Naruto Namikaze: Curse of the Sharingan @pwhitestrake
A strange Summoning

Naruto found himself in a Forest remarkably

Similar to that of his birth place. He walked around for a bit. Until he came upon a familiar figure. "Welcome Naruto Namikaze". Stated the figure. Before Naruto Stood the first Hokage.

Hashirama Senju. "Hashirama-sama". He greeted the senju before him waved for him to follow as he lead towards a bench. "To think that a descendant of my clan and the blood of Madara would one day come to be. I am happy to meet you" the former Hokage stated, Naruto responded in kind "I am glad to meet you Hokage-sama". Hashirama smiled a bit" You can just call me Hasimara you know. You've more than earned it". Naruto shook his head in disagreement "I don't sir. I betrayed my back on everything. My village, my family and my friends. I killed many. I don't see how I could have possibly earned it." He said. Hating himself. He allowed hatred to cloud his judgement. He didn't listen to Kurama about the tampering of the stone tablet. He Went on to betray his Village killing all those sent to stop him. He regretted leaving his kurotsuchi. Damn he regretted a lot of things.

Hashirama nodded "We all do things we all Regret. I regret not seeing my best friend descent into the darkness sooner. I regret not being good enough to protect my younger brothers. I have a lot of regrets Naruto.

We all do. What matters is the choices we make afterwards that count. Your choice to protect your daughter. Your choice to put your father's happiness over your own, your choice to make yourself the jinchuuriki, instead of letting your youngest brother carry the burden, Your choice to continue to love The Iwa kunoichi even though she was an Enemy of a nation that threatened your own. Your choice to confront her, did you know that it could lead her to releasing Konoha of the reparations demand that her grandfather Imposed. Or that she too, will choose to have your daughter raised in Konoha under Jiraiya's eye. Restoring the balance that the jinchuuriki provide. Or again maybe not. But it is the choices we make that shape ourselves and the world Around us. But still. There is one more choice, however that you must make." The first hokage told the man in front of him. Naruto asked what choice. "You are still needed somewhere. I don't know where. But if you succeed there. You can move on to the afterlife with your family." Naruto looked at him with an odd eyebrow "what's my other choice" naruto asked. "Hell" the first Hokage Deadpanned. Naruto's eyebrow twitched, deadmen blackmail. "I'll do it.

The first Hokage smiled and clapped "Great."

Then the world around him went black

In another Dimension


The 9 tailed Jinchuuriki Hitomi Uzumaki, stood in front of the third Hokage. Earlier today Academy Teacher Chunnin Mizuki had attempted to trick the girl into stealing the forbidden scroll of seals. Iruka, another academy and chunin had put a stop to it, not without injury.

Now the third Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi, was getting a recount of the events. Not that he needed it he had been watching the girl, and the events from his crystal eye. But standard procedure and all. Besides he wanted to talk to the girl. Make sure that she was alright after the revelation. After all she was his responsibility.

"Is that al Hitomi-chan?!". He asked her. For a moment she looked contemplative before getting on her hyperactive hype "Oh yeah jiji i learned another jutsu that i wanted to show you but I haven't tried it yet. Can i? Can i?!". She asked/yelled excitedly on the outside the Hokage keep his lighter aura around him on the inside however 'What jutsu would she take' he thought to himself worried 'Hopefully. Nothing too dangerous or that could affect the seal"

He nodded.

The excited girl bit her thumb and ran through the hand seals that the Hokage recognized 'I have to stop her. There's no telling what could happen' but before he could act she finished the jutsu. It was only 5 hand seals really. She slammed her hands on the floor and shouted "Summoning Jutsu". A seal summoning matrix appeared for a second and a cloud of smoke appeared. And when it dispersed A Teenager looking between the age of 17 and 18 wearing Heavy armor that reminded the Hokage of the Senju style of armour during the clan wars. The main difference was it covered more of the teens body. Including armored boots. Most shinobi even back then only protected their chest, shoulders, and neck. Upper arms and thighs if they were really picky. But the person that lay in front of him wearing a full set of armor slightly reminiscent of the Samurai.

