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Naruto Namikaze: Curse of the Sharingan @pwhitestrake
Ambush from cloud

Hey everyone, PlasticWolf here. This chapter was originally was supposed to be much more longer but I cut it in half because the lead up to the exams was a bit "lackluster-ing". So I decided to post this first while I tune up the other half. Anyway, expect it to be released within 2-3 days depending on how my work schedule is. Anyway enjoy the chapter!

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Everything in the forest turned silent. Nothing happened for a couple of seconds until the sound of air being ripped apart was heard. Where the kunai landed a figure appeared in a flash. Staring at Kurotsuchi and her team was a figure clad in burnt orange armor that was reminicent of the Senju and Uchiha armies back during the Warring States Era. Black shirt. Black pants covered by Leg plates. Black Steel boots. Black Hair. Black eyes. If Minato was called the Yellow Flash... then his son is the Kuroi Senkou - The Black Flash.

Team Kitsuchi trembled at the power they could feel radiating from him. Akatsuchi and Suzumebachi's legs were shaking, the cold stare from the teleported liaison frayed their nerves tremendously. Kitsuchi swallowed the lump in his throat. He was known in Iwagakure as being level headed even in the most tense situations but this situation was threatening that quality of his.

Kurotsuchi froze, the words she had been practicing stayed in her mouth too scared to come out. She flinched a bit when his attention shifted to her. 'Why is he paying so much attention to me? Does he already know that I'm the granddaughter of the Tsuchikage?'

As questions and questions formed in her mind she stared into his eyes with all the strength she could muster not aware what the other person was thinking about.

'I don't care who you are! I'm not backing down without a fight. Let's what you can do Black Flash! The Daughter of Dust is here!' Kurotsuchi stares defiantly into the coal black eyes of Namikaze Naruto's.

Pov Change: Naruto

'Nawww~ she's looking at me the same way she did back at my dimension. Maybe there's hope afterall!' thought Naruto who was completely oblivious to the atmosphere surrounding him.


Team Kitsuchi stood frozen as the cold winds seemed to burrow deep into their bones. Suzumebachi and Akatsuchi closed their eyes and prayed to their personal deities. Kurotsuchi and her father were tense. Eyeing their liaisons, worrying that this was a trap. Kakashi looked disinterested but on closer inspection he looked ready for a confrontation. He could tell the situation could go from bad to worse if someone misinterpreted a signal. Why on Kami's green earth did he agree in letting Naruto appear via Hiraishin?

Naruto on the other hand looked indifferent as usual. He could sense Kakashi was a bit nervous because of the Iwa team who were also nervous which made Kakashi even more nervous which made the Iwa grou-

Never mind. You get the point. Basically because of paranoia, they were making each other nervous as well. Seeing how the situation was going nowhere he leaped down to where the group was.

His knees bent as he landed, he slowly rose up as he stares directly at Kitsuchi. "Kamizuri Kitsuchi?"

Gulping down the lump in his throat he nods and responds "That's correct."

"I apologize for making you wait. I had to make a detour to collect a scroll. My name is Namikaze Naruto, it is nice to meet you" Naruto's hand reached out in front of him waiting for a handshake.

"It's no problem. Kamizuru Kitsuchi. Leader of Team Adamantine." Kitsuchi grabs hold of Naruto's then they both give a firm handshake.

Seeing how there didn't seem to be any problems, the Iwa team now revealed to be Team Adamantine lowered their guard a bit. Everyone gave a brief introduction of themselves. Naruto explained that Kakashi would lead the group while he himself will hang back, looking over the group in case of an ambush. There had been reports of a small group of missing ninjas from Kumo roaming about the area raiding merchants and pillaging small villages. There was a bounty issued for their arrest/death personally issued from the Fire Daimyo due to the missing nins ambushing the caravan that held a massive amount of precious stones the Daimyo had purchased from an auction.

The 3rd Hokage gave them the B rank mission scroll but made it a second priority. Meaning that if they were to encounter the missing ninjas they were to engage but not to pursue if the missing nin's were retreating. The first priority was to make sure the Iwa delegates were unharmed and safe.

Seeing a chance to make a favorable impression to Naruto, Kitsuchi offered that he and his students will be willing to assist the Jonin Konoha duo if they were to come across the Cloud Missing Ninjas. To which Kakashi graciously accepted promising them that some of the pay will be given to Team Adamantine if they do participate. Akatsuchi being the kind lad he was, politely declined. Stating just making sure no further innocents being harmed is payment was enough. Which gave him a few points to Kakashi and Naruto.

