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Naruto Namikaze: Curse of the Sharingan @pwhitestrake
A brothers job is to protect his family

Sasuke Uchiha had just returned from training.

As he approached the house he shared with his mother, he felt a shift in the air. He slowed down a bit.

When he made it home he saw his mother as she always did at this time of day.

But when she greeted him. She had a serious face instead of the usual smile. "Sasuke. There's something we must discuss. Take a seat."

Sasuke nodded and sat down in the chair in front of her. "Sasuke, what im about to tell you is very serious. So i want you to remain as calm as possible."

Sasuke looked as his mother "What's going on mom. What happened". Mikoto sighed, "Sasuke, you know that before… before i married Your Father and settled down i was on a genin team with the fourth Hokage." Sasuke nodded he had seen the pictures. "Sasuke, Minato and I had a little bit of a wild night when i became 18 and just become a Jonin. I became pregnant with my first child". "What?!". Sasuke blew up. Mikoto raised her hands in defense "Sasuke. I was young at the time. Well we had a child. And he was given to Jiraiya-sensei to hide away. Although Minato hadn't earned his reputation yet. The war was well underway. Hell not a year later did Konoha and Fire country signed the official declaration of war." She stopped observing Sasuke. He was a whirlwind of emotions. Mikoto continued "We named him Naruto after the first book sensei wrote. Although Naruto has been away since then. He didn't have contact with us until recently." Sasuke was pissed. His mother had another child that he didn't know about. "What did father think." Mikoto sighed. Just like his father "Fugaku didn't know. Sasuke i'm telling you because Naruto is back in the Village. And I met him. He is Incredibly strong. Stronger than Itachi. Sarutobi-sama put him on par with Madara Uchiha. Naruto is not someone who grew up in a nice environment. He grew up in war sochi. I'm telling you because I don't want you to fight him.

Even if you don't like him. Try getting along with him for my sake." She pleaded. Sasuke sighed 'I will try. For my mother at least'.

Sasuke asked mikoto "what does he think of Itachi".

Mikoto bit her lip.

"Why don't you ask him. Ill get him for you no?"

Sasuke 'Hn' in acknowledgement.

Mikoto stood up and went into the Hallway.

A few seconds later she came back, with an older Teenager.

Sasuke analyzed him.

His hair and eye shape where that of the Uchiha.

But the 2 different eyes unsettled him. One was the familiar black he had seen on his mother's eye. The other was purple with 3 concentric rings around a dot that marked the center of the eye.

In the first 2 rings he could make out 3 tomoe in each level much like a matured Sharingan.

He wore a loose black shirt and black slacks.

The shape of the face he could tell looked like the 4ths Hokage face. Same nose and ears.

"Sasuke this is Naruto Namikaze, Naruto this is Sasuke my youngest."

Naruto tipped his head slightly.

"I will go prepare some dinner for us." Mikoto stood up and left to prepare dinner leaving the two boys.

Sasuke looked at Naruto "What is that weird eye you have some sort of transplant?". Naruto shook his head "That's a version of the Rinnegan. I awakened it because my father had Senju in his blood. If you know the history between the senju and the uchiha besides the clan wars then i'm sure you know we share a common ancestor."

Sasuke nodded. He had heard that the senju and uchiha both claimed to be descendants of the sage.

"Where were you all this time?".

Sasuke ask.

"I can't say. But all I can tell you it was a land ravaged by constant warfare." Naruto responded.

Sasuke asked "what do you think about Itachi."

Naruto was silent. He couldn't tell sasuke the truth. He would have a measured response that would hopefully placate Sasuke. And hopefully if what Mikoto told him was true. Steer him into a more positive road. "Sasuke. What do you know of the Sharingan. Besides what it does."

Sasuke looked at him oddly "I know that it has 3 stages. 4 if you count the Mangekyou.

It is activated in life or death situations. That's about it." Naruto sighed. He activated his Base Sharingan looking at Sasuke.

