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If he never left

I don't own Naruto nor Eminem: Going through changes. which last verse makes a good portion of this chapternow originally this was supposed to be a oneshot side story to this title but that went out the window soon enough.the next chapter will be posted by December 13th.

This chapter was actually based on a dream i had last night. while working on the next chapter i fell asleep and i guess i was thinking about the story and this is the result.

Once more i don't own naruto

If he never left.

It is said that a butterfly flap in america can cause hurricanes in asia. Or that a decision of a bird to not eat a worm could have long lasting consequences could forever alter the path of an ecosystem.

Whatever example you wish to follow of the butterfly effect its effects are undeniable and even to this day. Many wonder what a world in which Naruto Namikaze, son of Minato Namikaze had remained loyal to the Hidden leaf would have looked like. Perhaps the promise of the golden age under the son of the prodigal fourth Hokage was an appealing thought, after all the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Well here what the sands of time have to show us.

A 21 year old beauty looked at her aging father, the man was the most imposing figure in the elemental nations. After all he had United all the lands under one banner, one after another the hidden villages all fell under his rule. He was the Heir of Madara Uchiha. His very will incarnate, a demon given human form. Naruto Namikaze even at the age of 38 looked as if he was in his late 40 early 50s, the god of war, what those under his rule called him even in his aged looks looked imposing.

"Hitomi-hime?" Naruto asked his beautiful daughter, who so painfully reminded him of his deceased wife. The very wife he had…

"Papa, was it worth it?" The future ruler of the world asked her father. Naruto looked to the only picture he kept of his wife on his desk. 'had it been worth it?' A question he asked himself many a night.

He thought back to when it all started. The fire Daimyo had managed to remove Jiraiya from his position of Hokage after signing the Treaty of Birds.

Soon the leadership turned to Naruto, and the pressure of finishing of what had been started by his predecessors had began to pile up on him. The meetings soon began, Kurotsuchi attempted to pacify the requests of the Hidden leaf. After all they still had a large military force despite the battle of Kumo seeing a good portion of Konoha military power crippled the peace that ensued brought a huge population boom as more babies were being born in Konoha than people were dying.

8 years into his reign as Hokage and the tensions between the Leaf and Rock where mounting rapidly.

Peace talk after peace talk where failing.

It had taken a strain on his marriage, Kurotsuchi even forbade him from seeing his daughter.

And soon the new war began. Konoha forcing all its puppet states and satellite villages including the hidden sand into an overwhelming force that was rapidly pushing Iwa back.

Not soon after Kirikagure joined the war fighting on Iwas side. But Konoha had plenty of experienced shinobi, and in the last war Kiri had remained exclusively neutral. Although their shinobi where good they weren't on the level Konoha ninja forces and the naval forces of the Daimyo had taken the archipelago by force soon enough.

He thought back when finally Kurotsuchi had been forced to surrender when her army had been caught and surrounded in a canyon.


Heavy chains that clonked and echoed through the hallway of the Hokage tower underground levels. Naruto watched masking his emotions as his dear beloved was dragged in front of him chains ridden with chakra suppression seals, as if she was a common criminal. When in reality her only crime had been born to the hidden rock.

She looked at him, sunken eyes, she had bruises all over he body, she was wearing rags. His Anbu had gone out of their way to ensure she was as uncomfortable as they could make her stay with them could get. He noticed she was beginning to thin, she was denied even the basic necessity of food. Where his subjects that cruel?. Of course they where, she was the daughter of dust. She was the very definition of an enemy and scum in their eyes.

Naruto refused to meet her hollow eyes, such natural beauty should never had such a look on her. Finally she had been sat down, roughly. Naruto dismissed all the ANBU from the building. When he felt their signature leave the area was when he was finally able to look at his wife. Could he still call her that? Despite the heartache and grief he had caused her?.

After a while of silence did she finally speak "Tell me Naruto? Was it worth it? Was all the bloodshed and lives thrown away worth it? Was it worth it to risk our marriage?." A harsh and punishing tone she used. One that was also riddled with hurt, did he really think so little of the promise he made her?

Naruto finally gathering the courage to look at his lover answered "Kuro-hime I-" Kurotsuchi cut him off "Kurotsuchi. I have a name, use it properly."

Naruto swallowed "Kurotsuchi, please. I didn't have a choice, if i hadn't done what i did they would have found a way to remove me from power, and then what would have happened to you?"

"You where supposed to be the big bad Naruto. The Son of the yellow flash, Madara Incarnate, yet the words of others meant more to you than our marriage? Than the daughter we made?!"


Seeing kurotsuchi speechless he said "Hime, i could release you now. I could pardon you and we could rule as one, we have the chance to bring a complete end of the ninja system and end the cycle of hatred. I don't want to lose you too."

Kurotsuchi looked at him. And allowed the tears she had been holding back to come "You are not the Naruto i married, he wouldn't talk of conquest and ruling."

