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Naruto Namikaze: Curse of the Sharingan @pwhitestrake
Prelims and Preps

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A room full of genin and their few Jounin had just heard their Hokages Speech, soon Genma stood in front of everyone and said: "Excuse me Hokage-sama but I believe I am the proctor for this exam."

The Hokage Nodded letting the proctor do his job.

Genma turned back to the genin and said "Alright everyone. If you would turn your attention to the upper right side on the wall behind me you will see a screen. Names will be selected at random. If your name it means is your turn. Alright, the first fighters will be…"

Uchiha Sasuke vs Yorio Akadō


While a shadow clone Naruto was watching over his team, the real Naruto was along Jiraiya were looking over the outposts near the border with the land of rivers and The land of winds, making sure all traps where ready. Although the Hidden Leaf had no plans of starting a war or sending a pre-emptive strike that didn't mean they weren't not going to send a message. The plan was to cause the maximum number of casualties when the enemy was on the retreat although with a month to go Military movement from the sand border had been minimal the border with the sound had a little more movement coming through, definitely infiltrators.

Which meant they were being facilitated by an inside element of the hidden leaf, a traitor probably inside the barrier team… that was interesting.

Back to the fight

Sasuke looked at Yorio with a questioning eyebrow.

"Chakra absorption, really?" questioned the Uchiha. Before knocking the man out.

Sasuke closed his eyes and deactivated his Sharingan before he turned to look at his downed enemy "Tsk. Weak."

Genma called the match in the Uchihas favor slightly embarrassed that a leaf genin had been defeated so easily.

Meanwhile in the stands.

Hitomi sweatdropped a little. When the fight began neither combatant had moved, but the Yorio guy simply fell back.

Hitomi looked at Kakashi and asked in a whisper "Genjutsu?"

The silver-haired man didn't even bother to answer her. His mind was as vaulted as Hitomi was flabbergasted 'I know my genin are good. But seriously are people even trying anymore?'

Meanwhile, on another side of the stands, Orochimaru who was disguised as a jounin merely licked his lips in anticipation. An acquaintance had let it slip that Namikaze would be out of the village for most of the month 'Soon Sasuke-Kun' he thought to himself. As with the current heir of the Uchiha out of the village marking Sasuke would go unhindered.

The Sandaime Hokage merely nodded in satisfaction. If Sasuke was opening up while also getting stronger within the leaf, It would be impossible for Orochimaru to sink his fangs into him. With both his Mother and Naruto at his side, the thought of Itachi's actions was distant. An if what Naruto said was true, then he would even get to stop worrying about the fact that Sasuke didn't have a minder tying him to the village, although it came as a surprise… Hitomi and Sasuke? The two most opposites? The pure definition of Senju and Uchiha? Was the world coming to an end?… Oh god, he could already see blond Sharingan babies playing pranks across the village. He shuddered and thank god thanks to a certain Sharingan user he would have plenty of choices to pass the hat and the problems onto.

With Naruto.

Naruto stopped mid-step, Jiraiya stopped behind him and asked him "Are you okay?"

Naruto spoke aloud "Why do I feel Sasuke just made me proud. Or that Sensei just had a mini heart attack?"

Jiraiya scratched his chin while thinking aloud to himself and Naruto "I don't know about the first one… but I definitely felt the second one."

The two men made their way towards outpost 51

And into a classroom that was met by shinobi of all ranks. This was one of the few outposts within the fire-sand border, so the classroom was at full to capacity.

Naruto walked towards the board in the room and picked up the chalks, already in it a map of the region had been drawn previously so he just focused on the battlements. Feeling all eyes on him, Naruto began "First of all Ladies and Gents its an Honor to stand beside you all. You are some of the able to commanders within the two branches of the Army and our very own special forces, unfortunate someone decided to break a peace treaty and side with an International Criminal with Multiple kill-on-sight orders, and so we are here making war preparations. Now today we are here to discuss the battle strategy for the upcoming event, unfortunately, the invasion forces are coming from 2 fronts so we can't attempt to hold up our borders as we are now.

Our western region is poorly equipped and we don't yet know where exactly are they coming from. Currently, our best strategy is trapping them in and eliminate them as they try to make their way out, as we can predict what routes they will be taking and that's going to be the quickest route home, current standing orders are: For the Oto no Kuni border is eliminated all forces, by all means necessary, as of the moment Oto no Kuni is considered to be a hostile, rogue state under the leadership of a terrorist and will be treated as such, so Consider Oto no Kuni free real state. We have already cleared with Tsuchi no Kuni the Situation and so long as we don't cross their border we are allowed free reign over the territory.

Now the Situation with Suna is more complicated, Suna is technically a Sovereign state and a recognized nation with a kage. As such we can't legally cross the border so long as they are on a retreat, once they are back at Kaze no Kuni territory. the Iron convention states its a violation of the current rules of engagement. Also, it will be a more powerful message if we left people to live and speak our actions in fear. Let the others know loud and clear we will NOT tolerate attempts to destroy our home…"

And as such the rest of the meeting was spent discussing strategic positioning and timing

Kiba Inuzuka V Hitomi Uzumaki

Kiba Inuzuka, a boy from Hitomi's graduation class who wore a bluish-grey hood and dark grey pants, blue ninja sandals and a pouch on his right leg smirked cockily and said "Looks like we are in luck Akamaru. We got the dead last." And jumped off down onto the arena floor

Off to the side, a tick developed on Hitomi's forehead but said nothing. Her nii-chan had beaten into her that letting people get under her skin caused her to make mistakes. She took the casual way down the stairs, noting Kibas seeming impatience and began to recount what she knew of the Inuzuka clan. Mainly they used their partners to aid them in combat using collaboration techniques and where mainly taijutsu users, augmenting their bodies using chakra to make themselves stronger.

