleep.' Blaise muttered, staring into the fire.

'What are you, his mother? And I'm sorry, the albino sleeps like the dead, I should know, I'm the one who has the particularly nasty business of waking him up every morning. I've got scars.' Theo said desperately.

'You know, I can hear you.' Draco muttered, giving his friends a dark look. They looked up at him innocently, before shifting closer to one another, mumbling under their breath. Draco sighed, leaving them to it, he was tired of their questions, and the constant worrying looks that Pansy felt the need to keep giving him as if he were dying from some horrible wizarding disease.

With a huff he rose from his chair, taking the small unicorn in his hands and tucking him in the front pocket of his shirt. He made his way towards the door, hoping that they wouldn't notice him retreating.

'Oh Drake, mate. Vinny and Greg are looking for you, they were blabbering on about a talking bug.' The Slytherin said with a shrug, 'one too many screws loose, methinks.' He muttered, shifting in his chair, trying to make himself comfortable.

Draco for once, allowed himself a small grin, knowing exactly who was waiting to meet him. One thing that always made him feel better was exacting revenge on the person he hated the most, stupid Scarface. With a nod, he left the common room.

Pansy turned to Theo, shaking her head. 'You do realise who that is don't you?'

'Who's what?' Theo asked, his eyes already closed and his head resting on the back of the couch.

'Oh never mind.' She uttered, rolling her eyes, stretching out her legs, balancing them on Blaise's lap. He gave them a look, before turning back to the fire.

They were silent for quite some time, and soon Theo was snoring lightly.

'Sorrel.' Blaise suddenly muttered, his eyes not leaving the embers of the fire.

'What?' Pansy frowned, leaning forward in her chair to catch what her fellow Slytherin was saying.

'Sorrel, that's what Draco should call his unicorn, Sorrel Darling Mane.' Pansy simply stared at him, her mouth opening and closing.

'Is that what you've been thinking about, all this time?' she asked in sheer disbelief. Blaise cringed slightly.

'A little bit, yeah.'

'You're an idiot you know that?'

'On the contrary Pansy, I think he's a genius.' Both of them turned to a grinning Theo, who clearly appreciated the name. 'Came up with that all on your own?' Blaise nodded enthusiastically.

'You two are morons.' Pansy said with a shake of her head.

'Ah you speak dear Parkinson, but all I hear is jealousy.' Theo said dramatically, and Blaise chuckled. Pansy dug her heel into the boy's leg, grinning as he winced.

'Footrest privileges can be taken away, Parkinson.' Blaise muttered darkly, and Pansy smiled back at him sweetly.

'Horny Horsington, small in stature, big in everything else, if you know what I mean.' Theo said, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

'Oh you are disgusting, how can you make something so sweet and cute sound urgh.' Pansy said exasperated, as both boys fell about laughing. Blaise wiped a tear from the corner of his eyes, shoulders shaking,

'You have to admit, it's a little bit funny Pans.' Pansy grimaced, but allowed herself a small smile, she supposed it was funny, but it would be over her dead body the day she ever admitted that.

'Who do you suppose gave it him?' she whispered, moving across to sit next to Theo, tucking her feet beneath her, and leaning her head on the arm of the chair. After a few moments, Blaise started playing with strands of her hair, that fell down in the gap between the chairs. He only ever did it when there was no chance that the others could see him.

'I don't know, who says anyone did?' Blaise shrugged, he glanced at Pansy quickly, then glanced away, too embarrassed to hold her gaze.

'Well, he got pretty defensive when I asked him about it.'

'Urschel Hoof.' Theo said, in answer to her question.

'I'm being serious.' Pansy spluttered, lifting her head up slightly, to look at the brown-haired boy. He had his eyes closed again.

'So am I, Urschel is a fantastic name.'

'I don't know, I think you outdid yourself with Horny Horsington.' Blaise added.

'I did, didn't I?'

'Will you two take something seriously for once in your miserable, pea-brained lives.' Theo and Blaise cast each other amused glances before turning back to Pansy.

'We are taking this seriously, very seriously. In fact, I think this is the most I've thought about something, all day.'

'Same.' Blaise muttered, sounding thoroughly pleased with himself.

'I'm not on about the unicorn, I'm on about….'

'Draco,' Blaise finished for her, 'we know. That's all you seem to bang on about these days. No offence Pans, but conversations with you are starting to feel a bit like deja vu.'

'That rhymed,' Theo pointed out with a grin, 'which makes it undoubtedly true.' He said, suppressing the smile to look at Pansy seriously. Pansy seemed to be silently fuming, her lips pressed into a thin line. After some time remaining quiet, she stood up moodily.

'Well,' she said, in a clipped voice, 'I at least want to know what business he had with Skeeter.' before walking out of the room.

'Did she just say Skeeter?' Blaise asked, watching her go. 'Isn't she a journalist.' Theo shrugged, not bothering to open his eyes.

'Who knows. What about Lewi Longhorn.' Blaise considered it for a minute, then shook his head.

'Nah mate, you had with Horny Horsington.'

'I did, didn't I.' He said, grinning happily to himself.

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