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Naruto Namikaze: Curse of the Sharingan @pwhitestrake
Rage Unleashed - Bloodline revealed

Hey Guys PlasticWolf here. I am extremely sorry for the late update. Things at where I am from are starting to get crazy. For context, I currently live in Hong Kong. Not to mention that the water pipe in my apartment burst open when I was at work the other day, completely drenching my small apartment and frying a few electronics like my wifi. With the threat of eviction and the escalating situation here I barely had any time to write as I had to book a hotel to stay as inspectors and technicians came in and fixed the flat as I go apartment hunting. So shit's hit the fan in my life but I got some good news as my boss gave me permission to work at home. Or rather Hotel. With the landlord backing away from the eviction notice as it was proved that the cause of the accident wasn't due to negligence or by misuse. So yay. Anyway. I should be able to post a couple more chapters within the next five days baring nothing else happens to me.

For those sending pm's to my co-author and me demanding for more content. Your annoyance has been noted but that won't help in our situation. Anyway I hope you enjoy the chapter!

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Rage. Rage was rushing through his veins as he stares at Hidoi. This insect had the gall to hurt his wife? This gnat threatened to torture her in front of him...? How dare he...? How dare he?
The Genjutsu that covers his right eye breaks as he stares down at the downed Kumo Nin.

He shouldn't have played around with the others. If he had been serious from the start, Kurotsuchi wouldn't have gotten hurt nor her father. He could sense where Kitsuchi was and his life was in peril because of him.

'You fool. If you had gone out from the start she wouldn't be in that shape.' As he looks at his wife's dimensional counterpart, his anger rose to untold heights. Deep down he knew this wasn't the Kurotsuchi that he fell in love with... but... she looked exactly like she did when he first laid eyes on her at their reunion... The same face he fell in love... The same lips he shared his first kiss with... The same eyes that looked back at him with warmth and love...

Now? She was trembling in pain... had blood trailing down her mouth... He could hear her whimpering... She was welling up with tears... his wife was hurt... his wife looked scared... his wife was injured... because he was fooling around...

His own voice sounded dark in his head 'You let her get hurt.'

Naruto's hand shake in anger.

A dark orange ethereal rib cage materializes around him.

His Sharingan swirls like a kaleidoscope changing into the form of his Mangekyou Sharingan.

His Rinnegan glows in royal purple, promising vengeance.

The God of Storms advents to the world as clouds of thunder gather above in the dark night.

Naruto was enraged. May God have mercy on your soul... cause the devil will not.

Now - POV: Naruto

The tension in air was thick. The silence was damning. Animals scurried off as soon as they felt the overwhelming blood lust ravaging throughout the forest. The wind surrounding the area died, as if it didn't want any part of what was about to happen. The night sky was covered by thunder clouds that appeared out of nowhere, blanketing the trees in darkness. The only source of light in the immediate area was from a peculiar shaped fire of orange... In the form of a rib cage.

In the ethereal light, stands a man filled with vengeful anger. His black hair floats in the air from the power that was radiating off of him. His eyes shimmer in a royal purple glow and crimson red. A rippled eye with 6 tomoes in his left eye. On his red right eye, 6 tomoe's circling around the pupil with a line going through each on giving an "O" shape with a black 3 star shuriken-like form right in the middle.

Naruto breathed in deeply and out as best he could to try and reign in his temper. A dance filled with rage was no dance at all. Just sloppy carnage that was too barbaric to be considered a fight. With each breath he takes in, instead of the rage diminishing it only increased. Like oxygen fueling fire, every breath seem to aggravate his hatred towards the Kumo nin known as Hidoi. His body felt like it was on fire with his blood practically boiling his body from the inside with his internal heat. Chakra coursed through his body like a sugar high kid who was pumped with adrenaline, looking for whatever exhaust port it could find to escape but found none. Like a sealed off kettle that was on the stove, the pressure was steadily increasing to dangerous levels and it only got worse due to Hidoi's talking.

"As I live and breathe..." he lets out a small cough. "A surviving Uchiha... Looks like that blasted clan wasn't entirely wiped out after all. You can't be much if it only took one of you to decimate you lot. A teenager and a clan heir as a matter of fact if the rumors are true. Chumps is what you are." Hidoi now on his feet faces towards Naruto harboring some sort of delusion that he could take care of the Uchiha member.

