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The Slytherin Possy

'You didn't think to tell me sooner!' Hermione shrieked, as Draco stood, gritting his teeth against the pain and the squawking Gryffindor.

'Let's just call it payback for not telling me about my ancestor's magical book, you unbelievably found tucked down the back of some shelves.' Draco brushed his clothes down, wincing as the movement sent a spasm all down his back.

'Do you realise how petty you sound?' Hermione admonished, standing up slowly.

'And do you realise how loud and squawky you sound? Like someone shoving something spiky up an owls backside.' Hermione ignored him, storming over to the green pillar with the carved rune, waving her hand over it, to no avail.

'What are you doing now?' Draco sighed, hobbling his way towards her.

'I'm getting the Sensieve back.' Her voice was clipped and determined.

'Oh no, no, no. no, you're not actually suggesting we go back in there, tonight?'

'Yes, that's exactly what I'm suggesting.' Hermione began pressing her finger against the rune, pushing on it with full force it in a desperate attempt to make it work.

'Okay Granger, have you seen me. I don't know if you've forgotten but, I feel everything that happens in these memories, so spoiler alert, I technically just got stabbed,' Hermione ignored him, 'stabbed.' Draco repeated, enunciating the word in the most patronising way he could muster.

'Okay, I'm just going to let that percolate for a moment, because I'm pretty sure you wouldn't just ignore the fact that I, more or less, just had a knife in my back.' Hermione sighed, turning to him in frustration.

'I get it okay, you got stabbed, but Sonyea, she's….I just want to know what happened to her.' Draco sighed heavily, leaning against the wall, hating the fact that her caring, made a small space inside of him, care too.

'Okay, Granger here's the deal.'

'I'm not in the habit of making deals with Slytherins,' she spat over her shoulder, now pressing her open palm over the rune, in a desperate attempt to get it to glow.

'Well tell that to past, Know-it-all-Gryffindor, because I don't think she got owled the memo.' Hermione scowled, her shoulders slumping. With exaggerated effort she turned to face him, leaning against the pillar and crossing her arms over her chest.

'Fine, what's the deal.'

'You let me, recuperate, which I don't think is too much to ask, seems as I have been mortally injured.'

'And don't you go on about it.' Hermione muttered, rolling her eyes.

'Being treated like a pincushion will do that to you.' he cut in, and Hermione bit back a smile, 'And we will come back tomorrow.'

Hermione stared at him for a moment, 'We better' Hermione stated, pushing herself off the pillar.

'You have my word as a Malfoy.' Draco placed his hand on his heart and bowed slightly. Hermione snorted.

'Is that supposed to mean something?'

'It means everything, Granger. Now can we go? It's quite a way back to the Slytherin Common room, and I am hobbling you know.' Hermione rolled her eyes again.

'You know, I am finding it hard to sympathise with you right now.' she muttered, walking slowly by his side as Draco hobbled across the room. 'It would be easier, and probably a lot quicker if you leant on me.' Hermione pointed out, vaguely amused by the display Malfoy was putting on.

'I do not need help, Granger. I am a Malfoy.'

'Tell that to past, whiney ferret, I don't think he got owled the memo.' Hermione mocked, using Draco's own words against him.

'Ha de ha, Granger, I forgot how delightfully funny you are.'

They stepped out onto the corridor, and Draco took a deep breath, sighing as fresh air filled his lungs. The smell of blood was difficult to forget.

'It's sad, don't you think, that someone so young would betray Edward?' Hermione muttered. Draco didn't know what to think, if he had been Edward's situation, he would have incurred every wrath, known and unknown to magical kind, upon the small helpless little muggle. But it was Edward's memory, a muggles memory, and the way Edward thought about it was just confusing. He'd not hated the boy, instead, he'd felt sorry for him, sorry for his actions and sorry that he'd had to kill him.

'Well the kid would have died, either way, that's the very definition of being caught between a rock and a ha…'' Draco paused, glancing down the corridor worriedly, straining his ears, certain that he had heard voices.

'What's the ma…' Draco quickly covered Hermione's mouth with his hand. Hermione pulled away, her brow creasing in anger. 'Malfoy what the he...'

Draco grabbed the back of her head holding her still as held his other hand over her mouth, ignoring the furious look she was burning into the side of his head. He glanced around quickly, before dragging her into a small broom closet.

