Naruto Namikaze: Curse of the Sharingan @pwhitestrake
Battle at the Bridge: Naruto Lets loose

Before I start this chapter I want to give all the credit to this Chapter to Plasticwolf94. We are working on this story together, I will be focusing more on the non combat and more dialogue related aspects of this Story. He will be focusing more on the combat aspects as well as ensuring the story remains in a fashion that makes the most sense. Even if some parts don't fit at first.

Like i said earlier the chapter was basically written by me fellow writer. The only input I had here was how the battle was going to end. And originally the announcement of Naruto's existence but that too was his idea. And improved upon what I had originally written for that scene.

As always neither I nor Plasticwolf94 own Naruto.


Recap: Last chapter

Flexing his muscles and rolling his neck in preparation Naruto stops a few feet in front of the dome mirrors. His left hand in front of him with a come hither motion, a Gunbai in his right, the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan blazes with determination as "The Next Madara" finally enters the battle stage of this world. "Now then Hunter of the Hidden Mist... Shall we dance?"


Hitomi stood there motionless. Why?

First, she and Sasuke had a hard time against the enemy nin, barely even landing a blow.

Second, her despair rose for every plan that he and her came up with failed.

Third, she nearly lost it when Sasuke blocked the hail of senbons that were supposed to be for her.

Fourth, her anger and guilt nearly reached their limit and if it weren't for her Naruto-Nii, she knew somewhere deep in her gut something horribly wrong would have happened.

Last but not least. The main reason why she was standing still... WAS BECAUSE HER BROTHER WAS FREAKING COOL!

It was no surprise that the moment she laid Sasuke down, Sakura started sobbing and asked a bunch of questions to a boy who wasn't even conscious. But that didn't matter. She kept her eyes on her brother. It was one thing to hear the tales of her brother's battle prowess. It was a completely different story in seeing them first hand.

The moment Naruto-nii entered the ice dome, he did some sort of taunt that got an immediate reaction. An Omni-Directional senbon attack! She was about to run to his side until she saw him do a side-flip and wave around that massive fan like weapon around in a 180 degree horizontal arc. It blew back all the senbons away, some of them even landing a few meters from her feet are. He started doing seals with only his left hand. Wait. Was that even possible? It had to be, seeing how some sort of crazy Raiton Jutsu just surged from his right hand and into that over sized fan. 'Wow, that's a massive Lightning Dragon... Maybe I should step back a bit.'

POV Change: Naruto

"Raiton: Rairyumuchi no Jutsu! (Lightning Release: Thunder Dragon Whip Technique)"

A thick lightning construct of a dragon forms from the tip of the Gunbai, slithering in the air. With each swing Naruto made he would deflect the senbons and the dragon would follow his movements like an elongated whip. At times, it would attack in an unpredictable manner as if it had a mind of its own causing the hunter to be lightly tasered by the edges from time to time. With his left Sharingan, he had already spotted the Hunter dashing from mirror to mirror. Waiting for the next interval, Naruto's left eye slowed the perception of time down to the point the hunter moved at a snail like pace.

'His speed was at mid Chunin level when fighting against my siblings. Now though, it's high Chunin breaking through to low Jounin level. Seems he was holding back on them. How curious'. Terminating his Raiton Jutsu, he engaged the hunter that was in mid-dash. Naruto caught the Hunter completely off guard by the sudden increase in his speed.

Spinning his body to deliver a mid air spinning kick to the chest, a loud "ompf" exits the mouth of the Hunter as their back slams into one of the many mirrors, cracking it deeply.

Seeing how the Hunter was groaning, Naruto paused for a bit so his opponent could get some air in their lungs... for all the good that it would do. Seeing how he felt the Hunter's eyes were on him, a smirk twists his lips as he taunts his downed opponent. "You better not be done. I'm just getting started." Playfully twirling the Gunbai in his right hand as if it weighed nothing, he stops as the tip of his weapon was pointed towards the Hunter. "And I want my pound of flesh. Ninpo: Kamaitachi no Jutsu (Ninja Art: Sickle Weasel Technique)."

