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Naruto stood in between Gaara and Hitomi as he officiated the match. The output of chakra coming from the Kyuubi's seal was palpable, it seemed the tailed beast did not like to have one of its brethren intrude upon its territory, and the Shukaku was not cooperating.

"Begin" Naruto called out and had to get out of the way within the next second. A barrage of chakra chains and sand tendrils met where he was standing moments prior and the 2 opposing forces began to battle for dominance.

It seemed Hitomi was managing to instinctively control her chains to a great degree because whatever Gaara sent her way it was met with fierce resistance. However, Naruto knew it simply wasn't in her nature to remain rooted in one spot, and like clockwork, Hitomi attempted to engage the genin in Taijutsu much like the genin from team Gai, Rock Lee had done a month prior.

She was met with the same result, a wall of sand as hard as concrete. Not that it deterred her, instead it spurned her on. That wasn't good, soon an orange cloak was surrounding her. It was quite obvious to Naruto she was beginning to go Feral.

"Yes, finally an opponent that will make me feel alive." Screamed Gaara at Hitomi's ever-increasing chakra output.

The red-head Suna shinobi slowly began to raise his own chakra output as sand began to cover him.

Naruto wasn't dumb. He knew what was going to happen next, so before innocents could get caught in the crossfire of two jinchuuriki fighting he moved.

Faster than the eye could see he appeared before Hitomi sharingan blazing as he suppressed the Kyuubi's chakra.

Then he appeared above Gaara Rasengan in hand as he brutally pressed his father's technique into the genin's back and quickly trapping him within Kamui.

Behind him the Kage box exploded, he could feel thousands of signatures coming towards the wall. Ninja began springing from their seats as The infiltrators tried to cause mass spread mayhem.

Kakashi, Asuma, and Kurenai quickly moved towards the competitor's box, where Shikamaru had trapped the two remaining sand siblings who were currently being held at knifepoint thanks to Sakura and Shino.

Soon 2 Suna jounin including the Genin's Jounin sensei Baki.

"Why don't you let my students go Hatake? I doubt you have time to entertain stronger opponents while having to care for your students as well."

Kakashi whose expression remained painfully uncaring answered: "Ara, We both know I'm going to have to kill you either way."

Kakashi paused as Asuma joined him trench knives in hand "You betray our alliance, Invade our village and threaten our students."

"You are gonna get the leaf treatment" finished Asuma.

And before Baki or his companion could move Kakashi and Asuma disappeared in cherry blossom petals.

The 7 genin left in the booth were left shocked at a quick and brutal way the Suna jounin were dispatched, they watched from the bleeding bodies to the 3 jounin who was looking over them.

Suddenly Naruto appeared Carrying Hitomi

"Kakashi, I need you to gather the Suna genin, they are the children of the Kazekage. They will make good bargaining chips once this farce is over"

Both Kurotsuchi and Akatsuchi were shocked to witness the Ruthlessness and efficiency Konoha seemed to have throughout the wars in taking any advantage necessary but lacked in peacetime through their own eyes.

Kakashi nodded and none too gently knocked Kankuro and Temari out.

"Shino, Shikamaru, Sakura. I got a mission for you, currently, due to health concerns I had to knock Hitomi out, get her and any civilians you encounter to the shelters, this is an A-rank mission. Be careful and remember, keep yourselves safe above everything else."

The three genins took the unconscious Uzumaki in their arms and dispersed with an Hai.

"You two should get yourselves to safety." Naruto addressed the two Iwakagure genin.

However, directly across a purple barrier went up. Naruto using his eyes was able to make out Hiruzen, Onoki, and Orochimaru Duking it out inside the barrier.

Inside the Purple flames formation- the moment the invasion began.

Hiruzen watched as Naruto subdued the two Jinchuuriki. His peripheral caught the 'Kazekage' signal his bodyguards. In turn, Hiruzen did the same and he jumped into action, delivering a punch towards the 'Kazekage'.

An explosion rocked their box as the two kage began to trade blows. Orochimaru and Hiruzen continually blocking and countering the other's attacks until Hiruzen flipped back running through a series of hand seals he drew in a breath.