"Have you read the second Hokage's journal on the Sharingan?". Sasuke shook his head. Naruto kneeled in front of the teen "Sasuke. The Sharingan, its an Uchihas manifestation of his or her pain. While it's true you can awaken the Sharingan in life or death situations. The Sharingan is awakened mostly by a feeling that connotes loss, grief and desperation. I can see you already have manifested the Sharingan. The scar that you brother left you runs deep doesn't it". Sasuke was shocked "H-how can i have my Sharingan." Naruto looked at Sasuke "can you channel chakra through your eyes." Sasuke shook his head "I never done it" Naruto just looked at him "Try it now." And so Sasuke closed his eyes. Reaching into himself Sasuke reached his chakra and grabbed it. Before opening his eyes and looking at Naruto. Who had blue lines running around him "whoa" Naruto tapped his shoulders. "Take it easy, your pushing way more chakra than what you actually need. Turn it off before you get exhausted." Sasuke complied. "What about the Mangekyou. Is what Itachi said is true. Do you really need to kill your best friend to get it." Naruto looked at Sasuke oddly 'The hell is Itachi telling this kid. No wonder Sasuke is fucked up'. Naruto looked at Sasuke. "No, the Mangekyou Sharingan. It is not another stage to unlock. The Mangekyou Sharingan manifest when an Uchiha Feels deep grief or regret. Look at me." Naruto said. Pushing more chakra into his eyes his Sharingan Spun. Gaining more and more speed before becoming the Mangekyou. His Mangekyou manifested in a 3 propeller blade type. With spikes coming out of each blade. "My Mangekyou Sharingan manifested when i found out someone I deeply cared about Sacrificed their lives so others could live theirs. I never killed anyone I ever cared about. In fact, I tried to go the extra mile to protect them." He smiled sadly. "However Sasuke. A warning. The Uchiha despite their power, our eyes are cursed. When an Uchiha loves he loves more than the average person. But when that love becomes hate. And happiness becomes anger. The Sharingan gives us an Illusion of power. Causing us to drown ourselves even deeper into our hate. Don't become what Itachi is. Look at how Madara ended up. He had The Kyuubi, An Advanced stage of the Sharingan more powerful than the Mangekyou. And his own prowess. He fell victim to the curse of hatred and even still. Hashirama slapped him around sily during their final battle."

Sasuke was looking at him with wide eyes.

Naruto smiled at him "I'll help you become strong. But promise me you won't let the hatred consume you. Don't make the mistake that Uchiha before us have made."

Sasuke nodded speechless. No one had told him this side of the Uchiha. He was rethinking some of the choices he made. "How can I overcome the curse when so many before us have fallen. How did you overcome it."

Naruto stood up "You fill yourself with love Sasuke. Hold onto what you have. Be thankful for everyday you still have. Make friends and live life. And the most important. Sasuke were Shinobi. Eventually you will lose people you care about. Mourn them. Honor their memory. But also let go. They will be waiting for us . My best friend once told me 'do not pity the dead. Pity the living'. That is how you overcome the curse" naruto turned on his heel towards the Kitchen.

3 days later

Hitomi was sitting in the classroom. She was happy. Finally her career as a shinobi would start today. She was one step closer to becoming Hokage. Soon Sasuke walked into the classroom, While Hitomi adored her godmother (not that she knew that) Mikoto. The bastard was a pain in the ass to deal with. He took a seat next to her which surprised her "Bastard." She greeted. Sasuke looked at her "Dobe. You know this is for graduates right". Hitomi developed a tick mark on her forehead. "I have you know that Mizuki-teme attempted to fudge my grades so i got a retake." Sasuke raised an eyebrow 'Why would an academy teacher attempt to make the deadlast fail' he thought to himself.

Iruka walked and everyone settled down

"Alright everyone. Today marks your first day as a Shinobi of Konoha. But don't celebrate yet, Being a Shinobi is not easy. Being a Shinobi is being a soldier. And we are the Strength of the village. Some of you will fall. Some of you will go on to become legends. And who knows one of you may even become the next hokage." Iruka finished up giving his speech.

After a bit of chatter Iruka cleared his throat.

"Alright kids time for team assignment."

He began listing teams. Hitomi tuned him out for most teams.

"Team 7: Uchiha Sasuke". Checked off Iruka.

Sasuke perked up

" Haruno Sakura."

Sakura cheered off as other girls groaned in disappointment "Shaa!. Take that Ino-pig. True love wins".

"And Uzumaki Hitomi".

Hitomi Slammed her head against the desk.

Sasuke raised an eyebrow. 'So their going with the classic team 7.'

Naruto looked at the memorial stone in front of him

Kakashi looked at the stone.

"Humbles you to think so many people we cared about ended up in this rock huh". Said Naruto.

Kakashi nodded "What's your biggest regret." Asked Kakashi. Naruto looked at the white haired man next to him "Not spending my last few years with my Family. Forcing my Girlfriend into A battle that had she not had back up for she would not have survived. The fact I almost left a baby girl orphaned. With her own burden because her daddy was scared".

Naruto looked back at the Stone.

"What's yours."

Kakashi put the book he was reading away "Not spending time with my father. Or my teammates. Breaking the promise I made Obito."

Naruto looked at the watch. "2 hours. Think were sufficiently late?" Kakashi gave him an eye smile "were going to have a wonderful friendship".

Academy. Room 279

Sasuke was bored.

Hitomi was bored.

Sakura was bored.

Hitomi stood up from her chair took the chalk eraser from Iruka's desk. Using a chair as a stepping board. She balanced the eraser between the door and the door frame.