Kurotsuchi would decline for different reasons. A combination out of pride and legality. Pride as a Kunoichi simply doing her job and for the legal issue that they did not receive a mission scroll so had no claim to the completion reward. Suzumebachi and Kitsuchi just offered their thanks.

Team Adamantine take up a diamond formation with Kitsuchi at the front. Suzumebachi and Akatsuchi at the sides, left and right respectively and Kurotsuchi at the back. Kakashi will be in front of Kitsuchi while Naruto will be behind Kurotsuchi. With this formation, they journeyed to Konoha. The group traveled at an impressive pace that was unsuited for Genin's and only rested for 10 minutes before continuing. Kakashi and Naruto send a look to each other confirming what the other was thinking. 'They are extremely strong for Genin. Either they are a Chunin/Jonin plant or they were extremely talented kids. It's most likely the latter'.

The first 2 days passed without incident, Naruto went foraging for near-by wildlife for meat and edible plants. Kakashi would attempt to strike a conversation with Team Adamantine but only Kitsuchi was responding. The Genin were either too nervous or just didn't want to talk although, they did stare at Naruto a lot. Kurotsuchi the most. Things didn't heat up until the night of the 3rd day. Where they encountered the missing nin's from Kumo...

POV: Kurotsuchi

On the 3rd night, Kurotsuchi sat near near by the camp fire and stared into the blaze flickering within the night. By late afternoon tomorrow, her group would reach Konoha. While she was excited for the exams she kept thinking about something that troubled her.

Ever since that Namikaze character literally barged into her life she couldn't stop thinking about him. Suzumebachi, her best friend, kept on teasing her that she had a crush on him. Suzumebachi would have continued on with her teasing until she saw the look Kurotsuchi gave her. She apologized. Teasing one another was a common occurrence between the 2 Kunoichi's but to joke about being having relation with a non-allied village ninja, who furthermore is the direct descendant of one of Iwa's enemies? It was insensitive to the ones who have fallen in battle against the Yellow Flash.

No. She was not thinking about Namikaze because she had a crush on him. She wouldn't lie though, he was quite the looker. In another life time where they were from villages that hated each other, she could have seen herself having a relationship with the man. No, the reason why he was on her mind was because Kurotsuchi was analyzing everything revealed about him.

1) He was able to teleport right above their location; the exact spot where the Sharingan Kakashi threw a Kunai. No Iwa ninja had to guess what kind of kunai it was. Which meant he knew of the Hiraishin technique that plagued the nightmares of several Third Shinobi War veterans back home. That wasn't good.

2) While they were travelling she would gander a look to everyone who was resting. By the 5th rest, she could see that her teammates and herself were the ones who got exhausted first. No duh but no can deny that it was damn good for mere Genin to able to go at those speeds and not taking more than 10-15 minutes to catch their breath then return to jumping from tree to tree. By the 8th rest, Sharingan Kakashi and even her father were making audible sounds of deep breaths while they were jumping. Namikaze on the other hand looked cool as rain. Barely any sweat, breathing was relaxed and what was most troubling was the fact that he looked extremely bored from the monotonous activity that was jumping from branch to branch. While everyone would be setting up camp, he would be the one who hunted their food, prepared it, cook then take watch for the entire night. This gave her the impression that he had A LOT of energy within him. She didn't need to be a sensor to tell that he had an immense reserve of Chakra.

3) He was exceedingly secretive, hiding things about himself. There were reports about him carrying weapons when he was spotted at Wave. Yet here, he was bare handed. If it was sealed up and out of sight, where was the scroll that housd the gear? He could have left it back at his home but to bring his weapons on a C Rank mission but not to an A rank? That was odd. Additionally, whenever he did something he was always out of view or in a position where none of her team members could get a proper eye on him. Yesterday night when he hunted, her group couldn't tell how he had killed a bear and a wild hog as there were no obvious signs of a killing blow. The animals looked like it died in it's sleep which was again odd. That night Kurotsuchi excused herself in her usual blunt manner.

"I need to take a piss". That got a reaction from the Silver haired Jonin who had done a spit take of tea through his mask. Her father looked embarrassed at her bluntness while Akatsuchi was embarrassed because "a lady shouldn't talk like that". Suzu just giggled at their reactions. Namikaze on the other hand just nodded and continued skinning the hog. His reaction was the strangest cause it felt like... He was used to it?