"Fire Style: Dragon flame bomb"

The Hokage exhaled a giant fire dragon which was quickly followed by an earth technique.

Hiruzen looked to his side to see Onoki as the original castor of the earth technique.

"Onoki, my apologies but it seems like I must deal with my wayward student." Apologized the Sandaime

"Eh, Don't worry, my own brat once also tried to destroy my village. Just this once, render aid to Konoha"

Hiruzen nodded as the two Kage tried to begin a new assault on the snake, who was nowhere to be seen. Suddenly they were trapped inside a barrier by four ninja, who then raised another barrier to shield themselves.

Orochimaru rose from the ground and said "Well this isn't fair now, is it? Two against one."

"Tschk. Life isn't fair you goddamned brat." Answered the Tsuchikage.

Orochimaru's chuckle, however, sent every signal on their body off.

The rouge sannin went through a set of 5 hand seals Snake Ram Boar Dog Tiger and slammed his hands onto a scroll he had spread on the ground.

"Forbidden Technique: Impure World Resurrection."

Hiruzen's eyes went wide "Orochimaru you demon! How dare you use that jutsu!"

A coffin started to rise from the ground with the letter 1 inscribed in it. Onoki asked, "Anything I should know about."

A second coffin started to rise from the ground "Edo Tensei; a forbidden technique created by Tobirama-sensei that reanimates the dead, however, he declared it forbidden because of the cost to cast and simply how immoral it is".

Hiruzen watched as two more coffins rose from the ground, he pulled two shurikens from his pocket and threw them at the two newest coffins, however, only one of them seemed to not summon successfully.

At the same time, A portal seemed to open from ripped air and Naruto along with Kurotsuchi materialized.

" KUROTSUCHI?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? THIS IS WAY ABOVE YOUR LEVEL GET OUT OF HERE." Yelled onoki at seeing his granddaughter enter the battle area.

"Hell no grampa, I'm not about to leave your old ass to battle one of the sannin"

"Both of you shut the fuck up and focus on the battle." Commanded Naruto.

Just as he did so the coffin lids of the 3 successful reanimations opened and revealed their content.

Hashirama Senju

Tobirama Senju

Mito Senju-Uzumaki.

Hiruzen cursed himself "fuck why did he have to bring those three back? Why the hell not just bring back Madara along for the fucking ride?"

Onoki hit his fellow kage in the back of the head "

Don't go on jinxing it now."

"Oh trust me I tried" stated Orochimaru Nonchalantly

Naruto again interrupted the clear banter, all signs of his previous personality gone "Onoki, Hiruzen!".

However the personality shift hit another low as a bloodthirsty smile made its way onto his face "Hiruzen, you handle your old Student, fence-sitter, you and Kurotsuchi-san handle Mito Uzumaki. I'll take on the Senju brothers."

"Overconfident now aren't you brat." Stated Orochimaru.

"W-were am I?" Stated a feminine voice.

"S-Saru?" Came another voice

Everyone turned to look at the reanimated corpses that seemed to have gained consciousness.

"Hashirama-sensei?" Asked Hiruzen in horrified awe

"Hiruzen, have we been reanimated?"

Asked tobirama, already knowing the answer and the how.

"I-am sorry sensei. It seems my old student has gotten his hands on your jutsu."

"It wouldn't be the only student you'd had to get his hands on Nidaime-sama's jutsu." Commented Naruto his voice incredibly dry of any humor.

The 3 reanimated shinobi turned to look at Naruto.

"M-Madara?" Stuttered Hashirama.

Indeed Naruto currently had his Gunbai strapped on his back, the kama tightly gripped on his right hand. He was donning his usual armor and his long spiky black hair gave him a strong resemblance to Madara.

"No, I'm Naruto Namikaze; Student of Lord Hiruzen and son of the Fourth Hokage." Naruto formally introduced himself.

"Fourth Hokage?" Asked Mito Uzumaki.

