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Naruto Namikaze: Curse of the Sharingan @pwhitestrake
Prelude to exams: A month in between

Hi everyone this is PlasticWolf94! I have been editing the spelling mistakes I've made in the previous 2 chapters and added a bit more so give them a read! Once I have time I will go over the previous chapters and correct the spellings and grammar! I do not own Naruto

Iwagakure no sato

In a regal office sits Onoki of the Twin Scales with a fierce look on his face as he faces off against the bane of every leader's existence: Paperwork. As he was diligently signing away, 2 of his ninja bursts into his office both out of breath.

"Tsuchikage-sama! Urgent message from the East!" the younger of the two exclaimed.

Onoki, thanking the gods for some form of break, looked up from his desk. "What the hell do you idiots think you're doing breaking in into my office? What is it?". The older chunin spoke up, sweat rolling down his forehead. "Intelligence reports from Konoha and Wave sir... Konoha just confirmed the existence of the Yellow Flash's offspring ..." both messengers gulp at the news.

Onoki blinked. Then blinked some more. Letting the words sink in. 'Konoha. Yellow Flash. Hidden child. Real.'

With a shout that was heard throughout the village. "WHAT?! TELL ME EVERYTHING! NOW!"

The Tsuchikage screamed.

'This is bad. The spawn of Minato... How did the hell did we miss that?'.

The older chunin handed him his report, hands shaking. Whether from the news or because fearing of what Onoki's reaction would be, we don't know. The old kage snatches the scroll and starts reading it.

"The Hokage acknowledged the existence the Yellow Flash's son yesterday. According to the Hokage, the offspring is 19 years of age, male and a Jonin who has recently been inducted into the ranks. Apparently due to situations surrounding his birth, he was sent away."

Onoki looked at the report, Intelligence was rather limited, only baring the information his chunin just spoke. Now looking at the younger nin. "And you?".

Stepping forward, the younger man salutes and hands over his scroll. "A report from Wave Tsuchikage-sama. Wave was recently freed from the clutches Gato Industries. It was said that one Naruto Namikaze killed Gato and a hundred or so of his men within a second using an unknown Raiton Jutsu that left a mark at the scene. However, what confuses us is the information our informant gave us. She wasn't at the scene of the battle but Namikaze Naruto has been seen carrying a Gunbai and a Kama. As you can see in the picture here."

The chunin passes a photo of Naruto's profile walking in the distance. "While some of his facial features are similar to the Yellow flash. With his black hair and outfit... he looks more like an Uchiha than anything else... The village elder Tazuna, has been spreading the story around to anyone who would listen and the people have been calling him...The White Lightning..."

Onoki looked over at the reports, after reading them he sets them down and stares at his chunin. "Gentlemen. What we just discussed here... does not... and I do absolutely mean does not, under penalty of death, leaves this room until a proper investigation is made... I do not need my Shinobi trying to start a war because of some petty vengeance they harbor. If the Hokage has deemed it safe enough for the son of the Yellow Flash to finally reveal himself... I fear he is now on the level of our greatest enemy... Keep your mouths tightly sealed regarding this and do not reveal anything. Relay that to your informants as well and you" pointing to the younger man. "Tell your informant that we want details. Scrounge up all manners of rumors and stories of the event. From unrealistic to boring. I want them all. The devil is in the details. Go."

After dismissing the 2 chunin, Onoki now stared at the envelope near the right edge of his desk. A beige folder... with the Konoha insignia... The invitation to the Chunin Exams that would be held there. A mere formality on Konoha's part, Iwa would always respond as "No" but this time... Grabbing the folder he opens it and starts reading the document.

'If another monster like The Yellow Flash pops up on Konoha's won't be a surprise that my shinobi will have a big reaction when they hear this news. If he isn't up to the standard I think he is, I can start preparing for a plan to eliminate him but if he is... We have to make sure. Investigate everything we can about him... what's more worrying is the fact that the younger chunin is right... He looks like an Uchiha with Minato's face... that's a terrifying combination... I don't know who would be scarier... Madara or Minato with the Sharingan' A shiver went down his spine until it reached a certain spot.

"AH! MY BACK!" Rubbing the sore part of his lower back he signals one of his Anbu.

"Bring me Kurotsuchi... and someone get me some ice for my back!"

Scene Change.

2 days later at Konoha's council chambers.