The hokage noticed however the kunai sticking into the armor surrounded by bits of blood.

The teen himself had spiky long black hair.

He was startled out of his thoughts by Hitomi who had screamed in fear. He burst out in laughter "well Hitomi-chan. You summoned yourself an injured shinobi. Who knows you might have saved his life." He told her before calling in a team of medics.

2 hours later the medic nin had informed him the wound had been taken care of and the patient had stabilized. So he made his way towards the Anbu building.

"Inoichi". He called out to the head of TI.

The blond haired man startled and bowed to the Hokage in a respectful greeting. "No need for formalities. I need you to do a mind dive."

He stated seriously. Inoichi looked at him "Hokage-sama i know that Mizuki is tough but do we really need to go that far". The Hokage shook his head "Not Mizuki, Inoichi. Today while recounting the incident. Hitomi-chan attempted a summoning technique. It failed mostly. But she did succeed in summoning a body. I still sensed a chakra pulse however i want to know who the Shinobi is". He Stated. Inoichi understood. Better safe than sorry.

Next Day

The Hokage sat in his office when Inoichi came in to report the findings.

"Hokage-sama, during my initial mind dive I discovered that the Subject had a Mind shield Similar to that of high ranking Konoha shinobi.

I spent approximately 3 hours navigating the shields. The physiology of the subject is what piqued my interest. It seems that the patient is An Uchiha or has Uchiha decent." Inoichi reported

The hokage took a puff of smoke from his pipe.

An Uchiha alive, that was at risk. The only surviving Uchiha of the Massacre where Mikoto Uchiha her son Sasuke and Of course the one who destroyed the Uchiha clan Itachi Uchiha.

'this could either be a gift or a curse'.

He flared his chakra and a couple of minutes later his own physician Yakushi Hoshi, appeared in his office. "You called Hokage-sama?" Greeted the medical ninja. Sarutobi looked at him before giving him a set of orders "Hoshi. I want you to run a full Blood scan of an interesting patient we came across. We suspect he is an Uchiha, but match him to every person that has lived in this village that has a medical record." Hoshi looked at the Hokage with surprised "everyone hokage-sama" the medic asked. "Yes. Everyone, even the Hokage if you have to." The medic nin nodded "Permission to run a full medical scan then". The medic nin half asked half stated "granted." The Hokage replied. The medic nin left the office to carry out his orders.

The Hokage turned back to Inoichi "I want you to at the very least come up with an identity. I don't want to have any surprises. Dismissed" Inoichi flickered out of the office. Moments later Hitomi

Burst into the office "Jiji i got my picture taken."

She said handing him the ninja license to him. It was a good picture. He half expected her to put on silly make up on and make some weird pose but she had apparently curbed the prankster in her for this document. The Hokage stamped her License. "Good luck". He told her.

Hitomi looked uncomfortable

"Neh jiji, what happened to that guy i summoned?" She asked. Sarutobi rubbed his forehead. "He will be back on his feet soon Hitomi-chan. But why the interest, ooh is Hitomi developing a crush on our mysterious armored man." He teased her a bit. The blonde girl cried in horror "NOO. I mean jiji he was hurt."

Outside the door an assailant. Spied on the two. He took his shuriken and prepared.

Inside the room the Hokage noticed the person and exhaling a little smoke from his pipe he thought to himself 'My grandson. Another headache.' The kid threw opened the door and ran inside yelling "prepare yourself old man I will defeat you and become the fifth Hokage".

Hitomi confused let out an 'Eeh.'

The kid suddenly face planted. Losing grasp of his paper shuriken. When he got up he pointed at Hitomi and exclaimed "Hey you tripped me".