"Don't bother dear, he is dead." Answered Orochimaru snidely

"Don't worry Orochimaru, you'll soon join him. Or need I remind you last time you tried to dance to my tune."

Tobirama looked at Sarutobi dead in the eye "Who gave you permission to train Madara Jr?"

"Mah, mah Tobirama-chan you are talking to an innocent Uchiha." Hashirama tried to placate his brother Until he caught a glimpse of Naruto's EMS.

"The Eternal Light." Whispered the god of shinobi upon seeing it on another Uchiha.

"Young man, who is your Paternal Grandmother"

Asked Mito out of nowhere.

"Toka Senju." Answered Naruto, despite knowing she was actually his great grandmother, however, he just couldn't remember who exactly his grandmother was.

"Toka-chan? No wonder there are some similarities to our traits in your chakra." Commented the Nidaime.

Orochimaru interrupted the Discussion "Great, a family reunion. Isn't this just great, here we have the son of the 4th Hokage, who saved the hidden leaf. And the Third Hokage, Student of the first and second. Who knew the hierarchy of the leaf was kept so tightly sealed."

Naruto turned his eyes towards Orochimaru

"Enough of your games, we both know you didn't revive my ancestors for friendly chatter. Let's Dance now shall we?"

Orochimaru chuckled once more "How right you are" he approached each of the Edo Tensei and placed a personality tag upon where their brains would be "Now they are finished."

Their eyes turned black and they began to attack.

Naruto immediately engaged the first and Second with his war fan and scythe. The two dead Hokages were more than fast enough to dodge his strikes, but Naruto soon noticed that they seemed to be trying to actively fight their restraints, hence they were fighting at a weaker capacity. Soon however Naruto felt a large build-up of chakra coming from the nidaime, as he was forced to turn intangible to avoid the three water dragons bearing down upon him.

Seconds later Naruto forced to resort to his oldest trick to avoid the deadly mokuton of the First Hokage.

He flipped over various three branches that had been erected by Hashirama as he swung his fan in a wide arc and multiple tornadoes of winds began to drill and dismantle the mokuton forest. Using pure nature transformation naruto filled his lungs with fire and exhaled a grand fireball upon the tornadoes causing them to set ablaze further damaging the mokuton techniques.

The second Hokage called forth giant tsunami, causing Naruto to respond in kind with his own "Water Style: Great Waterfall."

But unlike the fight in Between Sakura and Kurotsuchi, both Water users took Almost no time to charge their jutsu and the size was up to four-times large.

Naruto cursed as he was forced to draw water from the air around him. While his water affinity was stronger than most it was still subpar with the Second Hokage. Though not by much, it was still a difference, which could be seen by how much more chakra went wasted into the technique. However a tenth of a second before releasing it, Naruto converted a bit of chakra into lightning, infusing the technique with it.

As soon as the two techniques clashed the electrified water seem to have taken the upper hand. But soon naruto had to substitute out of the way, as a giant water dragon crashed into the spot he had been seconds prior.

The armor-clad jounin soon set another mokuton technique ablaze and was satisfied to see he had burned a large portion of Hashirama's hand.

That didn't last long as he slowly witnessed the first slowly stitch himself together again.

Hiruzen and his Summon; The monkey king Enma where double-teaming on Orochimaru as the snake was forced to dodge, parry or block a multitude of attacks and flurries that seemed to be never-ending. Hiruzen soon got a clean hit in, sending the Snake sannin sprawling over tens of feet away. As Orochimaru tried to stand up he was forced to role away as his sensei slammed his Adamantine staff where the snake had just been causing that part of the roof to cave in. Showing the power behind the strike.

Orochimaru soon was able to get on the offensive as his sensei seemed to have taken a breather and lightened the load, pulling his sword Kusanagi. It was a western-inspired, double-sided straight sword with a golden crossguard and a blue gem on the blade. The sword was a game-changer as Hiruzen had to try and avoid the blade and not just parry it with his staff.

"Summoning: Many hidden striking snakes," Orochimaru shouted as he turned his arms into long snakes barely missing his sensei.

"Getting tired now Sarutobi-sensei?" Taunted the snake.

