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leaf vs Stone pt2

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Shikamaru was probably the laziest bastard out there, safe for his father. He knew that he embraced it. His reputation kept him out of punishment, detail, and responsibility… most of the time.

Why the hell had Asuma sensei signed them up for the chunin exams not even half a year into graduation? He had no fucking clue. But here he was, running away like a bitch from an Iwa kunoichi out for his blood.

Now this was the chunin exams and people were out for your blood naturally, but that wasn't the problem.

That damned iwa princess was enraged. Why was she mad you ask?

Perhaps it had to do with Shikamaru's natural attitude towards the female sex.

Although he did have a point all guys know the sacred rule of when fighting a girl: Shut the fuck up and take it like a man no questions asked, Shikamaru just went again and ran his mouth.

Now Kurotsuchi is a kunoichi with years of experience and she was not holding back. She was making masterful use of the Lava release destroying or burning any spot he attempted to hide in.

In other words: Shikamaru was fucked.

Shikamaru sighs and decided to throw in the towel for this round. There wasn't any possible way he would have beaten the granddaughter of the third tsuchikage, that was a fact he knew damn well at this point.

And that left the second to last match of the first round of the Chunin exams, With Kurotsuchi Kamizuru as the winner.

"Temari and Gaara of the Sand make your way down to the arena" Called out the protector, one Naruto Namikaze.

"Proctor, I forfeit this fight." Called out the female Suna genin.

Naruto nodded and he called out a 15-minute interval as he decided the matches for the semi-final.

He looked at the 4 contestants names, Sakura and Hitomi. Gaara of the sand and Kurotsuchi.

Sakura was currently the weakest of his team, and would not survive an encounter with Gaara. Although she would also lose to Kurotsuchi, a bruised ego is better than losing her life.

Now he stood at a crossroad. What to do about Gaara? Naruto didn't want to expose Hitomi to that kind of danger if he didn't have to, but…

Naruto teleported towards the position were his kage was sitting at making idle chatter with the other Kage.

"Sir, we have a problem." He whispered to Hiruzen.

The third Hokage demeanor changed towards one of seriousness, he nodded and the two men disappeared without a word.

"What's the problem?" Asked Hiruzen.

"Gaara's seal seems to be breaking down, and the Kyuubi doesn't seem to be all that happy about it either. Hitomi's seal is slowly but surely leaking more and more of the tailed beast's chakra, and if she is put in an emotionally risky situation…"

Hiruzen nodded taking his piper from the pockets of his robe he lit it up and took a long puff.

"Would you be able to subdue them?"

Naruto shook his head "I could subdue Hitomi no problem. But that would only anger the Kyuubi more, the tailed beast seems to have a powerful hatred towards the Sharingan. Gaara however, his seal relies on his will power to suppress the shukaku. But he seems more eager to release it than anything else, taming and subduing a tailed beast requires a lot of will power and chakra, I could possibly tame both, but I've never had to attempt to subdue two jinchuriki at once, much less such a jinchuuriki with a powerful beast as Hitomi. The best I could do for her is to stop the fight and suck Gaara away before he can transform."

Hiruzen weight the options and said "As soon as the fight seems to be getting out of hand, I want you to stop it no questions asked. We will spring the trap ourselves if we have to, I already know exactly where Orochimaru is."

naruto nodded and went to resume some the exams with Hiruzen taking his place back amongst the Kage.

"Sakura Haruno, Kurotsuchi Kamizuru. Make your way down to the Arena floor."

Soon both contestants were in the arena facing each other.

Naruto looked at the two and spoke "I want you two to give it your best. No killing will be allowed from this point forth." He paused to gauge the reaction of the two chunin hopefuls who gave him a nod. "I really mean it, if I see you are about to take things too far, I will step in and end the fight and disqualify you. No exceptions. Now you two shake hands."

The two genins gave each other a firm grip handshake.

Once they separated naruto applied some chakra to his vocals and boomed to the crowd "The first fight of the Semifinals of the Chunin Selection Exams. From Konohagakure no Sato we have Sakura Haruno. From Iwagakure no Sato we have Kurotsuchi Kamizuru, Begin!"

