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Naruto Namikaze: Curse of the Sharingan @pwhitestrake
Meeting Naruto Namikaze

Hokage office.

Reading the Report the Hokage looked at the 2 then back at the Report. Then handed it to the other man standing in the room.

"Sensei, the summoning technique IS a space time ninjutsu. There's a reason why it is not done without a contract. Maybe Hitomi pulled what could be some alternate version of herself."

The Hokage took his pipe and filled it with tobacco before lighting it and taking a puff.

"A potentially mentally unstable Mini Madara version of herself no doubt. I swear that girl gets into the weirdest situation without trying."

The Hokage sassed. Hiruzen then looked at Jiraiya and ordered "slap chakra restraining seals on him. That Dojutsu worries me. Sounds like the Rinnegan." Jiraiya looked at him "I don't know Sensei Nagato had 2 Rinnegan and they didn't have Tomoe on them." Hiruzen shrugged his shoulders " Maybe Nagato was an Uzumaki with traces of an Uchiha. And this Naruto is an Uchiha with Senju blood." Theorized the professor. "I'll get to it sensei". And Jiraiya vanished. Hiruzen turned to the medic and the head of T.I "shall we greet our guest."

2 hours later.

Naruto groaned as he awoke. A white ceiling meet his eyes. He used his hand to stop the light from bothering his tired eyes

'Was it a dream. Did i really fight Kuro.' He thought to himself 'Did I really get a second chance elsewhere.' A cough caught his attention.

Naruto sitting up sat up and looked towards his left. Standing there was a very much alive Hiruzen Sarutobi. Looking every bit the Shinobi that he had looked up in his younger years.

"Hokage-sama?". He asked slightly confused. "Am i dead yet?".

The Hokage fought to keep his laughter reigned in.

"Shinobi-san. I have a few questions for you, just so we are all in" the Hokage said in business mode. Brown orbs looking at black and concentric Purple.

"Your name is Namikaze Naruto no." Naruto nodded

The Hokage Continued

"Your a Konoha shinobi?".

Naruto nodded "Jonin. 1st Army. 2 fighting Battalion. 5th Company First platoon."


The Hokage nodded. "Then you understand Konoha procedure for Unidentified Shinobi."

Naruto nodded "A member of the Anbu torture and interrogation conducts a a mind dive".

Naruto replied before flinching. "Where am i."

The Hokage relaxed his attitude a bit "Around 2100 hours someone attempted a summoning technique. They failed mostly. But you showed up with a knife intended for your heart. Who ever stabbed you missed and our medic nin where able to close the wound." Naruto nodded "Your saying i travel some sort of Dimension or something." The Hokage nodded "there are some issues however. Your parentage. Mikoto Uchiha Married Fugaku Uchiha. And Your father Married Uzumaki Kushina". Naruto blinked. "So your saying i don't exist here.", "No you don't." Stated the Hokage blankly. "How is the war?" Asked Naruto. Hiruzen thought to himself 'He really grew up fighting.' He sighed internally and told Naruto "Fortunately there is no war. Not to the extent that your memories. Iwa surrendered when Minato overturned the battle of Kannabi bridge Exterminating over 1000 Enemy and destroying their supply line." Naruto blinked. And blinked again. And blinked some more then burst out laughing "w-wait. Your telling that shit bridge being destroyed shortened the war by 10 fucking years". His laugh turned bitter. "Why didn't we think of that.

The Hokage blinked. The ironic twist of how one detail could change the course of history. "Who was the Hokage in your time." Naruto didn't even think twice "Hiruzen Sarutobi. Pupil of the First and Second Hokage. Known as the Professor."

Sarutobi looked at the young man in front of him "Are you trying to make fun of me". Naruto shook his head quickly "It's a fact sir. We won the battle of Kannabi bridge but we took the bridge. We didn't destroy it. Although the fighting dwindled the Kyuubi attack ensured the war would continue. Konoha and Iwa eventually signed an Armistice in which Iwa benefited more from making demands due to their slightly better position. Despite the fact that Suna and kumo lost the war against us. We simply spent more time men and resources fighting 3 major powers when Iwa only fought suna and some minor nations." He said. Before his expression turned sour again "although the Armistice came 10 years too late." Sarutobi nodded. He understood dislike for war. For he himself was a pacifist.

The two talked clarifying things about Naruto's past. His defection up until His attack on Iwa and his fight that all but destroyed grass country.

