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Naruto Namikaze: Curse of the Sharingan @pwhitestrake
Forest of Death pt2 Planning begins

Damn 2 updates in 12 hours the world must be ending. Jk, i didnt finish the chapter last night as i was falling dead with sleep. Here is the part 2 to that.

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Hokage Tower

Naruto, Kakashi, Jiraiya, and Hiruzen were gathered around the Central Fortress in a room the Hokage had cleared out for themselves. The mood was grim and the tension was palpable, Orochimaru successfully Infiltrating the village was an issue of national security in it of itself.

The Door opened and Kitsuchi came in along the Commander of the ANBU, code-name Ghost along with the captain of Team Ro, code-name cat.

"Why do you required my presence Hokage-sama?" Inquired the Iwa Jounin respectfully.

"Approximately 2 days ago Orochimaru managed to Infiltrate the village and the Chunin Exams. Thankfully due to timely intervention, he was not able to complete his objective." Stated the Hokage neutrally watching carefully Kitsuchi's face and body language for anything that would give away Iwa's aiding the traitor in the event.

"With all due respect Hokage-sama. Iwa would not ally themselves with a known traitor and international criminal, so if you are wondering if we are aiding Orochimaru. I can assure you we are not involved with him." States Kitsuchi.

A few moments of silence befall on the room until Naruto speaks up. "He is telling the truth."

The Hokage nods in acknowledgment, which was followed by Jiraiya states "We thought so as well. We believe Orochimaru is planning an invasion, we know he leads the sound. But such as a small village going against any of the big 5 would fall flat. Takikagure is our ally and Ame is an Isolationist village that cut off its ties to the rest fo the world. Kusakagure and the hidden star are simply too small partake in any invasion, so that leaves the rest of the 5 great hidden villages. Kiri is out being embroiled in civil war for the last 10 years, Kumo is out of the question too far and too treacherous terrain. Plus even if they partake in the invasion, they would be spotted crossing the border and annihilated before reaching Konoha proper. Iwa is also out of the question any large military movement would be detected by the De-militarized zone and neither of the border states except Oto no Kuni would be willing to give them passage."

Comprehension dawned on Kitsuchi's face which was then compounded by Naruto who picked up where Jiraiya left.

"That leaves the Hidden Sand, our borders are lightly patrolled. Meaning any large movement of troops could go unnoticed, add the fact they sent their Jinchuuriki to our chunin exams, which in it of itself could be considered a war act and a declaration of war…"

Ghost picked up from where naruto stopped "And you have the recipe to catch us with our pants down red-handed."

The door burst open and Genma came screaming "Hokage-sama! We just found Hayate… He is dead."

The occupants of the room froze. Before they all dispersed.

10 minutes later

Naruto was kneeling on a knee as he inspected the body, the Hokage, Kakashi Jiraiya, and Cat were all in the scene as well.

Naruto looked up "I recognize the wounds, more like I know what made them."

Kakashi unveiled his Sharingan inspecting the body as well.

Naruto stood up "Its an A-rank Jutsu from Suna. Dance of the Wind blades."

The Hokage sighs "So Suna then?"

Naruto nods, as the 3 men turned to look at cat who was shaking.

The Hokage takes a deep breath "Yugao-chan, go ahead and remove your mask. You are dismissed for the week."

The purple-haired woman takes off her mask revealing flowing tears as she grieved the murder of her fiance, as she swears to avenge his death.

Next day

Another day and another round of meetings, this time with Shikaku Nara, Ghost, the genin and chunin commanders and the jounin council as well.

After being informed of the situation by the Hokage Jiraiya joined them "We will not inform the rest of the village until the last possible second. Meaning information will only come out to the rest of the Jounin and ANBU corps an hour prior to the beginning of the events, the chunin will be informed 20 minutes before the first fight of the chunin exams.

If the invasion goes through enact the first phase make sure the genin and the chunin instructors escort the civilian populace and academy students to the shelters. Once phase one is complete we move to phase two: Remove the threat by any means necessary. Those of you here today will be assigned with certain post and strategic locations, make the village a giant trap. The goal is not to keep them out, but to send a message by keeping them in. Betrayal is Not acceptable, If you provoke us we will destroy them. For every life, they take. Return them 10 fold, and show them that the will of fire burns brightly within every loyal leaf ninja."

Those gathered around gave applause to the toad sannin.

Forest of death central fortress.

"The normal response would have been to disqualify you 3." Said Naruto tomorrow the second exam would end. And as it things where looking a preliminary round was going to take place to further cut down competitors until only 10 where left.

Team 7 looked downcast at naruto's words. Naruto then told them "But due to the special circumstances, and the fact that you three manage to survive an encounter with a Sannin, you're being given a pass."

The 3 genins cheered. On the inside, however, Naruto was not as happy 'In truth, it's because of Sasuke that they were allowed to continue. Everyone wants the great Sasuke Uchiha fight in the third round. Had it been up to me, I would hide you three inside Kamui. Orochimaru came directly for my siblings. Which one I don't know and i dont want to know.'

"Get some rest you three. You earned it"

Naruto was left with a bad taste in his mouth. The past few days had left him sour, his siblings would soon have to face another war. Then theres the fact that the Hokage had forbade him from dropping a few Lightning strikes on the hidden sand… which would have destroyed the village.

Unknown to them, naruto had marked them all with his formula. He would not fail again.

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