Naruto Namikaze: Curse of the Sharingan @pwhitestrake
Genin exams and wave missions

Next day. 8:00 am

Three hungry genin waited around for their two Sensei to arrive.

Kakashi and Naruto turned up at the same time.

"Sorry im Late. I had to save a cat that was stuck in a tree for an old lady."

On cue Naruto picked up "Yeah im sorry i'm late too. A lady was walking a black cat so i had to take the long way around".

Sakura jumped and pointed an accusatory finger at them "liar" Sasuke and Hitomi where to annoyed. Both had Large tick marks on their foreheads, eyebrows twitching.

Kakashi pulled an alarm out of his pocket.

"This is set to noon. Your task is to get these bells". He said holding 2 silver bells. Sakura asked "Sensei there's only 2 bells."

Kakashi chuckled and eye smiled "Good your catching on. Who ever doesn't get a bell. Will be tied to a post. And watch as their teammate eats their lunch in front of them. And that person will return to the academy. If none of you get a bell by noon you will be sent back to the academy."

The 3 genin were caught off guard. 'I can't fail now. I've gotten this far to simply fail'. Thought Hitomi. Sasuke was thinking the same sakura whoever was on a different cloud 'cha. I can get a bell for me and sasuke-kun then we will be on a team alone.'

Naruto watched all of them 'Sasuke and Hitomi. I hope you catch the meaning of this test.'

Kakashi raised a hand "go" he shouted dropping his hand. The 3 students dispersed.

Naruto activated his Mangekyou and became Ethereal to make sure that he wasn't interfering with the test.

'the first lesson of Shinobi is camouflage and concealment. They got that down.' Kakashi thought.

'lets see. Sasuke is 34 yards north west.

Sakura is hiding on a bush. 15 yards away.

Hitomi, she's using the Shadow clone jutsu. Setting traps perhaps.

Indeed she was. She focused her violet orbs into an immobilizing trap.

She had made a few shadow clones to set traps around. 'kuso. There has to be some hidden meaning to this test. It doesn't make sense, why separate us into squads if one of us it to fail'.

20 yards to the east Sasuke's mind was running through the same thoughts. He decided to take a shot at his sensei first. Throwing some kunai the direction Kakashi was standing before jumping down and running at the masked man.

He jumped and went for a spinning kick which Kakashi blocked. He twisted and. Tried to punch his sensei in the stomach. Kakashi caught the punch and threw him across the clearing. Sasuke ran at his sensei again and dropped for a spinning kick that kakashi evaded.

Using the momentum from the spinning kick he threw a roundhouse kick to the ribs of his jounin sensei. Kakashi told himself 'Lesson one Taijutsu'

He stayed on the defensive as Sasuke attempted to land a hit or take a swipe at the bells.

"Ugh" sasuke cries in frustration.

He disengaged kakashi and hops back 5 paces before running throw hand signs "Fire Style. Fireball jutsu" he said bringing the tiger seal to his mouth and unleashing a red hot fireball.

Letting go of the Jutsu. He looked to see a burnt log where Kakashi once stood "Damn. Replacement." He whispered to himself. Before feeling a presence behind him "You know Sasuke-chan. That wasn't very know was it". Sasuke look back where his sensei crouched. Holding a tiger sign that was quickly approaching him.

He heard Kakashi yell "Konoha Secret jutsu: One thousand years of Pain."

Sasuke prepared for the worst when he felt it…

"Yeeeeewww". Sasuke yelled as he flew across the clearing only to splash in the water.

Naruto still in his spectral form raised an eyebrow "Kakashi. Did you just give Sasuke a chakra powered Finger poke where the sun don't shine?". He asked. Kakashi looked at him "It worked didn't it."

Naruto fell over and burst out laughing.

Kakashi waved "I have other students to test." And flickered away.

Hitomi saw what her sensei did to sasuke and gulped. "Damn. Can't take him on my own."

She saw her sensei stand in a tree nearby. Making a shadow clone "Go to Sasuke and tell the teme, that we have to work together to formulate some sort of plan"

She shadow clone nodded and ran away.

She took a deep breath and attacked her sensei. She opened up by sending 6 shadow clones ahead of her. Which did absolutely nothing but confirm her theory. She watched as they where dispelled. Kakashi looked straight ahead "You want to try where Sasuke failed?". He taunted. She gulped and brought her hands on a cross sign. "Multi Shadow clone jutsu". She called out. "Kakashi narrowed his eye 'She has this much chakra' "you know Hitomi-chan that may have worked on Mizuki. But it wont work on me." Kakashi continued to taunt. She launched all her shadow clones at her sensei before making a hasty retreat to finding her teammate.