"I am worried about your Mental state Naruto. Only person i personally know that hast lost as much as you is Tsunade and she gambles and drinks across the elemental nations." Stated Sarutobi. Naruto nodded "I grew up in war. I was out the academy age 5. Chunin when i turned seven and became a jonin at 8. I was at Kannabi bridge. And i was there when dad took on the Kyuubi. I begged him to let me take the Kyuubi and to spare little Hideiyoshi. My stepmom begged dad to allow her to take the Kyuubi with her to her death. But it would only be a stop gap measure. I didn't want to burden my youngest brother with Shinobi businesses. So they sealed it in my using a 10 symbol seal.

I saw them die. It's what triggered my mangekyou." He told the old man "I have been in all three major front. Leading my own platoon against Kumo. I was just used to death by that point." The Hokage looked at Naruto with sympathy. "Standard procedure dictates that i have someone watching you. I know someone who can relate to you. Who knows maybe you two can help each other. However there are two more problems." Naruto looked at the Hokage "the first one is rather simple. Kakashi will take on a genin team. So i hope you will assist him if he passes them". Naruto quirked an eyebrow "this kakashi still failing gennin!?". This time the Hokage did laugh "Some things just don't change". The hokage composed himself "the second and most serious problem. Your identity. While I could essentially make you the Son of Mikoto and Minato. The Uchiha clan has been reduced to just her and her youngest son Sasuke. Her oldest son. Itachi Uchiha exterminated the clan." Naruto looked at the Hokage. "You know if your trying to sell me this person as a mass murderer its not working. Most likely something happened that forced your hand at exterminating the clan and Itachi was just the escape goat or the executioner." The hokage had to give it to the kid. He was good. "No i guess not. The uchiha clan elders were planning a coup d'etat. I tried to solve the matter diplomatically. But the village elders made it difficult. Until Danzo overstepped his Authority and ordered itachi in my name to kill the clan. Unfortunately i can't put konoha at risk and Danzo has too much political backing to touch him." Naruto just quirked an eyebrow. "Dude were shinobi. We do shady shit all the time why not fabricate something up and kill him. Noone would bat an eye." The Hokage coughed a little "Now that's an Idea worth looking into. Bastard thinks he can hide his root from me." The Hokage stopped himself. "Anyway. I don't see how I can explain a Sharingan wielder appearing out of nowhere". He paused for a second and looked at the purple eye "That's a Rinnegan if i'm not mistaken". Naruto nodded in affirmation "A tomoe Rinnegan. A full Rinnegan would require me to have the full blood of the sage. Meaning the Senju, uzumaki and Uchiha. I have no trace of Uzumaki blood in me. And the only Uzumaki i knew was my stepmother." Hiruzen filed that away. A knock on the door and the 2 people inside turned to see Jiraiya come in

"You Ok sensei you have been here a while."

Hiruzen nodded to his student "Im fine we have just been going over what we know of Naruto here and confirming what we know. Naruto this jiraiya." Naruto waved at the man "I know this Pervert. Where i'm from his is my godfather".

Hiruzen smiled again "oho. That is great." Naruto quirked an eyebrow and jiraiya looked at his sensei. "Sensei, what are you thinking." Hiruzen smiled widened "We can't deny Naruto is the Son of Minato. Aside from the hair and the eyes everything else is Minato's. Naruto, Minato and Kushina did have a daughter named Hitomi.

Here she happens to be Jiraiya's goddaughter.

If we can convince Mikoto that you are indeed her son. Your familiarity with Jiraiya could be used as a cover. We could even say Hitomi is your younger Sister, she kind of is." Explained Sarutobi. Jiraiya blinked. "That makes a lot of sense actually. But sensei how are you gonna convince Mikoto. Is not like we can tell her the truth." Hiruzen looked at his student "Actually we kinda do need to. Naruto here has the most Advanced Sharingan seen in almost a century. In fact we cannot afford to keep it hidden. An Uchiha this powerful doesn't just pop up" stated the old man. "Naruto i'll talk to Mikoto. I don't know how different the one i know will be from the one you knew. But remember she is a single mother, who is dealing with the burden of losing one of her sons and her family." Naruto looked at the Hokage "I will take care of her. I just hope she accepts me."

The Hokage tipped his ceremonial hat and left the building. Ordering jiraiya to retrieve the Uchiha matriarch.

30 minutes later.

Hokage office.

Mikoto didn't know why she was being called to the Hokage office. She hoped Sasuke hadn't gotten into trouble.

When she was led into the office by her former sensei and saw the Hokage on business mode. She really got worried.

