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Naruto Namikaze: Curse of the Sharingan @pwhitestrake
Intro: Itachi Namikaze

Itachi woke up to a bright Light bothering his eyes. He wasn't supposed to be awake.

After all he knew he was supposed to have died.

He opened his eyes and saw himself being surrounded by forest flora.

Standing up he looked around and saw a person back turned to him. He approached the person. "Excuse me, but where I am."

Itachi asked.

The person turned around surprising Itachi by the fact it was the First Hokage.

"Itachi Namikaze." The first Hokage spoke.

Itachi frozen and speechless could only nod dumbly.

"Welcome Itachi. To the in between worlds."

Said the Hokage.

Itachi looked around "Am I dead.?"

Hashirama motioned for him to sit down on a nearby bench. "Yes. But not completely. You see Itachi. I'm not necessarily the same first Hokage you knew. I am from a similar dimension to your own. You see our dimensions are so similar you could say they are the same. But at the same time their not. Where yours is trife with warfare, mine at least has known some peace for your Generation. And where Mine has known peace yours has known suffering. And it is this suffering which opens the path for understanding. And Understanding after all is the key to love, if not blinded by hate. It is this reason why your brother, is able to be so completely in love with a Kunoichi that is not from Konoha nor her allies.

Because they have such a deep understanding of each other, they simply cannot hate the other. Do you understand?". Itachi nodded "I think i do".

Hashirama then spoke again "Another thing that Separates your world from mine. Is that the War your generation endured has Shaped you into the toughest Shinobi i ever seen. Even some shinobi in my clan and the uchiha weren't as strong as your generation during the clan wars.

And although my Konoha has produced strong shinobi. It pales in comparison with your own.

And because I've seen what is to come. I prepared a ritual that would allow me to pull to people from another Dimension. And I've been watching you closely. If you were to accept, however. The Itachi from my world It's a teen who on the inside is suffering. He had been forced to kill his own clan or face war. Only his mother and little brother remained. His torment is so great little by little his soul is dying. And causing in turn. For he to die to. Which will leave him unable to fulfill his task". Itachi weighed his options. "What happens if I refuse." Hashirama smiled "Despite your actions in war. Your soul remains pure. So pure you would be allowed to be with your family again. But my world without the 2 i picked would be doomed to fail. Even if its champions are alive. And thousands would suffer."

Itachi sighed. He couldn't let others suffer.

He hated to see people suffer. Rescuing defenseless civilians is what got him killed in the first place. "I'll do it. But i have some questions".

Hashirama nodded. "First, how will I know what to do?." Itachi asked "The knowledge will already be present." Hashirama answered. "Second, who is the other". Itachi asked the second question "You will know when the time is right." A bright light filled Itachi and he disappeared from the clearing.

Hashirama sighed 'Now I got to figure out how to transport someone who doesn't even exist in my dimension in the first place.' He suddenly had a brilliant idea.

With Itachi.

The soul of the older Itachi fused with the Almost empty husk of his younger body. Revitalizing and breathing new life into it. While he was unconscious the older consciousness absorbed the younger. Itachi woke up 7 hours later more refreshed than he had ever been.

He looked around himself and saw the he had been in a bed.

The room around him was rather spartan with only one other bed in the room.

The door opened and someone semi familiar stepped through "You ok Itachi. You've been asleep for almost 10 hours now you barely sleep." Said kisame. "Yeah, Im feeling better. Lets just go". Replied Itachi.

2 years later.

Itachi and Kisame where done doing missionary work for their organization. Itachi had been able to adjust rather well. Walking through the deep forest of fire country. Ridiculously close to Konoha. It was 9 at night when he suddenly felt a rather familiar chakra signature. Itachi smiled.

He had just gotten some downtime. maybe he'd go trackdown his wayward brother.

Almost a month later.

"It is good to see you again. Naru-nii."

Naruto turned around

His little brother Itachi stood there. 2 years older now. Naruto took in the form of his brother "Y-your here."