"I heard that there were a couple of surviving members left. Family members of the clan head. You must be one of them. If I bring your corpse back I can parley with that musclehead A. Hell, as a bonus, my rep will go through the roof if I can bring back proof of my kill. The Uchiha Slaying Hidoi... now that's a title I can flaunt around with."

Hidoi ingested a pill. Whether it was a numbing pill or a soldier pill, no one knows but whatever it was it seemed ease his pain as he takes on a stance. He unsheathes his tanto and beckons to Naruto. "Well then Uchiha let's get to it. I wanna crave that bitch's body once I'm done with yo-"

Before he could finish a loud boom echoes in the night. Looking at Naruto, Hidoi sees that he has sunken an inch or two into the ground. The dirt with cracks webbing around him. Naruto takes a breat-

'Fuck it... A slaughter it is.'

Naruto flashes out of existence indicating a shunshin was performed as he appears 10ft before Hidoi with his right leg cocked into his chest then shoots out to Hidoi's chest. Reacting accordingly Hidoi raises his arms in a X to guard, blocking most of the damage but his feet digs across the dirt as he skids back a couple of feet. Hidoi moves to pierce Naruto's leg with his blade but finds no purchase as the blade literally phases through the body of Naruto. Confused Hidoi is suddenly hit in the face by Naruto as he phases through Hidoi's body and kicks Hidoi with his left leg with the momentum he has.

Hidoi stumbles forward and rolls forward to re-positions himself. He stands up and let his Lightning Chakra course through his sword hand and swings at Hidoi. Each strike is filled with increasing frustration as Naruto slips and weaves out of the blades way and counter striking whenever Hidoi leaves an opening. An opening that was increasing with every raged fueled swing that missed their target.

"Stay still you motherfucker!" A blade finally lands on something. Not on Naruto's body, not even his armor but on the ethereal rib cage.

His mouth fell open agape. Annoyed at the fact that his habitual battle lust made him less perceptive as usual, an open palm strikes Hidoi's jaw straining when it gets slammed back more than it's used to. A chop strikes the temple then and Naruto executes a spinning kick which knocks Hidoi down to the ground prone. Before Hidoi could lift himself up he feels an impact in his chest knocking the wind out of him. He grimaces in pain as he feels a couple of his ribs crack from the strike. Opening an eye slightly he sees a foot buried an inch deep in his stomach. A flash of fear paralyzes as spots the eyes of his opponent. 2 glowing eyes of red and violet staring down at him in tranquil fury.

"T-The fuck is wrong with your eyes?" An Uchiha's Sharingan was supposed to be red. It was always red. Seeing an unknown color emanating from him, Hidoi slowly begins to worry. He was confident in handling a Sharingan user but an Uchiha with an additional bloodline? He was man enough to admit that that was a scary prospec-

"Any Uchiha worth his blood would have been able to take you down. You're too much of a prideful gnat who deludes himself that he could have a fair fight with one." Naruto says, interrupting the thoughts of his downed opponent.

"The fuck? You can read minds?!" He attempts to once again drive his blade into Naruto's leg but was stopped when a kunai embeds itself into his blade hand releasing his tanto. Hidoi screams. His arm flares up in pain with the numbness slowly encroaching up his arm. 'Shit! It was a poisoned Kunai!'

"Normally I would have fought you with some decorum of honor but... your attitude vexes me. You stalk my group. You attack my charge... and you hurt my wife." His Sharingan activating, he recalls the same technique that was about to be used on Kurotsuchi and cocks back his arms. Elbows above his head ready to launch his newly acquired Lightning Technique.

"Wait! WIFE?!" Hidoi screams out in disbelief at the notion of a Konoha nin and a Iwa nin being married to one another.

"Raiton: Ase Jommyaku... Kono Wari (Lightning Release: Scorched Vein... Vicious Strike)" The creativity of Naruto shines alongside his Ninjutsu as he takes techniques that he's stolen and changing it to suit his needs. The original form of needles transforms into talons shining in intense white energy. "You will not survive this... but I intend to prolong this."

POV Change: Kakashi

Kakashi and the burly Akatsuchi wait at attention, on guard against any enemies that might attack them when suddenly they both hear activity in the tent that housed Suzumebachi. Fearing that someone might have sneaked through their perception they both move to the tent when the figure of Suzumebachi emerges from the tent looking pensive.