Hitomi took offense and grabbed the kid by the collar of his shirt. "You tripped over your own two feet idiot". Another man burst through the door once he saw Hitomi he exclaimed " Unhand the Honorable grandson right now. That's the Grandson of the Third Hokage." The kid got a cocky smirk on his face "I bet you wont do anything to me now, you wouldny hit me in front of grampsm" Hitomi got a tick mark on her forehead. "I DONT CARE IF HIS YOUR GRANDMA" and socked the kid on the back of the head. She waved the hokage goodbye and left. Sarutobi sweatdropped "Just like Kushina i swear".

Konoha ninja hospital

Restricted section

Room 3.

With Hoshi done taking all the blood sample

Inoichi got to doing what he does best. Channelling chakra through 12 hand seals.

He touched the patients head and started the jutsu. It was a mind jutsu design to allow him to view memories without disarming or alerting mind defenses.

After a while of searching

He stumbled upon a memory.

Memory start.

In a dimly lit room jonin stood around the Hokage.

The Hokage himself with his trademark pipe. Around his mouth. Began to speak "Approximately 4 days ago, a Cloud shinobi successfully infiltrated our village.

He proceeded with a series of assassinations.

The Uchiha, Nara and Inuzuka clans where hit.

Alongside the youngest son of our own fourth Hokage Hideiyoshi Namikaze. In total 13 People were killed we suspect they were more seeing as the clans were so spread out in the village. We also suspect they also Targeted the family of our late fourth. Thankfully Both Young Itachi and Naruto were out in the front against Iwa."

Everyone in the room was somber.

Kakashi Hatake. Someone Naruto considered a brother cried out, "What are we gonna do Hokage-sama. They have to pay".

The Hokage sighed. "I will personally alongside Danzo take charge of the front in Iwa. The treaty with Suna ensures we won't have to worry about the western border for a while. Allowing us to relocate some of our troops".

Jiraiya stepped out of the Shadows "I will personally lead the Assault on lightning country. Naruto Namikaze, Fugaku Uchiha and Kakashi Hatake will be my sub commanders. Be ready to deploy in 2 hours. Time is victory."

The scene changed

This time they were on a semi mountainous region. Rain was falling all around Naruto as he stepped up to the command tent.

"Jonin Namikaze reporting for Duty". He reported in. Jiraiya standing in front of a desk looking at a map " Naruto. Most of our left flank has collapsed. If this assault is to succeed. Take care of the problem." Jiraiya ordered. "Hai" acknowledge Naruto. As he headed out of the tent just before exiting tho. Jiraiya called out to Naruto. Naruto stopped to look at his godfather. The toad sannin. Looked at the kid he viewed as his own grandson "Make it home kid. I don't think either Itachi or myself can take another lost." He told Naruto. "I promised my brother to come him. I don't plan on breaking that promise Grandfather." And he left the tent. But still heard the sannin saying his parents would be proud of him. He headed towards Kakashi's tent. "Kakashi lets go. We got a mission".

The white haired man came out of his tent. "Where too?". He asked as he got his utility belt buckled up.

"Going to saving the Uchiha".

Scene faded.

On a plain Fugaku directed his Soldiers. Only about 100 to the 2.000 Cloud Shinobi. He would defend his position with his life. After all he had kids to come home to. 2 people landed in the middle of his position. Activating his Sharingan he turned to face the newcomers. A 19 year old Kakashi and a 16 year old Naruto.

The man had mad respect for the kid. To take His Sharingan To the level he was at. The kid might not bear the name but he was an Uchiha Through and Through.

Naruto walked up to him "what's the situation" he asked straight to the point."

Fugaku grimaced "were outnumbered 20 to 1. The other attacks where a ploy to draw our attention away. We've been holding so far but a fighting retreat might not look bad right now."

Naruto kneeled and channeled chakra to the storage seals in his wrist.