Naruto looked at her "The other option is execution. I wouldn't bear be able to kill you."

Kurotsuchi looked at him and said icily "Hitomi is in the old hide out."

Naruto looked at her wide eyes. "Kuro-hime your not…" he trailed off.

"If my future is death, id rather know my daughter will be kept safe. I trust you wouldn't hurt her too would you?" Kurotsuchi spat at him.

Scene change

The people of Konoha where gathered around the city square. Today was a day of celebration, the execution of Kurotsuchi of the 4th Tsuchikage Kurotsuchi Kamizuru was going to be carried out today. People cheering and jeering around the square, free booze was being passed around the town. Soon the rock princess was being escorted in chains through the city, people spat at her and threw all sorts of trash at her.

Soon the Rokudaime Hokage of the hidden leaf appeared in his usual fashion. Forsaking to wear the Hokage attire for the regular jonin uniform.

The monk prayed to her her final rites as Danzo cheered the people on. Naruto's ice cold visage and lifeless eyes looked at the councilor, if his happiness was to die today along with the woman being tied to the post, so would the happiness of the elemental nations. The world would know his pain and Danzo, would be his first victim.

Kurotsuchi looked at him defiantly but he could still see a little hint of love in her eyes. Naruto so wanted to cut her bindings and take her somewhere safe, but he knew his duty.

And when the son peaked at its highest Naruto held up the Horse seal and spat a black hellfire. The only comfort he could bring his wife was the quickest death possible.

20 seconds after the technique started it soon came to an end. All that was left was ashes and bones on where the post holding her up had been. Soon Kakashi appeared next to him, one of the few who knew of his relation to the Iwa princess, Naruto turned to his long time friend and uttered "With this creature dies my last warm feelings towards humanity."

Kakashi took the chilling words to heart, but none the less reported the success of retrieving his daughter. Not that Naruto would bear look at the 10 year old.

He had just killed the child's mother, his wife.

Flashback end.

What had fallen for the remaining villages was conquest as Naruto marched his army bringing death wherever he brought his eyes too.

Hundreds of thousands near a million more died in the brutal conquest of the elemental nations.

All because Naruto couldn't keep his end of his promise. Because he had taken the life of his love.

Had it been worth it? Never. If he could do it again he'd do it differently.

Naruto stood up and walked towards his only offspring and said "It never is. I think about the things that I never got say to your mother.

I will never get to make it right, so i tore down the old world for you, a blank slate for you to build anew. And never doubt the fact that

I still love your mother, that'll never change.

Think about her every day, I just failed her too much. Wish there was a better way for me to say it But I swear on everything, I'd do anything for her. There are just too many things to explain.

When it rains, it pours, and I wish there wasn't any pain. But I can't pretend there isn't

I'm not placing any blame, Heaven knows I'm no saint. Like everyday, I looked at your mother's picture. I miss her so much it's painful, wish it didn't end this way. But it did, and now we are here. Although, I'm not destined for the same place as your mother, I'm glad I got to see you grow. I'm glad that you still look at me as your father despite the hurt I caused you and your mother. And hopefully, when your time comes, hopefully in a looong time from now you can see your mother once more and tell her all the good you have done. And tell her how sorry I am for being the failure of a husband that i was."

Hitomi looked at him, wide eyes "Papa your not…"

Naruto kissed her forehead softly. "I'm afraid so little one. The empire is in your hands now."

That night Naruto looked at the moon, sighing he sunk into his subconscious. Looking at his only constant companion for a good majority of his life.

His actions soured whatever friendship may have been between the two. But that wouldn't matter. Soon they both would be dead. The light of his subconscious began to dim and a chill began to overtake him.

The next morning the world would wake up. And Naruto Namikaze would no longer be amongst the living.

Naruto awoke in a cold sweat. His bed was drenched in it, the nightmare had been so real. Tear trailed through his cheeks.

The clocked marked 0400 hours. It was still early.

He slowly stood up from his bed and checked on each member in the house. After making sure his mother and sasuke where ok. He made sure to Hitomi's room, slowly opening the door he checked on the blond Uzumaki. She was tossing around in her sleep.

Although he pondered on the meaning of his dream he slowly made his way to her and tried to calm the sleeping teenager down. Despite how mature she had become she was still a child at heart. He kneeled on the side of her bed as he softly pet her hair. Before laying a kiss softly on her forehead much like his dreamself had done on his supposed daughter.

He didn't understand why his dream daughter shared a name with his little sister but he wasn't worried about that right now.

Slowly making his way out of the room he heard a soft mumble, which sounded suspiciously like a "Thanks papa." But he didn't dwell on the sleep talk of a sleeping child.

Later that day, while attempting to drink his regrets away he was pulled out of the bar by Kakashi.

Oh right he was supposed to be escorting the iwa team. Not that he cared much at the moment, he was trying to forget what his dream showed him.

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