Stepping back a bit, legs now shoulder width apart. He raised the fan to his right side, left hand now grabbing the end of the Gunbai handle while his right held the top part. Twisting his entire body with everything he had, Naruto swings the fan as if it were a baseball bat. The hunter would have been ripped to shreds if not for his quick thinking. Casting the Body Replacement technique the hunter switched places with a massive block of broken concrete nearby. Just as the many currents of wind were about to slam on the hunter, there in his place was only shredded dust.

POV Change:Haku

Quickly retreating into a mirror, Haku relaxes and tries to catch his breath from the near death experience. 'A lightning affinity where he is in full control of the element. A wind affinity strong enough to shred concrete stone to dust. Who is this person? How have we not heard about him? I can tell he's playing with me. If he decides to finish me off now, Zabuza-sama would not be able to handle the Copy-Nin with this monster as his backup... I need to step up my game even further.'

Launching out of the mirror. He forms the unique set of single handed seals for his technique. Breathing in, Haku shouts.

"Hijutsu: Sanzensatsu Suisho! (Secret Technique: Three Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death)".

Accumulating all the water Haku could focus on; the moisture in the air, the puddles on the ground, the water in the sea below. She claps her hands together then motions an arc towards his opponent forming an incredible amount of needle shaped water. He swings his hands towards the unknown enemy hoping this would be enough as his chakra levels were reaching a dangerous low point however in a cruel twist of fate...

"Katon: Kaen no Moya! (Fire Release: Inferno Haze)" A dense and slow moving fire erupts from the mouth of Haku's enemy. His technique slowly evaporating the needles that approached him.

'He has a fire affinity too!? ...Wait.' Haku forms a few water clones to try to distract the Konoha nin and so he could think for a bit, Haku retreats back into his mirrors and starts brainstorming.

Staring at his enemy's weapon. 'A Gunbai, his raven colored hair, that pale alabaster skin.' He flinches as he sees his clones being brutally dispatched, a war sickle now occupying his opponent's left hand. Eviscerating his water clones. 'Multiple elemental ninjutsu and he mentioned that I harmed his kin...wait his eyes...Dear God... He's an Uchiha too!'

"Ah so you finally deduced my identity haven't you my little Hunter"

Shocked as how he seemed to able to read his mind, Haku ironically froze.

"If you're wondering, no, I can't read your mind... but I can read your body language hahaha... I was wondering when you would figure it out. In my haste, I will admit that I may have been a bit too eager in revealing my eyes before engaging you. Seeing how you didn't give me a reaction till now... I guess you weren't quite paying attention to them." His arm snaking out he viciously snatches the last of the clones by the neck like a viper, he slowly raises the struggling body of water till

POP. He crushes the neck of the clone all the while keeping his eye on the mirror that Haku resided in.

"You and I both know I am toying around with you. In fact, not to sound too arrogant but I've been only expelling 10 to 15% of my effort to beat you and no I'm not exaggerating on the amount."

Shivering at the prospect that this Uchiha survivor had not even begun to start fighting seriously. Haku still stands motionless within the mirrors. They would keep him safe... right?

"No they wouldn't I have enough literal fire power to break you out of that mirror... But... What I have been trying to figure out this entire time... is your deal."

"Huh?" realizing a bit too late that he voiced that out loud, his hand covered the part of his mask where his mouth would have been.

"Before I intervened, I was standing nearby observing your battle with my siblings. I noticed something strange in your fighting style. I mean. You had plenty of chances to kill them but you hesitated. A Hunter Nin of Kiri was hesitating in killing off a couple of brats. So I waited and waited until when you went for the"

Bringing his free hand up, index and middle upright before bending it twice. ""Killing blow". All those restraints against them...' he shakes his head. '''The only reason why you are still alive is because I have yet to think of a reason as to why you are doing this. Why you put up with this farce."