A Bow fairly plain made out of Chakra conductive metal and arrows made of the same material popped out of said seals. "Time to unveil my new technique." He said. Kakashi looked at him with a blank face "A bow. Really Naruto." He remarked. Naruto took offense. It had been a gift from his girlfriend. Thinking of her he paused for a second. Hiding who he was, was hurting him. But he wouldn't risk his friend. Getting back on track he looked at Kakashi "This bow is just a conduit."

He turned to Fugaku. "Got any kunai launchers left." He asked his fellow jonin "Got all 3 still." Naruto unsealed a sealing scroll. "Load these Kunai into them and launch them at the feet of the enemy. It will make the technique much more effective." Fugaku nodded.

A minute later the Kunai where launched and he began to channel lightning chakra into his hands. Sending the ball of lightning into the air. Clouds began to form. He drew his bow. And aimed at the center of the trap that the Cloud ninja where still moving towards too.

He Channeled lightning Chakra into his arrow. And wind Chakra into the bow.

He steadied his breath. And when the enemy moved into position he loosened his arrow.

"Lightning technique: Indra's Arrow"

The arrow flew true and when it hit a Random unsuspecting Chunin. The technique triggered and a lightning storm fell where the enemy was. And because it wasn't chakra produced lightning but true Ionized clouds having an electrical discharge. No shinobi had a chance. A large portion of the formation was dead. Some dying still. And those still alive where mortally wounded or unable to fight. He dropped down from his position. And moved towards the Center of the field. Another wave of Shinobi appeared from the tree line. This time. With A, the recently named Raikage leading them. "Minato's brat. No wonder. You bastards make Armies Flee." Naruto activated his Mangekyou "You killed my brother."

A looked at him "That was a Shinobi. Not me" Naruto snarled "A shinobi under your command."

A responded "This is war. What else do you expect." Naruto laughed darkly "I was born into war. It is YOU who has no Idea how bad war can get." He gathered Chakra into his left eye. A prepared went he felt the built up of chakra.

"Kamui" Naruto whispered and his form became ethereal. He put away his bow and took out his Gunbai and kama. He looked like a mini madara A noted.

And Naruto ran at the Contingent of Cloud Shinobi. Again no matter how outnumbered he was his Mangekyou allowed him to defeat the army in front of him. He turned towards A. Who just watched as his 500 men and women were slaughtered. "My father once told me he spared you and your brother. I don't know what he saw in you. But i will allow you to leave today. But should we cross paths again. I WILL END YOUR LIFE."

The scene changed again.

This time Naruto was in front of a girl. She looked about the same age as him. She was pissed "YOUR A KONOHA SHINOBI".

She screamed at him throwing a little book at him. Naruto recognized it as a Bingo Book. He opened a marked page and saw His name and picture with a Moniker.

Naruto Namikaze

(Kami no Shinobi)

Son of Minato Namikaze

Mother: unknown suspected to be an Uchiha.

Wanted: Hidden Cloud:2.300.000 alive

2.000.000 dead

Ranking S class


Powerful Lightning affinity

Has been observed to have proficiency in many forms of combat Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, Fuinjutsu, Kenjutsu

Kekkei Genkai: Sharingan

Has been noted to often throw Jutsu from all elemental

natures. Proficiency in each unknown.

Has Large amounts of chakra

Engagement: Flee on sight.

Naruto had to be honest with himself.

He might not know the flying raijin and made small headway on the rasengan. But to earn a flee on sight on his own. And at a young age to boot.

Putting the book down he saw Kurotsuchi in front of him. Crying. He understood. He had his own suspicion for a while. But she was a shinobi of the hidden rock. He took a deep breath "Well?". Kurotsuchi demanded. Naruto stepped forward a bit "You can't act as if you at leas didn't suspect, kuro-chan. We are shinobi. Good ones at that."

He told her. "I know. But the son of the Fourth. You're the spawn of the Murderer." Naruto was taken aback. His father a murderer?. "Pot calling the kettle black. How many Iwa berserkers have killed indiscriminately. How many hasn't your Tsuchikage killed leaving not even a hair to bury." He shot back. Kurotsuchi was incensed.