She found Sasuke still talking to the clone.

"Sasuke. There's no way we can take on Kakashi on our own." The clone stated "You think I don't know that". Sasuke yelled. Hitomi cancelled the clone. When the Hitomi in front of Sasuke disappeared in a puff of smoke. Sasuke saw the real Hitomi approaching him. "We gotta find Sakura. As much as it pains me to say it. It's gonna take the three of us to defeat kakashi" stated Hitomi. Sasuke nodded they would deal with the bells.

A scream was heard through the forest.

Instantly Hitomi and Sasuke knew where Sakura stood.

On the other side of the training ground. Same time

"You know i think your starting to enjoy torturing the kids". Said Naruto.

Kakashi shrugged "In the file stated she was good with Genjutsu. If she can't even recognize a D-rank Genjutsu then she's not fit to be a Kunoichi." Naruto nodded grimly, understanding what he meant. "I'll talk to her if they pass. I won't have another coffin on my conscience. Maybe she would do better as a medic nin." Naruto told Kakashi.

Kakashi sighed to himself. 'if they pass.'

To his surprise he had to substitute out of the way as a hail of shuriken. Made towards his position.

Naruto powering up his Kamui again becoming intangible watched as what he recognized 2 shadow clones. One henged to look as sasuke engaged Kakashi as The real Hitomi and Sasuke collected Sakura and jumped away 'They may just make it' he thought to himself.

30 minutes later

Kakashi stood 45 minutes had passed since the start of the test and things were starting to look up. He looked up from his book as Hitomi showed up with an Army of shadow clones at her back "You disappoint me Hitomi-chan. I thought

I told you that wouldn't work"

Hitomi 'humped' as she charged kakashi with her shadow clones. As Kakashi popped shadow clones out of existence Sasuke jumped from his position and used the Fireball jutsu aimed at Kakashi's back. Jumping back Hitomi watched as Sakura launched kunai at Shuriken at where Kakashi was supposed to be.

Kakashi Smiled. 'so they caught on hm'

He engaged them on and off until the bell rang

Kakashi looked at the three students lay panting in the ground as the bell rang.

Sasuke gritted his teeth "Damn. We couldn't get a bell" he said as the 3 genin were sitting around a tree. Each one sporting their own set of cuts and bruises.

Sakura being the best of.

Kakashi stood watching them.

"Well. None of you got a bell. You know what that means don't you."

Hitomi looked at Kakashi. "At least we tried our best. Even working together we couldn't get a damn bell from you".

Kakashi eye smile

"You all pass"

Kakashi told them as Naruto appeared next to kakashi.


yelled the three gennin.

Naruto himself chuckled a little before becoming serious and speaking to them "This test served a purpose. We have to see if you could work together. Many shinobi have fallen because they didn't work together with their teammates." The three gennin nodded. Naruto looked at kakashi "go ahead. I'll take them there."

He made a shadow clone and together they took the children to were the memorial stone stood.

"Sit." The three gennin sat down.

"Do you know what this is.''

Asked Kakashi

The three gennin shook their heads.

Naruto put his hand in the monument. "This Rock you see here is a monument to all the heroes of this village. Each name here fell defending the Village. All of them heroes." Naruto stated.

The three kids where somber "Why are you showing us this." Asked hitomi. Naruto looked at Kakashi. "You three aren't the first team seven. In fact there's kind of a petition going around to Discontinue the moniker. Team 7 is a legendary team chosen only once every generation.