Haku weighed his options. Now accepting that he is now in the complete mercy of his opponent. Surrenders. He dispels his mirrors to which they turn from solid then to liquid then fall lifelessly to the ground. Taking off his mask, he begins to explain his life. Clinging onto that small beacon of hope in his chest that if he explained, his opponent wouldn't kill him or worse... His Master. So he explained, his life before meeting Zabuza, before his mother was discovered of being a Kekkei Genkai User. How his only purpose in life is to be a tool of his master.

Pov Change: Hitomi

"Oh my god... that's Haku..." a disbelieving voice from Hitomi

"Wait how do you know about the enemy?" Sakura started paying attention to Naruto-sensei the moment she heard the loud crackle of lightning her Sensei emitted minutes ago.

"He's the person I met a few days ago in the forest. When I got tired and passed out from training. I remember him waking me up and we had a talk..."

"THAT'S A GUY!? Holy Hell! He's prettier than most girls back home!" As Sakura babbles on not realizing that her blonde teammate was no longer next to her, Hitomi starts walking to where Naruto-Nii was talking with Haku.

"That is why I live to serve Zabuza-sama"

Finally arriving, she stares at Haku tears welling, begging to whatever God out there for this to be a bad dream. "Please tell that isn't you Haku-Chan"

"I'm afraid it is Hitomi-san" A sad smile on the revealed Hunter's face.

"You know her Hitomi-Chan?" Naruto asks surprised that his sister knew of the enemy.

"Yea... and she's a he Onii-Chan"

"WHAT!?" As both Hunter and Uchiha exclaim, they stare at each other after registering that the other had said the same thing. They have a chuckle at the moment. Loosening some of the tension that surrounded the bridge.

"Onii-Chan... Please don't kill him. He's a nice person... may-maybe we can convince Zabuza to stop fighting." She grasped onto her brother's arm, her eyes pleading him to not kill her friend-revealed-enemy.

"I have to ask, why does she call you her brother while you also claim for the younger Uchiha member to be your sibling as well?." Haku asked, wondering if they were actually related or not. Or if perhaps the 2 she fought against were engaged and Hitomi was his opponent's sister in law. Surprising Haku, he says he's indeed related to them both. A parent each from both of the younglings.

Hitomi's eyes have not broken off from her brother's the entire time. Relenting Naruto sighs. "Fine, I'll convince Kakashi not to-" The sound of a thousand chirping birds interrupts her brother and a pale blue light was now emanating where Kakashi and Zabuza were supposed to be.

"ZABUZA-SAMA!" Seeing how Haku dashed off, Hitomi was about to run after her friend until she left a strong arm pulling her back.

"Shit! Hitomi-Chan don't go! You'll get hurt! I'll keep them safe! Stay back!" She sees her brother quickly enter some sort of vortex and disappears from her sight. Taking a moment to think, she decides to ignore her brother's warning and heads to where Haku ran off to.

POV Change: Naruto

'That bleeding imbecile! He better not be dead when I get there!' Cursing at how uncharacteristically impulsive this Haku character was being, Naruto hurriedly exits the Kamui portal where he sensed Kakashi was.

There was good news and bad news. Good news being, yes he was now near Kakashi, portal above him giving him a bird's eye view of the vicinity. Bad news being, his colleague had too much momentum in him and he couldn't stop in his tracks as Haku was in between Kakashi and his target: Zabuza's chest.

'I didn't think I would have reveal this so soon. Already in his hand was a familiar looking kunai that had a tri pronged head. Throwing it at the space between Haku and Zabuza he disappears in a black flash as he suddenly materializes between his targets.

'This is gonna hurt a bit' recklessly increasing the output of chakra into his left eye. He grabs a hold of the two Kiri Nin, and tugs hard. Their bodies now deep enough in the Kamui dimension that they would be intangible for a few seconds...just in time too as a lightning covered fist passes right through all 3 bodies. This happening all within the span of 3 seconds.

