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Naruto Namikaze: Curse of the Sharingan @pwhitestrake
Narutos Tale: Mikoto

Hello everyone Diego here, this is a chapter I had on for a while and now that we are finally back in Konoha and Naruto and Kurotsuchi have been introduced to each other this would have been the perfect moment to place it. Its a more in-depth study of Naruto and why he did what he did. As I've stated before, Kaguya and reincarnations have nothing to do with the story so obviously Naruto's actions and motivations are not the same as Madara and this just reinforces that.

Neither Plasticwolf 94 nor Diegogarciv own Naruto


With Namikaze leaving, the silence once again returned. She could feel her teammate sitting opposite her wanting to say something but was holding his tongue. "Just say it Akatsuchi."

"... I think what you said was a bit unnecessary. I get that you're worried about your dad but you went too far with Namikaze-san"

Kurotsuchi left out a scoff in response. Too stubborn to even admit that she may have gone a bit too far. Her teammate continued.

"Still... that was weird wasn't it? The way he said it... It sounded it he experience it yea?"

Responding with a whatever, the silence took place once again this time more permanently. However, Akatsuchi's thoughts echoed in her mind. Namikaze did seem to speak out of experience... Not to mention... he looked extremely hurt from what Kurotsuchi had said to him. 'Why would he be upset to that degree with something I said? Why would he care? and why did he... did he look like...? I don't fucking know.'

Confused at Namikaze's words, she said good night to Akatsuchi who said he was heading to the room the Hokage procured for them. As she sat in silence, the pained look of Namikaze haunted her night as she waited for her father.

Now - Next Day, Dinner

The Uchiha-Namikaze family saw themselves once again in the diner table at the Uchiha compound. As usual Sasuke sat next to his Mother Mikoto. Naruto sat opposite of them facing Mikoto as Hitomi sat next to him.

Naruto sat in silence eating the steamed rice and fish his mother had cooked. He felt Hitomi playing around with her food. She looked downcast, and I guess you could say also confused.

In a low voice she asked "Onii-chan. Why did you have a Kunai sticking out of your chest, when I summoned you." Naruto froze just as he was about to take a bite of his food. Sasuke dropped his utensils. Mikoto looked at Hitomi sternly and scolded lightly "Hitomi-chan that's not a question that needs to be asked during dinner…"

Naruto who had since cleaned his lips with a napkin held his right hand in a stop motion. "It is a perfectly valid question mother. I know pretty much everything about their past, yet they know very little of mine".

Sasuke spoke up "What do you mean summoned." Naruto sighed. This was something he wished he could explain to his younger brother in a more private location as well as when he felt that Sasuke and himself were more closer as family.

"Sasuke. What I am about to tell you does not leave this room. Can you promise me that?" Seeing Sasuke nodded Naruto began his tale. "You have gotten to know me these past few months thus I usually explain things in the easiest and most blunt way possible."

Naruto readied himself and he could perceive that his younger siblings did as well. He continued. "I'm not from this world. I was born on an alternate reality. If you could call it that." Sasuke looked at Naruto questioningly and confused which Naruto took as a cue and explained further.

"I've gone gone over the Summoning technique with you somewhat. What I didn't manage to explain to you, was that the summoning technique is a Time Space Jutsu, with literally, infinite possibilities. And for that reason it is not done without a contract. What you're doing essentially is offering some of your blood and chakra to pull anything bound by a blood contract to you from a different plane of existence."

Naruto reached for his cup and drank the still hot tea that was inside it. "For example. The Toad Contract. One of the big named summoning familiars not just because of their size. But by people who have wielded them effectively in battle namely The Gallant Sage: Jiraiya-sama and Hitomi and mine's father. Once making a pledge you are now able to summon toads of various sizes and utility from Mount Myōboku, a completely different plane of existence from our own."

Naruto had to admit that in the beginning he was annoyed in being forced into a teaching position but it was a lot more fun than he realized seeing how he can take the lessons and add his own experiences and opinions to it. "However since Hitomi doesn't have a summoning contract, the boundless technique sought out the closest thing tied to her blood. With me so far?". Naruto paused to see if his student was following his story which was a yes as he saw Sasuke nod his head.

"By some odd reason the summoning array decided that the closest thing was me." Mikoto looked anxious as she heard her "son" explain the circumstances of his arrival. More about her Sasuke's reaction.

"Sasuke, do you remember when I said that I walked down a dark road? As I've told you before, I am not exactly a good person. I've done a lot of shit in the name of the Hidden leaf and more resulting in many people's lives being lost. To answer your question Hitomi-chan, when you pulled me out of where I was. I was paying for my crimes." A horror'd stillness now surrounded the family at that revelation.

