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Naruto Namikaze: Curse of the Sharingan @pwhitestrake

Hitomi Uzumaki laid in her hospital bed looking at the ceiling, her expression was blank as she went over the events in her mind over and over and over again. Not understanding how it was possible for her life to have flipped around so much in so little, for the better and then for the worst. How could such a change in life be so transparently possible? She didn't know.

The door of her room opened giving way for Sakura and Mikoto to step through the threshold and into her room.

"How are you holding up sweetie?" Mikoto asked in a gentle tone, her tear-stained cheeks betraying her serene expression as she caressed the cheeks of the bed-bound blond with the palm of her hand.

"It hurts so much." The Uzumaki whispered "How could he abandon us like that? I thought he had changed!"

"Everyone did." Sakura said quietly. "We had thought that with Naruto-sensei and Kakashi-sensei he would have opened up. But he proved us wrong. To think he would go to search power from Orochimaru."

Sasuke Uchiha had defected from the hidden leaf 2 months after Tsunade was made Hokage.

"Why?" Hitomi questioned.

A squad of 5 had been sent to retrieve Sasuke before he had made it to Orochimaru.

Kiba Inuzuka

Shikamaru Nara

Neji Hyuuga

Hitomi Uzumaki

Choji Akamichi

Shikamaru had been the squad commander taking charge of the mission, however, not so far after setting out on the retrieval mission they soon encounter problems in the form of the sound four. One by one they soon began to break off each one facing a member of Orochimaru's elite guard until only Hitomi was left to confront Sasuke, who had somehow managed to break the seal Naruto Namikaze had placed on the curse mark the snake sannin had given Sasuke and even managed to evolve it into a second form. It had been a fierce battle, with the Uzumaki girl even being forced to draw upon the Kyuubi's chakra for the second time in her little life. However, Sasuke had managed to defeat her without much difficulty or injury, finally placing her into a sleeping genjutsu ending their battle and escaping leaf pursuit.

It hadn't been the fact that Sasuke had defected itself that hurt her, but the fact that she had unknowingly fallen in love with the Uchiha that truly crushed her as she thought back to a particular lull in the fight.


Sasuke looked at her, transformed into the second stage of the curse seal of heaven his Sharingan trained on her winded and tired form while he himself was as fresh as water. Not getting much of a challenge from the Uzumaki girl in their little dance.

"You say you're going to bring me back to the leaf, yet you are so weak you can't even land a proper hit on me." Sasuke said condescendingly

Hitomi's eyes burned in anger as she screamed: "I HATE YOU!!" As the Kyuubi's chakra began to surround her. But before she could do anything Sasuke flickered in front of her using his Sharingan to suppress the influence of her bijuu and throwing her into an unconscious state.

Flashback end.

Sasuke followed Orochimaru, towards his new room silently as he tuned out the snake idle chatter, his mind focusing back on the day's events.

Hitomi hated him now. But that was fine, it was a price he was willing to pay for the burden he now carried within him.

After being shown his room, Orochimaru left, having most of his bodily functions restored by switching to a new body. Thankfully Sasuke had been delayed enough to force the man to transfer his soul into a new body, but still gave him the chills. He would have to kill him as soon as he got the chance.

Looking upon the one mirror in the room, Sasuke activated his Sharingan, simply staring at it as he pushed more and more chakra into it as he watched it transform into a completely new pattern.


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