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Naruto Namikaze: Curse of the Sharingan @pwhitestrake
Interlude 2

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Jiraiya and Hitomi alongside a blond woman were making their way back to Konoha after almost a 2-month long absence.

As they approached Hitomi stopped Looking at the gates, they looked as good as they had been before the failed invasion "Damn. They already fixed the walls? They work fast." Exclaimed the blond genin.

As they got to the gate, Kotetsu who was currently the only one Guarding that entrance greeted them "Jiraiya-sama, Lady Tsunade, Hitomi-san welcome back."

"Your Kotetsu right?" Inquired Hitomi watching said chunin stamp their paperwork.

"Yes. All three of you are cleared, although standing orders are for you 3 to get back to the Hokage tower ASAP no detours allowed… says here on the note, no ramen breaks allowed, sorry Hitomi-san."

The blond genin looked shocked and visibly downcast. Jiraiya put a hand on her shoulders and said "It is probably nothing Kiddo. But we should go and not keep sensei waiting."

And as such the sannin disappeared, leaving Hitomi to walk back to the tower alongside Tsunade and Shizune.

Tsunade sighed as she took Hitomi's should and said: "Let's go, the pervert is right."

As the trio walked to the tower Shizune asked Hitomi "Hitomi-chan, you said you had a brother right?" Inquiring about the discrepancy despite knowing the blond was an only child. The older blond woman, Tsunade who was also aware of Hitomi's parentage turned an ear to the conversation.

"Yep, Naruto-nii is even stronger than the old man Hokage, during the invasion, he took on the reanimated First and Second Hokage and even used a Black fire to undo the re-animations… sadly I wasn't there to see it." Hitomi explained with childlike delight.

"Really?" Asked Tsunade "Why wasn't he made Hokage if he is so strong."

Hitomi shrugged her shoulders "Nii-chan said that the village wasn't ready to see an Uchiha as Hokage."

Tsunade Senju choked on air as she heard the claim.

"An… Uchiha?" Asked Shizune with hesitance in her voice.

"Yup, he even has a more advanced stage than Sasuke-teme." Said Hitomi carelessly.

After a few minutes of walking towards the tower silently and making their way up the stairs towards the office of the Hokage.

"Come in." A voice sounded from the other side of the door as Tsunade knock.

Opening the door, Tsunade first noticed Sarutobi standing in front of his desk wearing all his ceremonial garb.

Next to him, a man with long spiky black hair that fell down to his upper back, pale alabaster skin and one coal-black eye she could visibly see, the other being tucked away behind a lock of spiky hair. He was dressed in Samurai armor, although modified, which looked a lot like the armor her own grandfather wore the last time she remembered seeing him, but unlike Hashirama's his armor was black. Closed steel-toed combat boots and gauntlets, on his back a Gunbai traditional to the Uchiha Clan.

All in all this intimidating foe reminded her of a lot of the picture of her grandfather and Madara Uchiha her grandmother had taken during the founding of the village.

"Looks like we have company, Sarutobi-sensei." Said the man.

'Sensei' Tsunade asked herself.

Meanwhile, Hitomi shot off like a Rocket towards him. But a hard stern look froze her solid in place before she actually ran back and hid behind Tsunade.


Unironically, Jiraiya was soon standing ramrod straight with sweat coming out of his forehead.

"Alright what's going on?!" Demanded Tsunade

"HITOMI MITO UZUMAKI FRONT AND CENTER NOW!". The man continued on ignoring Tsunade.

The poor girl, who had never seen her brother this mad before was really close to releasing all her juices on the floor and not the good kind.

" y-yes s-sir." Stuttered Hitomi weakly.

Suddenly, Tsunade saw his one visible eye turned red, and into a red-eye with 6 tomoe's circling around the pupil with a line going through each on giving an "O" shape with a black 3-star shuriken-like form right in the middle.

"Who did you talked too before leaving the village?" Naruto asked, his voice low and icy.

Hitomi gulped "M-Mikoto-oba?" She answered meekly.

Naruto's eye narrowed "And did Mikoto say you could leave?"

Hitomi simply shook her head, closing her eyes as tears began to make their way towards her eyes.

"Then why did you leave the village without talking to me? I AM your BROTHER AND LEGAL GUARDIAN…" naruto took a pause to look at her. He hated doing this, if there were two people he hated to see cry the most, it was Hitomi and Kurotsuchi. But she had to understand, her safety and well being was possibly the most important thing to him. She was Perhaps, his last living ties to his father and stepmother. And watching over her was his way of paying them back for the sacrifice they made for him. And the village, be it his home dimension, or his new home.

"Hitomi, for the next month you are both under professional, and personal punishment. Approved by Sarutobi-sama. Wait outside for me. I still need to talk to you." He said in a lighter tone. Hitomi dried her tears with her sleeves and left the room to sit on the Hallway. Removing herself without protest.

As soon as she was gone. The atmosphere in the room turned downright oppressive as Naruto's red-eye turned To Jiraiya.

"Jiraiya, Jiraiya, Jiraiya… Id thought you'd be smarter than this. Hmm, next time you take Hitomi without my express permission. There won't be enough left of you left to bury, clear?"

Jiraiya gulped as Naruto stood face to face with him and said "Your punishment, you will be my sparring partner for the following weeks. Starting now."

Naruto punched Jiraiya hard enough for the toad to be sent flying through the wall but before he could impact naruto appeared and teleported him away. Taking his prey away for a world of hurt.

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