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"Let's go." Naruto said as 10 masked Shinobi plus Zabuza set out to meet their "contact".

It took 3 hours of traveling via treetops but they landed at a clearing, to see Hoshigaki Kisame standing there.

Naruto raised his hands as his ninja drew for their swords "This is your mission partner. You will work with him to aid the rebellion in Kiri and bring the war there to an end in a favorable outcome to Konoha. Use every tool at your disposal. But most importantly, keep each other safe."

With his speech given Naruto turned to Kisame and said "I've brought Zabuza along. Zabuza, you be nice to Kisame. And Kisame, no shaving my ninja."

Despite the lighthearted tone of his words every ninja present could feel the menacing look was giving both ninja swordsmen.

"Now go." Naruto exclaimed as he watched all the ninja disperse.

Sighing. Naruto looks at the quickly fading images in front of him, feeling something watching him, the sharingan sends lightning natured chakra through his feet into the ground until he felt something.

"There you are." Naruto said aloud as he disappeared from his spot reappearing almost a hundred meters away hovering over a knocked out white/black humanoid thing. He was grossed out at the smell of such things, and he had been through some of the worst battlefields of a ninja war, so that's saying something.

Naruto kneels over it for a second and thinks to himself 'What an interesting little thing.' Before absorbing it into his Kamui dimension 'we will deal with you later. Heh, your moveā€¦ Obito.'

"Once we have reached Kiri we will take a series of tunnels to reach the rebellions HQ." Zabuza stated as he points to a few marked locations on the map.

One of the ANBU next to him, Bear, stated "We should also prepare for medium close quarters and tunnel warfare. Expect traps, and keep an eye out for SHARK. They'll be crawling everywhere, with the war reaching such a critical phase both sides are desperate to gain a decisive blow."

Kisame came into their meeting grinning like a madman and called out to Zabuza "How about it? Shall we go for a spar? For old times sake's."

"We are in a boat, we are more likely to destroy it." Zabuza states as his apprentice Haku finally revealed himself "Zabuza-sama? An acquaintance?"

The demon of the mist snorts "Hell no. Not even close."

"Aww come on Zabuza-chan. Don't be like that." Kisame says, his shark like grin widening.

"When the mission is over I'll entertain your thoughts. But until then, I'm only focusing on the outcome of this mission." Zabuza states.

"Why?" The tailless bijuu questions "So eager to see Mei again? My. my, such a romantic-"

Suddenly, all on board the boat heard a crash originating from the right side of the boat as everyone turned to see Kisame against a wall and Zabuza holding out his fist

"Don't provoke me. I'm not in the mood tonight" the demon of the mist growls.

"I don't have any hope for this mission." Ghosts whispers to Bear.

"Neither do I Ghost. Neither do I." Bear says sighing. Paying up to the boat owner for the damages done to his vessel.

Iwagakure no sato

"Listen to me Kurotsuchi." Onoki states very carefully having sealed up his office "I don't know when. But I feel some in our council are planning something. Something dangerous. I need you to be careful from now on."

Kurotsuchi frowns "It has to do with Konoha."

"Bingo. I don't know how much longer the unity of the stone will hold so long as these actors continue to plot against us." Onoki confesses. He let the seals in his office.

Moments later, Kitsuchi walks through the door. "Bad news old man. There has been a steady funneling of funds during the last quarter. Not enough to be noticed if you aren't looking for it, but put a lense on it and it's clear as day."

The fence sitter took the papers that his son-in-law handed him and narrowed his eyes as he read the quarterly economic reports. It would be hard to spot indeed, a few ryo missing here, a hundred there. All summing up to 23,459 skimmed off total.

"I am afraid we could be looking at a civil war within our village." Onoki states

"I won't let it come to that" the daughter of dust says with conviction "It'll see to it that this village remains united through thick and thin!"

Kitsuchi smiled at his daughter's words before he turned to his father-in-law "You still have the backing of the clan and the village old man. Don't let a few bad actors get in the way of the prosperity of this village!"

"Thank you both. You don't know how much that means to me" says the old man.

A second later a bird lands on the window knocking on it a few time before Kurotsuchi opens it and offers it a finger.

Hopping on it the bird extends it's leg where a small piece of paper was tied to. Quickly removing it she handed the piece of paper to her grandfather, who upon reading began to laugh like a madman to the point he fell of his chair and started rolling around on the floor.

The father/daughter duo sweatdrop and Kurotsuchi whispers to her dad "Are we sure he hasn't gone senile yet?"

"Ow my back!!" Onoki howls after a bit and the other two occupants of the room rushed to his help.

"I don't know daughter of mines." Kitsuchi answers whispering as they help the old man.

"I heard that." The fence sitter yells resenting their whispering.

"So, gramps. What was in that letter to make you laugh so much?" Kurotsuchi asked.

Onoki shakes his head stubbornly and says "that's a secret. And it must remain as such until the appropriate time presents itself to reveal it."

"So never?"

"Now now Kuro, don't put words in the old man's mouth." Kitsuchi scolds lightly.

Somewhere in an underground room.

A certain uchiha looked at the picture he was in his hand "Just a few more years. A few more years and this will be over"

Looking over his spartan and dark room he sighed. He should have never taken this mission.

He stopped himself, looking once more at the picture he reminded himself of why he did it in the first place.


The newly appointed Kazekage, Gaara of the sand felt his glass of water shake. Sighing the man stands up to look at the window "Something is coming. But just what?"

It had been a little over 6 months since he had been returned to Suna, and a month since he had assumed the role of Kazekage, and ever since then there had been an unease in his skin. It was becoming more and more potent which each passing day, he feared for the faith of the sand.

Sitting back down he took out a blank piece of paper and wrote down a letter. He sent out one of his guards to fetch his sister, who came into his office a few minutes later. "What's wrong Gaara?"

"Take this letter to Konoha. Go, it's an urgent matter." Gaara stated

Temari hesitated for a moment "what's wrong?"

Gaara dismissed her with a wave of his hand "Just go. I'll explain when you get back."

"I'll hold you to that." Temari fired back as she left the office.

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