"Never in a million years." Replied the Hokage as he renewed his assault.

"Earth Style: Swamp of the Underworld."

Shouted the third Hokage as he turned the ground in front of him into a lake of mud which Orochimaru avoided. By jumping up in the air, and using his snakes to swing him around one of the burning tree branches. However, before he could land he received a double boot to the face, courtesy of Naruto Namikaze as said ninja shouted "Stay in your own area"

Meanwhile, The tag-team duo of Kurotsuchi and Onoki were having an Easier time with Mito, but not by much, the seal mistress was not really a fighter. However, her strategic mind and expert use of seals in combat more than made up for lack of proper ninjutsu or taijutsu, as Mito could apply a seal with merely a touch, a Kurotsuchi had been unfortunate enough to find out after being hit with a shock seal. It had made her left arm go numb and so she was relegated to act as support throwing kunai and shuriken to distract the Uzumaki woman. Sadly nothing seemed to get past her seals, as whenever Kurotsuchi seemed to get an opening, chains coming out of the woman's back would just swipe the weapons out of the air.

Onoki was not having much more luck other than trying to throw jutsu at the woman and evade her chains. Finally, he had managed to hit her with a series of mud bullets, but much to his and Kurotsuchi's horror, the woman began to reform. Much like Hashirama had done for Naruto

As the invasion continued, or I guess I should say decimation, as more and more sectors were evacuated you could see leaf ninja begin their counter-attack.

In one sector Yugao Uzuki and her team of Anbu ambushed a group of mix Suna/Oto jounin and cut them down to the last men. If one would have looked under her mask you would have seen bitter tears, as she cut down more men acting like a spirit of vengeance as she carried out justice on those who took away the love of her life from her. Another team of invaders was stupid enough to get on her way, she didn't hesitate as more people met their end at her blade.

She sensed something from behind her and threw a hand full of shuriken which hit their mark dead-on, more enemy ninja were down for the count.

In another sector of the village, the Inuzuka clan were ripping apart platoons of invaders. The infamous "Fang over Fang" battle cry could be heard ringing through.

Ibiki looked at giant snake summons from his position on the Konoha wall point bravo. He smirked at the snake as he looked at it dead in the eye, and from above Jiraiya and his entourage of frogs rained down hell. Upon the signal, more and more men poured out of the wall and toward the poor bastards tasked with summoning the animals.

The Suna and Oto forces that had been tasked in that region soon began to lose heart and began to run away from the Village Hidden in the leaf, spinning tales of how impossible the village was to invade.

Academy instructors began to escort academy students from the academy to the bunkers and soon attracted attention to themselves as 3 separate platoons of the combined forces began to make their way towards them.

Only for Jounin like Kakashi and Guy to appear in time for a slaughter, cutting down anyone with enough depravity to harm a child.

The whole invasion was going horrible for Suna and Oto forces and it was apparent.

Everywhere you looked this was evident, for every one Leaf casualties they received, Konoha shinobi returned tenfold.

In the Hyuuga compound Hiashi, the head of the clan was surrounded by 20 aggressors. He slid into the gentle fist starting stance and said: "You will see why the Hyuuga are the strongest clan in the leaf."

As he gracefully weaved in between enemies, Each jab and poke was precisely placed. No holds barred soon all those who surrounded him laid on the ground dead.

On another part of the hidden leaf, Mikoto Uchiha was facing odds of 200 to one. She smirked and stated, "I like those odds."

And soon the whole area was engulfed in electrified water.

The majority of those who would dare oppose her were in a familiar position to almost every other invaded in the leaf, dead or dying.

Sasuke, who was nearby was jumping and flipping like as frog as he cut, slashed and burned his way through anyone wishing him harm, a trail of bodies could be seen as he moved in and out of the group of aggressors.

Meanwhile on the emergency bunkers.

Hitomi began to groan awake. She could hear explosions in the distance going off and sounds of fighting. She jolted away and saw Sakura was looking at her concerned "Are you alright?" Asked Sakura.