Sasuke and Hitomi were wide eyed. Sasuke flinched a bit when he made a connection with the words "Brother" and "Criminal". He had made some leeway in counselling with his... sensei regarding that issue. He could admit that he was having a hard time in calling Naruto his brother as the last one shattered any sort of trust Sasuke had in that word. He still had his reservations about the man in front of him and it won't be until a very long time will Sasuke trust Naruto barring that Naruto saves him from mortal coil from an enemy.

For Hitomi, her Nii-Chan was one of the gentlest people she has known right next to Hokage-Jiji and Mikoto-baa. It was hard to see her brother as a criminal like say Mizuki. She could admit that her brother was eager for good fight but hey c.f. mortal or not was an entirely separate issue. "Nii-chan? Crimes? But you're like the nicest, most caring person out there. Its true you can be a bit eager for blood but…"

Naruto patted Hitomi's head while giving her a gentle smile. "I am glad my little imouto has so much confidence in me... But it is true Hitomi. I guess it is better that I explained." Taking a deep breath he began his tale and how it ended.

"In my world, I was born in Konoha back in year of 1992. The Third Great Ninja War was in full swing. My parents where just 8 when the war began and they had me at a young age. My mother was Uchiha Mikoto and my father was Namikaze Minato. At the time, due to the crisis, clans like the Uchiha and Senju couldn't afford to keep the bloodline pure by marrying into the clan, which reduced fertility rates. So to increase the number of offspring a member could give birth to, they would marry and bring people into the Uchiha clan. My parents where one of such marriage of course. And although they had me at the age of 16 which was considered a rather average age to give birth to."

His listeners blanched at the tidbit of information. Mikoto was horrified that Konoha was forced into a state where her kids had to marry and produce a child at 16. Hitomi and Sasuke were shocked pretty much for the same reasons, if not more so as they were near the age of 16. Trepidation followed when they saw that Naruto was nowhere near done.

"To fuel the war effort, Konoha women would marry and be in labor as soon as 15. Orphans were raised in the Ninja orphanage where they would be trained from infancy. It was a common practice that some chunin's would venture into the land of fire and take children with potential to be made into shinobi. Desperate times called for desperate measures."

Mikoto had to choke back a tear that was forming for the poor families who no doubt would have been screaming and crying to give back their babies. Sasuke sat closer to his mom and placed his hand on her back to try and soothe her. Mikoto reached in and placed an arm around her baby boy, giving him a tight hug. Hitomi went over to the other side of Mikoto and hugged her there, trying to show her adoptive mom some love and hoping she would be receive some back to help her cope with what Naruto-nii was explaining to them. Mikoto obviously used her other arm and hugged her little maelstrom.

There was a pained look in Naruto's eyes. If they were upset now, they would be in turmoil with what he was about to say. "When I was 3... My mother was the subject of an assassination attempt by a Iwa-nin. Even though my father hadn't earned the moniker "The Yellow flash of Konoha" yet, his skill with Fuuinjutsu and his mastery of Ninjutsu made him a terror on the field. Working quickly, the doctors under Tsunade Senju, worked to remove my youngest baby brother from her womb so he would survive, thankfully she was already near due date at that time... but my mother... With the injuries she suffered and giving birth at that state.. didn't live past the evening."

Naruto had to take a pause. It still hurt him deep down even after all these years. The death of his mother.


A 3 year old Naruto hugged onto his dying mother mother and cried hysterically, begging her to stay with him. Unknowing that his natural abilities as a Chakra sensor allowed him to sense his mother's slow passing in extreme detail.

"Mama's here Naru-chan. No need to cry for me okay baby." Naruto seemed to calm down a bit and nodded his tearful face. Mikoto let out a single tear fall from her cheek knowing full well she will not make it through the night pushed Naruto off her slightly from the hug so she could look at him for what was probably the last time in her life. She was surprised and heartbroken to find that instead of her son's coal black eyes which mirrored her own, she saw the familiar red Sharingan. His left eye had a single tomoe while the other had 2 slowly spinning tomoe on them.

Knowing the Sharingan's ability to copy every detail and store it in perfect memory she spoke her last words to her son hoping that it will help alleviate the pain he was feeling. Feeling her own life force was slipping she spoke with pained pauses. "Naru-chan. Take care of your brother for me... Can you do that for mommy?". Naruto nodded again. His sadness so profound he couldn't formulate words. Despite the situation, Mikoto smiled lovingly at her son.

"Naruto. My precious little baby... I'm sorry that you had to be born into this world... Please know that I love you with all my heart." She paused a moment and brought her son back to a hug "I love you more than any other out there. I love you even more than I love your tou-chan and your brothers... it's because you are my first born". Naruto sobbed for the first time and clutched his mother's body tighter.