Anyway, she would try to scout the area where Namikaze had confronted the animals. At first glance there was nothing. No marks of battle, no signs of struggle from the slain beasts but on a closer inspection she could sense chakra in the ground indicating that Namikaze had used a Earth Release Technique and from the way the ground looked...

"The Yellow Flash's brat has an Earth Release affinity?" That got her confused. The Fourth Hokage was reported to have a wind release so for his son to have Earth it would have to mean that the elemental affinity was from his mother's side.

When she got to the camp she saw that both Akatsuchi and Suzumebachi were asking him questions. Curiously, he responded positively to the boy but was indifferent to her best friend. When she asked them both what questions they asked and why, a metaphoric cold hand grasps at her spine when she heard their replies.

Akatsuchi was genuinely trying to get to know him and see if they can be friends. He had small hopes that perhaps with their friendship, they can begin to cease the hostilities between the 2 villages. An immensely small chance but it was on brand for the gentle giant.

Suzumebachi on the other hand was prying for information about his abilities and was trying to ascertain what sort of weakness he could have. "What's your favourite element? What's your diet like? What would you do when "Example" happens?" Naturally, Suzumebachi wasn't as blunt as that but her questions basically radiated the same energy.

Namikaze was accepting of Akatsuchi while he pretty much ignored Suzu...

4) He could sense a person's intentions... This wasn't some out of the blue fact that formed in her mind. She had an inkling of a suspicion if Namikaze did indeed possess the Shinobi "6th Sense". The first hint was when they met. Everyone was tense, fingers were twitching to reach the kunai in their pouch but Namikaze made the first moved and introduced himself while shaking her father's hand. Whenever it looked like Akatsuchi or Suzu were struggling to keep up it was always Namikaze who told everyone to take a break. Even today while they all moved, he sensed that Suzumebachi was in pain so he told everyone that since they had time, they would just leisurely walk towards Konoha. Just as they set up camp and Namikaze had gone off to hunt for dinner, Suzu confessed that her period was today with her cramps being a lot more painful than usual. The pain reliever medicine she had taken in the morning wasn't enough and so was thankful when Namikaze requested they take a leisurely stroll.

Right now: Akatsuchi was reheating the left over meats and rice from yesterday. Hatake picked some leaves up in the trees and washed them with a small water technique. Thankfully the water wasn't coming from his mouth but from moisture in the air. Giving the leaves to Akatsuchi he would portion the left over food out to everyone while he gave Suzu the most amount of food as she needed to take her medicine soon. Everyone didn't mind as Namikaze went out to hunt. Suzu had already eaten and was already sleeping in her tent. Relaxed and knocked out cold from the double dose of medicine she had taken. Akatsuchi and her were sitting by the fire while her father and Hatake were out of ear shot distance and were talking to each other.

"I wonder what is taking Namikaze-san so long?" Akatsuchi asked her.

"I don't know. One would assume that he should be here already if not earlier since this is near Konoha."

Nodding to that Akatsuchi stayed silent whilst fiddling with the fire. Poking the wood that fueled the warm light or adding more of it. Kurotsuchi being the impatient one lets out an annoyed sigh, stands up and walks to her father.

"Hey Kurotsuchi? Where're you going?"

"I'm gonna ask Dad if he can spar with me. I'm bored out of my mind."

As Kurotsuchi walks towards her father she noticed that there was a hard look to his face. As if he was worried about something.

She hears her father ask a question that freezes the kunoichi's in her tracks.

"You think they will strike tonight?"

"Most likely. My teammate was able to sense them following us from yesterday afternoon. He's currently baiting a couple of them away from us. We're hoping the rest go after him rather going against us seeing how we are a group of 5 while he's by himself."

"Hopefully they take the bait but why now? and why this close to Konoha? It doesn't make sense."

"We're just as in the dark as you. My guess is that they are desperate for supplies as the merchants here are wising up and hiring Chunin or Jonin escorts instead of Genin. Naruto's guess is that they are either after him or they want to cause some trouble between the two of us resulting in an international incident making the hostilities worse between our 2 villages."

"That is indeed a troubling theory... But why would they try to cause an incident?"

"Well... call him crazy but Naruto thinks that Kumo doesn't have any missing nins."