"Yeah, what's going on? The last thing I remember is I was about to fight Gaara but the Oni-chan interfered."

At Sakura's silence and distraught look, Hitomi began to assume the worst until Shino spoke up "Currently we are at the receiving end of an invasion. My kikaichu tell me the invasion seems to be going very well for us, however."

Looking around, Hitomi saw a good quantity of familiar faces, Shikamaru, Old man Teuchi, Ayame, Konahamaru and his gang, Iruka-sensei and many academy kids. But she couldn't spot any of the faces she wanted to see, not Naruto, no Mikoto or Sasuke. She quickly stood and went towards the exit, only for Iruka to stop her.

"Where are you going? It is not safe out there!."

Hitomi tried to wrangle out of his grip "Let me go Iruka-sensei! Sasuke and Mikoto-oba are still out there."

Iruka just affirmed his grip "Hitomi, I know you care deeply for them. But there's currently an invasion underway and leaving the shelter would put all of us at risk. Plus, have fate in Mikoto-sama and the other leaf ninja. This will be done in an iffy."

"B-but but!"

"Are you really doubting my mother dobe?" A familiar voice rang out.

Hitomi turned to look at Sasuke, who had seemingly just arrived and was walking towards her at a leisure pace.

"Did you forget mom is an S class ninja? Just because she is retired doesn't mean she can't fight."

Hitomi, who was looking down said softly "It doesn't mean I can't simply not worry."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow "How come you're not so worried about Naruto-sensei then?"

Hitomi looked at Sasuke as if he had just insulted Holy Ramen "That's Different, Ni-chan can kick anyone ass. He is the strongest in the village remember?"

"Hn, I guess you're right about that" answered Sasuke

Suddenly a jounin came into the shelter, Iruka approached him and asked "What are the news?"

"The invasion is starting to wind down now. Most of the invaders are dead or retreating right into our traps, as predicted by Naruto-san and Jiraiya-sama. However the Hokage, Tsuchikage and Namikaze are stuck inside a purple barrier facing Orochimaru."

Another chunin that had been in the shelter asked: "Is that all."

The jounin shook his head "Orochimaru seems to have gotten his hands and a forbidden jutsu that reanimates the dead. They are currently fighting The Shodai and Nidaime Hokage, along with a red-headed woman. But, that is not all. Naruto-san is Taking of both the first and second Hokage's on his own while Hokage-sama and Tsuchikage-sama deal with the traitor and the undead woman respectively."

Gasps were heard going around the shelters as everyone broke into whispers.

Hitomi felt a hand rest on her shoulders and she sees Ayame as the owner of said hand.

Hitomi nodded at the unsaid message, she would be ok. She moved towards Konahamaru who at hearing the news, felt scared. Aside from Asuma, Hiruzen was the only family the kid had left being an orphan and all. She hugged the kid trying to bring him some comfort, just like many family and friends were doing to each other. It may have been a sad day for the leaf but as long as their will of the fire remained nothing would stop them.

Inside the barrier that was exactly the same message, Hiruzen was pounding into Orochimaru.

"Don't you get it?! Look around you, this is the strength of the Will of Fire. Everywhere you look your forces are being decimated, your allies are fleeing. You have lost, give up and your death will be quick."

"Never" hissed Orochimaru

And indeed Hiruzen was right, more and more people through the village were wrapping up their fight, outside the barrier more shinobi were gathering around watching the S class level fight.

Suddenly Orochimaru moved his head to the left as kunai and shuriken flew past him. He turned to look at the Origins of the objects and saw Kurotsuchi, who could barely stand on her own two feet.

Orochimaru quickly and ferociously launched a multitude of attacks that forced both Onoki and Hiruzen to dodge as he himself moved with extreme speed towards the 16-year old Kunoichi.

Naruto, who was on another side of the barrier still dancing with the first and second, from his peripheral vision caught Orochimaru's movement and once he realized who he was aiming for Naruto moved with a speed born out of 13 years of constant warfare and the genetics passed down to him from the yellow flash.

As he moved his eyes widened as he saw how close Orochimaru was to Kurotsuchi, Kusanagi sword pointed forward, Kurotsuchi ignorant of the threat heading towards her.

