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A month and 2 weeks ago

Team 7 were nearly out of ideas. This was their last mock battle with Naruto-sensei. They were doing rather well compared to the previous battles. They were in the zone so to speak. All 3 members were supporting each other so they wouldn't get 'killed'. Suddenly it looked like their sensei was distracted by something. They all look at each other then nod, this was their chance. Sakura used her poison water whip technique and lunged at her sensei. Hitomi and Sasuke used their time to go through hand seals and pull their chakra. Once their sensei lands after dodging Sakura's attack they will cast their hell fire technique. It was a success! or so they thought. Next to where they cast their technique their sensei appeared without a shirt. It is here where our little story starts.

POV: Yuri, Civilian.

Yuri was walking around the forest looking for medicinal herbs for her clinic. While she could have commissioned a D Rank mission, she wanted to save some money to finally buy her own apartment. Looking at her list, the final herb she needed was at training ground 7. As she reached the training ground she was stopped by a silver haired ninja saying that his students were training and it'll be dangerous for a civilian to stumble in. Yuri responded that she really needed to collect the herbs for tomorrow as their supplies are dwindling and her intern forgot to inform her. The silver haired ninja took some time to think then asked Yuri what she was looking for.


"Oh~ if that's the case it's fine. Just make sure you follow this road and don't wander off it. Don't want your pretty face being a scratch".

Blushing at the compliment, Yuri walked towards the road the ninja pointed to. It took her a few minutes until she saw the plants she needed. Crouching down she grabbed her scissors then proceeded to collect the amount she would need for a week. Satisfied with today's work she stands up and was about to leave until she heard children cheering and an awfully hot wind passing her. Her curiosity getting to her, she sneaked towards where the sound was coming from. Reaching the training ground Yuri hid behind a tree and peaked. There were 3 kids smiling and cheering "Yes! We got him!".

Yuri saw a pink haired girl. A Kunoichi. 'oh, that's Haruno-san's daughter. This must be her team'. Her teammates were a raven haired boy and a blonde girl. Something about those two made her feel like she should know who they were, but their names escaped her at the moment.

What Yuri sees next will haunt her dreams for the foreseeable future. A man walks out of the smoke in the clearing. His hair was black and looked smooth despite it's spiky look. His skin was tanned in a way that told people he worked a lot in the sun. His shirt... his shirt was missing... his upper body exposed to the world. A sweaty...muscle bound...Achilles... 'How dare he hide such a body!'.

Yuri blinked. 'Where did that thought come from?'. Her thoughts were interrupted by a hearty laugh. The man who appeared was now laughing happily, while he was hugging and rubbing the heads of the kids. That laugh was beautiful. Filled with so much pride and with love. He looked as if he was a proud father. 'I want a man like tha-'

Yuri shakes her head, dismissing that line of thought but it was getting harder. She remembers this feeling and it was embarrassing that this was surfacing once again. She didn't deny it though, the mysterious man was quite the looker. His smile looked as if it'll be able to swoon any woman if he simply smiled at them. His blue and black eyes were hypnotizing and his jaw bones were perfectly shaped. His biceps were as big as apple. He had a 6 pack that was tight and looked hard enough to be used as a washing board. His shoulders were wide and his back was * ripped. He even had muscles in his teres major. His pectorals, the size of dishes! He had a few scars, a large one near the lower torso, a few on his back, a fresh one right between his chest and a small one right above where his heart is. They didn't look off putting, in fact they enhanced the bad boy quality he seemed to naturally pull off. Holy mama this was every single females dream of what their lovers bodies would looked like~ It seems he is good with kids as well...

Yuri looked through her sack to find her camera. She aimed it at the man and started taking pictures. When he was ruffling the hair of the kids, when he was sitting down lecturing them, when he stood up and and stretched... ohhhhh god when he stretched... After the silver haired ninja came and picked up the blonde and the boy, Yuri also left so she can go develop those pictures and try to find out who this man was. Maybe her friend Hana can help. She was a ninja as well maybe she would know who this man was.

POV Change: Naruto

The day after the Akimichi Dinner.

Naruto went out for a run late morning as he woke up later than usual. Seeing how everyone else in the house was still asleep he decided that today would be a rest day. He went to Sakura's house to tell her parents that she didn't need to come in for training today. Opening door was Sakura's mom.

"You're Mebuki-San, yes? Good morning."

"Y-yes. G-Good Morning." Mebuki replied, although she looked a bit flushed. 'She must have went out drinking last night'.Getting to the point, Naruto told Mebuki that Sakura didn't need to come to training today since he decided that today would be a free day. Thanking Mebuki, he left the premises and went for a jog. Naruto starts grimacing as people stare at him when he's jogging. The reason why he runs in the morning was because he didn't like it when people stared. He went to the outskirts of the village to run but even then people stopped and stared at him. It got to the point where he couldn't focus and just decided to call it quits for the day and went back to the Uchiha compound.