The Hokage dismissed the Anbu from his office. As he had done all the previous times when dealing with Naruto.

He cleared his throat. "Sit down Mikoto. Keep an open mind as what we have to discuss may shock you." He said. "Hai, Hokage-sam". Sarutobi opened a folder. "A day ago Your goddaughter attempted to use the Summoning technique. While she failed to summon any animal. Her luck somehow manage to Summon a teenager. This Teenager was on death's door kunai sticking out of his chest. While the doctors where closing his wounds. DNA samples where taken." He told her, taking one of the folders on his desk and sliding over to Mikoto.

Namikaze Naruto

Age: 19 Sex: male Heigh: 6'0

Hair color black

Closest Maternal Match: Mikoto Uchiha 99.3%

Closest Paternal Match: Minato Namikaze. 99.0%

Siblings: Hitomi Uzumaki, Itachi Uchiha, Sasuke Uchiha.

Kekkei Genkai: Sharingan

Patients Health status:Aside from a stab to the heart and Traces of toxins and extreme chakra exhaustion the patient has no other health concerns.

Mikoto dropped the folder." Hokage-sama is this some kind of sick joke." The Hokage. Still completely serious shook his head "You know I would never play around like that Mikoto.

Aside from the fact that we can't send him back to his own timeline. If you know what the kid went through you wouldn't even want to". Mikoto took a deep breath 'Don't kill the Hokage just yet' she told herself. "It possibly couldn't have been that bad." She retorted. Jiraiya Snorted. "Girl if what i read from the report Inoichi wrote i doubt any of us would be a seemingly sane as he appears to be." Hiruzen Himself looked harshly at Mikoto.

"Tell me what do you remember of the war."

Mikoto didn't know where this was going. But she didn't like it. "I hated it Hokage-sama. It was horrible. Before Minato finished his technique we were getting pushed back and iwa had us on a fighting retreat." She told the Hokage. Hiruzen asked a different question "would you wish either of your children to go through such conflict." Mikoto snapped "Hell no." Then Hiruzen stood up. "Inoichi Showed me some memories of the kid. Naruto Shared his own tales of the conflict. He was born into it, and when I say that. I mean the conflict had already been burning hot for 10 years prior to his birth. The villages where at an all time low. Remember Kannabi bridge. 8 years old he took part in that battle. He lost his mother at 4 years old to poisoning. His baby brother survived because the Mikoto Uchiha he was born to. Had access to good doctors and although they had to work fast. They managed to save a newborn baby and give the mother and son enough time for her to say her last goodbyes.

5 years later. 9 years old witness his father and step mother sacrifice their life to stop the Kyuubi Rampage on the village. His step mother had given birth to his youngest brother. And they were gonna seal the beast in that baby. But he stared down his father into becoming the Host of the Kyuubi even tho having no uzumaki blood, the chakra of the beast could potentially kill him.

2 years later the same little Brother was assassinated. It drove him mad enough to Take on an entire Battalion of Kumo shinobi and the Raikage and Still win. 3 years later He lost his only remaining brother. That brother gave him his eyes. Preventing Blindness caused by the Mangekyou. A stage of the Sharingan he unlocked watching his father die."

Mikoto was rocked to her core.

This Person shared her DNA, he was supposed to be her son. Had gone through so much. She started to tear up. Hiruzen felt slightly bad. He didn't want to hurt the woman but this was a serious situation. "Im sorry Mikoto but this is a serious situation. I didn't mean to hurt you. But there is a reason why i want you to claim him as your son not just because it would be convenient and easier to explain. But also there's the fact, that being of Mixed senju/uchiha blood allowed him to reach a level of prowess we only ever seen in one person. He unlocked the legendary Rinnegan. And has the EMS. From his own account and his own memory. He has already snapped once." Mikoto felt her stomach turn. "What so you mean he Snapped." Hiruzen sat back down. "He didn't make the war completely unscathed. Towards the last year he was poisoned. Using medical cocktails and his own resistances to most poison he was able to fight it for years. But the strain of having so many death surrounding him, and his fear of loss. Caused him to defect his Konoha.

From what he admitted to us. The last time anyone saw him. He had destroyed the Tsuchikage's tower and Challenged the mother of His child Into battle." Jiraiya snorted "Sensei. Your understating, challenged to battle?. From what i read on THAT report he went full Madara Uchiha. He almost won too. That girl was lucky to have 2 jinchuuriki at her side and the fact he still cared for her and his child." Sarutobi looked at his Student. "Jiraiya. Were not trying to scare Mikoto." Hiruzen turned back to the Uchiha "Its true when he challenged her to battle he unleashed the might of the Kyuubi." Mikoto turned towards jiraiya "if he was that powerful how did he lose. You told me he was found near death when Hitomi-chan found him". She exclaimed.

