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Of Sharks, Hearts and Politics

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The Forest surrounding Kakazu and Hidan were dense. But it mattered little, he had a job to do. That's all that matters, and he was going to do his job. Money was on the line afterall. Yet, with every step he took the sense of foreboding continued to grow in his stomach. Every inch of yarn and threads in his body urged him to turn tail and run, but he wouldn't. He fought the First Hokage and lived, there would be nothing scarier or more terrifying than that. Never mind the fact that there was no ninja alive who could match the prowess of that beast. Or was there?

His mind turned to his target; Naruto Namikaze, secret heir of the Fourth Hokage and a living Uchiha. Reports stated that he fought both the First and Second on his own and beat them, again, on his own. With black fire.

'Huh black fire.' The man snorts. He had seen what Itachi Uchiha could do. While the 2 Uchihas definitely deserved their S class ranking. Only one of them had proved why they deserved it. Even still, there was one more reason he doubted the secret Uchiha could have gone toe to toe with an Edge Tensei Hashirama.

No Uchiha could have done so in their time. Much less in this day and age, since the standards of the era and the standards of today were very different. Back then, only the strong would survive. There was no class system between Genin, Chunin, and Jounin. It was pure survival. That bred and ensured only the strongest shinobi, plus the need to survive and vengeance. Not to mention good genetics.

The fourth Hokage could have been the most powerful Ninja of the Modern Era, But Minato had been forged between 2 wars.Namikaze Naruto would have barely been old enough to experience the fear of not knowing if your parent was gonna return at most. But with a father like the Yellow flash the point was mute.

Perhaps the Kyuubi might have something to do with this? He doubted it. The beast was sealed within the Man's apparent half sister. And reports showed her was very protective of the girl.

"Fucking, piece of shit." His foul mouthed partner suddenly spoke up, not caring who or what heard.

"Hidan. Shut up, or I will kill you." The ancient shinobi stated matter-of-factly, no room left to argue.

The white hair man retorts "You wish you could."

In that moment, a figure clad in Pink Armor (Courtesy of a very vengeful Imouto) lands 50 feet in front of them. Pale Ivory skin, stoic-stone cold visage. Black hair, and an unmistakable red Sharingan eye.

"You're too deep within fire territory wandering nin. Turn around now, this will be your only warning." The tenor voice came out flat and without emotion. The Gunbai and Kama on his back letting them know he came prepared for battle.

"Namikaze Naruto, leader-sama extends an Invitation to join us." Kakazu. Said in a business tone.

Naruto's single eye narrowed, "Tell your boss I want nothing to do with your ilk."

Hidan snorts "Hah. It appears the fucking apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Just like that bastard Itachi."

At the mention of his Otouto. The Elder Uchiha born turned his eye to the Jashinist.

"Mind your manners. Or you'll find out just how much the clan slayer and I are related." Naruto winced at the mention of his brother's moniker. Hating using it every time. Nevertheless it had the desired effect. As the follower of the god of Murder lounged at him.

Naruto evaded every strike of the 3 bladed scythe, as Hidan lifted his weapon. He made the mistake of making eye contact with the sharingan. He was paralyzed within the instant, and yet the Uchiha looked completely disinterested, almost bored in his mannerism.

"Usually," Naruto began, "I would play around with you. But I don't have time today."

His statement was punctuated by Hiram being cut into 8 pieces, with such swiftness no even Kakazu saw the Uchiha move.

It was only years of instincts that saved him when Naruto appeared above him, the 4th's lesser signature jutsu in hand.

'Rasengan' the ancient Shinobi's eyes widen upon recognizing it, and witnessing the sheer destruction caused by the technique.

'Such potent and dense chakra. I will enjoy stealing his heart.' Kakazu thought to himself. As he engaged Naruto in hand to hand.

Another mistake, as everytime he thought he could get a hit in, Naruto became like a ghost.

It was an uneven match, and soon, the Taki native contemplated revealing his trump card, but then…

"Arg." Kakazu cried out in pain. He looked down to see himself being pumped full of lightning. White lightning.

The cry of a thousand birds rang through the clearing as all 5 of his hearts were destroyed simultaneously by thousands of volts of lightning. As he died, he heard a chuckle. The eyes of his enemy changed shape, and he spoke. "I heard you fought the first Hokage once. And that you survived. A pity, I can see now he just let you live."

Naruto watched the corpse slide from his arm, and he turned to look at the sky. It was mid day, he had time.

Sliding his Kama back into place he began to march toward her destination. As he did so the head of the Jashinist called out to him.