'Huh, they're still sleeping.' Looking at the time and seeing it was now half past 2. He went to the fridge to get some cool milk only to see they ran out. Seeing as he had time he made an inventory of the house to see what they needed to buy and went out shopping. Shopping... It was weird when he found himself shopping. A S rank Shinobi going grocery shopping. That's like trying to imagine Madara going out for coffee or Hashirama getting takeout. Naruto let out a laugh imagining his wife's face seeing him to do something normal. The Reaper of Iwa was out shopping for milk. The Bane of Cloud was asking a store clerk which one of the 2 brands of tissue paper is recommended. If his Kuro-hime could see him now, she would on the ground busting a gut laughing seeing how the scariest Shinobi was doing mundane tasks. Naruto laughed again when he imagined Raikage A jaws dropped open as he was told that Namikaze Naruto was buying soap detergent.

It was so mundane. It was so normal... and he was starting to like it. Not to be worried about someone not coming home. Constantly stressed out from making war plans and sacrificing people he knew personally so that Konoha could survive. Attending another friend's funeral... Coming to this dimension did some good for him. God knows there were others who had deserved it more than him but he was glad he was given a chance. After all if he did what he wa-

"Can I have an autograph?!"

A "Huh" comes out stupidly from Naruto's mouth. Blinking a few times he sees a Genin girl with her face bowing down and her two arms outstretched holding onto some sort of note with a pen. A bit stunned at this sudden action, Naruto robotically grabs the notepad and signs his signature. A few thanks were screamed at him and she goes off running.

'Did... Did that just happened?' Blinking a few more times, Naruto shrugs and heads to the butchers. While at the butchers his mind kept wandering back to that Genin asking for his signature. Sure he was 'The Son of the Yellow Flash' but he didn't expect that kind of reception. Thanking the butcher he grabs his box of meats and walks to the market to get some vegetables.

There he got asked for another autograph. This time from a female chunin, Inuzuka if the markings on the face said anything. She looked a bit tamer compared to the ones he knows but oh well. He didn't mind the autographs. He didn't mind it the 3rd time. Not the 4th time. However it was around the 12th time he felt his right eye twitch when the female in front of him profusely said "Thank you" and "Bless you". That was when he felt something was wrong.

Naruto possessed battle instincts that would make veteran ninja go green with envy. Years of war have honed those instincts. However in doing so he had to sacrifice something in return. His 'common' sense. Remember when he disintegrated Gato? Gato told Hitomi he would give her men, slaves or drugs if she helped him. Naruto's response? A S Rank Kinjutsu. This is not something regular Ninja's would do.

When Naruto is talking to someone he can always sense whether the person he's talking has malicious intent or means to harm him. Even without Kurama, he was good in sensing intentions. However, he would get puzzled when females not his wife were flirting with him. This was due to his common sense not being used as often and having inherited his father's obliviousness to females thus compounding his problem.

Hence why it took him 12 times to realize something was wrong. He had to make a few shadow clones to continue shopping while he dealt with people asking for autographs. But his clones would also get people asking them for autographs. What should have been an hour of shopping took 4 hours and 16 minutes to finish.

The day after that, he had spent the entire day introducing Hitomi to the art of Sealing. When they finished he went to Ichiraku's for dinner, his god mother's habit was acting up he and Hitomi ate so much that Teuchi had to close the stand way earlier than usual. He went to the onsen alone, seeing how Hitomi said she wanted to read more.

There was no one in the men's section but the female's was very active. It seemed to be some sort of girls night out. He went to the outdoor hot springs, the weather that night was perfect for a dip. Showering his body with the soap and shampoo he brought along he swore he could hear someone inhaling air through gritted teeth only to turn and see no one. Naruto just chalks it up to his mind playing with him.

Gently dipping into the hot waters, Naruto soaked the small towel the inn provided in the hot spring and placed it gently over his eyes and relaxed. He applied some chakra to his back so he wouldn't slide into the waters if he fell asleep. He was about to reach that sweet spot of relaxing until he heard some giggling. He ignored it and tried reaching that sweet spo-


This would happen for a few times until he got annoyed. Exiting the pool, he thought he heard someone shouting "You idiot!" "quiet" "still be here". Not realizing they were talking about him, he ignores it, pays his fee at the counter then leaves to have dinner at home.

For the next few days similar things would happen until one day the proverbial dam broke. Females now would actively stalk him and won't disappear if Naruto turned around and stared at them menacingly. Instead of running away, a few would swoon while some would faint with hearts in their eyes. Some would scream "LOOK AT ME!". A shiver traveled through Naruto's body. When he encountered enemy ninjas, they would flee in terror if he gave them the same look but for some reason it doesn't affect these girls at all! In fact it seems they enjoy it!He also would fine a dog staring at him from a distance. He got closer to dog after a week, his curiosity getting to him. The dog had black fur and had it's left ear missing. It was wearing an eye patch. To other people the dog would have looked fierce but to Naruto the dog cute. He would pet the dog and scratch just behind where the left ear would have been. It seemed to be the dogs favourite spot since it would nudge at Naruto when he would scratch somewhere else. He would visit the Inuzuka kennel and buy a few dog treats in case he would bump into that dog again. It was a break from being followed by girls.