"What the!?" As Kakashi makes a brake and spins around ready to charge again, Naruto holds out the universal hand sign of "Stop".

"Haku? What the hell just happened?" A tired gruff muffled voice speaks out.

"I'm not sure master."

"Naruto... was that the-"

"All of you shut up so I can nurse this headache and make sure I stop seeing things in 3." Not used to feeling the sudden whiplash of his father's fabled teleportation technique, Naruto crouches to try to breath. Hoping he won't embarrass himself by vomiting.

After finally gathering his bearings, he walks over to where his Kunai had landed. He picks it up and hides it away in his pouch. Though Kakashi and Zabuza saw the shape of the throwing weapon.

"Now, seeing as how you, Zabuza, look wrecked beyond Sunday and being mauled by do-... Oi why are you a chew toy?"

"Yo" Kakashi gives a two finger salute.

"Ah right. Anyway seeing as how you are in no shape or form to fight, and pretty boy over here surrendering to me. I'm calling an end to this battle."

"If you think that I will surrender just because of-"

"How much did you charge Gato for your services?"


"Did I stutter? How much did you charge him?".

A stare of incredulity forms on Zabuza's face... and on Haku's... and on Kakashi's... and on Hitomi-

"Hitomi! What are you doing here!? I told you to get back!"

"Haku is someone precious to me, I wasn't going to leave him all by himself! What kind of Hokage would I be if I did?" A pout unfitting on the battlefield adorns his sister's face...

'That cute little minx, she's starting to see how much she can manipulate me, I'd be proud of her if it weren't for the fact it was happening to me' sighing out loud he asks Zabuza again, accepting to let his sister listen in. "Just tell me how much you charged him."

A reluctant Zabuza answers "A solid 500K Ryo upon completion".

"Holy Crap that's a lot!"

"Actually Hitomi, for work like this it should be more than that. Especially if it was a specific assassination order and considering how valuable Tazuna is to Wave, Zabuza here could have easily requested double the amount." Kakashi now seeing that combat wasn't going to resume anytime soon slowly discharges his Raikiri. After it safely dispells he limps over to the group as he covers his left eye.

All were waiting for Naruto's response or at least an explanation as to why he asked.

"He's not gonna pay you".

Zabuza in spite of being hurt, had enough energy to let waves of anger roll off his body "Talk".

Nodding, Naruto continues. "From my investigation of Gato, he doesn't pay mercs over 300K Ryo . He would hire some goons to take care of the mercenary when they were dead tired so they couldn't properly defend themselves. So he could save his cash." Suddenly remembering that he dispatched some goons earlier, Naruto summons a Shadow Clone. "Bring Tazuna here along with Sasuke and Sakura. We need to regroup." The clone nods and heads off.

"We need to regroup Naruto-Nii?"

"Yes. On the way here I came across a group of thugs who were decked out with weapons heading somewhere. If what I know about Gato is true he most likely was banking on today for Zabuza and Haku to confront us and either be dead or near death so he could finish the job himself."

"How can I trust you considering you're currently holding all of the cards at the moment" asked Zabuza who surprisingly was somewhat allowing the dogs that are still biting him to continue what they were doing. Either ignoring them or too numb to feel anything from blood loss.

"If I were holding all the cards then I wouldn't need to lie. Tell you what, I'm confident to the point where I'll leave my left eye as collateral." Everyone except for the butcher of Kiri widened their eyes in shock.

"And what's so special about your eyes-... Holy Crap..." Mid sentence Naruto stared directly at Zabuza letting him see the Mangekyou Sharingan in all it's glory. "That's why Zabuza".

"Fine, I'll go along with you for the moment. I know what you are capable of if that kunai you've hidden has any meaning to it and I do not want to be slaughtered today. Plus I can tell Haku is tired while you aren't even sweating a bit."