"Oi! You pink armored bastard, come back here. Don't leave me here you heretic piece of shit! Comeback now!"

Naruto paused his step and gave the head a side eye. "I see you persist on living with your foolishness. Hn. Very well."

Turning around he went towards the body. He paused and made a Whole underground with an earth jutsu he had copied years back in the war, for mass graves.

He kicked 7 of the 8 pieces of the body into the whole and turned to look at the head. Which looked horrified.

"What are you doing? Stop, Jashin commands you."

Naruto's eye narrowed on the head. "Hn. I see no god of yours here to save you. There is no god. Other than me, right here. Right now. At this moment. I am your god." Being done with words, Naruto kicked the head in. And sealed the hole.

Feeling something watching him, he turned to look at the forest around him, and eventually spotted a single Sharingan eye staring at him, just as narrow as his as they looked at each other. And then, a familiar swirl, and it was gone.

"So you finally reveal yourself. Obito" the Namikaze told himself, feeling everything around him. And feeling nothing but emptiness in turn.

"Oh well. There's nothing I can do about it."

Two hours later and he was at the meeting spot he was supposed to meet Itachi, who arrived a minute after him. The raised eyebrow was all Naruto needed to know what was being asked.

"Our dear cute little Imouto's revenge on the month long punishment." Naruto stated.

Itachi snorts "Why didn't you paint it back to black?"

The elder brother shrugged. "A hardened killer cares little for the color of his armor. Plus, I was pressed for time. She is sneaky enough to make me not notice until it was too late."

"Or maybe you're just spoiling her?" the younger one offered, as the two began to walk towards Itachi's Cabin.

As they did they talked about random nuances in their days, as they catched up with each other. Arriving at the cabin Naruto noticed a blue skin man sitting on the porch. Raising an eyebrow he asked "company?"

"Cabin mate" Itachi corrected.

"Kisame Hoshigaki? Cabin mate? You sure know how to pick em Otouto"

The man shrugs, as they approached the Cabin. The blue skinned man stood up "Company Itachi? Looks just like you."

Itachi bowed his head slightly and introduced the two "He's my brother. Naruto meet Kisame, Kisame, meet Naruto."

"You left more than a few alive, eh. Let's go inside."

After a bit of chatter Itachi left to go get some groceries, leaving the shark and the Uchiha alone. Naruto, naturally sat with his eyes closed and arms crossed.

"Heh, so your Itachi's brother. You don't look so tough." Kisame commented.

Naruto opened the one visible eye that wasn't hiding behind a lock of black hair to give Kisame a momentary look before closing it back down. And simply answered. "Hn."

That did it. Kisame took his bandage weapon. A sword Naruto knew to be named Samehada and gave it a mighty swing as it arched closer to its target. As it halted from its swing.

A thin line of blood made itself known in Naruto's right cheek, where the sword had shaved him.

Naruto opened a single Mangekyou eye.

Kisame laughed "Mangekyou already, my my. You really aren't shit are you?"

Naruto stood up and punched Kisame into a wall, and the two broke out into a taijutsu match. Punches and kicks are perfectly placed and pulled and pushed and blocked/parried. Oh yes this was going great.

Suddenly the two punched each other, sending themselves into opposite walls.

As they stood up they began to make rapid signs with their hands, Kisame's cheek bulge as he looked at his target, only to widen his eyes as he saw the water coalesce from the air around Naruto and eventually, two water dragons collided with each other, and before Kisame could react lightning followed soon after. And unfortunately, a blue hand appeared from an Ethereal ribcage and smashed Samehada.

Naruto looked at Kisame and said "You might be a great white shark. But I am the megadolom, the biggest fish in the sea."

In that moment, Itachi returned with his Groceries, when he opened the door all the water flooded out into the woods, ruining his paper bagged goods. Thankfully, he had sealed his pocky away for good. Lest someone steal the delicious sticks for good. But nevertheless, a few sweets were ruined… For good…

Itachi looked inside the house to see his brother sitting on the couch, in his "Uchiha" pose, while Kisame laid on the floor burned to charcoal and samehada shattered in pieces.

He didn't have to guess a lot about what happened. Sighing, he quickly set about repairing the ancient sword. It still bothered him that his brother had ruined his cabin. But he would harass him on it at a later date. Right now, he knew Naruto to be in a foul mood. And the consequences of castigating said mood.

Itachi set about to cook dinner, Naruto watched him put on an Akatsuki patterned Apron.

"You're really into the pattern aren't you?"

