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Naruto Namikaze: Curse of the Sharingan @pwhitestrake
Tensions rising

"That fool Onoki will see the destruction of our village with this alliance." Said a tall man with jet black hair and blue eyes, with a muscular build. Dressed in the Iwa standard jounin outfit.

"Careful what you say Unmaru, your words could be taken as treason." Spoke another man, similarly dressed.

Currently, 6 figures sat across each other in a dimly lit stone room, as they discussed the matter of the Konoha-Iwa alliance.

"What else am i gonna say? That it is all gonna be rainbows and sunshine? The so-called Will of Fire speaks of unity and teamwork. Yet they focus so much power into individuals, Hashirama Senju, Madara Uchiha, Tobirama Senju, Kagami Uchiha, Hiruzen Sarutobi, Sakumo Hatake, the Legendary 3 ninja, Minato Namikaze, Shisui Uchiha, Itachi Uchiha and now Naruto Namikaze. Where we have to fight as one unified stone to struggle to survive, they just manage to shit out more and increasingly dangerous S-class Shinobi." Stated Unmaru "How long until they decide to shit out another one who decides he wants to finish us off. I don't think I need to remind you all, just how many of these S class Konoha shits out seems to go rogue "

One of his fellow councilors, a woman named Kora Hokuyaki spoke up. "If rumors are to be believed, Namikaze seems to be quite taken with our very own Lava maiden. The Union between Namikaze and Kamizuru blood would forever redraw the power balance in the elemental nations. This is the break Iwakagure needed, not to mention being under the protection of the central hub for generations will allow us to build up military power. Need I not mention that we had 2 losing wars in less than a 10 year time period, plus the bombings of Diedara. Our forces were almost damaged beyond repairs and even 19 years after the fact we still struggle to recover."

However, as soon as she finished, a man named Omotobi objected "But giving the land of fire and Konoha by extension this treaty will increase their trading power, need i remind you we rely on minerals that will eventually run dry? While the land of fire is a multifaceted economy and a central hub or trade. With Sun a, and us into the mix, Konoha will achieve economic global dominance. With a larger economy powering them, Military dominance will almost become unstoppable."

"Which is why we must act quickly," Unmaru announced.

"We will not support this coup." Kora objected.

Shinobi guards poured into the room as Unmaru stood up "Then, we will have to arrest you for treason."

Largely ignorant of what was going on currently under his nose, Onoki looked over what was presented to him by the currently Absent 7th member of their council.

Shaking his head, Onoki said "So it came to this. A civil war brewing within the village. So much for the Unity of stone."

"Sir, we can stop it from happening if you just gave the order." The counselor advised.

"No, that would be foolish. We crush this coup and it will just cause the whole village to go up in flames. I can't be the one that stops this." Admitted the old fence sitter.

"If not you then who?"

Looking at the picture sitting on his desk, Onoki smiles "Why? My chosen successor of course."

"Do you believe she can stop it?"


"Of course I do."

Zabuza Momochi and Mei Temuri stared each other down. Between them, a scroll laid opened across the table. Members of the rebellion surrounded them as Kisame stood by the door.

"Man the sexual tension in this room is too much." Commented the soon to be steamed fillet Sharkman.

Water dragons and lava were thrown in his direction. A sign for him to be silent. Too get into rebel territory had been hazardous, having encounter about a hundred patrols on the way in, patrols that were now unaccounted for.

"Have you any idea what you've done? Yagura is going to be on our ass now!" Screamed the leader of the rebellion.

"We just removed about 400 potential threats. 400 less people available to Yagura. While you gain man power equal to nearly 10 thousand. Don't complain." Zabuza said Gruffly.

"Yet it comes too late, just as victory is assured in our favor. hoping Konoha can secure a quick alliance? Not gonna happen" Temuri says condescendingly.

"Oh don't be so arrogant. Yagura is still a perfect Jinchuuriki, and he still has thousands at his disposal. We are here to tip the scale. Admitting woman, you need us. But we don't need you." Kisame spoke from his spot.

There was a tense standoff between everyone.

Minutes passed before Mei broke, "Fine. You can stay, but you will be following my orders."

"So long as they don't interfere or contradict our mission mandate, we will follow your orders to the letter and act as expected of a Konoha Shinobi." Bear said stepping up, trying to diffuse the situation.

He was critically analysed by the Rebel command before the maroon haired woman said in a flirt tone "My, my. Such a well educated shinobi. Too bad you can't take your mask off ANBU-kun, I'd love to see what's under the mask."