The teams began with The first Hokage when he took on his students. Lord third being one of them. Then the Third Hokage took on his own team seven. We know them as the Legendary Sannin. Jiraiya-sama continued the torch taking a team seven of his own. Mikoto Uchiha." Kakashi began. Sasuke looked up "Minato Namikaze." Hitomi perked up. "And Hiashi Hyuuga. Then before you. Minato-sensei took on his own team seven. Uchiha obito. Rin Nohara and Kakashi Hatake." Hitomi jumped up "Your the student of the fourth". She said shouting. Kakashi motioned her to calm down. "Im telling you this because Team 7 also has a equally sad story. The first team 7 experienced the loss of their sensei so they merged with Tobirama-sama's own team. Before he too would sacrifice his life so his students could escape. Naming Hiruzen Sarutobi the Third Hokage. The team seven that Hokage-sama followed too suffered its loses. Although none of them died. Tsunade-sama lost her entire family to the war. Orochimaru as you know defected the village. Only Jiraiya sama remains in service. Jiraiya's team seven. He lost his favorite student. Mikoto lost her family. And Hiashi lost his brother to the deception of kumo shinobi. My own team. Im the only remaining survivor. My teammate Obito died at Kannabi bridge. He pushed me out of the way from collapsing cave taking a rock that was meant for me. Rin Noraha had chosen to kill herself when Kiri kidnaped and sealed the 3 tailed turtle into her with a timed seal in an attempt the destroy konoha. Minato-sensei sacrificed his life in defeating the Kyuubi." Sakura wide eyes asked Kakashi "why are you telling us this?" Naruto tapped kakashi's shoulder and stepped forwards and stared "Because you have to understand being a shinobi is not glamorous. It is a lifestyle that we live by filled with death and deception. Being a member of a legendary team you WILL be expected to follow higher standards. Our training will be hell on earth. If you're on a diet. Stop that shit now. You will need the extra calories from big meals. Using chakra cost more calories than you can afford to waste. If you think your in this to look cute to impress a boy. You'll be too tired to think about that. We live in a world where the people you can trust is super limited. Your best friend today could put a knife through you tomorrow. We might be at peace now but maybe next week you could be marching into the deserts of suna or climbing the mountains of Kumo on an invasion. Or maybe we could be at the receiving end of an invasion. I won't be there to protect you all the time. Kakashi won't be there to protect you all the time. So we will put you through the ringer." Naruto turned to kakashi "You go report to the Hokage. I'll be doing some preliminary training with them, i'll get them started on chakra control and taijutsu."

Kakashi nodded and disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

Naruto looked at the team in front of him "Back to training ground 3. You have 15 minutes go.

The three genin scrambled to their feet and ran to their destination. Naruto chuckled "This is going to be fun".

Hokage tower

Hiruzen was waiting for the jonin senseis to finish assembling when kakashi poofed into the office.

The Hokage cleared his throat.

After 5 team failures everyone looked expectantly at Kakashi who was reading little orange book.

The Hokage cleared his throat "Well Kakashi. How was team 7".

Kakashi looked up from his book and eye smiled "they passed" said kakashi.

Almost everyone in the room threw their hands up and groaned. Even a 'This ninja' could be heard.

The Hokage barked "Report."

Kakashi put his book away "Sakura is the weak link of the group. The academy report said she was good with Genjutsu yet she fell for the hell viewing technique". From besides him Kurenai a young joining in a dressed made mostly of bandages looked at him "You serious. That's like one of the easiest Genjutsu to detect." Kakashi sighted "While she fell for the Genjutsu she does have good aim and as Naruto pointed out with Enough training she could be a good support medic nin. She is more than smart enough but she needs to get her priorities straight. Naruto also suggested intense Chakra increasing regiment."

Everyone but Sarutobi looked at Kakashi "Who is Naruto.?" Asked Asuma Sarutobi. Son of the Hokage. Hiruzen said "That's a new Konoha Jonin Jiraiya was tasked with Raising away from the village. Talking about Naruto where is he Kakashi." Kakashi looked at the Hokage. "Tor- i mean training team 7 with chakra control and going over their Taijutsu Hokage-sama". The hokage nodded. Hiruzen looked at kakashi and asked "How are the other two?". Kakashi put his book away "Sasuke is good no doubt. From what i know He has an Active Sharingan but doesn't seem to rely on it. Naruto told me that Sasuke doesn't have enough chakra control to actively maintain the Sharingan for prolonged periods much less use it in combat. His Taijutsu is Solid Chuunin. He already has some training with Fire style as he can cast the Fireball jutsu up to 7 times. He is a little weak on the Genjutsu area. But can recognize and dispel one. Hitomi has good Taijutsu and can use it to great effect with her shadow clones. Her immense chakra reserves allow her to make thousands at once *the room around him erupts with gasps*

Her Genjutsu abilities are non existence but low level Genjutsu don't affect her but me and Naruto are Planning to work with her chakra control, taijutsu and fill in whatever she missed at the academy through the shadow clone method."

Hiruzen looked sternly at Kakashi "careful kakashi." Kakashi nodded "me and Naruto agreed no more than 10 at a time".

The Hokage now satisfied turned to Kurenai "Report".

"Team 8 composed of Kiba shino and Hinata make a…"

3 weeks later

Team 7 had fallen into a routine.