10 feet Hiruzen registered his student's movement, he moved on instinct but knew he would never reach in time to stop Orochimaru.

6 feet Onoki eyes widened as he noticed the snake sannin and its target, he activates the Atomic dismantling jutsu in hopes it charges fast enough to stop the snake.

3 feet Orochimaru smirks victoriously as he knows no one will be able to reach the kunoichi in time.

1-foot away and Kurotsuchi finally sees Orochimaru. But too tired and low on chakra she isn't able to move fast enough. Her fate is sealed.

6 inches away from certain doom Kurotsuchi's life flashes before her eyes.

A tenth of an Inch before the Kusanagi blade pierces her the world twists, Orochimaru strikes empty air. Hiruzen and Onoki's eyes widened as they caught the Kunoichi disappear just as the blade was about to strike her, a second a yellow flash later Naruto reappears, carrying Kurotsuchi bridal style.

Everyone inside and outside the barrier freezes upon recognizing the famed technique of the Yondaime Hokage, however, what's more, is the Warrior construct surrounded the two.

Naruto and Kurotsuchi's eyes lock, and something unexplainable settles in Kurotsuchi's stomach. She feels flustered and her face heats up.

Suddenly breaking the moment a metallic clang sounds through the barrier and Kurotsuchi sees one of those cursed kunai hitting the ground. A testament to the speed of the spawn Minto and whatever Uchiha produced. He had saved her so fast the kunai he had let fall from his sleeve had not even reached the ground.

More of this strange feeling gathers around her stomach. The left and right of the Susanoo the Hokage and Tsuchikage land. Never before had Onoki been so relieved in his life, nor had he ever believed he would be thankful to an Uchiha, or Namikaze for saving the life of his granddaughter. But then again he remembered there was one thing leaf ninja didn't lack in and that was Honor.

"Thank you" as the only thing Kurotsuchi was able to get out in her shocked stated.

However as Naruto set her down, everything about him had changed. The entertainment in fighting the first and second Hokage was gone.

His Aura was turned so cold inside the Susanoo Kurotsuchi could actually see her own breath, as her mind turned towards the fascination Naruto seemed to have with her, she listened as he spoke "You three stay behind me. This has gone long enough."

Naruto's mind went blank as he started running through a series of 21 hand seals. As he finished the end of the chain, he drew in breath. And as he held the last hand seal, Dragon, he let the breath out. And instead of the usual orange flames, the spectators bore witness to a fire deep black in color.

Blaze technique: Extinction; Was the name of the technique. By the time the technique ended, any trace of the Edo Tensei was gone. Nothing remained of the animated Kage.

Orochimaru was somehow still alive, but Naruto doubted he would live much longer. And if he did, he would be living the rest of his life in Agony as the Fires of His enton were so loaded with Dark chakra, it actually destroyed the chakra system. Orochimaru, his burning husk, if he had managed to survive it. Would never be able to use jutsu again. A fitting punishment for someone whose ambition it was to learn every technique in the world.

The sound 4 dropped their barriers, picked up their leader and fled the scene. No one bothered to chase after them and finish the job, as everyone was too stunned at the fact that Naruto Namikaze could spit black fire and use the Flying Raijin.

Kurotsuchi soon fainted from the day's event, but Naruto caught her. Onoki sighed, he didn't know what was worst. Another Madara-Esque yellow flash, or the fact he could already see the two falling in love.

"Hiruzen would an alliance sound good about now?"

"I think we both know it would be for the best if we did, the leaf and the rock would mutually benefit from an alliance." Was the answer onoki received.

The third Hokage then turned to Naruto "When were you planning on telling me you had a second kekkei genkai."

"Never, My enton would get me a mark on my head. It is more powerful than the Mokuton as you saw and its destructive capabilities simply should never be used. It is enough to permanently put down a bijuu."

With the shocking revelation out of the way Naruto told Onoki " She will be at the Konoha central hospital" and flicked away dropping Kurotsuchi off at said Hospital.

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