"Naru-chan. You are my son... you have my eyes... remember to be strong... Your eyes will help you survive... Use them to protect those care about... but most importantly my little baby... our eyes are cursed... every Uchiha with an active... Sharingan suffers... rise above the curse that plagues our clan... Be happy even as the world around you is bleak... Hold onto your light my little baby... For it takes only a little bit of light to beat the Darkness... Don't drown yourself... in the hatred that plagues... the Uchiha, my son... or you will lose sight of everything you cared for. Take care of your tou-chan and your brother's for me... I love you so much... Naru...Cha..." Uchiha Mikoto. Expired. In the hands of her surviving son.

A howl of excruciated pain burst forth from Naruto and he cried next to his dead mother's corpse for the remainder of that night. Nothing could separate him from her. Not even his father's presence who cried alongside him. Naruto gripped onto his mother's body even when he finally felt the last bit of life finally leave her. Only after from passing out from the shock of losing his mother and exhausting his chakra reserves from his newly awakened Sharingan were the nurses and his father able to separate him from his mother's cold body.

Minato, took his oldest son back home and failed to hold back the tears as he stared into the pained face of his baby boy. He glanced at the scroll that he had forgotten was being held, nearly crumpled from the angered grip of Minato. The scroll Hokage-sama gave him. For his sons and to avenge his wife. He would master the technique entrusted to him.

Flashback end

As Naruto ended his tale, the Uchiha-Namikaze family were in shock witnessing the seemingly almighty Naruto openly weep in sorrow. Hitomi disconnected from Mikoto and latched onto her brother. Extremely disturbed that something could hurt her "Invincible" brother. As Naruto calmed down he saw that the other occupants of the table were tearing up. Hitomi softly sobbed next to him. He draped an arm around her. Reassuring her that he was okay and that it was just a painful memory. A memory, nothing more.

Hitomi hugged Naruto tighter in response. 'I promise you, Onii-chan. I'll do whatever it takes to ease your pain. You're the most precious thing to me. You won't lose me.' Hitomi thought to herself. Mikoto was thinking something along the same lines 'My poor boy... I won't allow you to suffer any longer... You have us now.'

Naruto smiled internally before continuing his tale "A year after her death... I entered the academy after a lot of begging and crying to my father of course." he paused and chuckled remembering the tantrums he used to throw in order to convince his father to allow him to become a ninja.

"I graduated a year later. The year next I did nothing but train and go on D ranks as a genin. In the memory of my mother, the first affinity I learned was water release. It being the least chakra intensive and the affinity I shared with my mother."Mikoto smiled at that knowledge. Within in the Uchiha clan, she was considered the black sheep regardless of her prowess on the battle field as her primary elemental affinity was water. She smiled because it seemed at least one of her son's bothered to learn how to use it properly.

Naruto ended his tale there for now as he sensed that this was all they could handle for one night. Sasuke excused himself to go train. One of his biggest fears was losing his mother above anything else. Hearing about the death of an alternate version of her did not help his mental state and so hoped that some exercise could help calm him down.

After Hitomi bathed and brushed her teeth she spent some personal time with Naruto just messing about in general. When it reached the late hours of the day Naruto tucked the Uzumaki princess to bed and wished her a good night.

Naruto sat on the garden patio and sipped on sake he had brought earlier as he stared up into the starless night sky. It seems that this week would not do any good for him. Specially after the whole debacle with team Adamantine and Kurotsuchi at the hospital.

As he poured himself a new cup when he heard the footstep of Mikoto stopping behind him. She sat down next to him and scolded at him playfully. "You're still too young to be drinking sake in this household young man."

In a deadpan manner he responded that he was nearly 20. Mikoto just stared at him. "Yes mother." Naruto complied with a little bit of devious rebellion, humored at the situation. Mikoto smiled lightly "I'm glad to know at least one of my sons respect my authority around here." Closing his eyes and he took a deep breath, shuddering. The Uchiha matriach sensing her "son's" dismay asked what was wrong.

After revisiting one of his most painful memories and seeing the visage of his mother asking him what was wrong, Naruto couldn't hold the dam any longer.

" It's just... I willingly agreed to it... The destruction I have wrought. I know you been told how I "snapped" regarding my last days there. However it wasn't due to a mental break down. I willingly chose to make the choices I made. I chose to make myself a villain in people's eyes."

" I lost my only living brother. All my friends and family were dead. I failed my students. I loved my wife and still do, but i realized sooner or later the fighting would break out again and I foresaw it was going to be so much more worse. Then there was the influence I had on the kids, war orphans specially. They say war can change people, make heroes or break them. By the time the third ninja war came to a close, I was an Idol to kids who lost people they loved and cared about, whose hearts were filled with vengance from years of meaningless conflict. They would hear of my infamous ruthless attitude on the battlefield and would emulate it when fighting..."