"Don't talk about grandpa like that."

That did it for Naruto.

His Sharingan spun to life and faster than the eye could see he had Kurotsuchi pressed against a wall Kunai against her throat. "Your the Granddaughter of that Murderer." He Stated. Kurotsuchi knew true fear those moments. Now she knew why the Sharingan was feared everywhere. Those red soulless eyes that peered into her very being. She swallowed up her fear. "Yes." Naruto pressed the kunai further. "Did you know that he signed an order that saw an assassination attempt on the life of a pregnant woman. She was poisoned. To save the baby's life the doctors where force to extract the baby from her womb. She had a 3 year old son who she spent the last moments of her life with… her last gifts to me where my brother and my Sharingan. The assailant was killed by my father so I swore I would get Onoki myself." Kurotsuchi thought she was going to die. And she would have.

But Naruto couldn't do it. He Naruto Namikaze, feared Konoha Jonin who had destroyed an army. Couldn't kill his best friend. Even tho she was the granddaughter of the person he hated the most.

Slowly the Kunai slipped from his hands.

Say what you want, but he was still 16 years old. And a 16 years old shouldn't find it to kill his own best friend.

Crying, drowning on his self hatred. He recalled his mother's last words to him 'Don't drown yourself in the hatred that plagues the Uchiha my son. Or you will lose sight of everything he cared for'

Even tho Kurotsuchi herself had lost her mother to the 4th Hokage. She couldn't hate her friend. Impossible now. No one understood her better

Slowly she hugged him. She understood now. She was feeling love.

Should have been impossible. After all they were supposed to be killing each other. But how could they. Both blood of their respective Kage. Both lost family because of the kage that opposed them. Both fighting for the survival of their village. Both of them sick of the conflict.

Naruto hugged Kurotsuchi back like a lifeline. "I hate this war." He told her. Kurotsuchi smiled. She leaned in and whispered into his ear "I know a way to bring peace." Naruto pulled back and looked into her black eyes "How?!". He asked her she smiled and leaned to kiss his lips. " We become the strongest. Become the kage of our village. Marry, Establish peace. Have children. '' She told him. Naruto closed his eyes and leaned in his kuro. Felt good thinking that. 'If it were that easy' he suddenly thought to himself, he looked at the girl before him. She was a prodigy in her village. But she entered the conflict late. She had barely gotten to jonin. He didn't doubt her strength. One day her Strength would grow to match his.

He thought of the Kyuubi sealed in him… she would match his innate potential minus Kyuubi. "Is this what you want Kurotsuchi". He asked her looking straight in the eye. "That is my Dream Naruto-kun. I will fight to make it a reality". Naruto Smiled and kissed her. "Then I promise you that I will ensure that I will help you achieve your dreams".

Memory end

Inoichi ended the jutsu. He took his notepad and began to write

'Patients name: Naruto Namikaze (Uchiha*)

Memory status: Real. Very Real memory.

Side note: Run memory a few more times

Extra notes.Patient seems to have unknown origins.Parental identity should be impossible.The only person Minato Namikaze married or Had children with was with Kushina Uzumaki.(Summoning is a time space technique. It's possible that Hitomi Uzumaki pulled the patient from another dimension. Perhaps like how the Toads live on a different plane of existence)Blood test should either confirm or deny the results.'

Inoichi sighted.

"Your proving to be interesting hmm."

Inoichi ran through the hand seals and restarted the technique.

This time Another memory, this one more recent made its way to the forefront.


Jiraiya had been pursuing him. For 3 days.

He was sitting in the shoulders of Madara Uchiha. "Tell me grandfather, is this how you felt" he talked to the stone statue of his ancestor.

Jiraiya landed on the head of the First Hokage. "Naruto. Come back to the village. Why are you doing this." Naruto stood up from his position.