A few moments pass in a comfortable silence as a pink haired kunoichi, a screaming elderly man scared shitless at the fact Zabuza was inches away from him and a passed out Uchiha youngling being held by the clone of his older dimensional brother finally arrive. Just as they do, everyone could hear the rattling of steel and the mumbling of men.

The mist clears showing a mob of men standing at the end of the bridge. With a short blob in a business suit standing in front of the group.

"You disappoint me Zabuza! Here I was hoping one of you would be dead by now! No matter, you all look tired and exhausted. Oh well, this will just make my killing of you all the more sweeter!" Some of the men behind Gato snickering no doubt excited at the prospect in killing some Shinobis.

"Well I'll be damned... you were right. Oi Kakashi, get rid these dogs, my quarrel with you is over. Haku toss a kunai to my mouth I'm-"

"No" A deep baritone voice comes from the elder Uchiha in a rare tone from him that sounded like a hungry demon waiting to prey upon the living.

"I haven't got my fill of battle yet, and seeing how my sister was able to change my mind in killing you Kiri Nin..." The killing intent rolls off of Naruto increasing in volume the longer he speaked to the point that even Zabuza could feel it "I want them as COMPENSATION!"

Not wanting to come between the blood thirsty Uchiha everyone takes a step back away from him.

"Doton: Shizumeru Ashikubi no Jutsu. (Earth Release: Sinking Ankle Technique)."

As Naruto slams his right foot into the ground activating his technique. Haku whispers a sigh of annoyance seeing a fourth affinity and at this point giving up and just accepting that he most likely has a water affinity as well.

The mob of men let out a scream of confusion as they see their feet sinking into the stone pavement below. They stopped sinking once the floor reached up to their knees. As some of the smarter thugs realize just what's about to happen Gato screams. "What do you think you're doing!? Do you know who I am!? Stop this at once!" Gato panics seeing how there was no reaction from the black haired man who was slowly walking towards them. "Zabuza! Stop him!"

Deadpanning "Unless I'm going deaf I distinctly remember hearing that you wanted me dead. Haku is it just me or am I going deaf?"

In an equal tone of deadpanning "Neither master, he vocally called for your death as well as mine."

Now pale Gato wildly offers to anyone who would listen. Money, mansions, women! "You blondie! I'll give you anything you want! You look like a girl who likes attention what is it you want? Men? Slaves? Dru-" A gasp of pain exits Gato's mouth, looking down he sees several kunai protruding out of his body.

"Don't. you. dare. talk. to. her. you. WORTHLESS. SLIME!" Chakra violently pours out of Naruto slamming into everyone in the vicinity. The dog summons latched onti Zabuza are dispelled forcefully by the sheer volume of foreign chakra that hit them. "I was going to kill you and be done with it... but now I don't want even a tiny speck of you existing on the same planet as my little sister." After Naruto slings his Gunbai and seals his sickle into the storage tattoo on his arm and he then focuses an ungodly amount of chakra into his eyes. After powering them up to a familiar level he stares up at the clouds that have been formed since the day before. Perfect. He sends a quick atmospheric Raiton Jutsu into the heavens above. He then closes his eyes to concentrate.

As he takes a deep breath, Naruto remembers the comfortable crackle of lightning on his skin.

Lines of blue electricity start forming across his left arm. He slowly raises it up out in front of him

He remembers the rush of blood being supercharged by plasma.

A construct of lightning blitz itself into his left palm, it's form starting to take the shape of a bow. His feet shifts into the archer's stance.

He remembers the euphoric feeling of thunder racing through his bones.

The clouds above darken and flash continuously as the electricity in the air builds.

Naruto remembers the first time he used lightning to run, the wind rushing past his skin. Power unrestrained, no longer chained up deep within him.

The lightning gradually turns from blue to white, pulling the bowstring with his right hand a diamond arrow head forms, bulking up in size as seconds ticked away.