Itachi quirked an eyebrow "I told you. I actually like the design. Maybe after getting rid of the Akatsuki we can start selling it? Make some money out of it I dunno. We can't let go to waste!"

Naruto rolled his eyes at his brother's antics as Kisame finally came into the Kitchen.

"Ah… Sorry about earlier, wanted to test your strength."

Naruto closed his eyes "Hn. You're looking. I knew what you were doing. Or I'd hath killed you otherwise."

Kisame gulped "You wouldn't have right? Itachi?"

The younger Uchiha gave him a shrug "Between the two of us Naruto is the more vicious. I wouldn't stand in his way if I were you."

Taking the advice Kisame then turned the conversation into another direction. "So what if the General in Command of the Hidden leaf visiting us poor rogues."

Naruto set a scroll on the table. But first looked at Kisame and asked. "Where do your loyalties lie?"

Itachi spoke up. "He can be trusted."

"As long as I know the truth." Kisame added to Itachi's statement.

Naruto nods "Very well. Hidan and Kakazu are dead- Oh thank god (Kisame)- The hidden leaf along the Sand and Stone are taking affirmative action to ensure our Jinchuuriki's don't fall into the hands of the Akatsuki."

Kisame raised his hand and asked "What about the other Jinchuuriki? Taki, Kumo, the Mist?"

Naruto shook his head "Me and Tsunade are offensive realists. The era of Sarutobi's peaceful and balanced reign is over. If we can advantage ourselves and make sure that our adversaries aren't a threat, we will take it. And if we can secure the 2 Jinchuuriki of Kumo in our favor, eliminate Yagura, and capture the 3 and 6 tails we will be doing better. Taki has pretty much sold their Jinchuuriki to Konoha in case of Akatsuki sightings in their country."

Kisame nodded "Stacking the deck in your favor. How is that different from what pain wants to do? Other than the fact he wants to use them to power some superweapon."

This time it was Itachi that answered "Unlike pain, we aren't seeking some childish dreams of world peace. But rather, we understand, that while diplomacy is usually the better option. Having the tools to win a war is better, because alliances, especially in the shinobi world, cannot be trusted."

"Um. I, I guess I understand that. Very well. I'll try to help." Kisame stated.

"Good, cause there's a Mission that cannot be traced back to Konoha." Naruto stated as he got serious. "We want to aid the bloodline rebels in Kiri. But to do so will put Konoha at risk of war with Kumo due to their alliance with the reigning Mizukage. We have a number of people to send, but the least we send the better. Hence we want to send more powerful personnel."

Kisame's interest peaked.

"How much is Konoha willing to pay?"

Naruto took a scroll out of his armor and tossed it at him "I don't know. You tell me."

Kisame's eyes widened. Before his visage turned into the most shark-like grin either Uchiha has ever seen.

"Are you sure Kisame can be trusted?" Tsunade asked as she looked at her counterpart in the eyes.

"Not a chance in hell. But at the same time, the man is motivated by truth and loves to fight. We didn't need a lot to get him on our side." Naruto stated. Putting both of his hands, knuckles first on the table he looked at the map "Plus, with a 4 way alliance with a whole Kiri. We wouldn't need to pledge as many people into a war we both know is coming."

Tsunade stood up from the table, and moved towards a window, to view the face that was recently added. Her face.

"We are taking a huge gamble Uchiha. What makes you think, we will be able to pull this off?"

Naruto crossed his arms and said "Because by my calculations. When war ends, the deck will be stacked overwhelming in the favor of the hidden leaf. With my relationship to Kurotsuchi, we can knock Iwagakure out of any war with us for at least 2 complete generations. The way Gaara and Sakura are getting along. It could be the same one that end, and by assisting the rebels, who we know will win regardless. We will tie Kiri into a debt of honor and economic ties with us.

"To put it simply, we will become the global Hegemony by path of least resistance. We would only have Kumo to contest with, and they won't stand a chance in a 4 front war. Even then I have my own plans for bringing them in peacefully."

As if reading his mind, Tsunade said "Would you trust them with the security of your flesh and blood that much?"

Naruto turned around to look away from Tsunade. "A is an emotional bullheaded man. But he is not an Idiot, nor is he lacking in any honor where it counts. But that doesn't mean I trust him. But the Jinchuuriki of the eight tails. He would protect Hitomi, the bond between Jinchuuriki ensures this."

Tsunade sighs and says "You're taking a dangerous gamble Naruto, Sasuke, Hitomi. How can you sleep so soundly."

Naruto turned to look at her in the eyes and said, "The same way i slept as everything I cared about was slowly taken away."

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