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Naruto Namikaze: Curse of the Sharingan @pwhitestrake

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"Hello Grandfather" Kurotsuchi said as she stepped into Onoki's office, the small Kage signing away dutifully at his paperwork pausing for a moment to take in the sight of his Granddaughter, finally having returned from the leaf village from another diplomatic mission.

It felt like an eternity to him, knowing his daughter's daughter was deep within enemy territory, fraternizing with someone he frankly feared more than anything at this point.

But he put that aside, his distrust belonged in a bygone age. An age his future great grandchildren, cause who was he kidding, they were coming whether he liked it or not, would not have to endure if all the plans he had been made aware of and schemed with came to fruition.

Taking off his spectacles he spoke up "Kurotsuchi! Welcome back!!! How was Konoha? Come tell me about it."

"It was fun, as always." The pink-eyed kunoichi started "Even when stuck in diplomatic meetings, Naruto expedites the process. Even tsunade admits that while she doesn't like Naruto he has a hand for politics. One would think he grew up doing them his entire life!"

Onoki raised an eyebrow "Princess Tsunade and Naruto don't like each other?"

"No, I've eavesdropped on them fighting many times. Their mutual hatred for each other seems to be very personal."

The Tsuchikage thought long and hard, technically, he could use this opportunity to weaken the leaf. But realistically speaking, Tsunade was no match for someone of Namikaze's character. The blasted son of Minato had enough raw strength to take on the 5 Kage at once, not to mention he had beaten not Hashirama and Tobirama Senju in single combat.

Tsunade, while a talented and recognized medic, and inhuman strength, was not known for her battle prowess unlike her teammates Orochimaru and Jiraiya.

He dismissed his thoughts as he looked at his granddaughter who was giving him a questioning look. Onoki shook his head and spoke up "I find it concerning that the top brass of the leaf hate each other so much."

Kurotsuchi shrugged "Everyone knows where the real power lies, and I'm talking about who has the backing of Konoha's Military. Both of them are pretty well liked, hell, both Naruto and tsunade are known to go for a night at a bar and drink with the common ninja. But, Naruto is the son of the fourth, the people of Konoha worship that man like a Kami."

"Tell me, how is he? As your… Boyfriend I mean."

The pink eyed kunoichi grinned "He is such an idiot at times." Thinking back to all the times they messed around "He is so gentle as well. Though, at times I can feel when the weight of the village is getting to him."

A frown marred her face.

"There are things going on in that village. He sneaks off every so often, claiming his 'on a mission' followed him around once."


"I saw him greeting and chatting amicably to The Kin slayer, Itachi Uchiha."





"WHATTTT THE RUBBER DUCKYYY?" The old man screamed as he stood up. Why in the rubber ducky would An Uchiha be amicable towards someone who murdered their own clan?


"I don't know grandpa. It's weird, there's something going on in the leaf. Like I said." The kunoichi said ignoring her grandfather's complaints, she knew he was starting to become delirious, probably hadn't visited a hot spring in ages.

As they continued to chat they didn't notice another presence enter the room.

Kitsuchi walked around into the building of his father in law and made his way into Onoki's office. Inside he noticed the old man and his daughter chatting and catching him.

He was about to speak up but something stopped him. He got a good look at Kurotsuchi, she had grown nicely. Another thought struck him then, of exactly just how much she reminded him of her mother. Both had that goofy nature, both were lighthearted. Not to mention their equal pacifist nature, despite living the shinobi lifestyle.

His dearly departed wife, who died in childbirth believed in reconciliation between the villages, and hope for a day friendship could blossom between them. And true enough, her daughter had made it not only a possibility, but also a reality.

Thanks to them, and perhaps a little shove from faith, the 2 most bitter nations with reason to hate each other, became allies. It had been a long and difficult road, with many broken down negotiations, but always salvaged by either herself or Naruto.

Thinking about the boy sour his mood a bit, not just because he was dating his baby girl. Not just his parental instincts making him dislike every guy who tried to date the princess of Iwa. It was the fact that Naruto was the son of the Flash.

Unlike his other compatriots Kitsuchi didn't hate Minato for his actions during the Ninja war, like his father in law he knew I was all ninja business. There were no hard feelings there. No, it was the fact before they married his beloved had taken a flame for Minato Namikaze… it doesn't irk him as much now, he had won after all, she had been the mother to his daughter.

But it seemed history was back to make fun of him. His daughter dating a Namikaze? The similarities to her mother were endless.

'Nina, if you were here now you would be proud of our little girl.' The man thought to himself as he continued to observe the granddaughter and grandfather duo before bursting with laughter not long afterwards.

Kurotsuchi turned to look at him and gave him an odd look "what's wrong?"

The man shook his head and said "It's nothing, you just have a leaf in your head. That's all."

The girl searches around her hair to find nothing and gives him a mock glare, before erupting into laughter herself and moving to hug her father for a welcome home hug.

The trio left the office a little while later and went home, where Kurotsuchi unpacked the flavorful food dear Naruto had been so kind to pay for.

She would miss him, of course, he was her one and only. But she also missed her family terribly, she thanked Kami-sama for that fact, Naruto always encouraged her to spend time with her family when she was home.

Putting her distant boyfriend out of her head for now tuning into her father's and onoki's question answering all of them.

Hours later she was at the cemetery, looking at her mother's tomb. A tear slipped from her eyes as she spoke up

"Hey mom I'm back, another successful mission, the alliance has been cemented now. Naruto is as odd as always, his apprentice, well sister. But he doesn't know I know that, she is a cutie. I wish you could see it mom. How love can blossom, even between two supposedly bitter enemies."

Wiping the tears from her eyes she continued to Stan there, regaling tales to her mother. When she was finished. She felt a hand and an unmistakable voice, she didn't know what the voice had said. But she couldn't mistake it. It was her mother's, even if she has never heard it/remembered hearing it.

Kitsuchi looked at his daughter from the gates of the burial site. He looked a bit aways from Kurotsuchi and saw the ghostly figure of his wife, and He smiled.

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