"Holy Shit..." Zabuza wisely speaks with the group not far behind. The preposterous amount of chakra build up was enough for Sasuke to jolt up in alarm. His Sharingan had finally activated from the act of protecting his teammate. With those eyes wide open, he stares silently at his half brother, in awe at the power he possessed. The image of pure power forever imprinted in his memory.

"Kakashi, pull them back, this will sting them if they are too close."

Not doubting the words of his colleague he picks up Sasuke while Haku does the same for his master. Sakura helps Tazuna along leaving Hitomi the last to depart as she looks behind at her brother once again, worried about his safety.

"I'll be safe, go. I'll be right behind you dear sister." Hearing those words Hitomi departs to where Kakashi was: the other end of the bridge.

Gato now seeing just how royally screwed he was, pleads his final bargain. "Please! I'll give you anything! You MUST want something!"

Coldly looking into the corrupted filth's eyes Naruto says his piece. "I want... your screams." he aims his bow to the heavens and lets, the ridiculously over powered lightning arrow, fly.

"Indra no Ya. (Indra's Bow)."

POV change: Hitomi

The deafening silence overlaps any sound at the moment the arrow hits the clouds. What followed was something that would be written in the future history books of the elemental nations. A discharge of an impossibly large lightning bolt came crashing down to where Gato and his men were trapped. Causing a massive explosion that resulted in a huge mushroom cloud. From where Hitomi and the rest was, they had to hold onto whatever they could find that wasn't flying off. Team 7 used what they had learnt from the water walking exercises days ago and were now thanking Kami that they did. Fiercely sticking their feet to the ground they held on for dear life.

Haku did the same but with his chakra levels were all but depleted the winds finally overpower him. Haku closes his eyes in sadness and prays that Zabuza forgives him for being a failure. As a tear flies off his face, he would have flung to his death if it weren't for the hand...of his master.

Zabuza saw Haku about to be thrown to his death. In a rare moment of desperation he reaches out just as the epiphany he's been struggling with all these years finally hits him. 'I stopped seeing you as a tool long ago! You are starting to feel like the son I never had! I... I! I am not going to let you die!'

Zabuza, summoning the energy he did not know he possessed, he grabs hold of his boy and let's out a might warcry pouring anything and everything he had to his feet so he could protect him. He shields his kid's body from the winds and anchors himself to the ground.

Tazuna was the only person being comically flung around in the air while holding onto Kakashi's hand.

As the dust clears, the result of that jutsu was shown. The entire bridge was obliterated with a massive crater on the end where Gato and his men were... Along with a massive chunk of the forest missing...

"...Holy F-"

"Language dear sister" Screaming at the sudden entrance, she sees her brother perfectly unharmed then runs to hug him out of relief.


"... I may have overreacted a bit"

"A bit...? ... A BIT?! I'LL KILL YOU!" a foaming Tazuna attempts to take down his mortal enemy as Kakashi and Team 7 subdue him. A sheepish looking Naruto rubs the back of his head. A physical tick he seemed to have inherited from his father and shared with his sister.

Scene Change

The people of Konoha have gathered in the city square of the village. Both civilians and Shinobi turned up to see what was the urgent announcement their Hokage wanted to make. Some of those gathered, have an inkling as to what it could be about. Concerning a juicy rumor about a certain Jonin.

Sarutobi Hizuzen, stood proudly at the balcony of the Hokage tower, taking in the breathtaking view of his village. Never once getting tired of such a sight.

Team 7 along with their co-instructors would be arriving soon along with a couple of surprise guests. They stayed in Wave longer than scheduled due something Kakashi vaguely described as "Atonement for the crimes against nature." Whatever that meant.