Hermione wriggled furiously against his grasp, trying to free her mouth so she could give him a piece of her mind. 'Granger would you stop moving.' Draco hissed quietly, gripping her tighter, pulling her back flush against his chest. 'Granger, seriously…' They both froze as they heard footsteps growing closer, and a few seconds later, Hermione heard voices she thought she recognised.

'I thought you said you heard something?' The voice was female and whiny, and Hermione realised, distinctly pug Pansy.

'I did, around here, it sounded like Draco.' A voice answered, gruff and dumb sounding.

'Are you sure it isn't the sound of air passing through those ears of yours, Vinny, Old chap?.' Hermione recognised Theodore Nott's voice anywhere, proud and pompous.

'Pans, can we please just get back to the common room, it's warm, and there isn't Filch and the overwhelming sound of stupidity.'

'Shhh, Zabini, honestly, it's like you don't even want to help Draco.' Pansy reprimanded.

'And like I've said before, Parkinson, I'm pretty sure Draco doesn't want you sticking your nose in. He's too proud.' Hermione felt the hand clamped over mouth, twitch, and finally realised that her back was pressed against him. She could feel warmth emanating from his chest, and the quick beat of his heart. Hermione's heart sped up right along with it, the space felt small and suffocating. She couldn't be pressed this close to a Malfoy, meeting to teach him spells was bad enough.

Shaking her head she yanked his hand quickly from her mouth, stumbling away from him. She turned quickly and froze in horror as she knocked against a broom. It teetered for a moment, before clattering down the stairs. Grey eyes burned into hers furiously, as he communicated silently, just how idiotic he thought she was.

'What was that?' Crabbe asked.

' We should check it out.' Pansy muttered.

'Oh Merlin, why? It was probably a rat, or a mouse, or common sense telling you to go back to bed?'

'Don't be silly Zabini, you don't have common sense do you Pans? Just a little voice corroborating every stupid thought that happens to pop into your head.'

'Will you two shut up, I can't concentrate.' Pansy muttered, the sound of her footsteps getting closer to the cupboard.

'Oh yes because door handles are notoriously difficult, took me half an hour to get into the library the other day, couldn't quite figure out the turn.' Theo said, and Hermione heard Blaise laughing quietly.

Quickly she pulled her wand out her pocket, muttering a locking spell. A few seconds later the handle jiggled.

'It's locked.' Pansy spat, and Hermione jumped, unconsciously shifting closer to Draco, their shoulders brushing in a burst of small tingles as the Sensieve's magic grew around them.

'Well let's leave it then, there's probably...and she gets the wand out. Tell me, Theo, should I use my invisibility for good or evil?'

'Evil, always evil, it's more fun. More fun than this anyway.'

'I could try bashing the door in.' Crabbe uttered again.

'That's alright Vinny, my mentally challenged reprobate, we have these fantastic things that open doors. That is of course if Pansy can actually cast the spell.'

'If you think you could do any better, by all means.' Pansy answered, her voice echoing through the broom closet.

'You are not roping me into your little ventures with that Missy.' The door gave a slight click and Pansy giggled in delight.

'See I did it.' Pansy said proudly.

'Congratulations, you could almost pass for a first year.' Blaise ground out sarcastically.

Draco stepped in front of Hermione, and the small witch hit his back, making him turn to her furiously.

'What in Merlin's was that for?' Draco mouthed, a frown crinkling his forehead.

'Stop stepping in front of me, you overgrown ferret.' Hermione mouthed back, hitting him again. Draco tipped his head in confusion but jumped when the door handle began to rattle.

'Pans, we need to go, Filch and his fur ball are coming.'

'But, but, but.'

'No buts, step away from the broom closet.' The sound of footsteps died away, replaced by the limp of Filch, Hermione held her breath until that died away too.

'Are you a complete and utter idiot. You could have got us caught.' Draco whispered harshly, turning to her in the small space, reeling back slightly when he realised how close they were.

'And why is getting caught so terrible, scared your Slytherin possy will find out your spending time with a mudblood?.' Hermione sniffed, pushing past him to open the door.