Monday thru Thursday they would spend the Day Training. Fridays would be spent the morning doing D-rank missions and the after noon training. Saturday would be dedicated to D-ranks and Sunday would be a personal day. Naruto and Kakashi would take turns between Hitomi, Sasuke and Sakura.

Naruto Had indeed spoken to Sakura and using the Sharingan ability to cast Genjutsu he showed her what her stupidity could cost them.

She had improved since then. Being the one with the lowest levels of Chakra and stamina she was able to double them in the three weeks of chakra intensive regime to bring her up to par with Higher level genin and low level chunin.

Hitomi improved as well. Using 4 shadow clones to go over theoretical knowledge and using a pop and go method to help her work on her Chakra control through popping the Shadow clone that had made the most improvement to shorten the amount of time she spent on each exercise. Naruto had her do the tree climbing which took her the longest (about 5 days) and moving on to the water walking. Before making her do the water walking while also doing the more chakra precise leaf balancing and spinning exercises.

Sasuke made the most improvement.

Also using the Three climbing and water walking exercises. (All 3 of them had done them) Naruto taught him how to better control the chakra consumption of his Sharingan, and how to split his chakra into the Sharingan, water/tree walking exercises while also casting jutsu. One would think that these things that help save up every bit of chakra would be obvious but you'd be surprised how many Uchiha didn't take their chakra control to this level. Anyway. He also had started sasuke on fire nature transformation so sasuke could handle his Jutsu better.

Kakashi worked Sakura and Hitomi on their Taijutsu. Teaching Sakura the more advanced leaf style Taijutsu. And teaching Hitomi the Raging River Taijutsu.

He thought Sakura some basic perception altering genjutsu. And thought Hitomi the Kunai and Shuriken variants of the Shadow clone jutsu.

While teaching Sasuke some Sharingan Genjutsu that consumed minimal chakra.

All in all team 7 was doing good.

On a personal level Sakura had opened up to her female teammate while Sasuke began to socialize more and spend more time with the team.

Now 3 weeks after Graduation

Kakashi and Naruto had decided to take them on a C-ranked mission.

Hokage tower

Team 7 stood up in front of the Hokage while Hiruzen looked at them neutrally

"A C-rank eh. Well, I just so happen to have an escort mission. Should be simple. The client only expects to be attacked by bandits. You will escort him home until he completes his bridge.

Mission time should be 2 weeks."

Naruto accepted the mission while Kakashi addressed his team "Pack for 3 weeks. On the road. Be at the eastern gate in 90 minutes."

90 minutes later

Kakashi and the client where waiting at the gate, Sasuke and Hitomi arrived together.

Sakura arrived two minutes later.

Tazuna a bridge builders from wave country and the escort team 7 was assigned to, looks at the 3 children. "What's this i payed for Shinobi not snot nosed brat." Complained Tazuna. Kakashi was about to calm down the client went a voice stated "These ninja in front of you are some of the most talented shinobi to come out of the academy Tazuna-san. Besides This is just a low risk mission we don't have other shinobi to worry about. Am i right Tazuna-san?". Everyone looked as Naruto materialized "Y-yes just bandits" stuttered out Tazuna. Kakashi put a hand on the client "Besides me and Naruto here are highly qualified Jonin."

3 hours later. "Tazuna-san. You said your from wave right?". Asked Sakura, "yes why?". Sakura looked at Kakashi "Sensei aren't there Shinobi in Wave."

Kakashi shook his head "No Sakura. Wave is too small to have a shinobi village. Plus they don't need it. They get natural protection from the sea around them." Sakura tilted her head to the side "But there other shinobi villages out there right sensei?".

Kakashi nods "Yes, there are the 5 great nations to start of. They contain hidden villages. As you know the hidden villages are the Shinobi nations.

While there are smaller ones out there only these 5 nations leaders are permitted the title of Kage or shadow. There's our very own lord Hokage, then wind country has the village hidden in the sand which has the Kazekage. Water country has the village hidden in the mist which is ruled by the Mizukage. There's also Lightning country whose hidden village is named the hidden cloud village ruled by the Raikage and lastly there's Earth country which houses the hidden rock village which is ruled by the Tsuchikage."

Sakura asked Kakashi "Is lord Hokage really that important?" Naruto nodded "The Hidden villages are completely independent of any government. In fact it is the Nation's government that relies on its hidden village. While the Daimyo generally have armies of Samurai. Shinobi combat while much more violent is also much more effective.