"I am afraid I can't allow that ma'am" spoke the ANBU in a monotone voice.

After a few more minutes of tense greeting the planning finally began to come under way.

"Currently, neither side has been able to gain a decisive victory. We are locked in a stalemate, so the war have boiled down to whoever can cut the head of the snake first." Ao explained as he pointed to keep fortifications on the map "Yagura usually travels between these. Never staying in one place longer than necessary, and only showing up in battles he has a premeditated advantage on, which means. Not lately."

"So we have to draw him out." Commented Zabuza.

"Which is what we've been trying to do. To no freaking avail." Commented Mei.

"What if we offered him 2 ninja swordsmen." Kisame offered. Itching for a good battle.

"That might or it might not. Before that we need to get some sound victories on our name though." Ao stated.

Another person, a boy with blue hair and a timid attitude, approached the table and unfolded another map, one containing an interesting border line.

Taking one look at it, bear asked, "This is the line of control I assume?"

"Yes, currently we control the whole west bank of the mainland, north of the actual village, and all the surrounding Islands" Mei answered.

"Our best bet will be the costliest one as well. Yagura pushed you purposely to the north because that's the strongest defensible position. However," zabuza started pointing at a river that ran across the Island. "If we can capture that point, and move south east, we will capture the main water supply line. Capture that and we can begin a siege."

"Too costly, trying that would cost us hundreds of men." Ao shot back.

"Thank god that the leaf had the foresight to send us ahead then." Bear answered for his fellow ANBU.

"We can not only take but hold the line just the 10 of us." Added Hawk, not with arrogance, but a plain sense of knowledge, they had that strength.


Sabaku no Gaara rubbed his hands together as he looked at the sandstorm battering the village. In his desk sat Konoha's answer to his hastily put together. He had a sinking feeling in his stomach as he sat down to open it. But much to his relief, the leadership at Konoha sat open to negotiations.


The Hidden leaf command has looked at your proposal thoroughly and while we are hesitant due to the actions of the Sand during the last Bi-annual Chunin exams. The haste surrender, and willingness to reach out has opened our minds to become more receptive to rebuilding a treaty.

We hope this response letter reaches you hastily, we await your response.

Jonin Commander Shikaku Nara'

"Thank god." Gaara said in a sigh of relief as he sagged in his chair. Suna needed allies. And they needed them soon.

Konoha council chambers.

The Hokage took her seat on the head seat and asked "Before we begin today's meeting anything needs to be discussed off record?"

"Yeah, the matter of Suna's entrance into the alliance." Stated Naruto.

"I thought it was an agreed topic?" The head of the banking and housing union asked.

"It is, however, before we try to negotiate, I would prefer if we gave them favorable terms. We don't need them, it's the other way around. But it would be better to build a lasting alliance rather than one of necessity. Treat em too harsh and It'll come back to bite us in the ass."

Counsel woman Haruno, aka Sakura's mother, another retired jonin (as was everyone involved in running the government) pondered for a second "Thinking about it, Suna was well known for its exports of precious metals and rare earth minerals, even with the death of the Yondaime Kazekage i doubt their efficiency in mining would have dropped. Especially since the village survives out of that and missions. If we can get a favorable trade deal, we can get chakra conducting metal and gold for 75% less than the current asking price. Possibly in larger batches as well."

"As expected from the head of treasury." Naruto compliments with a nod of his head.

"There's also the matter of the Akatsuki. With their new Kazekage being a Jinchuuriki, with Suna on our side we can foil that tailed beast falling into their hands." Commented Kakashi from his seat.

"That would account for the Shukaku, Kyuubi and Nanabi." Hiruzen added helpfully. "Not to mention, with Iwa in our alliance, we can keep the Iwa Jinchuuriki out of harm's way without risking war with them, not to mention since our very own village commander and their head diplomat are close, information and cooperation would be much easier to smooth out."

"I doubt the old fence sitter will ask for help." Hamura adds onto Hiruzen's words "But at least it's worth a try."

"That accounts for almost 5 out of the 9 tailed beasts, not to mention with our assets deep within Mizu, we could keep a close eye on the fate of Yagura. That leaves, the 2, 6 and 8 tails unaccounted for. I doubt Kumo will join such a transparent alliance without a serious incentive to and open up access to its Jinchuuriki, and the only holding the 6th tailed beast… Well, he is currently the sensei to one of the vassals of our village. But currently a branded missing ninja"

Seeing the conversation close to an end Tsunade officiated the meeting "If that's all. I…"

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