'Whatever Granger, you could have just stayed still, honestly, how is the golden trio still a thing, when you have all the stealth and finesse of Millicent Bulstrode in heels.' Hermione winced at his comment, she had been at the Yule Ball, she had seen evidence of Millicent in heels and it was not a pretty sight.

'Admit it, you don't want anyone to know about our little meetings, do you?' Hermione turned to him angrily, pointing in the blonde's face angrily

'It's no different for you, how about we go tell Potty and Weasel you've secretly been meeting their enemy.'

'I think you're giving yourself far too much credit,' Hermione hissed, 'You're more like an annoyance.' Draco grit his teeth at her words, he knew they were said simply to aggravate, and it frustrated him how much it worked.

'Annoyance or Long-term arch enemy, either way, they're your sad little friends and you haven't exactly been spending much time in the 'sharing circle'.'

'What the hell is a sharing circle?' Hermione whispered, turning to Draco furiously, finding it slightly amusing as he stumbled back.

'You should know, everyone sits in a circle, the one holding the 'biggest loser' sign get's to talk about their feelings. I feel like we are getting off topic here Granger.'

'Is that what you think we do? Sit in a circle and talk about her feelings.' Hermione couldn't pinpoint why it annoyed her so much, but the thought that Draco was once again lumping her in, with all is pre-misconceptions of Gryffindors, really hurt. Strangely she'd thought he'd at least gotten past been that childish. She had to stop herself from laughing sardonically at her own stupidity.

'Well I don't know Granger, you bang on about the damned things enough.' Draco shook his head, digging his hands into his pockets, 'And besides, my point is, you haven't told them, now as a Malfoy, full disclosure isn't really my thing, but you?' He gestured to the witch in front of him, 'Well talking, feelings, let's deal with our problems, that's kind of your thing.'

Hermione did not even dignify his statement with answer, storming away as quickly, and as quietly as she could. She was furious, everyone treated her the same, everyone misjudged her. Even Draco pompous-git Malfoy, whose opinion she shouldn't have concerned herself with in the first place.

'Come on, Granger, you can't be in a mood with me over this.' He muttered, jogging after her and reaching for her arm, reeling back when she pulled it away harshly.

'Get off me ferret.'

'Woah, little miss hormones, what's got your bushy hair in a frizz.'

'You…' Hermione struggled over what to say, she didn't quite understand the anger herself, 'Just admit it, you're ashamed to be seen with me, ashamed of people thinking that we're are friends.'

'And as I have pointed out, not too subtly, so not quite sure how you missed it, your not so hot on the whole, 'let's tell our friends about our adventures', idea.' He gulped trying not to focus on the friends part of that sentence, wondering if that's what they were now.

'This is different, I can't tell Harry and Ron, because…'

'Because they hate me.' Malfoy finished drily.

'No, because they wouldn't understand, and...and Harry has so much on his plate at the moment.'

'Well we wouldn't want to crowd too much of potty's plate now would we, where would he put saving the word, and other mixed vegetables?' Draco bit out sarcastically.

'Oh grow up, at least my friends don't despise your very existence.'

'Don't they?'

'No, I'm a mudblood remember, and I'm pretty sure most of your friends feel that way.'

'Fine, Granger, you win, I'll come out the proverbial broom closet and tell them about everything. Who know's, maybe once the overall shock has worn off, we can all take group trips to the Sensieve.'

'You always have to be such a sarcastic jerk don't you.' Hermione sniffed, examining her shoes.

'It's what I do best.'

Hermione wanted to stay angry at him, but he had a point. She sighed, staring down the dark corridor, relishing the quiet of Hogwarts at night.

'Why were they looking for you anyway?' Hermione asked, looking up at the Slytherin. Draco let out a long breath, shaking his head slightly.

'Who know's with them, Pansy get's wild ideas into her head, and then..well she can be persuasive in her own way.'

He shrugged, 'she seems to think there's something wrong with me.'

''Well, of course, there's something wrong with you, you're a pompous jerk.'

'Charmed Granger, really I am.' Draco ran his fingers through his hair, 'Look, we just need to be more careful, I'll have a word with my 'Slytherin Possy', see if I can call off the hounds.' Hermione nodded slightly.

'Fine,' she turned away, walking down the corridor towards the Gryffindor Common room. She wondered if there would ever be a time when Malfoy didn't infuriate her.

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