Moving the chair away and sitting back down.

A few minutes later a man with gravity defying silver hair stepped through the door and the eraser hit him spot on. Hitomi burst out laughing, sakura attempted to make excuses and sasuke hid a smirk behind his hands.

Kakashi looked at the thrio in front of him.

"Your all boring. Meet me in the roof, 5 minutes". And disappeared into a poof of smoke.

On the roof.

Kakashi and Naruto were talking when Kakashi received the memory from the shadow clone.

5 minutes later the 3 kids burst through the door.

Kakashi looks at his watch "just in time. Take a seat."

Naruto looked as Sasuke, a pink haired girl who he assumed was sakura. And Hitomi Uzumaki. Who he identified through her whisker marks. Blond hair that fell to her middle back. And a hideous Orange jumpsuit 'who ever gave her that is a dead man'.

Kakashi clapped his Hands.

"Alright. My name is Kakashi Hatake. I am your Jonin sensei. Next to me is Naruto Namikaze he will be assisting me in teaching you. Why don't you introduce yourself."

Sakura raised her hand "Kakashi sensei what do you mean".

Naruto almost face palmed.

Kakashi almost face palmed.

Hitomi did facepalm.

Sasuke shook his face.

Naruto spoke up "You know your name, likes, dislikes, hopes and dreams."

Sakura looked at him "why don't you go first sensei." Naruto looked at kakashi. Kakashi sighed in annoyance and started "My name is Kakashi Hatake. Hm. I have likes, dislikes as well. My dreams. Well I don't really have any at the moment". He passed the torch pack to Naruto. 'Oh i'm going to prank you so hard Kakashi. Just you wait'. Naruto told himself. "Well. My Name is Naruto Namikaze. I like eating Ramen every once in a while. Learning or developing new techniques as well as pushing myself to new heights.

I dislike war and Kumo shinobi. And my dreams, I guess is having my own family."

Sakura again raised her hand. "Are you Related to the 4th Hokage."

Naruto answered "Yes".

This time Hitomi asked "But wasn't the 4th Hokage single. If he had a son we would have known. '' She said. A tad resentful thinking of the burden the fourth placed in her.

Naruto looked at her "I was born outside of wedlock. Besides my identity was hidden for my safety."

Naruto clarified.

"Who was your mother?". Sakura asked.

Naruto looked at Sasuke. "My mother was an Uchiha that's all you need to know." Naruto Replied ending the Subject.

Kakashi looked at Sakura "Well since you feel chatty why don't tell us about yourself pinky".

Sakura blushed "Well my name is Sakura Haruno. My likes are…" she looks at Sasuke and squeals 'So this is a fangirl.' Naruto thought to himself. "My dreams are…" again she looks at sasuke and squeals even louder.

"And your dislikes" asked Kakashi.

"HITOMI AND INO" Sakura screams.

Naruto thought to himself 'This girl will either drop out or get us all killed' kakashi was running along the same train of thought 'Girls today are more interested in guys than jutsu.'

Kakashi point at Sasuke. "How about you sunshine."

Sasuke brought his hands interlocked. in front of his mouth "My name is Uchiha Sasuke. I few likes and too many dislikes to count. My dreams. I will bring a man to justice"

Kakashi narrowed his eyes 'Itachi.' Naruto was thinking something else entirely 'He is getting better. At least he didn't say kill.'

Kakashi nodded and pointed at Hitomi "and Lastly the Hyperactive blond."

Hitomi raised her hand "Im Hitomi Uzumaki, I like ramen. Tasting different types of ramen. Uh i like the ramen Iruka sensei buys more even more. I enjoy spending time with Mikoto-chan. I dislike those who look down upon others for no reason and bullies. And my dream. Is to become Hokage. So people will stop disrespecting me and treat me like im somebody. Somebody important."

This was Naruto's moment to narrow his eyes

'this is my little sister. Ramen addict, attention starved. At least she had Mikoto. I promise both of you Sasuke. Hitomi, I'll make you into the best you two can be. I promise to protect you both. Even if you hate me for it. I will not fail this time'.

Kakashi was in thought 'Hitomi is possibly the most normal. But she will need the most work if the academy reports are to be believed. I will have to rotate naruto and myself to take turns to work with her. Sakura is in need of a reality check. And unless she herself realizes the dangers of the Shinobi lifestyle there isn't much we can do to help her. Sasuke is the best shape so far. But his obsession with Itachi could make him a potential danger to himself and others.' He looked at naruto who was looking between Sasuke and Hitomi. 'He will be an important part of this team.'

He clapped his hands "One more thing.