A skilled gennin can take on 10 samurai on his own. Don't get cocky tho. A sufficiently skilled samurai could hold his own against a jonin." Naruto said. He took paused and then continued "Shinobi villages are the military might of the nation and keep the balance of power in check.

Without this balance other nations would try to make an attempt one of the five. In fact it was this issue that led directly to the third great ninja war."

Hitomi looked at him "what do you mean Naruto-sensei?"

Naruto stopped for a second "After the Second Shinobi war, the 5 great nations began a period of military disarmament. The smaller nations that had shinobi villages took advantage of this.

Although the third ninja war began officially on 1997. The conflict had already been going on.

For example, my step mother, your mother hitomi was almost kidnapped by the hidden cloud in 1985. And The village of the hidden whirlpool if im not correct was destroyed a few years prior that's the village Kushina was born in.

Wave once depended in Hidden whirlpool if i'm not mistaken. But the smaller nations such as kusa began to make incursions into Earth country ahd hidden stone often fought skirmishes with wind country.

It all boiled over whenthe rock shinobi attacked Konoha."

"Oh. Naruto-sensei. That's why you dislike Kumo?" Asked Sakura.

Naruto shook his head "No. My problem with Kumo goes much more personal than that."

Sasuke raised his hands "Naruto-sensei. You've told us that you've been at war. And you seem to know alot about the Third Ninja war

Did you fight in it?" Naruto somehow managed not to flinch "No. I was alive during the third ninja war that's true. But I wasn't on the elemental nations."

He said 'not this one anyway'.

"Oh." The three gennin said in unison.

Tazuna looked at Naruto. Something was weird about him.

Naruto continued to look on the road when he sensed to chakra pools ahead of them. He slowed down in pace with Kakashi "Two chakra pools a couple of minutes ahead of us. Chunin level." Kakashi nodded as Naruto silently made a shadow clone and swap placed with it.

Entering his Intangible stated he stayed behind and observed.

With Hitomi and the group. Hitomi looked at the puddle of water they where coming up ahead and looked back at sasuke. Catching his eye he nodded slightly.

Kakashi caught the exchange silently musing to himself 'lets see how good they are.

Soon they had passed the puddles and 2 figures rosed from said puddle.

A chain enveloped Kakashi and he was torn to shreds.

"One" a rough voice said.

"Two" another voice called out as Naruto to was ripped to shreds.

Sasuke took a knife from his pouch and jumped to action.

Hitomi. She froze, her sensei and her brother.

She screamed as chains erupted from her back.

The chains moved at high speed stabbing one of the chunin.

Sasuke stopped for a second.

Only to jump out of the way at the last second as a metal chain almost impaled him. Naruto decided to stop hiding and materialized in front of the Shinobi putting him in a sleep inducing genjutsu. Kakashi appeared soon after.

Naruto turned around and smiled "Sasuke. Good reaction time. Hitomi-chan" he called out to the still frozen girl.

She looked at him wide eyed. "W-what b-but i saw." She looked around. Only finding a log."

Naruto scratched his head sheepishly. "The log is Kakashi's i used a shadow clone." She launched one of her chains at him "YOU ASSHOLE"

She screamed. Before realizing that she had chains coming out of her back. "Agh" she screamed. Kakashi patted her head "Maa, maa seems like you unlocked your mother's Kekkei Genkai". Kakashi said.

Naruto looked at her "Uzumakis Kongo fusa, i've heard Step mother had them. But to actually see them in person."

Hitomi looked at Naruto. Before looking back at the chains that waved around like tails.

"Hey Naruto how do i use them?".

Naruto shrugged "I don't have a clue. Hiruzen should have some scrolls left over from your mother. But before they disappear i want you to do me a favor". Hitomi nodded. "Can you analyse your chakra and tell me how they feel."

Hitomi sat down and closed her eyes.

She was quiet for a couple of minutes.

Then she opened one eye "they feel weird. Almost like there's a chakra muscle or chain wheel or something." She said. Naruto nodded for a bit "can you try to retract them. Just a tad. Imagine as if you were pulling them with your chakra." Naruto told her.

Hitomi concentrated for a second before she felt the chains receding. The feeling itself was weird causing her to lose concentration and causing the chains to dispel.

"That's ok Hitomi we can work on them later. He told the girl." Naruto told the girl patting her head.

Sakura was confused "Sensei what is the Kongo Fusa?" She asked. Naruto looked at her "well explained later." Before turning to Tazuna "you owe us an explanation." He said.