"Naruto Namikaze, at the time of the battle was already dying for sure. The poison that had been in his system. Is similar to the one That Orochimaru attempted to kill Hitomi with. But from what we're told. Good doctors by that point were extremely scared. He told me when he Broke up with the girl, she had been between 2 and 4 weeks pregnant. And when he saw her bring the child into the mix and summon a sealing altar. He used the last of his failing strength to seal the Kyuubi into his child. Before asking the girl to Kill him. Whatever trick of fate allowed hitomi to summon him to us was a miracle." Explained the Hokage.

Mikoto now placated. Asked "Can I meet him?".

At the Hospital

Naruto looked as the Door opened. Slowly a raven haired woman stepped through the door. She looked exactly how he remembered his mother to be. If only slightly older.

Behind her the Hokage walked in

"Mikoto this is Naruto. Naruto this is Mikoto."

Mikoto greeted shily analyzing the teen before her. The eyes and the hair where definitely Uchiha. The eyes where her own. Everything else reminded her of Minato, tho. From his voice to his physic. But she could definitely see that he could be her son. Was her son on another life."

Elsewhere in the village.

Kakashi was standing in front of the monument dedicated to those who had fallen in defense of Konoha. As he always did. He felt the presence of Jiraiya next to his and put his book away "sigh. Do I have a mission." Jiraiya nodded and began to explain everything.

Next day

Naruto had been dismissed from the Hospital with an order to take it easy. The chakra restraints had been removed and his healing rate began to accelerate. The 6 tomoe returned showing his eye prowess was accessible to him once again.

The woman that embodied his mother in this timeline at his side the two were standing in front of the Hokage. "Remember Mikoto. You had Naruto when you were 18. Naruto, you have been away with Jiraiya since birth. Training. If anyone asks you how did you get to that level of the Mangekyou, tell them you developed it Naturally." Hiruzen went over, Mikoto looked at Sarutobi "Hokage-sama since Naruto is technically an adult couldn't he claim Hitomi-chan custody." Sarutobi looked at the uchiha matriarch and nodded "Yes, I'm already working on it. Most likely after team placement will you be able to fully take her in. I know she would like to have some family." Naruto stayed silent, he doubted he was fit to take care of another person. He sighed, His own fault. "Naruto i want you to come to semi regular sessions with Inoichi. I'll add you to the roster but i want a guarantee your not dealing with these issues on your own." Naruto nodded

Hiruzen then turned to Kakashi "He will help you around if you decide to pass the team i assigned you. If they fail then he will be your partner until his cleared to work on his own. Understood".

Kakashi nodded silently watching this Naruto person. From what Jiraiya told him this kid was a dimensional traveler, that his sensei's daughter manage to pull out from another dimension. The boy shared his pain. He was also supposed to be the son of his sensei and Mikoto Uchiha, although as unlikely as it sounded the DNA match spoke for itself. But he would keep an eye on him, no one got as powerful as Naruto without having some type of quirk.

Mikoto smiled, she took Naruto's arm and left the Hokage tower. Once they were outside the Hokage tower Mikoto slowed down a bit.

Side looking at Naruto she said "Somehow I have to introduce you to my son Sasuke. And he won't take the news that i slept with another man that wasn't an Uchiha. Hay what a mess.". Naruto sighed "I'm sorry if my presence is causing problems. Id never imagined this would happen. Nor wanted it too". He told her. Mikoto let go of Naruto and clarified "I'm not unhappy. After all in some world I am your mother. It would just take getting used to. Besides, there's the fact your a grown man, war veteran and powerful. But my son isn't the easiest to deal with, he has been obsessed with killing Itachi since… well since that happened. And he wouldn't like it if some person claiming to be an Uchiha wielding the Sharingan that is supposed to be his oldest brother suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Then there's the fact that Sasuke idolized my husband. And your son of the 4th. He would view you as a bastard or a threat to his position of clan heir"

Naruto nodded "Well. To the last one I will never drop my father's name. That's the only connection i have left to him. And i don't care about clan status. And if he has a problem. Well we will deal with it when we get there". Mikoto accepted and the two made their way to the Uchiha compound

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