"My thoughts exactly. He said he heard a rumor that Kumo would only pretend to have missing nins so that they can give them potentially disastrous mission orders that had horrible political consequences and have plausible deniability if those missing nins fail. I have no idea where he got that from but even I find a small part of myself believing it... Cause that would be pretty clever of Kumo and they do have the least amount of Missing Ninja's between the 5 Great villages."

Hearing nonsense about Kumo, Kurotsuchi was about to make herself known to the two.

"Daughter of mine, please try not to shout. I don't want Akatsuchi panicking and Suzu's sleep disrupted. She had a long day today."

The 2 Jonins turned their heads towards her. Kitsuchi still having that hard look on his face while Hatake Kakashi had a serious gleam in his only visible eye.

"So then what do we do dad?"

"On missions you'll call me Sensei or sir. I already get crap from my friends shouting the word "nepotism" since getting you. I don't want you giving them ideas."

"Hey. You were the one who called me "Daughter of Mine" so I thought I could be daddy's little girl for a while" A natural cocky smirk forms on Kurotsuchi's face.

"Cheeky little brat." Chuckling for a bit Kitsuchi's head makes a shrugging motion that indicated to Kurotsuchi to come closer.

"So what's the plan?" she asks. Kakashi was the one to answer.

"From the level in skill present in our would-be attackers, they are most likely the Kumo Missing ninja's we mentioned earlier. Our intelligence officer's were able to report that this group of Kumo missing nins is 4 man cell consisting of 2 Jonin ranks and 2 Chunins. Right now we are being spied upon by one of them. There was another with him earlier but after Naruto moved away he followed him. We're hoping we can continuing convincing the one looking at us that we haven't noticed him until Naruto sends a signal."

Taking over her father says. "He'll send a clone that will give a pass phrase that both Naruto-san and Kakashi-san knows or most likely cause an explosion." At that Kakashi's eyes gain a distant look and they could hear him muttering "crimes against nature". Kitsuchi and his daughter sweat drops.

"Okay... what about the other two? We're just gonna leave them in the dark?" Kurotsuchi felt uncomfortable leaving her best friend and her teammate unaware of the dangers around them. Her father replied that with Suzumebachi suffering from cramps she'll unfortunately be a liability. Plus she was out cold from her medicine. Akatsuchi is more defensively orientated in combat so he can stay behind and take care of the Suzumebachi. Before they can continue in making plans, a loud explosion makes it's presence known down a few dozen meters away from them.

"Ah it seems like Naruto just sent his signal. Kitsuchi-san, 45 degrees to your south east"

"Thank you." Kitsuchi immediately turns around and flings a couple of kunai's to the direction he was told about. Off in the trees 2 sparks light up briefly in the night as a male figure lands a few meters away from the camp fire and was far enough from Akatsuchi. The male was wearing a flak vest that was beige white in color that only had one shoulder strap on it's left side and a loose metal grey outfit with open toe sandals. On his head was a forehead protector that had the symbol of Kumo with a single line striking through it.

"Tsh. I told them we should have attacked after that guy left but noooo we should retreat then gang up on him. Morons."
With the campfire providing light Kurotsuchi can see that her enemy was an average looking person with pale blonde hair that was styled like it was bed hair. Dim blue eyes that had bags underneath them and sickly pale complexion. He was quite thin for a Shinobi.

Akatsuchi slowly makes his way to Suzumebachi's tent while Kakashi engaged the enemy in dialogue.

"Good Evening~ If it isn't too much trouble, can you tell us why you decided to attack us? From my attire you can tell I'm from Konoha and seeing that we are actually quite close to my village, I'm curious as to what made you be so bold... and moronic" Kurotsuchi sees Kakashi taunting the Kumo missing nin while he was slowly made his way to Akatsuchi who was currently in a defensive stance.

"It's not any of ya business's." He says as he pulls a kunai from his pouch. With his finger in the hole at the end of the handle, the Kumo nin keeps swinging it in a horizontal circular manner before gripping the kunai in reverse. He then dashes off, his kunai aiming at Akatsuchi.

"Doton: Doryuheki! (Earth Release: Earth wall!)" As Akatsuchi shouts as he finishes going through the hand seals, he slams his palms on the floor resulting in a wall of stone erupting from the ground protecting him. Seeing how her team mate was able to protect himself Kurotsuchi goes through her hand seals slowly while Kakashi dashed forward to engage in a kunai combat. She turns around to see her father guarding Suzu's tent, nodding at him she returns her gaze to the enemy.