Kakashi appeared out of nowhere.

Naruto looked at him "The fuck did you go to, i didn't even noticed you where gone" kakashi shrugged his shoulders "I was trying to interogate the missing nin. As soon as the one you put to sleep woke up he bit a cyanide pill he hid in his mouth." Naruto scowled at Kakashi's news.

"However I was able to identify them. They are missing nin from kiri. Known to deal with Momochi Zabuza." Naruto nodded in acknowledgement "Kakashi go deal with Hitomi before first kill shock sets in. I killed too many to remember my first kill." Naruto told Kakashi. Kakashi cringed he would have to deal with an emotional teenage girl. Naruto looked at him with pity "I know you'll do well." Before going back to interrogate Tazuna.

Later that night.

Hitomi was still shaken about her first kill but Kakashi's talk had helped her out.

"Sasuke, Hitomi, Sakura. Come here " called Naruto. The three genin hurried over to where Naruto had called them.

"What is it Naruto-sensei?"

Replied Sakura.

"Tomorrow we are returning to the Village.

The client lied. This mission is now a B with the chances to escalate to an A rank".

Hitomi stopped shaking and looked at Naruto. "

"Why did the client lie?". Naruto sighed. More questions. "Turns out Tazuna-san is going against a Man who has a tyrannical stronghold on wave. And the only way to free the country is to finish that bridge." Explained Naruto.

Hitomi looked at him oddly "then we can't just leave Him to die. Come on nii-chan let us finish the mission we can handle it. You told us yourself we've gotten stronger."

Sasuke to pleaded "Sensei i hate to agree with the dobe but we shouldn't abandon this mission. It is our first true mission outside of konoha. Plus it would reflect badly on us."

Naruto sighed again.

They really weren't making it easy. He turned to Sakura. "What do you think Sakura."

Sakura looked at her two teammates and nodded "Hai sensei, I want us to continue the mission."

Naruto took a deep breath. "Ill go talk to Kakashi then."

Kakashi looked as Naruto approached him "They want to keep going." Kakashi nodded "Ill take first watch tonight. You take the second shift." Naruto nodded "Sasuke can have the third. The girls can have the night off." Kakashi looked at Naruto "If you met this Dimensional version of that Kurotsuchi girl. Would you try and win her over." Naruto looked at the fire Kakashi had prepared "I shouldn't try. She's not the kurotsuchi i grew up with, she would probably hate my guts. Plus what I did to my Kurotsuchi and my baby girl. I don't deserve her. Plus she probably hates the Yellow flash. And i know for sure Onoki despite being scared shitless of hates Madara. Having their blood makes me an instant no. But im selfish, and if there's a chance I'll take it." Naruto told Kakashi nodded. Naruto looked at Kakashi "Don't stay single for the rest of your life Kakashi. I know you have your emotional Burdens. I do too, but we have to keep going. My own hubris almost cost me my life and a chance at having a family again." Kakashi laughed a little "I'm the older one. Shouldn't it be me giving you advice." Naruto chuckled to. "We experience life and make do. After all knowledge with application is wisdom. My brother Itachi was wiser than I was when he was 4." He said with tears threatening to spill from his eyes thinking of his younger brother.

"War is hell ain't?" Kakashi asked Naruto.

Naruto smiled "Yeah. One of my comrades once told me, It's a good thing war is so horrible else we fall in love with it".

Naruto stood up "I'm going to bed."

Later that night.


Naruto was in his hotel bed cuddling his beautiful lover. The covers covering their undress.

They had spent the night making love to one another. "Naruto, if we had kids what would you name them."

Naruto hugged Kurotsuchi more "If we had a boy. I guess Hideiyoshi. In honor of my baby brother."

Kurotsuchi smiled softly "And if we had a girl?"

She asked him "I don't know after you maybe." She looked up at him "I'm serious"

Naruto kissed her "Im serious too. I don't think you understand the scope of the love I have for your."

The two cuddled up for a few more hours.

The past 4 weeks had been like this. In 2 weeks he'd have to return to the front lines.

His leave was about to expire. But he'd spent it well with his lover. He smiled to himself 'When this war is over. I'll buy her a diamond necklace and show her how much i love her.' He thought to himself.

Gamakichi. One of his summons appeared on the nightstand.

"Hey Naruto got some candy." Gamakichi asked.

