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Naruto Namikaze: Curse of the Sharingan @pwhitestrake
Interlude 1

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"We got a report coming from our forces on Oto no Kuni." Said Naruto as he stood up from his desk and handed it over to Hiruzen. "Seems like they cleared out another lab, that means that the 22nd sector is clear."

Hiruxen eyed the report before setting it down and saying "22 down 98 more to go."

Naruto went back to his desk in the office as they scoured over the coming reports. It has been a month since the failed invasion. Tensions were high on the western border as Konoha set up a defensive wall.

It was just a waiting game now. Suna lost all of its invasion force, its Jinchuuriki and Konoha held captive the 3 children of the Kazekage. Which at this point had remained oddly quiet about the whole situation.

Now some may wonder if Naruto had become Hokage? After all, he now had a desk on the vaunted office.

Not really. He had been offered the position by his superior but he had turned it down. But that didn't mean that he hadn't gained political standing in the village, as the following day of the failed invasion he had become the second most powerful man in the village.

He had been promoted to head diplomat and Village Commander of the hidden leaf. A title that essentially meant, the Hokage was still the Military dictator of the entire Konoha Military complex, but the bastard would drop at least 75% of the day to day running of the village on him.

The door opened to reveal Kurotsuchi along Kitsuchi and Shikaku Nara himself.

"We got news, a carrier bird from Suna arrived earlier today with this letter." Stated the old

Hiruzen took the letter in hand.

Silence reign in the room as the old man reads the letter.

Finally, after about a minute, the Hokage spoke.

"Sunagakure has officially extended their surrender. It states here that they have been tricked into doing this invasion, and that they have found the Body of the Yondaime Kazekage, and that is has been dead for over a month and a half and that they wish to open peace negotiations along with the recovery of the three children of the Deceased Kazekage."

Kurotsuchi spoke "With all due respect Hokage-sama, returning the Ichibi no jinchuuriki is not a wise idea. With Konoha in possession of 2 bijuu, you are keeping both Suna and Kumo at bay. I doubt even with our recently established alliance Either Konoha or Iwagakure be able to fight a two-front war."

"We don't need to sustain a prolonged conflict, nor do we need the Ichibi no Shukaku." Stated Shikaku respectfully to the apprentice diplomat.

"He is right, right now, despite nit having fully recovered from the Kyuubi attack logistically and economically wise. We are enjoying a great period of great military strength, we hold the highest Number of A-rank shinobi, a core of 30 S class ninja and then there's me. I classify as a siege weapon on my own right." Stated Naruto, making Kurotsuchi and Kitsuchi shiver, it was bad when Minato was alive he had 1 S class space-time ninjutsu. Naruto had two very versatile ones and a bloodline that put even the revered Mokuton to shame.

'No one man should hold that much power' Kitsuchi thought to himself.

"Additionally, The Ichibi would be more of a hindrance more than anything." Stated Hiruzen.

"That doesn't mean you can't hit them with Multiple economic and military sanctions." Suggested Kitsuchi, the appointed Ambassador from Iwagakure to Konoha under the new alliance.

"With the Kazekage dead, we can also manipulate the geopolitical map in our favor." Said Naruto. "Right now Suna is between a rock and a hard place. They don't have someone qualified enough to assume the mantle of kage. However, they do have or rather had one candidate that could have been molded perfectly for the role."

Everyone in the room turned to look at Naruto to see what he would suggest.

"I may have allowed Hitomi and Gaara to duke it out in the end, my dear student even when the Kyuubi was suppressed still had too much chakra pouring out of the seal. And Gaara-san wouldn't shut up about fighting someone." The Sharingan user paused for a second to light the newest habit he had picked up do to his position. Smoking a cigarette.

"Let me just say…" naruto continued "... If her career as a ninja doesn't work out, Hitomi-chan would make a killer therapist."

The old man Hokage narrowed his eyes "explain."

As naruto exhaled the drag he had inhaled previously he stated "She somehow managed to beat her ideology into him, not only that, she has taken to watching out for him and teaching him how to act properly. She says she views him as a sibling. Must be a jinchuuriki thing. The point is, with Gaara being the only child of the Kazekage likely to reach S class soon, and him having a very positive relationship with someone from Konoha, someone who aspires to rise to the noble office of Hokage. She might inspire him to do the same. Essentially, we could install a Kazekage that would be willing to commit to peace with Konoha, and not just on a sheet of parchment."

"Sound plan. But what about his siblings?" Asked the Nara.

"I've taken the liberty to ensure they have a comfortable stay. I'm sure your son can tell you all about that." Replied the blond.

Later that day.

Naruto and Kurotsuchi were seated at a table at the Akamichi restaurant when an ANBU dropped at their table "Naruto-sama, I've been sent to let you know Jiraya-sama will be taken Uzumaki Hitomi on his search to find lady Tsunade."

Naruto groaned as he let his head come to rest on his elbows at the table. "Great, just great."

Kurotsuchi raised an eyebrow "What is so bad about that?"

Naruto raised his head as the ANBU left.

"We are talking about the number one trouble magnet and the most irresponsible man in the leaf. They just left without telling me, her legal guardian."

"Can you catch up to them?"

naruto shook his head "knowing Jiraya. 'Just left' meant they are already miles away from the village and before you asked, yes i marked Hitomi with my FTG formula. but it was due to be reapplied today."

Meanwhile on the road.

It had been 4 hours since Hitomi and Jiraiya had left the village in search of the (hopefully) future 5th Hokage of the hidden leaf.

She had left with Mikoto's blessing of course, but still Hitomi couldn't decipher the feeling of doom she had with every step that led her away from the village. Oh well, at least her new friend was brough with them as well.

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