Kakashi and the Kumo nin block each other's blows with their kunai's, not giving the other some breathing space. Kakashi would deliver an odd kick during his combos but after the second time the enemy now expects it and increases his guard.

"Oi Konoha-san! Duck! Doton: Danrengan no Jutsu! (Earth Release: Rock Bullet Barrage Technique!)" As Kurotsuchi's hands end in the Snake seal, she takes a deep breath and spits out a multitude of rock pellets before breathing in again and spits out even more pellets. Repeating this action 3 more times. The stone pellets cut through the air as Kakashi crouches down on all fours resulting in the enemy nin looking surprised as he sees sharp stone projectiles flying towards his face. 2 pellets hit him in the eyes, 1 pierces itself into the cheek, 1 nicks a bit of his left ear off and several give him small cuts to his exposed face. In response he brings up his arms in a x pose futilely defending himself as rocks as sharp as knives penetrate into his arms and chest. He closes his eyes in pain, he's hurt but he can still continue. "I'M GONNA RIP YOUR FU-" the sound of a thousand chirping birds interrupts him.

"Chidori! (Thousand Birds!)"

A wet spletch is immediately heard after. Kurotsuchi sees that Kakashi's hand has gone straight through the enemy nin's neck. A weird light show of blue can be seen behind the enemy nin's body as the infamous sound of Sharingan Kakashi's Assassination Technique sings proudly at it's kill.

"Uhh... is the fighting done?" The muffled voice of Akatsuchi asks through the stone wall.

"Yeah but... You might not wanna lower that wall till clean up." She replies back.

"Huh? Oh... Ohhhhhhh." Akatsuchi replies dumbly.

Kurotsuchi heads to Suzu's tent to check up on her best friend only to smile as she sees her friend snoring away without a care in the world. Chuckling she lets go of the tent flaps and heads towards where Kakashi was. He was sealing up the body so he can collect the bounty later. As he finishes up, he rolls up the scroll and tosses it to Kurotsuchi. "Thanks for the assist."

Catching the scroll, Kurotsuchi's eyebrow goes up. "Not that it matters but why are you handing me the scroll?"

"Well seeing as how it was your move that gave me the chance to deliver the killing blow I reckon the bounty should go to you." His eye closes giving the impression of a smile. "Besides it might give you some good rapport with the Fire Daimyo."

"Good rapport? You serious?" As Kurotsuchi was about to toss the scroll back to Kakashi, her father announces that Naruto has still not arrived and is most likely engaging with multiple hostiles. He asks if it's alright if he and his daughter head out into the forest to try and rendezvous with him and provide back up. To which Kakashi agrees and in addition, offers to stay back in the camp with Akatsuchi to guard Suzumebachi.

As the father and daughter duo head off into the forest, they follow the foot tracks Namikaze made. Kitsuchi holds onto a piece of wood that was on fire allowing Kurotsuchi to investigate the surrounding area. As they follow the tracks deeper into the foods, the sound of metal clashing can be heard echoing around duo. Putting out the fire, Kitsuchi then blitz through seals in a certain combination.

"Doton: Hankyo Tanchiki no Jutsu: Oku (Earth Release: Echo radar technique: Send)" Kitsuchi gently places his hands on the ground and sends a pulse throughout the forest. After sending several pulses out, he lies down with his right ear stuck onto the ground and closes his eyes. "Hankyo Tanchiki no Jutsu:Tori (Earth Release: Echo radar technique:Retrieve)".

Kurotsuchi awaits her father's instructions. The technique he had just casted is a two staged maneuver. Stage one is where the user sends out near invisible vibration waves throughout the ground to detect where a certain object or target was. Stage 2 is emitting a chakra pulse which reverses the waves back to the caster. The waves get absorbed and the user has a map of sorts of the surrounding area with the information varying from bareful useful to outright pointless. With a skilled ninja like Kitsuchi, he's able to detect where his allies and enemies are within a 52 meter radius. So Kurotsuchi stays still allow her father to pinpoint the location of Namikaze and the enemies.

