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Forest of Death Part 1

Hello everyone Diego here. Sorry that this took so long However ive been working on another story set to release in january 2020. I decided to delete my other stories and Focus on writing that and This story since this story is kinda my baby and my main thing.

This is my first time trying to write a proper fight scene. I probably sucked ass at it, but leave an honest review i personally view them all.


Hitomi groaned as she felt a pounding headache. She slowly opened her eyes to see a white room, the smell was sterile. She traced an injection from her left forearm to an I.V, she was in a hospital. Then everything that happened to land her in this position came back to her. That snake freak had attacked her team and then did something to her seal. The door opened and her nii-chan came in along the third Hokage, Kakashi-sensei and another white-haired man, the guy who had shadowed her team when Kakashi-sensei and Naruto-nii had gone to escort the iwa team back to the leaf village

"How are you feeling Hitomi-chan?" The third asked her

"I'm fine Jiji." She answered him.

Naruto came to her side and laid his hand on her head "I am glad that you are feeling good imouto, however next time you try taking on a sannin like that you're going to be grounded for the rest of your life"

"Mou, sensei aniki is being mean." Pouted Hitomi

Kakashi chuckled and told her "Nevertheless we are glad your safe."

After getting a recount of the events Hitomi then looked at her brother and sensei and asked them"What happened after I blacked out?"

Naruto rubbed the back of his head "well…"


As Hitomi's unconscious body was kicked by Orochimaru off the branch, which prompted Sasuke to go after her. Sakura was left alone on the branch, she was scared Her hands were reaching towards her kunai pouch 'Of I call him well be disqualified' she thought.

Not that she cared at this point. Hitomi was unconscious and Sasuke was injured. She pulled out a familiar 3 pronged kunai, causing Orochimaru's eyes to narrow as she threw it a couple of feet in front of her.

When nothing happened Orochimaru laughed as he charged her "Kukuku, looks like your sensei won't be…"

However before he could finish he received a boot to the face, a painful boot to the face.

Now, mind you, usually shinobi word combat sandals. However, Naruto Namikaze being the armored maniac that he was, wore special boots. These boots helped him preserve bits of chakra when tree walking and walking over icy terrains, how? Well like sport shoes the soles where spiked. Did I mention the soles and spikes were made of metal and the spikes were particularly sharp?

The Snake summoner was sent flying backwards till he hit the tree trunk. Naruto gripped his gunbai and swung it summoning a mighty gust he yelled out "Wind Style: Great breakthrough".

Orochimaru was sent towards the forest floor falling 40 feet until he hit the bottom.

Naruto jumped after him intending to end the life of the rat.

Orochimaru recovered literally shedding his old body causing Naruto to stare at him in disgust.

"Orochimaru" spat naruto

"So the son of the Yondaime comes out to play," says Orochimaru.

Naruto stares at him the mirror genjutsu he used to hide his right eye shattering letting the rinnegan come onto full view showing its glory to the world once more.


Naruto stalks closer to him "It doesn't matter"

Orochimaru jumps back, summoning 3 giant snakes and orders them "Kill him".

Naruto looking bored brings his hands into the dragon seal and inhales " Fire Style: Dragon Flame Caterwaul" and exhales multiple fiery dragon heads which swiftly take care of the snakes in a rocky explosion.

Moments earlier. A hundred feet away.

Team adamantine were making their way into the central fortress after obtaining a scroll from some rain genin when they heard a crash.

Kurotsuchi held out her hand causing Akatsuchi and Susumebachi to stop.

"What is it Kuro?" Asked the burly man.

"Can you feel that, it feels like Namikaze's Chakra and… he is about to fight someone?" Asked/states Kurotsuhci

Susumenachi teased "Oh you've only known him for a week and can already tell apart his chakra, oh my Iwa's Ojou-sama in love with Konoha's Namikaze prince, what would your dear grampa say"

Kurotsuchi ignores her as Akatsuchi says "We should go help him."


Susumebachi however quickly pacifies her friend "no-no he got a point. Maybe we should do some recon."

Soon they come upon the scene of Naruto and a really pale fucking guy, which Akatsuchi recognized as Orochimaru emerge from an earth wall

P.o.V Naruto V Orochimaru

The last dragon head strikes an earth wall that promptly explodes. Once more Orochimaru sheds his body drawing more disgust from Naruto

"That was surprising Naruto-Kun. But I guess I need to stop underestimating you know. Formation of ten thousand snakes." Proclaims the snake sannin and from his mouth, a sea of snakes form up.

From the treeline the three iwa genin where about to rush onto the scene only to be stopped by a battle-ready Sandaime Hokage, who smiled at them and said "Although I admire your desire to help Naruto. This battle is far beyond your level, plus have some faith in my youngest student."

That puzzled the genin until kurotsuchi saw naruto draw in a breath and hold out a single hand seal. The horse seal

"Pathetic" tsk'ed naruto as he prepared to release his counter "Fire Style: Great Fire Annihilation" and a literal sea of fire explodes from Naruto's mouth. At that moment Korutsuchi understood the difference in skill and power between them. Naruto was like a dragon, probably was the soul of a dragon trapped in a human body. Kurotsuchi hears the old monkey sigh and say "And he wonder just why we call him Madara jr."

Suddenly she cried out "Watch out" as Orochimaru appeared behind Naruto and bit his neck. Only for naruto to go up in smoke.

Another naruto appeared from behind it and sliced the snake man's neck only for it turn to mud.

The genin and the Hokage plus his platoon witnessed as Naruto swung his gunbai in a 25 degree arc and destroy that part of the forest.

Orochimaru shed his skin once more and made to charge Naruto. This time Hiruzen interfered

"Enough Orochimaru. You have some nerve showing your face in this village after all you've done" said the old monkey.

Orochimaru stopped as a full platoon of Anbu black ops revealed themselves. He turned to look at his old sensei and said "I may not have gotten what I came here for. But if you cancel the chunin exams Ill personally come back and destroy the village" before sinking into the dirt below him retreating for now

Flash back end.

To be continued

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