Akatsuchi surprised asks if she is who she is, a small sliver of doubt in his mind as this could be a Henge'd form of his teammate.

"Of course it's me you blockhead! I was sleeping until I felt something wrong and woke up... hey where's Kurotsuchi and her dad?"

Akatsuchi nods to Kakashi signalling that this was his teammate and both relax their guard a bit.

"There were some stragglers that were too close for comfort so Kitsuchi-san and his daughter as well as my teammate when out to investigate." Kakashi politely informs her of the current predicament, careful in not letting her feel insecure and lower morale.

A twig snaps in the distance which Kakashi seems to be the only one who noticed it. Shifting his body away from the talking Iwa Genin Kakashi discreetly lifts his headband revealing the eye gifted from his friend and teammate and peers into the darkness.

Moments pass until he sees 2 Chakra silhouettes, one fitting the level of Naruto's wife's dimensional counterpart and a slowly diminishing one. 'Wait diminishing?' Pulling down his headband he redirects his attention to the Iwa genins who were chatting away.

"Do any of you have a medical kit and is proficient with it?"

Surprising both genins the gentle giant Iwa genin responds that Kitsuchi should be carrying a med kit in a scroll. "Kitsuchi-san is the most proficient while I am not so bad. Why do you ask Kakashi-san?" A little bit of trepidation in his voice as this line of questioning meant that someone was possibly injured critically or enough to pay attention.

"2 figures are approaching us both injured. I believe Kitsuchi-san might have sustained immense damage in his fight. Aka-kun get that scroll and prepare to stabilize a friendly. Suzumebachi-kun you feeling ok to possibly guard alongside me?"

Suzumebachi nods. With that both Iwa chunin hopefuls get into position. Akatsuchi reaching into Kitsuchi's backpack and scurrying for the scroll that was labeled "Medicine". Suzumebachi stands behind him watching out for her teammate.

'Impressive, they squabble with each other that to the untrained eye they look like they're a dysfunctional team but when it's time to throw down they have each others back. They call Konoha the village that values teamwork. This guys can shame some of the genins back home experienced or otherwise'. As Kakashi makes a mental note to ask how Kitsuchi trains his group he gets into position. A Kunai in one hand and the other ready to lift up his headband. There were some techniques he wanted to try that Naruto taught him.

"Sound off Aka-kun?"

"Med kit is ready sir. Needle is being warmed up and a blood pack ready in case a transfusion is needed."

"I'm good. Feeling a bit uncomfortable but I can shrug it off for a while."

"Roger. I'll be the main assault while Suzumebachi-kun provides support fire if any slip my reach."


A tense silence ensues for a while until 2 figures walk gingerly towards them.

"We're here Dad. Just hang on a bit longer. Don't fall asleep."


Kurotsuchi's head swerves up surprised seeing her best friend awake.


Kakashi walks up to the both and assists her in carrying her injured father towards to Akatsuchi. The plump boy is shocked in seeing his leader in this state.

"Leader? How did you get injured this badly?"

Slow gasps escape Kitsuchi as he replies. "Careless... Ambush..." As both Kurotsuchi and Kakashi gently lower him in front of Akatsuchi, the boy begins to tend to the man but his hands shake noticing this Kakashi reaffirms the boy's resolve no doubt in shock seeing his leader like this.

In a gentle voice Kakashi places his hand on the doubting boy. "Aka-kun focus. You're no doubt worried because of this but your leader needs you to be calm so you can fix him up. Even veterans like us can be critically injured due to unforeseen circumstances. I've gotten to know you and I am a good judge of character. You're a boy... no. A man who deeply cares for people even strangers who maybe hostile to you. Don't let this fear freeze you. You're a proud Ninja of Iwa are you not? Is this situation going to control you?"

A fire lits up in the eyes of Akatsuchi. With a confident voice he lets out "No sir I am not."

"Will you fix him?"

"I'll try. No. I will fix him." With renewed determination Akatsuchi begins examining his team leader. Muttering to himself he lists out the conditions that are afflicting Kitsuchi. "Blood exiting from his wounds... With the state of the bleeding 3 packs need to be used... Electrolytes to help in his healing... Suzume get me an IV pack there... No visible injury on the trachea... Leader, are you in a state where you can drink fluids somewhat comfortably?"