The delay however caused some unforeseen repercussions within his village. His advisers prodded for information subtly about a certain Jonin. A few of his councilors did so as well, surprisingly. He would tell them to cease their inquiries but they persisted resulting him scolding at his council. Many were starting to believe that he was slowly becoming mistrustful to his troops due some misunderstandings he has no idea about. "What on earth could the Hokage be keeping from us?" was the unasked question that lingered in the air after every meeting. Something he couldn't allow any longer.

So with Naruto's consent and blessing they decided that the Hokage would announce it today. However Naruto wanted the Hokage to promise him some form of privacy from the public in exchange for the announcement, which Hiruzen gladly agreed to.

'It would be best to announce about Naruto of his supposed 'return' to the village before word of mouth and rumors reached them.' Clearing his throat he applied Chakra to his vocal cords.

"People of Konoha. It is my great pleasure to announce the existence of a certain Shinobi. I'm sure word has already spread about a mysterious new Jonin has been roaming about. I am proud to inform you that, that Jonin's name is Namikaze Naruto! The secret offspring of our very own 4th Hokage!" Pausing to let that bombshell of information seep into his audience's head he continues.

"Due to circumstances surrounding his birth 19 years ago, he was hidden away from the public for his safety. However he has finally arrived home about 2 months ago after completing his training. As we speak he is outside of these walls helping our village by protecting his teammates and completing his mission. I ask you to give him a warm welcome to when he finally introduces himself to our community!"

A loud cheer of joy was being sung out by the villagers. Strangers hugging each other, happy to know that the beloved 4th Hokage had left behind a legacy. After the excitement died down a bit the Hokage continued. "That being said, I have some unfortunate news. Due to his upbringing he is an extremely shy person and may come off as blunt but please, I beg of you, do not be offended. As explained, because of his safety he had been secluded. He had minimal interaction with the public till recently. So please forgive him for when he acts callous or cruel. He isn't. He simply doesn't know how to show his emotions and how to act. As a fellow Konoha Shinobi and citizen of the Hidden leaf and Fire country I ask you all to respect his privacy and give him space and time until he feels more comfortable with us. Thank you for your time and have a good evening."

As the people below scatter, no doubt wanting to go celebrate in some form of fashion, Hiruzen smiles to himself. If anyone were to look at him now, they would see their loving 3rd Hokage giving a smile that could chill one to the bone. And why not, this was revenge for all the headaches and migraines he's been receiving from the moment this dimensional hopping Shinobi popped into his own. For every future headache he would make as well. He suspected something big happened in Wave but he didn't want to know until Hiruzen was knee deep in his 7th cup of sake. He was happy knowing he would introduce Naruto to the fear inducing creatures that haunted all male prodigal Shinobi. Fangirls

Post chapter notes.there is a Difference between the Lightning Style: Indras arrow and Indras bow.the technique has 3 stages.the First is a single focused jutsu called lightning has an Area effect of 5 comsumes the average chakra cost of a B rank jutsu.

Indras Arrow is a mid level S class technique. it Takes the most time to charge however it is Mainly a technique used for ambushes that you have time to prepare for.the Size of the technique depends on Chakra input, preparation time and hoe skilled one his with Lightning Nature transformation.It is highly effective as an area effect technique but also relies on conduits as it arches.thats why Naruto had Fugaku spread kunais around. or a body of is a clean kill technique meaning those under the technique die quickly and painlessly.

Now Indras bow as you saw in this chapter is a "f*k you and your entire family" type of technique.It is quicker to prepare than Indras arrow.but also consumes alot more chakra.indras arrow consumed a quarter of Naruto's chakra when Naruto Had only about twice the Amount of Chakra that the third Hokage had.Now Naruto has 8 Times as much chakra than the third Hokage and it takes one fourth of his chakra. Naruto developed the final step to this technique while in Hiding and used it to kill Roshi. Son Gokus Jinchuuriki.It is so potent it doesn't even leave a skeleton behind and is a highly destructive technique.Naruto Mainly uses it when he has already asured certain victory because of the huge chakra requirements. or is in a desparate corner like in his final battle in his home dimension.

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