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Data note: Konoha Ninja Ranks

Data chapter.

Konoha ninja ranks, explaining how the fuck Konoha can keep up proper military standards graduating only a portion of its potential recruit pool.

How the graduation system works in this story.

Konoha has 2 screening tests for graduation. The material proficiency exam and the teamwork probation exam. Why would Konoha have a teamwork exam when teamwork actually takes years of camaraderie, friendship, and trust to develop and expect freshly minted genin with virtually no experience and whose education consisted of paperwork and individual exercises to pass them? Well, they don't.

The second test is, however, the entrance exam into the Konoha Special Forces Groups (KSFG) which are divided per specialization like tracking, light and heavy assault teams, and recon. These are the groups that go deep into enemy lines and carry out the heavy ninja work. Sabotage, Assassination, and subterfuge.

Those who fail however become part of the regular forces or are sent to the capital of Hi no Kuni to become samurai.

What are the regular forces?

Konoha's military is divided between 2 branches, the Army and the Navy. With the navy High Admiral being the Daimyo of either Natsu, Nikko or Taika province depending on who is more qualified.

The Army is further split into the reserves (think of them as the US National Guard) which are those who are weekend Shinobi and the active-duty forces which are the full-time soldiers.

Because of how vastly outnumbered regular jounin are compared to the KSFG genin groups are thought in classes and when they take missions they have a chunin leader instead of a jounin.

These are the people responsible for keeping everything inside the border safe and sound making regular bandit sweeps as well as play wargames with allied shinobi nations.

Unlike the KSFG a regular is unlikely to participate in the chunin exams and will instead rank up through merit, mission record and strength. Because of this those belonging to the KSFG corp have immense respect for the chunin and jounin of the regular military as well as the KSFG as they have to go through blood sweat and tears as their resources are rather limited.

This portion of the Konoha military comes up from mainly civilian families who just want to make an honest living. As so long there is war there is demand for soldiers.

Compared to the KSFG their casualty rate is also much higher expecting a 37% casualty rate compared to the KSFG 22%, and in a war that number goes up to 60%.

Because of this they also have their own representation in the government known as the Jounin council and the genin and chunin commanders.

The Army post is station all over fire nation but their main base is in a village outside of Konoha but within the Hokage province or more properly known as the Konoha proper.

The Navy, on the other hand, is station in a coastal outpost on Taika province in the sea of fire. Now the KSFG:

If a jounin passes a team on the second examination they become part of the special forces.

Many wonder why is it that Konoha inducts children into their special operations group from a young age, and the answer is burnout. If introduced from a young age a person is less likely to burn out as quickly in such a tiresome career.

Another criticism people may have is if Konoha has a proper military force then why are children inducted into the special forces? and if they are the special forces then what are the ANBU? and why do they have to do D rank missions?

Well, the truth is that Konoha is the only village that offers services for D rank missions, its a menial form of income and it provides the village nothing but pocket change. Its true purpose is two-fold, to humble young graduates into the fact that a shinobi lifestyle can be long and laborious in a safe environment. The second is to build-up teamwork, which in turn reduces casualty risks. Only the special forces genin groups have to do these missions because their going on much more dangerous missions from an earlier age and also force the graduates to get used to each other's presence as it is highly unlikely that if you graduate you will be put in a group with your friends.

D-ranks also expose the genin to become the face of the village building better military-civilian relations which reduces unemployment amongst Konoha veterans as they will gain experience and life skills through the rather menial tasks and the future employer can rely on this knowledge. (This is also none exclusive to the special forces group, the fact that Konoha military is divided into such structure is not a well-known fact amongst civilians as it within the oath of secrecy)

The Special forces group of Konoha is the face of the village. (Think of them as the officer corp, but whose sole purpose is to be behind enemy lines) they are the generals and commanders of the hidden leaf, they're composed of orphans and clan children of the village, as orphans are

given more resources within the orphanages than civilian family children and of course the clan. Shinobi families who prepare their children early on to become part of a team.

Now from the special forces group there is the ANBU Black Ops branch. A branch who has no identity except that given to them, Loyal only to the Hokage. This branch of the military does the jobs that cannot be tied back to Konoha. They maintain peace by blooding their hands with the darkest secrets, some like in the case of Itachi Uchiha go so far as to become missing-nin to protect the village from rouge factions or become spies in enemy villages.

Konoha has

10,000 KSFG Shinobi.

7,000 Anbu Black ops

25,000 regulars

19,000 reserves

Out of those 61,000, there are

21,000 genin

28,000 chunin

7,000 Tokujo

5,000 Jounin

(Do remember that ANBU is not a rank rather than an affiliate faction of the hidden leaf.) Rouge factions

NE Under Danzo. Contain no S rank level threat. Max cap is the Tokujo level according to some reports.

Political Factions

Elder Council (the oldest ninja in the Village: Koharu, Hamura, Danzo, and Hiruzen)

Village council (Mainly people who are heads of the economic or military sector of the village. for example, Nara Shikaku. Second in Command of the Hidden Leaf. Although there are rumors of a new position opening up which would put leave him as third in command. Some other names that partake in this council are Tsume Inuzuka, Inoichi Yamanaka, Chouza Akimichi and Mebuki Haruno)

Jounin council (Officer corps of the hidden leaf, captains, commanders and Generals. Naruto Namikaze, Kakashi Hatake and Asuma Sarutobi are part of this council)

Military council (Wartime, runs the village from day to day life while the Hokage is outside the village) this council is made up of only the most trustworthy and experienced members of the Village, run mainly by the chunin command and the reserves commanders.

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