The Hokage sat at the head table in silence when the topic of discussion was reached. Sitting at a long oval table, were a conglomerate of people, filled with the bones that helped the village run. The Clan heads, The Jonin, Chunin and Genin commanders, the Representative from the Banking and Commerce guild, the Agricultural union and lastly The Elder council.

All waited in silence for the Hokage to speak. "Iwa accepted the invitation to compete in this year's Chunin Selection Exams." A murmur of whispers break, all are shocked and surprised.

Danzo narrowed his eyes at the news. Nara Shikaku, Jonin Commander and Second in command of the Shinobi forces narrowed his eyes as well. "News of the return of Namikaze no doubt." He stated.

Hiruzen nodded "The invitation is usually just a formality. But for them to accept it... they must have some sort of plan."

Homura, an old man and one of the members of the elder council said "They must not be allowed to compete." Koharu Utatane the other member of the elder council shook her head. "We can't do that Homura. The Provisionary Treaty that ended the First Great Ninja War, states that the Chunin selection exams must be opened to all nations. Even in times of war the host nation, must be considered neutral territory. To do what you say, would be putting Konoha in an unfavourable position and they could demand reparations."

Danzo cleared his throat. "Why don't we have Namikaze escort the Iwa visitors? Have him keep an eye on them." Shikaku agreed "It would be a smart move."

However the head of the Hyuuga clan, Hiashi, disagreed "Perhaps. However they would most likely take offense to that. It would be seen as intimidation, seeing as he is the son of Lord Fourth, the one person the people of Iwagakure hate with a passion."

Danzo looked at Hiashi "What would you rather do. They are coming here because of him. Let's give them what they want while letting them know their place."

After a hour of much needed discussion they agreed to have Naruto personally escort the team or teams Iwa was going to send. Hiruzen nodded. "I will talk to him, He should be arriving today."

Next day.

Naruto was sitting at the dinner table. Next to him sat Hitomi, blissfully eating away. Mikoto looked at Naruto's put out expression.

"Naruto honey, what's wrong?". She asked him.

Naruto taking a napkin cleaned his lips "The Hokage called me into his office yesterday afternoon after the debriefing of Wave."

Hitomi paused from eating. "Is it about Haku?"

"No, they are still under investigation and that will take a while. Don't worry, I asked the Hokage to be lenient with Haku. Zabuza's investigation however will take much longer seeing how he is a missing nin I'm afraid dear sister"

Sasuke looked at Naruto "So?".

Sighing he continues "The Hokage talked to me about the Chunin exams. Iwakagure is sending people to compete." Mikoto gasped "What?!"

Naruto taking a bite out of his meal said "It seems that the Tsuchikage is aware of my existence. We knew it was coming but I was hoping for some down time before that happened. Anyway, for the council's peace of mind they want me to be their escort."

Hitomi dropped her chopsticks "Nii-chan, I don't get it. Why would they make you their escort? Didn't they hate dad?" She asked. Naruto taking a sip of his tea nodded "They hate the Yellow Flash like how I hate them in return. The Hokage told me Danzo came up with the idea. No doubt to try and intimidate them."

Sasuke frowned "Sensei, who is Danzo?". Naruto unconsciously activated his EMS and dropped the Genjutsu that covered his Rinnegan. "Danzo is someone I never want you to associate with. He is what happens when shinobi stray too far into darkness while abandoning the light. Where Hokage-sama is respected and honored as the "Shinobi no Kami" and as "The Professor". Danzo is the exact opposite. So much so, he earned himself the title of "Shinobi no Yami". Once, he had his own ANBU division of soldiers who are completely emotionless. Still has, by the indication of the Anbu that follow me around the village. Hokage-sama already dismissed the Anbu detail around me when he heard of the Wave report so whoever is following isn't following Hokage-sama's orders but someone else's." Chuckling at the memory of Hiruzen downing his entire stash of Sake once he finished reading the document. The Anbu finally moved once he was on his 3rd bottle to stop him from being hammered. After he had called off the Anbu detail stating "if you can make a bridge and a quarter mile of greenery fuck off to nowhere, then you don't need Anbu protecting you. They have better things to do."

Continuing his tangent "Hell, he is the reason why Konoha's most dangerous missing nins exist. Orochimaru, Even Itachi once worked under Danzo."

