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Bingo Book Entry: Namikaze Naruto

PlasticWolf94: Hey Guys! Remember how I said I was gonna do my data chapter? Well here is what mine are gonna look like: Bingo Book Entries! As the story goes along I will be adding more and more. Here's the fun thing, whenever something is added, revealed or what other word I can't think of as of this moment there will be an 'Amendment' clause.

I already added some to the ones below! The ones below are basically the in story editions that other hidden villages have added. There are various versions of the Bingo Books. Like the Konoha Bingo Book, The Kiri Bingo Book etc you get my point. Just to make it simple, all bingo book entries are as if it's written by a 'neutral' party i.e. the writers in real life. The Land of Iron, Samurai's in story. Currently, our dimension hopper doesn't have an entry in the universe he's in. This one is what his would have looked like back at his own dimension.

Think of these Bingo Book entries as our wiki page for the characters.

Also small confession, the bounties are in my opinion a bit too much but considering what other people mark down their own characters, I thought this might be enough. Originally I was gonna have the highest bounty be at 500mil but I'm not sure if that would have come out as threatening. Also check the naruto wiki for more details about the ranks of techniques just to see the level of difficulty or usage. That's also the reason why I thought over 500mil bounty was a bit too much since a S rank paycheck is at least 1mil. Let me know if you think it's too much. An omake will be posted tomorrow that's a bit comedic before the actual chapter is released so enjoy this small piece of world building!

First Name: Naruto

Family Name: Namikaze

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Military Rank: General-Commander of the Konoha Ninja Force. Amendment: Defected.

Known Moniker(s): Konoha's Avenging Demon, Madara's Incarnate, The Giant Shadow, Kin of Uchiha, Cloud's Bane, Reaper of Stone, as of his actions of defection from Konoha: Burnt Leaf. Edit as of the battle of Iwa: Kyuubi's Avatar.

Affiliation: Konoha Amendment: Defected Ninja

Appearance: Black Hair, Tanned Skin, Heterochromia (Blue/Black)

Left Eye: Sharingan (See more below).

Right Eye: Sharingan

Amendment: Unknown; Multiple reports of different eye colors, Masked by an extremely powerful Genjutsu that can only be dispelled by another Sharingan? Needs further investigation.

Equipment: War Armor of the Warring Estates. See library for pictures. Uchiha Gunbai that possess strong Futon Seals, extremely durable material. War-Sickle, Bow and Arrow kit; Stored in a seal tattoo, multiple reports of tattoo been spotted on both forearms.

Bloodlines: Uchiha's Sharingan Dojutsu, Mangekyou Mutation - Amaterasu? Amendment: Kamui.

The Sharingan is one of the 3 great Dojutsu's in all of the land. The eyes allow the user to perceive time as if it was slow motion. Multiple reports of survivors state that Naruto is extremely proficient to the point they believe he could see slightly into the future. Needs further Investigation.

He is able to copy and steal enemy Ninjutsu's and terrifyingly enough he can cast them at a higher power. Taijutsu, Genjutsu is also to have been confirmed by other survivors that this eye can copy a tremendous amount of abilities as long it is not a bloodline. Other Uchiha members tend to cast Genjutsu but Naruto does not seem to favor in using them.

He possesses the fabled Mangekyou Sharingan. They have increased all of the above's parameters and like his younger brother possesses the Amaterasu black flames. Amendment: He does not possess the Amaterasu flames. Black Flames maybe an unknown emerging bloodline affinity. He has however an unrecorded Mangekyou ability that turns him intangible for 4 seconds. Amendment: False information: Trap. Due to not understanding his ability Kumo lost a company of 50 Jonin, 35 Chunin, 25 Genin. As for right now, we do not know how long he can hold his intangibility. Amendment: Indefinite.

Known Family: Uchiha Mikoto (Mother, Deceased), Namikaze Minato - The Yellow Flash (Father, Deceased), Uzumaki Kushina - The Red Hot Habanero (God Mother, Step Mother, Deceased), Namikaze Itachi - Karas (1st Younger Brother, Deceased), Uzumaki Hideiyoshi (2nd Younger Brother, Deceased), Jiraiya No Last Name - The Gallant Sage, Toad Sage, Godaime (Fifth) Hokage (God Father, Active)

History: All proper documentation regarding Namikaze Naruto has been redacted according to spies in Konoha.

Threat Rank: S


Special Case. Proceed with caution. Flee on Sight.