"You followed me for no Reason. Return to the village. I won't fight you today."

The 5th Hokage took offense "Are you crazy Naruto. You betrayed Konoha. You are betraying everything your family fought and bleed for. My family. Don't spit on their graves."

The temperature dropped a couple of degrees. "Don't talk about them. Everything im doing is for them. So another war doesn't erupt that swallows up everything. So other kids don't have to be born and raised in the battlefields." Jiraiya looked at him "don't be stupid your more likely to start a war." Naruto looked at his master and godfather.

"Did you know Grandfather. That when i was 10 I met an Iwa Kunoichi during my deployment to kusa. That ever since then we became friends and eventually lovers."

Jiraiya looked at him as he talked. "You know when i found out she was the granddaughter of the Tsuchikage I couldn't kill her." He said softly.

Jiraiya looked at him "Naruto the war is over you could have just be open about your relationship." Naruto chuckled in a way that made jiraiya shivered "You know. That day she made me promise something. We both would have become the kage's of our village. I would have become the Hokage. And She would have become the Tsuchikage. We would have gotten married." He whispered. But Jiraiya heard him. "Back then She was young and Idealistic. She hadn't seen much warfare yet." He laughed Darkly. "I made an empty promise that day. Only when someone is in control can there be peace." Jiraiya's eyes widened. His grandson wanted to conquer the elemental nations "NARUTO THAT'S MADNESS". He shouted. Naruto just looked at him apathetically "You must be a bigger fool than I thought jiraiya. You must be blind to not see it. The Shinobi of Konoha. They resent the Tsuchikage and his demands. They will pass that hatred on to their children. And sooner or later, on their own volatile. Will spark the 4th great ninja war. And win or lose the cycle will start over." He said bitterly. Activating his Newly acquired Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan he looked at jiraiya "I will be the Villain konoha Needs me to be". And swirled away.

The memory faded and another one took its place.

This time Even Inoichi couldn't Ignore the resemblance between Madara Uchiha and the person that Naruto Namikaze was Turning out to be.

In the middle of a Village. The memory showed him Naruto Summoning the Kyuubi. Standing on top of the beast Gunbai and Kama in hand.

On the opposite side stood and older Kurotsuchi

Standing on top of a Lava golem. And on her sides the 4 and 5 tailed beast. He watched the confrontation. Awed at the power shinobi of the Caliber demonstrated to have.

He saw Naruto push his 3 opponents for almost 3 days.

Until he realized Naruto was in some way sick.

He watched as Naruto interacted with the Granddaughter of the Tsuchikage.

He saw him seal the Kyuubi into a baby. Before he handed his Kunai into his ex lover. And took the killing blow.

Inoichi didn't envy him then.

Inoichi spent 2 more hours viewing memories until he came upon the memory that changed his perception on the patient.


Naruto burst through the medical tent

The Hokage's summon had told him of his brother being Mortally wounded.

Naruto didn't hesitate. He Rushed to his brothers side, He couldn't lose his brother. Itachi of the 2 things he still had left. He arrived and immediately knew his brother wouldn't make it through the night. "ITACHI!" he screamed as he rushed to his brothers sight Taking his brothers hand in his own. Itachi was missing 2 legs both blown. Severe burns could be seen through his body. Bruises and cuts covered what wasn't taken or burnt. Itachi opened his eyes. "Im sorry Naruto-nii. I couldn't let them die." Naruto teared up as he reassured his brother "Its ok. Its ok, you did well. Rest Itachi you deserve it."

Itachi coughed. "Naru-nii. Take my eyes. they will return your faded light." Itachi coughed some more. Naruto was going blind from using his Mangekyou. But he wouldn't take his brothers. "Naru-nii… cough… take them… cough. I'm a dead man… cough… And remember… cough. What i told you… cough… Be as potent … the venom of a… cough… cobra." Naruto sobbed. As he held onto his dying brother. "Itachi, im proud of what you become. You become stronger than I ever was." Naruto told Itachi. Itachi smiled "Don't pity me… cough cough… Naruto. Pity the living… cough… ill be looking with pride… cough… as the next… cough… of kin is making… Cough cough… history. "

Naruto nodded. Itachi continue to struggle.