Sasuke looked at him shocked and wide eyed. Hitomi tugged at his sleeve "Nee, Nii-chan. If he is so bad why does Hokage-jiji keep him around?". Naruto's chakra began to slowly increase resulting the room geting colder. "People like Danzo while completely skewered in the soul, are annoyingly smart. He has too much political clout to be touched. Even Hokage-sama couldn't imprison him without just cause. The eye and arm Danzo lost? The result of Sarutobi-sama ripping him a new one. But he had so much pull with the Daimyo he got away with everything including treason. Treason for the attempted assassination of the Hokage. Now Hokage-sama essentially plays a game of cat and mouth with him. He can't touch him. But that doesn't mean Danzo can do anything either. One wrong move and his life is forfeit. You want to be Hokage, Hitomi?. Learn from Hiruzen. Because you too will have people like that in your cabinet."

Hitomi nodded taking in the advice. Naruto, now conscious of his actions, reapplied the Genjutsu he used to cover his Rinnegan and retracted the chakra from his eyes.

The room warmed back up "I'll wash the dishes, we'll train a bit after dinner if you like." Hitomi smiled. Sasuke giving a rare one as well. One was happy to spend time with their elder sibling. The other slowly realising he might be as well. Naruto getting up picked up the empty plates and headed to the kitchen.

Later that night. After training his little siblings. Naruto was in his room laying down on his bed staring at the ceiling. A tap on glass grabbed his attention. There at his window crouching, was Kakashi waving. "I've been told of the assignment you got by Hokage-sama."

Naruto sighed, not saying anything. "Hokage-sama asked me to accompany you. He didn't want to put you in such a position considering your history of the Iwa back at your place. But not doing so would have made him seem weak and allow backtalk to the Hokage.".

Naruto sat up. "It's not a problem to be honest. It is a surprise is all. Just because I was in a relationship with a Iwa kunoichi doesn't mean I like Iwa. In fact, I rather dislike them. After Kurotsuchi found out I had essentially committed a war crime which resulted in the death of someone close to her, we had a falling out of sorts. We agreed to not see each for a while. Especially since I had recently killed someone close to her." Kakashi now adopted a comfortable position at the window still, listening to his friend pour his heart out.

"That argument... was the beginning of the end of our relationship. In hindsight, we should have seen it coming... But we were foolish... Thinking that the love for each other could break the barriers between our countries." Naruto snorted bitterly. He the retells the incident of what made Kurotsuchi mad. "50 Iwa Shinobi had a 3 man cell of a single jonin and 2 chunin, pinned down walls to their backs."

Rubbing his eyes to ease the feeling of tears welling up he continued "They already had a casualty on their side. A 9 year old kid. He resembled my little brother so much... in looks and in spirit... Apparently the kid went out with a bang. Turns out he was a war orphan. His teammates had families back home waiting for them... so he sacrificed himself so their families would not have to attend their funerals." Naruto paused his tale for a moment to wipe a tear away.

"Very few deaths shake me to the core Kakashi... But that single kid reminded me so much of my baby brother I freaked. When I saw his corpse, I mistook him as my own brother. It broke something primal inside. I had never felt so much rage and sorrow... and I don't want to again... My throat burning from screamin... It was then I activated a hidden power of the Sharingan... The Susanoo."


Naruto sat down on the sofa of a hotel room. Emotionally and physically exhausted from the day's for some reason his vision had taken a turn for the worse he could still see up close. And what he saw. There standing opposite him, in all her glorious anger, was Kurotsuchi.

A trail of blood from his eyes now having dried up leaving behind a crusty line of red. Staring into the fireplace he waited to hear what Kurotsuchi wanted to say. She was enraged. He could tell.

He knew from the visual cues she was giving.

Arms crossed across her chest; check.

A scowl, worthy of a Hyuuga; check

The heat in the room rising; check.

A faint hint of smoke flaring from her nostrils; check.

Eyes looking at him with the intent to murder; check.

He was not in mood but he took a deep breath and sighed. Running a hand through his hair he leaned back to look at the angel turned demon in front of him. He loved Kurotsuchi. He really did, but this war was starting to take a toll on them both.

Taking another deep breath and looking at her. He snapped unintentionally. "What do you want?". She placed her left hand on her hips "Do you think I wouldn't find out Naruto...? DO YOU THINK I WOULDN'T NOTICE?!" she started screaming at him.

