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Sadly i am tired, already was by the time i began to write this so it isn't going to be long. However i started planning my chapters in advanced, actually this was the first chapter i wrote down in the planner and it went according to plan for the current mini arc. Short and bittersweet.


Naruto was walking alongside through the fountain park, tomorrow he would be back to guarding Team Kitsuch,i part of him dreaded facing the image of his wife once more.

So close yet so far. The harsh reality of continuous realization he was no longer home, nothing but a stranger in some parallel universe. He was watching familiar faces to people he knew to belong to his loved ones and familiar, yet cursed with the ignorance that in some world a lot of them meant much to him.

It was weird actually people he knew to be dead where walking around fine and dandy going about their lives ignorant of the ghost he was seeing. People he had known as fine shinobi back home but mere civilians, he scoffed at the thought. Their alternate selves would be disappointed in the meaningless lives they led here.

A side effect of constant warfare, finding meaning in life through martial combat. Winning battles, losing some. Sacrifice. Such a common word used back at his place, one word which even as commonly as it was used only deepened in value and meaning. As thousands and hundreds of thousands of names were added to the annals. The records that held every shinobi to have graced the ninja ranks, their every mission, every kill, and final death.

He was cleared his head of such thoughts as he felt Kurotsuchi's familiar signature approach him. He was curious as to why she would be approaching him at such rate, though he didn't have to wonder much as soon she flickered in front of him catching her breath seemingly having exertered herself.

After a couple of seconds she spoke "You're a hard man to find Namikaze."

Naruto raised an eyebrow "Oh? What is it you need from me that couldn't wait another day, Miss Kamizuru?" A foreign thing to him calling kurotsuchi by her surname, to him it had always been here name, kuro-chan or kuro-hime. But that time was long gone, and the image in front of him was not the same as his wife. Even if he could gain her affection, the two would never be the same. Similar but different at the same time.

Kurotsuchi just huffed "Well. When my fa- sensei heard of our little dispute he chewed me out… and i guess i was in the wrong to judge you, even if you are a bastard." Muttering the last part under her breath hoping he wouldn't hear it. Sadly for her Naruto had enhanced senses and indeed picked up the muttering.

Naruto frowned and said "Although i would love to accept your apology, I'm afraid I simply can't."

Kurotsuchi looked at him "What why?" Naruto answered her "Because is not sincere."

Kurotsuchi scowled "Well excuse me it's not for lack of trying"

Naruto scoffed and fired back "No, is your stupid prejudice towards the leaf village and against the Fourth Hokage. You think because im the son of Minato Namikaze i would have been a pampered pompous little prince who has been sheltered, gifted with the best training and has had everything handed to me my entirely."

Kurotsuchi was speechless as such harsh response. Regardless she couldn't look away, the fabled sharingan active peering into her very soul.

Naruto continued "3 days ago I told you I witnessed my father and stepmother die. Do you know what Konoha spymaster did in order to keep me safe? He removed me from the continent and dropped me into a warzone. Although i was given to an adoptive family, they quickly died too. I have 4 brothers two of them are dead and one of them is a known murderer, who tortured his own brother. I have a sister who up until i showed up was neglected and despised for something beyond her control, my first friend was killed in a botched mission and my teammate killed herself after she found out he died. My eyes are proof of my pain, proof of what i have done. The stains of blood in my hand as i killed any who stood in my path, the unspeakable actions I've taken to defend those i cared about. My father may have been the yellow flash, but i am an entirely different demon altogether. Your father was injured, BOOHOO! Welcome to the Shinobi lifestyle. Don't expect to live past the age of 30."

With his piece of mind said he turned to leave. In the future he would look back on this moment, wondering why he had said what he said. But it was said, perhaps it was the drop of truth upon the eyes of a young kunoichi. Or was it the fact that despite how much he loved his dear wife, there had been a real part of him that truly wanted to kill her, to avenge his fallen brother. To spite Onoki, take away from the old fence sitter on the equivalent level the midget had taken from him.

He would truly never know… or maybe he did know. Perhaps it was all of this and more, hn, however as soon as he turned he felt a hand clamp at his wrist.

Naruto turned to look only to come face to face with the pink eyes of the Iwa genin looking at him with hurt, anger, passion and determination. This was a look he understood all too well.

Using Kamui he teleported them to a secluded training ground. Kurotsuchi although she had let go of his sleeve still looked fiercely into Naruto's eyes slapped him hard. Naruto took it, he deserved that one… and the second one. Then she drew back a punch. Which naruto evaded. She began to throw a flurry of more punches, which he continued to seamlessly evade.

Kick, punch, elbow, knee every attack she threw at him was evaded.

She kept this up for a good couple hours, however Kurotsuchi was a genin. A remarkably talented Genin Naruto could see was well within the B class with potential to go A class by the end of the year. However Naruto was a Flee on Sight, SS class shinobi with countless years of experience and power to back him up so naturally he evaded every single attack. Never attacking, but never letting her hit him either.

Finally after hours of hitting air Kurotsuchi stopped. Tears streaming down her face as all the frustration she had bottled up till now came out.

She cursed the council of Iwa, she had been a chunin once but after they set her up with a rigged mission, was demoted to the rank of Genin. Not allowed to advance in for a period of 4 years, that on top of a probation period of 6 years.

You see the situation in Iwa was not looking ok, despite the front they put. Their defeat at the hands of the yellow and Onoki's decision to surrender caused a drift within the nation. The strength of the Hidden Rock was under the mantle of the Unity of Stone. They where one, fought as one and looked out for each other as they were their own person. However after 3 wars and 80 years of tension the Will of Fire and the Sands of time had worn and weathered the nutrients of the Stone and left it cracking.

And now Her clan was suffering the consequences of it. It was no mystery that the Kamizuru clan had been the ruling Family of Iwa, just as the Kazekage Clan was the ruling family of the sand and how The Senju Seemed to rule the hidden leaf through their vaunted will of fire.

The first and third Tsuchikage had been from said clan and even the Second Tsuchikage Mu had married into the Kamizuru. But now thanks to the Uchiha and Senju Alliance, The Legendary Sannin, the Uzumaki of Uzushiokagure, the Aburame and the Yellow flash had dragged the once feared clan through the mud. And so Onoki was left running a Village tearing itself apart at the upper echelons.

While the local populace and Shinobi population didn't care much for the politics of the stone. The 6 clan heads that made up the council of Iwa where coming undone. Which was leading to rising crime rates, tension between the clans and even tearing the Shinobi nation apart. The appearance of Naruto Namikaze hadn't helped the Issue. The council wanted to put up an Immidiate assassination order on his head as soon as they manage to find out thanks to a leakage.

Thankfully her grandpa had curb stomp that approach as soon as he found out. The last thing he needed was another war with Konoha they were assured to lose if Namikaze Naruto was anywhere near his father's level.

And he was, Kurotsuchi began to break. The stress of almost losing her father was almost too much. Naruto however rude and callous as he had been, had reminded her of the Shinobi lifestyle, the last thing she needed on her mind. She was deep in hostile territory. Breaking down in front of a practical stranger who she already dislike.

Yet Naruto despite how much of a dick he could be at times, still cared for the image of his once wife and decided he had been rough enough. Walking up to her he surprised her by hugging her.

"I'm sorry, im not the best at expressing my emotions out there. But i am one of the people who hope the hostilities seize between our villages. And yet here i am making you cry." He said to the red dressed kunoichi.

Despite the fact that she was being hugged by public enemy number one to her people, something told her everything was ok and let him.

Thinking back to her insincere apology earlier she answered "I'm sorry too."

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