Once to two fighters wherein position, Genma drawled "Inuzuka Kiba, versus, Uzumaki Hitomi. You may begin when ready."

Immediately Kiba crouched onto all fours and began pooling his chakra, his nails turned into claws and he shot off towards his opponent. The orange-clad genin narrowed her eyes at his speed, he was fast for a genin she would give him that. But she often trained and sparred with Kakashi Hatake and Naruto Namikaze. Two very fast and agile opponents, plus Sasuke's Sharingan forced her to become faster in order to overcome his predictive abilities.

In a swift movement Hitomi caught Kiba's elbow and kneed him in the face, thinking back to what naruto taught her about using the targets body against her own favor, she quickly caught his hand channeling yin natured chakra she used her left hand, which was holding his right and used them to weave the hand seals for her attack.

Kiba's eyes widened comically seeing his hand move on its own accord before he tried to break lock only to behind by a wall of wind that sent him flying back. Courtesy of Hitomi of course.

On the stands Hinata Hyuuga and the sensei of team 8, Yuuhi Kurenai were left gaping at the sheer audacity of the action caused by the supposed dead last.

Said sensei turned to Asuma, lead of team 8 who had also lost a student; Ino of course to Sakura's strength and asked him "What does Kakashi feed his kids wasn't the Uzumaki girl supposed to be the dead last?"

Asuma answered "I don't know. Kakashi has been surprising even me lately"

Meanwhile, shadow clone naruto was proud of what he was seeing. Naruto had taught Hitomi that technique in case any perverts tried to get too cute with his dear Imouto and had a hand occupied but to see her using it handily and battle-ready made him shed a couple of tears.

Back to the fight, Kiba had recovered and fed himself and Akamaru a soldier pill. And transformed the puppy using Beast Mimicry: Man beast clone.

In turn, Hitomi made shadow clones one on her right, one on her left and one crouching in front of herself she took a kunai and threw it returning herself into battle stane hands into the tiger seal while she cried "Ninja Art: Kunai Kage Bushin no Jutsu." And the one kunai became two dozen of them.

The two Kiba's were forced to dodge but soon recovered and launched themselves on an offensive at the group of blue-eyed blonds and began to attack them managing to dispel one. The real Hitomi quickly substituted out of the area using the kunai she launched earlier and launched a great breakthrough at the Inuzuka which were fighting her clones.

One of the two transformed Kiba's went up in a poof of smoke revealing Akamaru when the jutsu hit them. And the remaining clone of Hitomi quickly took the advance and tagged Akamaru with a paralysis seal. The real her quickly made her way towards the downed Kiba and did the same ending the fight in her favor.

Next Day.

Kakashi and Naruto who had teleported in this morning where currently addressing team 7 as a whole.

"Congratulations team as always good job. Sakura i have spoken to Anko, she agreed to train you for the first 3 weeks of month long period, the last week you will be train by Uchiha Mikoto."

the 3 members of team 7 where surprised.

Sasuke, a little pissed off and confised asked. "Why my mother?."

naruo placated him by saying "Because Mother is currently the best Water style user in the village."

both Sasuke and Sakura where suprised by the statement. even Hitomi couldnt help but ask "Really?"

naruto nodded "Our mother, can't use Fire Style ninjutsu which is why despite her being the clan heir, she was inelegible to become the matriarch. You aren't considered an Adult in the Uchiha until you mastered the Grand Fireball technique henceforth, the reason your father was the clan head."

Sasuke was further thrown into shock by the statement "Really?" he asked.

Naruto answered him positively "Yes, in fact the reason your lightning affinity is primary is because mother's affinity naturally beats fire, but weak against lightning which was her secondary affinity."

Sakura asked Naruto "Then is lightning your primary affinity as well sensei?."

Naruto shook his head "Nope, i have a dual Wind/Fire as my primary, Water is my secondary affinity. Lightning just happens to be my favorite element. Water, Wind and Fire were a little too easy for me to master. Lightning is my favorite because it was a challenge to learn and master, plus the Flying Raijin requires a lightning affinity."

Ironic, the technique that put down the hidden rock, was based on lightning. Doesn't life love irony.

however soon Hitomi got to impatient and asked "Who will be training me?"

Kakashi ruffled her blond hair and said "For the first two weeks of training you will be with Jiraiya-sama. then youll train with me."

Hitomi nodded, dissapointed naruto wasnt going to be training her. She had really come to rely on her nii-chan alot, which also made naruto feel a little sad. Out of all the bonds he had created in this new world he was living in, He his bond with Hitomi was the strongest yet. Even stronger than with the people he knew back home.

then Kakashi turned to sasuke "For the two weeks of the exam, you will be training with me. then you will train a week with Mikoto-sama and the last week youll train with Jiraiya-sama"

No one spoke of the clear question in the 3 gennins mind. 'Why was Naruto not partaking in their training?'

Hello everyone welcome to Another chapter of Curse of the Sharingan, sorry that updating took so long however ive been busy with life. However ill be happy to say i ended the year and Showing Hitomi off as a character. I am not ashamed to say she has quickly become my favorite characters, unintentionally she brings to the table imouto fluff, which originally was not intended but whatever. As always i hope you enjoy and have a great day

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