"When you, dad and stepmom died, we barely had money to scrape by so my younger brother had to graduate early to help pay for a baby sitter, food and resources for our baby half brother. It was fucked up how we both came from practically nothing. We went from sharing tents with the soldiers and children to Generals who needed to be protected so that the village would not be crippled. I heard life was a reflection of one's self, I led by example like my father before me. 85% of bounties and paychecks I scored where given of to a trust fund so soldiers where always well fed, well payed, and if they died the least we could do was make sure their families were well maintained."

"I took time out of my day to visit the orphanages and medical centers. To see the kids whose parents I couldn't save. It's why I didn't hesitate in committing atrocities in war, for the kids who don't have a thing except dreams, news paper articles and pictures of their favorite heroes. Who post up pictures of not just their families, but legendary shinobi including myself to the walls of their room. Who Idolised the Ninja and knew all their stats. Or for the men and women who lost it all, got nothing in life, so they sit and cry at night wishing they died, until they take their own life's."

"The people they worshipped on their bedroom walls, went out of their way to see them again and again and cheer them up. The kids not knowing that these heroes need to meet up with them so they can remind themselves what they were fighting for."

"Imagine, seeing nothing but hatred, pain, suffering, and vengance from the same eyes they adorned you with earlier. Their anger directed to those who harmed them and threaten their livelihood. The influence I had... That we had... It made many people want to follow our footsteps. To follow our example. Especially the kids."

"Imagine how they would have felt if they knew their hero was married to the enemy and bared a child with them. I foresaw the danger my wife and my daughter were in. The signs of the next war was already reading their ugly heads towards the villages. Tensions were reaching the same peaks, the prologue to war. No one listened to me. Everyone wanted to believe that peace would last and this was just temporary. Everyone dug their heads into the sands and blocked out all news of trouble."

" No one but me could see that we were about to annihilate our entire species in the next war... I had to... I had to make it look like I went crazy... I'm sad to say it was easier than I thought... (Considering what I discovered beneath Naka Shrine Naruto darkily thought, making a mental note to see if he would discover the same thing here.)"

"But I didn't want to go against my own kinsmen... So I attacked Danzo and his men. Afterwards, 2 years of training and trying to survive, I attacked my wife's homeland... killing her grandfather, and forced her into a deathmatch... I would be nothing more than scum serve as a cautionary tale to the next generation... An example of what not to do but thats what I wanted. With the destruction I brought... It would temper the growing frustration of the people and they would be grateful for what they had left... and... if spunned the right way it would have delayed any war between Konoha and Iwa if not stop it. Before I did what I set out to do, I pen'd 3 letters. One to Jiraiya the other to the man who gave us shelter when we needed it, Fugaku" Mikoto was surprised to hear her husband's name as she patiently listened to her son's tale. It seemed Fugaku liked the boy... Her heart warmed in knowing that even if Naruto wasn't his blood, he still would have treated him as such.

"and one to my wife so when I died she would know her husband had nothing but the best of intentions. I was already dying, so I masked it under the guise of wanting to put the world under a Genjutsu. Just as I was reaching my end, my wife placed my daughter down... Hoping to seal the Kyuubi into her and perish alongside me... but I am not a complete monster. So i sealed the kyuubi into my baby girl myself after telling that hairy bastard to protect her... I asked my wife to put a knife through my heart and to protect our eyes (1)."

By the time he was finished, Naruto was exhausted and crying. Wrecked with regret.

Mikoto hugged her son. She may not have bore him in this life. But in an alternate world she had. And having him laying all his life naked before her simply sent her motherly instinct. "Its ok, its ok." she repeated over and over whispered into his ear.

after a while Naruto compossed himself.

"Just when you think you might finally get some rest, you're told you can go somewhere else and make a difference. But when you're there, you are just back home, but in a world, where you mother didn't give birth to you, your parents don't know you. Your brother is a branded murderer who killed his clan and family. Sometimes I'm not strong enough. There are nights where I cry till I sleep. Can you imagine being in a world where strangers wear the skins of the people you love?" he ranted. Naruto took a deep breath and continued "You know why I favor Hitomi so much? ... it's cause she's what I would have wanted as a daughter. She's the only person I never knew and makes it easier on myself. Cause she reminds me of the kids at the orphanage. Only despite the loneliness and adversity she has faced, she still wants others to be happy. She brings smiles to others even when they don't deserve them. she's like the moon in my dark skies, and sometimes I cant help but treat her as if she was my own daughter".

Mikoto chuckled "I think she views you as the parental figure rather than a brother... despite the fact I'm her godmother, and known her a lot longer. I'm kinda jealous you know."

Naruto smiled lightly. Unknown to them both, said blond kunoichi had listen to the conversation after she had gone to get some water. she smiled more widely than she had ever before and surprised the two Elite Shinobi and launched herself at her brother.

as the night continued Naruto looked at the sky and the full moon and thought 'Hashirama, Hiruzen. I don't know how I can love you and fucking hate you both at the same time'

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