Sakura shot off towards kurotsuchi and threw a right hook towards the rock genin's face. Kurotsuchi Dodge by bending backward, quickly flipping onto her hands she kicked upwards towards Sakura's abdomen causing the pinkette to stumble backward. Sakura quickly regained her footing but had to dodge left to avoid Kurotsuchi who had come out with her own right hook. As the fist passed Sakura's face missing by two inches Sakura grabbed onto the said arm and pulled it towards her, causing Kurotsuchi's face to collide with Sakura's elbow.

The pink-eyed woman was then kneed in the ribs by the pinkette, who then punched her in the stomach hard enough to cause the iwa genin to momentarily lose her breath.

Kurotsuchi took a few steps back and whipped her lips before saying "I see I underestimated you. Hm, I won't make that mistake twice."

Kurotsuchi made the ram seal and her cheeks bulged, she spat out for mudballs which quickly transformed into clones of her

"Like this? This is the Earth Style: Mud clone, more durable than any other clone jutsu."

And simultaneously the 5 mus clones and the original charged Sakura, and as the first made contact the Konoha genin exploded into smoke and splintered wood.

'Substitution?' Thought kurotsuchi befuddled.

Behind her, she heard Sakura's voice heard "Nice try, but I've already encountered someone who used this jutsu before and trust me. He was more terrifying."

Sakura took out a scroll she had on her pouch "The field is too slanted in your favor you being a Rock genin and all, how about we level it up? Neh"

Sakura opened the scroll and using the snake seal to unseal its content the scroll exploded in a shower of water, and soon the arena was covered in water about 5 feet deep. Forcing the two contestants to rely on water walking technique along with their proctor.

"There, you should be cut off from any earth techniques now."

Exclaimed Sakura.

'Usually, I would commend Sakura's intellect for being smart, but she is in for a nasty surprise' Thought naruto

Soon enough Sakura was done with another set of hand seals 'Water Style: Severing wave' thought the pinkette as she uses the name to help her concentrate and shape the jutsu before spitting out a violent torrent of water

Seeing the torrent moving towards her Kurotsuchi quickly weaved her own set of seals 'Fire Style: Firewall' and spat a very small scale version of Naruto's and Madara's Great Fire Annihilation jutsu. But still, it was enough to cancel Sakura's technique out and covered the area in steam.

Naruto who could still see through the steam noticed the specific chain of hand seals Kurotsuchi was running through and thought 'She already knows that jutsu?'

"Water Style: Giant water vortex!" Exclaimed Kurotsuchi catching Sakura off guard who went wide-eyed as she saw the jutsu charge and charged through her own set of hand seals

"Water Style: Great Waterfall"

The two jutsu Began to charge, the water began to part like the sea of Moses as the two genin showed superb skill in water ninjutsu over the water element, Sakura through her superior control over the element and stronger affinity, and Kurotsuchi through her Superior chakra reserves and experience using the jutsu.

And sure enough, the two jutsu clashed in a monumental wave, and when the waters finally calmed down, Kurotsuchi was on one knee in the water, breathing was winded. Half her reserves were gone.

Sakura was on both of her knees, she was tired and out of chakra. Slowly she raised a hand and said: "Proctor, I forfeit."

Naruto called the match, he approached Sakura and told her "You did well, you showed skill and even managed to force the opponent to fight in your battleground, however, she has more experience and training. I'm still proud of you."

Sakura managed a weak smile before she was escorted out of the arena. Kurotsuchi slowly made her way out of the arena as well, hopefully, the next match would be long enough to allow her to recover some of her spent energy.

This is perhaps my second truly serious attempt at a fight scene. I personally think it could use some improvement but I think it is better than all the previous scene's done exclusively by me and I sure hope it's good, seeing as I personally took almost 2 hours to make it, choreographing the taijutsu portion movement by movement and that was time-consuming, 2 hours for 500 maybe 600 words? I could usually do a full chapter of 2000 words in an hour.

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