Itachi looked at him. "Yes, been here since It that day. Hashirama-sama had been kind enough to fill me to what role I was supposed to play. I never thought I'd be seeing you here."

Naruto nodded "I thought I was here on my own.

It was only the fact that Hashirama-sama told me id get my second chance here. And the fact Lord Hokage saddled me with a family to think about.

Else I would have gone mad."

He said moving to sit down. In a Sakura tree that had been to his right.

"How did you know i was here Tachi'?"

Naruto asked him.

"I was near Konoha when i felt your chakra appear out of nowhere."

Naruto nodded. He turned to his brother that had sat down next to him. "How have you been. I couldn't exactly be easy you know. Living as a S-rank missing nin, one branded as a kinslayer at that." Itachi took a packet of pocky offering some to his elder brother "You know Naruto. I love Konoha, and i hate war. If it means no more children would be sacrificed for war and that we could have a few more years of peace. I would do it again." Itachi told him.

Naruto looked at him "And prey tell me what did you tell Sasuke about the Mangekyou."

Itachi chuckled "I wasn't here then but i got the Youngers me memories. He wanted Sasuke to kill him, as a sort of redemption. He didn't know what we know." Naruto accepted the explanation.

Taking a pocky stick Itachi asked him "How is this family the Hokage tasked you with."

Naruto smiled "there's our mother. She was slightly skeptical at first but quickly warmed up to the Idea. Sasuke was surprisingly easy to win over although he just refers me as Naruto or Naruto-sensei. I got saddled with Kakashi, he is surprisingly the same as in our own. Emotional saddle, regretting the past. Then there's the crown jewel of the family. Hitomi-chan. She is the daughter of Dad and Step mom.

The Kyuubi jinchuuriki."

Itachi stopped.

"Naruto. Even though on the books im a missing nin i also work as a double agent for the Hokage and Jiraiya-sama. I'm in an organization whose goal is to capture the Jinchuuriki. The leader calls himself pain, he has the Rinnegan in both eyes. And says he is going to use the Bijuu, to build a weapon to bring peace." Naruto stopped. "There can only be one reason why he wants the tailed beast." He told Itachi.

Itachi nodded "What was in that stone anyway."

Naruto looked at him "If my hunch is right. Then Your leader is after the same monster i once went after."

Itachi looked at him oddly.

"Naruto. What happened after I die."

Naruto sighed in regret. "After I got your eyes i read the stone tablet. It spoke about the Sharingan its stages and how to get them. And after the section on the abilities of the Mangekyou. It spoke of how the tailed beast were once part of the same being. Who apparently brought peace by casting a Genjutsu upon the moon. Me and Fugaku Laid the foundations. By then I had become an agreeable friend with the Kyuubi. Kurama tried to warn me about the stone being tampered with. But with your death. I became desperate. I was afraid to…"

Naruto stopped unsure for a second. Itachi still nibbling on his pocky stick said "I know about your relationship with the Iwa Kunoichi. At first I didn't like it. But as saw how happy you two where so i left you two alone and never said anything." Naruto nodded.

"I was afraid to lose Kurotsuchi.

You know that day I got the Summon about your condition. I was with her talking about kids." He said with a fond smile. But then he frowned "But i knew i had been poisoned with something. And when you died. I was afraid to lose kuro-chan.

But I also saw the clouds gathering. So i Betrayed Konoha. I faded my imagined by Killing Danzo's entire root division. Jiraiya gave chase to me but i was determined. I would unleashed the infinite tsukuyomi. And bring peace to the elemental nations.

I went into hiding to train.

6 months later I awoke my Rinnegan and since it has its own self awareness it aided me in training.a year and a half later. I attacked the hidden rock and made sure to be seen.

And when kurotsuchi saw me. She gave chase to me. Those eyes filled with heartbreak and betrayal. I wanted to comfort her but I knew what I had to do. She begged me to stop. She begged me to come to my senses. But i just summoned the Kyuubi and proceeded into attacking her.