The paitient nods.

"Good that'll help. Kuro-chan I can stabilize him till we get better medical equipment. Please help Kakashi in guarding the perimeter."

"You got it... You better not die on me old man."

"Not until... your Kage inauguration... you brat" Kitsuchi lets out a prideful smile seeing his team handling the situations like pros.

"Leader, I'm going to stitch you up so that the bleeding can stop. This is gonna hurt a bit since I'm going to need to deep stitch you." Kitsuchi nodding, Akatsuchi begins stitching him up with the patient grunting occasionally from being pierced by a red hot needle.

"Aka-kun, I'll do a summoning. That way I can send a message to the Hokage who can have our hospitals ready to take in a patient once we enter the gates. I have a few healing salves that may help. Will they be necessary?" Kakashi reaches into his pouch and brings out a scroll.

"Yes sir that would help immensely and please send the message." Unsealing the scroll Kakashi passes 4 salves to Akatsuchi who places them on the mat.

After doing so Kakashi foes through the hand seals for the summoning technique. "Kuchiyose: Pakkun! (Summoning: Pakkun!)" Slamming his palms on the ground, the familiar summoning kanji scripts rolls out from where his palms slammed onto the ground. With a puff of smoke, a bulldog in shinobi attire emerges revealing Pakkun. Kakashi's main dog summon.

"Yo Kakashi! What you need me for?" As Pakkun looks around his surrounding he is surprised to see Iwa ninja that weren't engaging him in a fight. In fact they looked like they were working together. That was new to the dog.

"Hey Pakkun. Don't worry they're friendlies. Friendlies in need of medical aid. Can you go to the Hokage and let him know that we need a med team ready to receive one critically injured friendly at the gates? We were ambushed by the Kumo Missing nin. Hokage-sama should know what we're talking about."

Hearing the serious tone of his summoner, Pakkun goes into business mode dispensing his usual aloof demeanor. "You got it. Seeing how I'm quite close I can get there within a couple of hours. When do you think you'll reach Konoha?"

"Hopefully 2 and a half hours or 4 depending when we end combat."

"No problem, well then I'll see myself off."

Just as Pakkun was about to dash towards the hidden village of the leaf, a loud scream penetrates the woods that lasts of a long 10 seconds.

Everyone minus Kakashi became frigid as the guttural scream slowly dissipates.


"Right!" and with that the Shinobi bulldog dashes off to accomplish his mission.

Looking back to the genin he lifts his headband and casts a genjutsu through Obito's eye to send a calming effect to the genins. 2 stare back in awe while the other one freezes up again as Kurotsuchi has now seen 2 Sharingans in one night.

"You all are my charges right now. The Hokage has ordered my teammate and I to protect you on your journey to Konoha. By my word and honor, I will fight with everything I have to keep you all safe." The confident promises that Kakashi makes calms their nerves greatly as they realize that now, Kakashi of the Sharingan was going to protect them.

Akatsuchi continues stitching his leader while Suzumebachi's stance takes a more confident form. Kurotsuchi realized that they were under the effects of a genjutsu but seeing how it was used to further calm their chaotic state of mind she begrudgingly stays quiet and guards over her teammates that are aiding her father.

"Hostiles incoming. Everyone take your position."

Kurotsuchi and Suzumebachi grip onto their kunai whilst Akatsuchi continues in patching up Kitsuchi. Kitsuchi not wanting his students showing him up pulls out several shurikens now that the feeling returns to his arm. Ordering Kitsuchi to sit him up, he now sits still with a batch of shurikens and kunais on the ground next to him. Kakashi's Sharingan spins as he counts down the seconds when the hostiles reach their location.

"5...4...3...2...1... Now!" Kakashi flings his kunai towards a shadowed part of the forest where the light of the fire did not reach. Kitsuchi follows suit, picks up 2 shurikens and throws it at the same location Kakashi threw his projectile.

The shurikens and kunai hit something as a grunt is heard from the direction they were thrown at. Crashing to the ground was a Kumo missing nin that was already injured from the clash with Naruto. Another lands, crouching next to his friend.