Naruto shook his head "Im sorry Gamakichi. Ill summon you when i have some." Gamakichi nodded "Anyways Naruto. Jiraiya wanted me to come get you. Something happened to Itachi."

Naruto's heart stop. Letting go of kurotsuchi using the sheets as covers he sat up.

"Kichi what happened to Itachi?". Naruto asked, his voice was trembling. Gamakichi shook his head "Im sorry Naruto but is best you find out in person." The toad said and poofed away.

Naruto hurried up and got dressed.

He kissed kurotsuchi "Im sorry."

She nodded and using Kamui teleported to the outpost his brother had been stationed on."

Dream end.

Kakashi was worried. Naruto's shift was coming up and Naruto looked pale. His skin was cold and Naruto himself was shaking. Kakashi shook Naruto until he woke up "There you go. Its ok now, it was all a dream."

Naruto looked down "Is it my shift yet?"

Asked the black haired teen. Kakashi nodded in affirmation. So naruto got up and using his travel kit went through the morning rituals.

He stayed on watched for the rest of the night. He didn't even bother to wake Sasuke up for his shift.

Sasuke woke up at 6 am.

He looked around to see only Naruto was awake.

"Couldn't sleep" naruto asked his younger brother. Sasuke shook his head.

Stirring the stew he had put together with ingredients he had sealed in his scroll.

Scooping some up to his plate Naruto offered some to Sasuke, who graciously accepted.

"You couldn't sleep either." Stated Sasuke.

Naruto shook his head "I haven't had many good nights since the day my best friend died. At least he passed away in his sleep".

Sasuke looked at Naruto in Sympathy. "I know how it feels. There are nights I still have nightmares of my brother killing everyone."

Naruto looked at Sasuke "Guess we all have our own stories to tell huh?".

Sasuke nodded sipping some if his stew.


They had finally made it to Wave Naruto again made a shadow clone and warped up. Using a Genjutsu to make it seem as it was only kakashi and the 3 genin.

He wanted to see how the genin would deal in a situation with only them. And Kakashi.

Soon enough however the mist began to thickened up.

Hitomi suddenly shifted in her step and threw a Kunai into the bush.

When she went to investigate she found a half frightened white snow hare.

She narrowed her eyes at the color of the Rabbits fur.

Kakashi too looked at it suspiciously 'white coat. But it's the middle of summer. That means' Kakashi's eyes widened 'substitution.'

He heard something wheezing towards them and he shouted "GET DOWN!".

As he tackled tazuna.

The 3 genin threw themselves on the floor.

Kakashi looked up to see someone standing in the hilt of a 7 foot long clever.

He recognized the person "Momochi Zabuza. Demon of the Hidden mist."

Naruto quirked an eyebrow. One of the seven ninja swordsmen if I'm not mistaken.

Naruto looked around and saw a second figure hiding in the trees. He kept an eye on the mysterious and on the battle.

Kakashi had fallen for a trap. Right now he was. Was trapped in the water prison Jutsu.

He knew Naruto's plan. So instead of giving him away he shouted "Guys run he's too much for you. Take Tazuna and run away."

Hitomi was the first to react "No way Sensei. You said those who abandon their comrades are worse than trash"

She proceeded to make some shadow clones to distract Zabuza's water clone.

She secretly made a shadow clone and had it transform into and windmill Shuriken.

"Sasuke." She called out to him while tossing the folded up Giant Shuriken.

Above in the trees Naruto was impressed.

To have that level of coordination without speaking.

He watched as Zabuza dodge both shuriken only for the first one to transform into Hitomi who grabbed the second Shuriken and redirect it at the arm Zabuza used to hold the Prison jutsu.

He continued watching as Kakashi trapped Zabuza in a Genjutsu and copying him and finally defeat him with a violent water wave jutsu.

He suddenly felt the second figure move and he watched as the person revealed themselves as a kiri hunter nin.

He paid close attention at Zabuza's body.

It had been struck by sebons so there is no way zabuza was dead. The give away however was when Naruto watched the person take away Zabuza's body. 'So their working together.' Naruto thought.

He waited until the person was out of his sensory range before making his way to the team. Only to watch as Kakashi passed out.

Naruto facepalm "You shouldn't have wasted so much chakra kakashi". Naruto told him in a stern tone.

Kakashi unconscious was not able to respond. However the little brats where. "Naruto-sensei why didn't you help us?!" sakura demanded.

"Sakura, Sometimes deception is needed.

Zabuza has an accomplice. Had that accomplice intervened i would have acted. I will explain once were safe in doors." He turned to Tazuna "How far is your home?".