Naruto said nothing as he continued staring at her. Annoyed at his lack of response she slapped him. Naruto just took it without complaint. She grabbed the collars of his shirt sobbing.

"Did you know that my best friend died in that little tantrum of yours...?" She said in a low voice to him "Her family had nothing but a charred remains to bury her. We couldn't tell it was her until after the autopsy." Sobbing as she spoke her words. "My best friend Naruto... how could you..." starting to break down, her fists shake. "Then I had to find out from my father that the culprit was a rising Uchiha Nin from Konoha rumoured to be the son of their dead Hokage... You." She finishes with a piercing glare.

Offended at how his reaction was categorised as a mere tantrum. "A tantrum? A tantrum!?" He forced himself to stop so he could breathe. "if you want to talk about parents let's talk about you, Daughter of Dust." No one moved. Heritage's were known before. But it something they didn't speak about because of the war. Now the 2 children of a dead Kage and an aging Kage stare into each others eyes. Fearing the other's reaction. Hoping a physical fight did not break out.

"50. 50 of your shinobi were terrorising a group of 4 of mine. A kid Kuro... A goddamn kid... A kid younger than us had to sacrifice his life so his team could get away.. The way the kid looked... he looked like Itachi... Of course I freaked!"

"But he wasn't Itachi was he?! Itachi was spotted near the border of Kiri! Whatever you did, left scars on the land! Nothing but blackened earth and coal like bodies! Don't use your brother as an excuse for my friend's murder!" Realizing she had breached a sore topic she stopped.

Naruto's glare had taken a cold look, "We understood that we would be forced to kill each other's comrades in this war. That whatever happened, we would try to see past it." Naruro paused taking a deep breath he continued in a broken, dejected tone. "I didn't complain when your Jinchuuriki burned the bodies of my students." Breaking off his soulmate's hold on him he turned away from her.

"Maybe we shouldn't see each other for a while... Let me know if you still want to continue our relationship... Leave the Ring I gifted you on our anniversary if... if you don't want to see me anymore... at our safe house. I... I'll understand why if you do." Naruto says as he activates his Kamui.

"Wait Naru-"

"For what it's worth... I'm sorry Kuro-hime"

"Naruto wait... Wait!" Kurotsuchi reached out to grab onto her star-crossed lover's arm. Only see her hand phase through.

Naruto activated his Mangekyou and simply walked away.

The damning silence in the room broke Kurotsuchi to tears. "No... Don't go...Naruto... Don't go... I love you... Please... Come back..." Kurotsuchi cried as she crumpled to the floor. Reminiscing on the past.

Meeting a cheerful 10 year old boy near the river when she got separated from her father. The time they shared playing around, flinging water at each other. Promising to meet each again in the future.

Their fateful reunion a few years later at a small fishing village. The promise to exchange letters and occasionally meeting up from time to time... When they decided to confess their love for each other at the same time. A laugh filled with relief, shared between them... Then the kiss that followed after.. She had waited for so long to feel his lips on hers.

Their first date. Sneaking off from their respective villages and going incognito for their future meet ups. Their secret marriage...

"Come back..." She continued to plea unaware that Naruto had heard bits of her lament before vanishing completely.

Naruto walked in his personal dimension. Heart broken at the cries of his princess. Knowing he was the culprit of her pain. "Forgive me." A single bitter tear falling silently next to the dried trail of blood down his cheek. Wondering if their love was doomed to fail from the start

Flashback end.

Kakashi who, since the start of the story, unsealed a bottle of sake and offered Naruto a cup. "So what happened next?".

Naruto downed his cup "I didn't see her for a few months. All the time, at the end of each week I would sneak into our safe house and check if she had left the ring. All I found was a note saying "come back"". He nods gratefully at his friend who refilled his cup.

"I left a note saying I was sorry and to meet up on the next scheduled date. I bought her the flowers she secretly likes and the most expensive chocolates I could find. She still slapped me when she saw my face saying I deserved it for leaving her like that..." A warm smile spreads across his face "but the way we made up... Hmhm. Let's just say we had to buy a few more beds".