"Call. A Doctor Naruto."

Naruto responded immediately "Doctor. Doctor."

A field med responded kneeling down on the other side of the makeshift bed. "What's wrong?".

The Doctor asked.

And Itachi requested the transfer of eyes.

Naruto was shocked. He knew his brother wanted him to take his eyes. But what could have him in such a hurry. The doctor left to get the preparations done.

Itachi looked at his brother. He relaxed a little. Trying to control his coughing fits.

"Naruto, when the transplant is done. I want you to talk to Fugaku about the Stone Tablet hidden under the Nakara Shrine."

Naruto nodded. The stone tablet must have meant something.

Scene change

Naruto stood His new Mangekyou active.

Reading the Stone tablet his brother had told him about.

He read about the Sharingan and its later stages the Mangekyou and the Eternal Mangekyou. The story of Shinju, a Way to bring peace by casting a Genjutsu unto the moon.

He explained these things to fugaku who was next to him. Fugaku looked at him and said "This would never work. Its doom to fail". Naruto looked at him. "Tell me. If it brings peace.

Would you do it". Fugaku looked at him "You may not bear the name. But your an Uchiha. Sometimes more so than any other." The two fell silent for a moment. "We Uchiha value loyalty against all else. You proved yours when you stepped up to Danzo in our defense. I don't like it but i will follow you". Naruto looked at The older man and said. " I will become the villain konoha needs. I can already see the gathering of the clouds. Peace will not last. I will take the hatred into myself. I, Fugaku we both know im dying. The mixtures of medicine and the chakra inside me slows it down i have a few years at best. If i die can you carry on this for me." Fugaku nodded "I'll protect the Kunoichi too." Naruto bro hugged the man. " Your one of the few that Understand what we have to do."

The memory faded away.

Inoichi wrote down his findings. When Hoshi stepped through. "Have you found anything?" The Doctor asked. Inoichi nodded "Patients Name from what i found is Naruto Namikaze, Born to Minato Namikaze and Mikoto Uchiha.

Has a Powerful stage of the Sharingan Known as the Eternal Mangekyou, and possibly an even more advanced stage but while i saw it in action I didn't see anything that points towards the name of the Dojutsu. Has been sick with some sort of Terminal disease. Grew up fighting in an Extended third ninja war. Born into it from i can gather. Had a relationship with the granddaughter of the third Tsuchikage despite being a Konoha shinobi. Became a missing nin and used the Kyuubi to attack The hidden Rock." Inoichi summarised. Hoshi impressed stated jokingly. "what is he some sort of Mini Madara." Inoichi nodded and added "Some other things I gathered was that he was an orphan who lost his mother when he was a 3 year old and lost his father and stepmother 5 years later. Lost a brother 2 years after to an assassination attempt and lost the other at 17. Before finally deserting the village."

Hoshi whistled. "I don't doubt that he most have some serious issues." Inoichi looked at him "His mental health is only slightly worse than Kakashi. Constant warfare desensitized him to death. He developed a bit of an obsession with finding peace. But his own mortality kept him grounded to reality. How was the medical analysis?"Inoichi asked, hoshi took his Notepad and began "the DNA testing indeed confirms the identity of his parents. He does have traces of toxins in his bloodstream but i was able to take care of that. I found large quantities of medical cocktails which i guess served to buy him time, hope you have an answer to that, his chakra levels were low and showed signs of being in prolonged combat.

Going back to the DNA analysis Minato was part senju so maybe the mixing of Senju and Uchiha blood did something to his dojutsu? Who knows maybe Hokage-sama knows something. Right now we are keeping him sedated."

Inoichi stood up and the two went to report to the Hokage

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