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Naruto Namikaze: Curse of the Sharingan @pwhitestrake
Under the Moonlight

Welcome back to another installment of Naruto Namikaze: Curse of the Sharingan.Sadly my co writer Plasticwolf94 has been going through some more patches and unfortunately we haven't been able to communicate at all. Hopefully he will be back soon, honestly he is the better writer of the two and i can only accredit the popularity and quality of this story to the work he has done.So far ive been focus on Star Wars: the 4 paths which has become a little more of my tool which im using to practice my writing skills. Ive noticed i have become a better writer thanks to it, and if your intrested go check it out.With that said im sorry it took so long for me update. this is a little part 2 to the previous chapter.Neither Plasticwolf94 nor Diegogarciv own Naruto

Naruto patted the raven that had brough him a note before feeding it a treat, satisfied the winged summon flew of into the distance. Naruto sighed as he unrolled the note his younger brother sent him.


I need us to meet at the closest available date.

I think its time i tell you about the one variable i kept from you.


Naruto folded up the note from behind him Jiraiya approached him "Hey there brat, what you got there?" Naruto just held up the note "Just my brother asking me to meet up, apparently theres a variable i still don't know about."

Jiraiya looked at him eyebrow raised "Keeping secrets much?"

Naruto shrugged "The little brat has always kept his secrets from me. Hell i didn't know he was dating Izumi until after she was killed in the front lines."

Jiraiya surprised at hearing Naruto speak so casually of Itachi kinslayer Uchiha asked him "Is there anything im missing here?" Naruto as if reading Jiraiya's mind answered "If Sarutobi-sensei didn't inform you, im not the only dimensional hopper here. My brother arrived two years before i did."

Jiraiya frowned "And what of Itachi Uchiha?"

"You could say dead. However Itachi Namikaze isn't here physically, more in a spiritual sense. From what he explained to me, Itachi Uchiha couldn't live with the guilt of his actions and lost the will to live. Which tore into his physical health. In his place now stand my brother, my best friend and perphaps the stronger of the two of us." Naruto answered with a fond smile

The toad sage crossed his arms "The stronger is he?"

Naruto nodded "As many of our friends and relatives kept dying around us i sunk low. There was a time i even dropped into alcohol and smoking. He whooped my ass into soberness as soon as he found out. I wouldn't be half the man i am without his help. He never lost hope, never lost faith and even in apparent death he never lost his smile, Hitomi is alot like him in that regards." A comfortable silence befell upon the two. After a while Jiraiya said "Sounds like one hell of a kid, I'd love to meet him some day."


Hokage office.

Hiruzen looked seriously at Naruto's figure.

"This isn't good. Specially with the reports im getting on Orochimaru and the sound. The last thing the leaf needs is another war. As it is we may be looking onto two fronts we can't afford to risk a third party to worry about."

Naruto nodded "What if during the Chunnin exams i go to hunt some of the Akatsuki? Bring their numbers down?"

Hiruzen shook his head "We need you here to keep and eye on the Iwa team."

"Sensei i do-"

"I know. Howevere my worries are not the Iwa team itself, its Orochimaru. With his possible ties to the sound village he could infiltrate the chunin exams, the security of the Iwa team is your highest priority along that of team 7. With Orochimaru's ambition to know all the Jutsu in the world something like the Sharingan would be invaluable to him, he was defeated soundly by Itachi and Mikoto despite her retired status was an S class ninja. Sasuke however is the most vurnerable, and with how delicate international relations are i wouldn't put it past him to attempt to have the Iwa team assassinated and make it look like leaf ninja did it." The third Hokage Spoke grimly having interrupted Naruto.

Naruto though for a second before saying "Then why not give him Sasuke?"

Hiruzen gave Naruto a hard stare "Speak".

Naruto never breaking eye contact began…

Later in the night

Naruto was stargazing on the backyard of the Uchiha compound. Hearing Hitomi and Sasuke approach him he closed his eyes and smiled a little despite whatever hand life dealt him. It was moments like these that made Naruto smile, spending time with his famimy. It may not be complete but it was a gift he wouldn't throw away.

Feeling the two hellions sit down next to him he opened his eyes "Hitomi, Sasuke, what can i do for you tonight?"

Sasuke answered him "We want to know more about you."

Hitomi hugging his arm then said "We didn't finish last night."

Naruto chuckled "We didn't did we? Are you sure you two can handle it?"

The two gennin gave him determined nods and he bit.

"Well what do you wish to know?"

"After you academy years sensei. Who was your jonin sensei? What was your first c rank like?"

Naruto looked up at the sky thinking fondly of some of the good times before the harsher days "After i graduated hmm? Well i was assigned to team 3 under Hiruzen Sarutobi with an Inuzuka and a Senju"

Hitomi looked at him oddly "You trained under jiji?"

Naruto answered "Hai, although he couldn't be there alot because of the war. However we made due. I was the baby of the group being a 5 year old, however soon i turned 6 and our team was cleared for combat operations. Our first mission outside the village was with the Naval branch actually." Then his face turned into a frown "After i was promoted to Chunin i was still studying under Sarutobi-sensei however our team was dissolved due to the demands. I became part of the Hokages Personal Vanguard, Inuzuka Han was transfered to a search and destroy unit and Senju Mara was stationed with the regular forces." Naruto paused as he looked down thinking of his former teammates.

Sasuke feeling his stomach turned asked him "What happened?" Naruto looked at him, sharingan active in its base form. Tomoes slowly spinning "Han was killed in action. Mara, who had been in love with Han and who had already lost her parents couldn't take the loss and…" Naruto paused thinking of the two earliest instances he had lost two close friends.

It had been hard receiving the news that two of his first friends where dead.

"Mara took her own life."

She had been only 14, Naruto remembered well. Although she was the top kunoichi of her class. He had graduated early, so he hadn't made many friends during the academy and the two of them being taken from him cut him deep. Han was 15 and had been a hold over from a year previous. They where an old little rag tag team thrown in together. But the third Hokage had seen potential in them, although Han's death was out of his control. He always carried the guilt of letting Mara take her own life, he had felt he hadn't done enough.

The two gennin where shocked. Two brand new kids barely starting life out and yet their older brother was telling them about kids the same age as them and yet had already lived to the point life was meaningless and chose to end themselves.

Feeling the two Naruto said "My life hasn't been easy, Sasuke, Hitomi, for every win i ever had theres a loss to accompany it. For every battle i won theres ten more i lost. For every life i saved theres a hundred more i failed to protect. Im glad that at least im here now, where i can sit down with my Imouto and otuoto and teach them about life."

Hitomi, feeling tired was the first to leave.

Sasuke was about to follow in suit but Naruto stopped him.

"Sensei?" Asked sasuke.

Naruto looked at him not breaking eye contact "Sasuke, promise me you will always look out for Hitomi. I know you try to hide it but i can see how much you care for her. Promise me you will take care of her."

Sasuke nodded speechless amd left.

Naruto looked at the moon one last time and teleported to his room. He had a night of old wounds to drink away

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