That night.

Finally Settled into Tazuna's house. Naruto had laid kakashi on a bedroll. Tsunami, Tazuna's daughter had showed him to rooms they could use.

He kakashi and Sasuke would be bunkong together while Sakura and Hitomi slept on a separate room.

Kakashi groaned awake. Naruto looked up from a book he had brought along "Well look who returned to the land of the living." Naruto stated. Kakshi looked at him from his position, " what do you see". Naruto closed the book "Masked accomplice. Their working together, thankfully they only think that it is only you and the genin".

Naruto told him. Kakashi nodded.

Tsunami knocked into the door "Diners ready".

Diner table.

Once everyone was at the table Kakashi spoke "Zabuza is alive." Sakura looked at him in alarm "What do you mean Kakashi-sensei?"

Naruto looked at the pink hair kunoichi. "Sakura what weapon did the Hunter nin used?"

Sakura looked at him "That hunter nin used…"

Her eyes widened "that means the hunter nin was a fake." Naruto inclined his head "They are both working together. They will only expect you three and Kakashi so I am an extra surprise.

But even so the Masked person is an unknown so prepare to train your buts off."

Sasuke looked at Kakashi "does that mean we get to learn Jutsu." Kakashi nodded "I'm sure Naruto is willing to show you a few".

Naruto nodded

"Matter of fact since you three have been doing so well in your training i want to find out your primary affinity, so you can begin nature transformation". He said smiling from his pouch he took 3 slips of paper "This is high grade, Highly chakra sensitive paper it will determine any potential affinity aside from a primary or secondary you may have, just give it a little chakra". He told them handing them down.

Sasuke was the first to go. His paper crinkled quite a bit before catching on fire.

Naruto nodded "Sasuke, you have a rather strong lightning affinity with a good Secondary fire affinity." Sasuke nodded in satisfaction "Sakura go." Kakashi ordered.

Sakura channeled some chakra into her slip of chakra paper it turned damp before a bit of dust fell off. "A good water primary with a potential earth secondary. A neutral element and a defensive element, that's a good combo for a supportive fighter such as yourself" kakashi told Sakura. The girl beamed and everyone turned to

Hitomi. Excited she channeled chakra into her paper.

The results surprised Everyone except Naruto.

Her paper Split, before dampening and turning into dirt"

Naruto narrowed his eyes 'With the Kyuubi affecting her since birth, she ended up getting the Kyuubi's powerful Wind affinity with her mother's affinity for water jutsu. Earth however I expected her to have a lightning affinity'.

Kakashi clapped once "Congratulations Hitomi-chan you have a powerful Primary wind affinity with 2 secondary that equal strength. However you might have to ask either Hokage-sama or Asuma-sensei as Wind style is not my forte and I don't think naruto has a wind affinity".

Naruto shook his head and took his own chakra paper channelong a bit of chakra everyone watched wide eyes as the paper. Split into 4 parts before the first piece combusted into a small fireball and the second turned to dirt and the third go wet.

To finish it off the last was giving off sparks of lightning as it wrinkled.

"I have a Powerful affinity for Lightning, but i have trained in 4 nature transformation except earth. Plus my Rinnegan gave me a boost with all my affinities and gave me an ok earth affinity".

Kakashi looked at him curiously "Why not earth."

Naruto snorted "Why compete with the champions of earth jutsu when you can just call up lightning storms."

Kakashi struck his chin "hmm. Good point"

Naruto looked at the genin "Sakura Hitomi i will work with your Water and wind affinities. Sasuke i will have a shadow clone work with you on lightning.

If my suspicions are right it will come as Naturally to you as it came to me."

The three Genin nodded.

Naruto stopped for a moment.

Within the edges of his sensory range he felt a very, very familiar chakra signature flare.

"I'll be out training in the forest if you need me." He told the team and disappeared before anyone could protest.

Forest of Nami no kuni.

He moved to the spot he had felt the chakra presence.

He stood in the middle of a clearing.

"Come out now" he growled.

A voice he recognized rather well spoke to him. Caused him to freeze

to be continued

cliff hanger. Not because im evil but because im almost caught up with what im witten so far.

the next chapter will be dedicated Purely to this Misterious person. for now i want those who are currently reading to Try and guess who this person is. And i promise i wont try to 'Subvert expectations'

anyways Ive fixed chapter 2 as best as i could. and made sure the next 2 chapters where at least up to par.


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