For 3 days we fought. The Jinchuuriki of iwa arrived to her aid. But even then I continued to push them.

On the third day, my chakra was running low.

The poison no longer stopped by my or the kyuubi's chakra nor the medical cocktail continued to wreck havoc on my body. Until i had to kneel. Kurotsuchi pressed the advantage and had han restrain me. Then she did something that made me realize how much of a fool I had been."

Itachi looked at him. Eyebrow raised 'What could make nii-san falter.' He asked himself.

Naruto looked at him Mangekyou activated. "Why don't I show you."

Itachi felt himself shift as the world around him shifted.

He looked around and saw the Kyuubi being restrained by the five tails. The image before him was still. Suddenly his brother appeared. "Follow me Itachi."

Itachi nodded and silently followed his older brother until they came to be in front of the Kunoichi. Battered red battledress that accentuated he legs and hugged her curves. Her short black hair and black eyes tear stained. Naruto sighed as he played the memory ti his brother

Memory scene

Moments later he reappeared in front of the mother of his child.

.But before she could completely even set her daughter on the altar she felt Naruto appear.

Placing down the baby, Kurotsuchi took up a Kunai prepared to defend her precious little girl.

Inside she prayed to Whatever deity existed that the man turned monster in front of her held some shred of her husband humanity. And that he would at least spare a child.

She held onto that hope as she saw the tears form and fall from his face. For the first time since she married Naruto. She felt a shift in his chakra. Gone was the cold and foul feel.

Even the darkness was more comforting

Then she heard him speak "I can't believe I won't live long enough to see her grow up."

Kurotsuchi's hope bloomed a bit more "Naruto just surrender… I'm sure we could show you some leniency."

Naruto shook his head. "Kurotsuchi. During the attack on Kumo i was hit by an unknown poison. No doctor left alive could cure it. I could only buy time." Kurotsuchi felt her hopes go up in smoke once more. She looked at Naruto. "Kuro-hime. Im dying. And when i did i wanted to ensure that our family…" he was interrupted by a coughing fit. She looked as more and more blood fell from his mouth. She yelled at him "WHY DID YOU LEAVE?! WE COULD HAVE BEEN A FAMILY"

Naruto looked at the baby who had woken up crying at the sound of her mother's scream. "I never wanted for any children i would have fathered with you to be born into a broken world.

I failed at that. I've failed at protecting my brothers. I broke the promise I made mother. I failed you. I'm a failure that failed everyone. Care for her Kurotsuchi. Because the curse of hatred will come around full circle. War will start again."

He weaved hand seals and using his connection to the Kyuubi sealed the beast up into the one year old using the 7 tetragram seal.

Naruto took his last remaining Kunai. It was the special kind his father used and handed it to Kurotsuchi. "If you still love me end my suffering".

She took his kunai trembling and stabbed his heart. sobbing into his armored chest. Naruto hugged her one last time and uttered his last words to her "I love you Kurotsuchi Namikaze. Always, in this life and the next."

Scene break

Itachi had tears in his eyes, he had a niece.

He looked as his brother "I don't know what to say." Naruto himself having tears falling down his face "I have viewed this scene a thousand times in my mind. I don't even know my own daughter's name. I, You know Kakashi asked me if I had a chance to get the Kurotsuchi of this dimension.

He asked me if would take it. I would, if only to get a semblance of the family i once had. Itachi" naruto paused swiping the tears from his eyes "Your here too. If only Dad and Kushina had been alive. If Hideiyoshi was here. But at least i got you. And ill fight to bring you home too. I could never get back what I willingly threw away but no one ever said no to trying again".

The two brothers just hugged.

Itachi broke the hug. And took out a scroll.

"This is a contract I have with the ravens. I want to sign it. At least will be in contact with each other."

Naruto nodded and but his thumb signing the contract with his blood.

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