"Naruto-san is... 43 meters south west from us and is engaging against 1 no... 2 enemies. Of those 2, 1 is in melee combat with Naruto-san. The other seems to be resting and is 2 meters away and... south east from their position... We can flank him from the sides and see if Naruto-san needs our help". Opening his eyes, he looks at Kurotsuchi who nods at the order. They make their way to the 2nd ninja who was resting, Kurotsuchi and her father stop just 4 meters away and above in the trees of the ninja directly looking down at a missing ninja who was currently sitting down and holding onto the left side of his torso. He was bleeding and with the light of the full moon, they both could see that his complexion was near pale blue.

'So he has been bleeding for a while.' Kurotsuchi goes through her pouch to retrieve a knock out gas pellet, she looks at her dad waiting for his signal to throw it. She saw that her father was about to send it until he froze, his eyes widen and he flings himself onto her just as several shurikens deeply embed themselves into Kitsuchi's back, shielding her from an attack.

As they both fall off the branches, Kurotsuchi activates her Earth Release: Stone Skin Technique to attempt to absorb most of the damage for when they hit the ground. She positions her father so that he didn't land on his back that was filled with shurikens. Making a small crater, the two land somewhat safely. Kurotsuchi was able to shrug off the dizziness from crash landing to see her father was bleeding.

"Damn it dad... why did you shield me... I can take care of myself" wiping the tears that were threatening to fall she was about to try and patch up her father until she heard a patronizing "awwww" above her.

Looking up to the branches she saw a bandanna wearing peach skinned Kumo nin that had a strike through its forehead protector. He was wearing the standard Kumo nin outfit although it had looked worn out and the colors were rusting. A senbon in his lips he lets out an amused laugh.

"Wait... I know you... It's been a long time hasn't it Kitsuchi... Wow! I never expected you to be here! This day keeps getting better and better! First we get a tip that the Fourth Hokage's brat was coming through then you show up! Oh who is this?" A mock gasp exits his mouth. "My my my. Is that your daughter I see? You looks quite... Ravishing"

"You *coughcough stay... away from *Coughcough my daughter... Hidoi!" Kitsuchi stands up legs shaking with his arm out to shield Kurotsuchi.

"Dad, you know this guy?"

In pained whispers Kitsuchi replies "Unfortunately so. This SOB is a real nasty piece of work. He's a massive sadist that enjoys inflicting pain onto to others whether they were enemies or bystanders...*coughcough I even heard he would torture his teammates if they weren't up to his standards... He was so cruel to the point he was excommunicated from Kumo for things you are too young to know about."

"Tch I never understood Kumo. It's okay to kidnap children from other villages but when I torture a political person to the point of insanity it's a big nono. Hypocritical bunch of asswipes is what they are." Hidoi stares at Kurotsuchi a bit longer then the hungry eyes of a predator form on his face. "You know... You're quite good looking now that I got a better look of ya... Why don't ya come with me and I'll give you the night of your life, making you scream my name and maybe... maybe I'll let your father live."

"Please, a guy like you?" Kurotsuchi assumes a defensive stance; her hands in a boxer's stance with her right hand reverse gripping a kunai. "You are definitely overcompensating if your personality means anything. Sorry but I prefer a man who know what's he doing." He might have made Kurotsuchi a bit uncomfortable at the beginning but that didn't mean she won't have fun tearing his ass apart. Hidoi face twists in anger from the insult and before he can lunge at her.

"Yoton: Kaisekibakusho! (Lava Release: Ash Stone Blast Burn!)" Kurotsuchi exhales out a black smoke that quickly surrounds Hidoi and just as the smoke envelopes him she grabs her dad jumps away from there. Just in time as Hidoi just stumbles out of the smoke coughing. As Kurotsuchi lands she throws a kunai not at Hidoi but at the smoke right behind him.

"Lava release!?" Hidoi opens his eyes to see Kurotsuchi miss him by a couple of inches. He was about to mock her aim when he sees the exploding tag at the end of the Kunai. Turning around he sees the tag explode resulting in a chain reaction, which using the ash cloud as a boost, creates a massive explosion that was much more bigger than what a regular exploding tag normally would have let out. Positioning her father where he was kept out of sight, she jumps down to the floor as she goes through hand seals ending in the ram seal. "Katon: Kaen Senpu! (Fire release: Flame Whirlwind!)." Her left hand stays in a half ram seal as her right arm slowly twirls in a circle in front of her. She quickens her pace. An "O" shaped thin circle of fire is formed. Her right hand stops twirling, then opening her palm, strikes at the empty spot of the "O" ring which lets out a vortex ball of fire.