Your not gennin just yet. There is one more test, you must make if you want to become official shinobi." Sakura screeched "what do you mean another test. Why did we take the graduation exam in the first place." Kakashi eye smiled. "Oh that. That is to filter the hopeless from those with a chance to become a shinobi. Be at training field 3. 5 am don't be late. And don't eat breakfast. Or you will puke." He disappeared leaving on swirling leaves where he once stood.

Naruto stood from his spot in the veranda.

"Hitomi Sasuke you two are coming with me."

Putting a hand on each of their shoulders he activated Kamui and teleported away. A second later he appeared back at the uchiha compound.

Hitomi and Sasuke looked at him "What was that?" Hitomi asked with stars in her eyes "Kamui. An ability i got from my Sharingan"

Stated Naruto.

Mikoto was sitting reading a book on the porch.

She saw Naruto appear out of nowhere. With Hitomi and Sasuke. "Sasuke-kun, Hitomi-chan. Thank you for bringing them Naruto." Naruto nodded. Sasuke was confused tho "What's going on mom?." Asked Sasuke following his mother and sensei inside.

Sitting at the table Mikoto commanded the two.

"Sasuke, Hitomi. The reason why your here is Because Hitomi will be living with us from now on." Both Hitomi and Sasuke exploded "¿WHAT?" Naruto took a sip from a water bottle he carried on him "Sasuke. As you know. My father and Our mother had a very brief relationship that resulted in my birth.

But what people don't know is that, the fourth Hokage too married. During the final days for the third ninja war when he had just become Hokage. He married Kushina Uzumaki. An S class shinobi on her own right who from what im told had a bone to pick with Kumo Shinobi. And sent squads packing."

Hitomi couldn't control her excitement "Yah! Take that Bastard. I'm the daughter of 2 badass shinobi." Naruto looked at Hitomi. "Hitomi. I need you to promise me to never let that information leave this room". He said looking at her straight in the eye. "What? '' why?" Naruto sighed again. For the millionth time that day.

"Hitomi-chan. Dad had a lot of enemies. During the Kusakagure campaign which saw the battle of Kannabi bridge and the destruction of the bridge itself. Dad killed a lot of people. Many of them Mothers and fathers, sons and daughters. Iwa hates the fourth and would do anything to hurt his next of kin." Hitomi looked down disappointed in herself. She wasn't stupid despite the mask that she wore. She understood the consequences of the fourths action.

"Can I at least talk about my mom." Mikoto looked at Hitomi with sympathy "Hitomi-chan. Your mother too had many enemies. Once Kumo attempted to kidnap her. They would have succeeded had it not been thanks to Minato. They would try again with you."

Naruto nodded."Brighten up Hitomi-chan. You got a Legacy behind you. Dad was the grandson of Toka Senju. Youngest sister of Hasimara. And Tobirama. Your the Daughter of the fourth. The blood of the Hokage flows strong with you. And you have me trained by Jiraiya-sensei. Who studied under the third and taught dad". Hitomi brightened Considerably. Before looking downcast again "hey brother. Can I talk to you in private." Naruto took another sip of water.

"You're wondering why dad choose you to seal the Kyuubi in no?". He told her. She stood up and pointed a finger at him. Naruto raised his hand. "I know about the Kyuubi. You're not the first jinchuuriki, not even for the Kyuubi".

Hitomi's hand began to shake.

"Hitomi. When Hashimara-sama fought Madara. Madara had the Kyuubi at his side. His wife Mito Uzumaki sealed the Kyuubi into herself when the first Hokage broke the control that Madara had on the Kyuubi through his Sharingan.

From Mito-sama the Kyuubi was sealed into kushina when mito became too old. I don't know what happened that. But my guess is that Kushina was attacked during childbirth. And Kushina was a strong Shinobi. Her special chakra chains could hold onto a bijuu. So something must have happened. But whatever happened resulted in you being the 3rd Jinchuuriki for the nine tails." Hitomi dropped to her knees. "Im. I'm just a weapon".

Naruto moved to hugged the girl. "Hitomi, all Shinobi are weapons to be used by their Kage. Or that's how it is supposed to be. However no Kage would last long in power with this mentality.

The Hokage truly cares for all His subjects under his command. But some sacrifices must be done to protect the village. Unfortunately you were the sacrifice that saved the village. If I had been there I would have convinced dad to let me take the burden. Don't doubt that you are cared for." Hitomi sniffed and nodded.

"Although neither you and Sasuke are related you Two are my siblings. And it is the Job of the older brother to take care of his little brother and sister."

Hitomi hugged Naruto. Sasuke looked at him with his Sharingan unknowingly active.

Mikoto smiled too. If only Itachi, Minato and Kushina where there to complete the picture.

"Now the two of you eat as much as you can now. Remember what Kakashi said about tomorrow."

Mikoto returned to the kitchen to finish serving dinner

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