Immediately, Kakashi rushes forward to engage with the crouching enemy in melee combat. The kumo nin jumps away trying to lead Kakashi away from his injured friend on the ground. Kakashi dismissing the downed kumo nin, assuming that the Iwa team could easily handle it and chases the uninjured nin. They land 15ft away from the downed shinobi and engage in a fist fight. Kakashi had a battlefield advantage due to the Sharingan telegraphing his opponents moves. Dodging away from blows that would have injured him and retaliating with a stab when his opponent over reaches with his attacks.

The females of the Iwa team concentrate on the opponent the silver haired Konoha jonin was engaging in while Kitsuchi puts his attention on the downed Kumo nin... who was slowly rising up.

"Adamatine... Injured enemy 11'o clock is rising. Standby to engage."

The girls divert their attention to the figure that was slowly getting up seeing the crazed look in his eyes. With an adrenaline fueled strike he lets out a battle cry as he blazes through a series of hand seals. "Raiton! Dengekiwashi! (Lightning release! Electrical Eagle!). Cupping his hands together with his palms facing towards them, a lightning construct of an eagle is formed and flies true towards Kitsuchi.

"Doton: Doryukabe! (Earth Release: Earth Dragon Wall!) With her hands ending in a boar seal. Kurotsuchi sends chakra down her feet, erecting a wall of stone and gravel from the natural elements around her in the shape of a dragon blocking the lightning technique. Suzumebachi throws half a dozen of exploding at their enemy primed to explode just as they reach him.

Kurotsuchi shifting from her boar hand seal she adds two others; a dragon then a snake seal allowing her to take control of her earth serpentine construct making it encase them in a protective dome to shield themselves from the blast back from the explosion. As the dragon quickly covers them, the Iwa team hear several muffled booms then a scream as it quietens down.

"Jaroi!" The remaining hostile screams out in horror as he sees his team mates eviscerated from the explosion causing him to be distracted which cost him his life.

"Raikiri!" The signature attack pierces through the rib cage of the distracted Kumo nin and Kakashi's arm exits fully behind his opponent. The Kumo struggles a bit coughing out blood before his eyes dull then goes limp. Pulling his arm out sharply Kakashi shakes of the blood that was now soaking on it. "Clear!"

Couple of seconds later, the earth dragon dome slowly shifts into the earth revealing the Iwa team in relatively good health. Tying a knot, Akatsuchi finishes his stitching then head over to the mat and grab a fluid packs. Passing an electrolyte pack for his teacher to consume he waits for Kakashi's signal to let them know the coast is clear and that they were out of combat.

The Iwa genins looks at each other smiling, immensely happy that they were able to defend against their first hostile unit. The celebration came to an end until all members in the camp stagger when a tidal wave of chakra hits them. Suzumebachi and Akatsuchi stumble to the ground with Kitsuchi holding onto his knitted up wound. Kurotsuchi, seemingly enough, was able to withstand the blast. To others it only looked like it inconvenienced her which weirded her out a bit. Kakashi was forced to take a step back but otherwise looked ok.

"What the hell was that?" Suzumebachi asked, she places her hand on her stomach and slowly releases some chakra to ease her menstrual pain somewhat."

"That would be my partner. It seems his wrapped on his end." Kakashi pulls down his headband to cover his transplanted eye. While he had been training with Naruto, not all of the rust in him broke off.

Kitsuchi felt an incoming chakra signature and was about to force himself to stand possibly reopening some wounds till Kakashi told him to stand down.

"It's him."

A vortex swirls into existence and a figure clad in an orange aura slowly steps out. Kitsuchi freezes up as he looks at Naruto.

Kakashi wonders why Kitsuchi would have such a reaction till he sees what the Iwa Jonin was staring at. His teammates eyes. 'Ah crap... welp the cat's out of the bag now. Better now then later.' Walking towards the group Kakashi's right eye shuts and curves giving the impression of a smile. "Well I guess I should reintroduce my friend. His name is Namikaze Naruto. Tokujonin of Konoha... and also the love child of a Uchiha member with the Lord Fourth... Surprise."

As if the world was mocking them, the sound of crickets chirp in the night.

"You have got to be fucking with me."

Not gonna lie, my eyes were starting to fall asleep near the end so there maybe some spelling or grammar mistakes that I will fix once I wake up tomorrow. Anyway see you soon!

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