"YOU LITTLE BI-" Without giving Hidoi any sort of rest, Kurotsuchi's fire technique slams into his body burning off the white flak jacket of Kumo and bits of his shirt giving him 3rd degree burn marks across his upper body. However Hidoi isn't done of the count, like the Jonin he is he musters all his anger and hate in sustaining himself so he fight. Kurotsuchi was unable to retreat in time as Hidoi rapidly goes through hand seals ending in the dragon seal.

"RAITON: JIBASHI! (Lightning Release: Electro-Magnetic Murder!) A thick stream of lightning surges out from Hidoi's hands shocking Kurotsuchi. The pain from the electricity was enough for her to black out for a second which was mistake as Hidoi is now right in front her. He unleashes a flurry of blows on he body as she flies through several trees before making a dent in a large oak tree. Her eyes shut and she coughs out some blood. As she weakly opens her eyes she sees Hidoi was slowly approaching her like a specter of death.

"I'M GONNA SHOVE LIGHTNING THROUGH YOUR CHEST! UNTIL YOU FUCKING SPAZ OUT! WHILE I STRANGLE YOU! YOU FUCKING BITCH! RAITON: ASE JOMMYAKU! (Lightning Release: Scorched Vein)" Hidoi's fingernails turn into needle like protrusions made of electricity as he slowly raises his hands in the air to gather momentum to pierce the chest of Kurotsuchi. "I'm gonna behead your fucking head and show it to your dear old daddy... BEFORE I RIP HIS SPINE OUT."

'God damn it... Don't tell me this is how I die...' Kurotsuchi winces in pain just as she was about to replace her body with a nearby log.

"Interesting technique, I hope you don't mind if I take it."

As both Hidoi and Kurotsuchi look to where the source of the voice was, Hidoi gets blown away by a powerful gust of wind.

"Motherfu-" A large boom is heard as Hidoi is embedded into another Oak tree nearby. Both ninjas looks to see an intimidating figure in the darkness and freeze in horror as the stranger in the dark stares at them... with 2 glowing red eyes... of the Sharingan...

"W-what?!" Shocked in seeing the fabled dojutsu of the Uchiha clan Kurotsuchi panics. Struggling to push herself out of the tree where she was embedded in as the only live Uchiha member, the Kin Slayer Itachi, was here. She ignores the sore pain that her back was currently in as she tries to face off Konoha's most infamous missing nin it has ever produ-

"Give me a second with him, I'm still unsatisfied at the dance the other 2 gave me."

As the cloud that hid the moon finally floats away, the moonlight shines onto their location and giving Kurotsuchi a clear face of the Uchiha mem...ber... Eyes widening in horror, her mouth drops as she sees clearly the face of the person in front of her.

She looks at her 'rescuer' and her mind tried to convince itself that this was a nightmare.


Namikaze Naruto had Uchiha blood running through his veins. Oh dear god. This was the worst outcome of their mission.

POV Change: Naruto

Rage. Rage was rushing through his veins as he stares at Hidoi. This insect had the gall to hurt his wife? This gnat threatened to torture her in front of him...? How dare he...? How dare he?
The Genjutsu that covers his right eye breaks as he stares down at the downed Kumo Nin.

He shouldn't have played around with the others. If he had been serious from the start, Kurotsuchi wouldn't have gotten hurt nor her father. He could sense where Kitsuchi was and his life was in peril because of him.

'You fool. If you had gone out from the start she wouldn't be in that shape.' As he looks at his wife's dimensional counterpart, his anger rose to untold heights. Deep down he knew this wasn't the Kurotsuchi that he fell in love with... but... she looked exactly like she did when he first laid eyes on her at their reunion... The same face he fell in love... The same lips he shared his first kiss with... The same eyes that looked back at him with warmth and love...

Now? She was trembling in pain... had blood trailing down her mouth... He could hear her whimper in pain... She was welling up with tears... his wife was hurt... his wife looked scared... his wife was injured... because he was fooling around...

His own voice sounded dark in his head 'You let her get hurt.'

Naruto's hand shake in anger.

A dark orange ethereal rib cage materializes around him.

His Sharingan swirls like a kaleidoscope changing into the form of his Mangekyou Sharingan.

His Rinnegan glows in royal purple, promising vengeance.

The God of Storms advents to the world as clouds of thunder gather above in the dark night.

Naruto was enraged. May God have mercy on your soul... cause the devil will not.

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