Speaking of said girl, Naruto would see a few Chunin or even higher rank kunoichi stalk him. When he went to the Hokage to finally lodge a complaint, Hiruzen would only say: "They aren't harming you in anyway are there? If they aren't, I can't legally do anything." he left the office annoyed that day. If Naruto had turned around he would have seen the 3rd Hokage smiling like he won the jackpot.

There also was this weird incident with Sasuke. He would catch the younger Uchiha staring at him with pity in his eyes. Sometimes he would shed a tear and quickly wipe it away. Then on day he ran up to Naruto and hugged him out of nowhere. Mikoto and Naruto shared a look of disbelief thinking that Sasuke maybe breaking out of his shell. But then that line of thought would be discarded when he hears Sasuke saying "Thank you" continuously on and on and on. He still had no idea what on earth that was about.

POV Change: Hiruzen

It's been a few days since Yuri had taken pictures of Naruto and had them developed. Hizuzen caught wind of the photos when his ANBU "Cat" was chatting to her colleagues at her break time. Her friend Hana had gotten a hold of a few pictures of Naruto, his upper body exposed, looking quite photogenic. Surprising his Anbu, he ordered to get copies of those photos which freaked her out a bit. After explaining what he wanted those photos, Neko was just confused.

The 3rd Hokage stood behind his office window's gazing into his village. The view was breathtaking as always. Today was somewhat special to him. The ninja who would constantly give him migraines came into the office earlier to lodge a complaint about the females who were stalking him. He dismissed the complaint as he wasn't harmed per say. Soon. Soon that little bastard will know fear. Soon that annoying gnat will experience the same migraines he would give to the old man willingly or not.

"Hokage-sama, the photos from ANBU Nezumi are developed."

Not turning around the 3rd Hokage nods.

"Good, you know what to do. Spread them to the circles"

"Yes sir" disappearing without a sound, Neko leaves the office to spread the photos around.

Hiruzen then sat down and smiled. "Here's a little payback for the paperwork you trouble me with". Hiruzen broke out in small giggles and it slowly evolved to a laughter reminiscent to a certain snake sage.

The 2 ANBU shadows hidden from view look at each other and sweat dropped at their leader's antics.

POV Change: No one.

For the next few days, members of certain fanclubs would "stumble" upon these photos. Many of these girls would hand in their resignation and join the Namikaze fanclub. The one that suffered the most was Sasuke's. Many girls fought both verbally and physically when lines were drawn. After the "civil war" the Sasuke fanclub went from a few dozens to only a handful, many of them leaving to join the Namikaze faction. This was the reason why Sasuke ran up to his half brother and hugged him. He was just extremely thankful that his half brother had culled his own following to a manageable few. No more finding girls in his private training ground. No more burning his old clothes so that no girl would get their hands on it. No more finding girls in trees with binoculars staring into his room. So he thanked his brother and wished him luck.

However a circle reemerged from dormancy. It was the 1st Namikaze fanclub... The one for Minato and it was a large one. Minato was totally clueless to the advances of females that weren't his wife's Kushina. He could easily see if Kushina was flirting with him but would be frustratingly clueless when other females would flirt with him. Kushina had to chase away females that got clingy with her man and would be in constant vigilance to mark her territory as it were. She would always go on that Minato would be eaten alive by the other girls. Minato would just look at her adorably confused.

Many hearts were broken when news spread that he had gotten married and so the Namikaze fanclub disbanded. That was until his son was revealed. The beast was awake and it was hungry. The moment a picture of Naruto landed into the hands of one of Minato's fangirls the speed and efficiency of the Minato Fanclub Network was so unbelievable it would have brought shame to a certain toad's spy network. The picture was being sent around the village was so fast the club made Jiraiya's network look like a civilian post service. The old Namikaze fanclub reawakened with a certain Inuzuka matriach leading the helm. They were much more experienced and learnt from their mistakes with Minato. They wouldn't actively pursue Naruto but would appear by his side when he needed help.

The dam broke when a new picture hit the circuit and made the fangirls ravenous. One of the ANBU's under the Hokage's orders, followed Naruto to a private training ground he would use and took a picture when he finished from far away. The picture was of Naruto with his eyes closed and smiling from a good days work. A towel hanging from his neck his upper body once again exposed. He looked like a model posing for a photo shoot. His right arm swiping away the sweat from his brow. The light hitting him in the right angle where his body glistened from sweat, his muscles visible.

When this photo reached the Namikaze fanclub, many members screamed hysterically in joy and multiple females were rushed to the hospital from blood loss. On that day, The 3rd Hokage's plan was now in full effect.

POV Change: Naruto

Halting in the middle of his kata's Naruto turns around staring towards the village.

"I sense a great irritation in the air. As if a thousand of people cried out in joy and immediately silenced themselves. I feel something annoying is about to happen"

"Naruto-nii, you need to stop reading those space samurai novels. You're starting to quote it."

Shaking his head, Naruto continued his kata's as his little sister followed his movements. Both unaware of the annoyance that was heading their way.

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