Kakashi rolls his eyes, a playful mocking scoff escapes his mouth "Show off". Laughing, the 2 elite Jonin relax. Letting the depressing mood shimmer out of existence. "I can't tell you things will be alright. But at least you have good memories of her and those who you cared about and don't forget... you have siblings and a mother to take care off here. They have already fallen in love with you. Even Sasuke is connecting with you more and more each day."

Naruto remembers Sasuke, who at the beginning, would only glance at him for a brief second then shake his head. As if scolding himself for being curious. Nowadays, he would reluctantly go up to Naruto and quietly ask for help. A big step according to Mother and Kakashi.

Naruto pours Kakashi a drink in return. "Don't exclude yourself Kakashi. You were the older brother I never had but needed. Always giving me the right advice I needed it when I didn't want it. I hope we can continue that relationship here." Stunned for a second, Kakashi nods and clinks his cup of Sake with Naruto's. Finishing the bottle in a relaxed atmosphere, Kakashi greets his friend a good night and informs him to not forget to report to the Hokage at 0700.

Naruto stares at alcohol before slowly drinking it, savouring the bitter taste.

Naruto turns in for the night.

Next day, Hokage Office

Hiruzen looked at the 2 Jonin standing at attention in front of him.

"The Chunin exams will start a month and a half from now. The Iwa team will arrive the week before. You two will meet them at the Rekka province, the outermost station we have on the border with Kusa."

Naruto looked at the map and nodded. "Hokage-sama, permission to take a detour to the Uchiha hideout nearby on the Natsu province."

The Hokage narrows his eyes at the hidden message that only his secret operative should know. He dismisses Kakashi and telling Naruto to stay. Turning on the privacy seals he waits for Naruto to explain how he knows of the code that only a certain missing nin should know about.

Naruto ran a hand through his hair taking the sheepish pose "Turns out I'm not the only Dimensional traveler Hokage-sama."

The Hokage leaned foward "Explain."

"My brother Namikaze Itachi is also here. Arriving approximately 2 years before I did. He tracked me down as soon as I had arrived at Wave". Naruto explained.

The Hokage leaned back.

"What of Uchiha Itachi." Naruto resumed his previous stance. "From what Itachi explained to me, the younger Itachi couldn't live with his guilt and lost the will to live. When… when my brother died. I don't know how because i don't know the details. But he essentially replaced the dying Itachi. He has the younger's memories, and has continued his mission out of respect for the former's wish"

The Hokage grumbles quietly to himself. "You're turning out to be a larger headache than I originally thought. First you let a genin team comprised of your siblings no less go on a A-rank mission. Then you proceed to destroy the bridge you were supposed to be guarding. And now you tell me your brother hopped dimensions as well." The Hokage pulls out a sake bottle out of nowhere and started drinking directly from it without a cup. After downing the bottle he turned to Minato's picture on the wall. "This is your idea of a joke isn't it? You had a hand in this no doubt." He said accusingly at the smiling picture of his deceased successor.

Naruto sweat dropped.

"I wouldn't be surprised on my next health check if I had already formed an aneurysm because of you. I ought to give you the hat so you can deal with all the headaches you give me yourself". Said the Hokage composing himself.

Naruto raised his hand in Surrender "Wouldn't dream of it sir."

The Hokage sighed. "Your detour is approved as requested."

Naruto sighed in relief "Thank you Hokage-sama."

"Here's the dossier for the genin team they're bringing over. They only selected one team to join. Pass it to Kakashi after you're done." Tossing the file to Naruto who then proceeds to look over the files only to freeze in shock when he saw the the final sheet of paper. Hiruzen noticed him flinching quite badly.

"Is everything alright?"

All sound turned to white noise for Naruto who kept staring at the document of the last genin. There was a picture of the same girl he remembers seeing for the first time in a long time in that fishing village all those years ago was staring right back at him. The picture detailed a confident looking Kunoichi giving off the familiar smug smile he loves. That short rough black hair. Those pink eyes. He would never forget the girl he fell in love with on first sight. There smiling at him was his princess, Kurotsuchi. Albeit a few years younger than himself apparently.


Hiruzen only remember seeing a female genin grimaces. That girl was the grand daughter of Onoki. Seeing the face on Naruto, he was worried if Naruto would be able to keep calm when they meet.

"Back home... She was my wife."

Hiruzen froze, thankful for his ability to foresee hindsight more than ever. He had excused his Anbu guard before this meeting waiting for some privacy. After inhaling a deep breath he could only say one thing.


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