Namikaze Naruto is an extremely powerful Shinobi that has not been seen since the age of Uchiha Madara and Senju Hashirama. If there is a sudden encounter with him, all Shinobi are ordered to flee immediately. It is known that he will not attack unless it's a retaliation... however, if you are his target you are to be considered Killed-in-combat. There have been no survivors from people he has targeted unless he wishes for someone to send a message back. The only known tactic in delaying or stalling him is sending a Kage level combatant to engage him while you retreat. Even then, Kage level combatant must have several ANBU level guards to make sure they do not die. The only known Kage level combatant to survive with minimal damage is Kamizuru Kurotsuchi - Daughter of Dust, Lava Maiden (Suspected Iwakage successor). Careful planning and sacrifices must be performed in order to survive an encounter with him. CAUTION: DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES TAUNT TO HIM ABOUT HIS DECEASED FAMILY. I REPEAT. DO NOT, I TRULY MEAN DO NOT, TAUNT HIM ABOUT HIS FAMILY. CONSEQUENCES ARE DANGEROUS. LANDSCAPE CHANGING DANGEROUS. IF YOU WANT TO LIVE, DO NOT TAUNT HIM!

Nature Affinity: Fire, Wind, Lightning, Water, Earth. Possible fire variation bloodline chakra nature that produces black fire.

Known Jutsu(s):

Uchiha Gaeshi (Uchiha Reflection) B Rank.

Defensive/Offensive. The Gunbai will need to be used for this technique to work. Hostile Ninjutsu are nullified as incoming chakra is converted then transformed into Wind nature chakra, which is then reflected. As this reflection of an attack occurs both suddenly and unexpectedly, the reflected attack can prove difficult for opponents to evade.

Raiton: Rairyumuchi no Jutsu (Lightning Release: Thunder Dragon Whip technique) - A Rank.

Defensive/Offensive. This technique was stolen from Kumo. A versatile technique that can aid Naruto in attacking his enemies or defend himself. A large lightning construct shaped of a serpentine dragon appears from his weapon; most likely his Gunbai. Whatever motion the user performs, it will follow their movements. However Naruto's construct has been reported to act like it has a mind of it's own. Kumo has stated that the technique was not designed to act that way. Amendment: Naruto has modified it where he can control the movements of this construct through small twitches from the hand the weapon is being held with. No discernible pattern has been found hence why this offensive technique now classifies as a defensive as well.

Katon: Kaen no Moya (Flame Release: Inferno Haze) - A Rank.

Defensive. A dense fire that is slowly exhaled from Naruto's mouth. It's properties behave like smoke. Strong enough to evaporate E-B rank water techniques. Again, shape transformation mastery is needed to perform this technique.

Doton: Shizumeru Ashikubi no Jutsu (Earth Release: Sinking Ankle Technique) - C Rank.

Defensive/Support. The caster pulls chakra into a feet of their choice and stomp the location of their target. With higher control of chakra, the caster does not need to be within in close distance to the location they are aiming for. The ground is transformed into a quicksand like substance that slowly sinks the target to their ankles. Ground solidifies upon completion. Stronger chakra output allows them to sink up to and till their knees and no further. To escape, target must push high Genin amount of chakra to their feet in order to shoot out of the sink hole.

Mangekyou: Kamui (Kaleidoscope: Authority of the Gods) - S Rank.

Defensive. A Mangekyou dojutsu ability that allows the user to enter a personal dimensional plane known as the 'Kamui Dimension' now to be referred to as the 'KD'. They can bring others into it simply by having the user touch them. There are only 2 stages of the Kamui to have been noted.

At stage 1, The user is able to shift himself into the 'KD' thus making him seem intangible. Another benefit to stage 1 is that while in this mode, the user's chakra cannot be sensed which aids the user in stealth missions. However, the user cannot not attack while in stage 1. They must fully materialize into the normal plane thus cancelling the intangibility.

At stage 2, he can fully shift himself into the plane thus disappearing from sight. A vortex like phenomenon occurs when the user enters Stage 2. When the user wishes to leave the Kamui dimension they can choose any location as long as they remember exactly where it is. However, distance is taken into the fact where chakra usage is concern. For example, If Naruto vortexes into the Kamui in Konoha and wishes to exit into Suna: Mid Chunin chakra level is needed as it is 3 days travel at Chunin speeds. Basically combining 3 days travel into 1 will make the user lose the chakra they would have used if they had done it the 'normal way'. Thanks to being the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki he can easily by-pass that option. Now that Naruto no longer has the Kyuubi this takes a bit out of him but nothing too detrimental that he cannot fight.

Raiton: Tenrai (Lightning Release: Heavenly Thunder) - B Rank.

Offensive/Set Up. A discharge of lightning is sent to the skies. For this technique to succeed, heavy clouds must be already present. The lightning that was sent up will aggravate the clouds to transform into a thunder cloud ready to strike at the target. It takes quite a while for the lightning to charge and to be ready for use. This technique is not recommended as the long set up will allow the target to change locations thus making the technique pointless. It is only to be used only when the target is immobile. However Naruto was able to discover that if he or an ally were to send a sufficient amount of an electrical charge they can cause a massive chain reaction that will cause the thunder strike to be extremely fatal. Naruto prefers to use this method as the original casting time takes way too long. This way, not only is it faster but it is also much more powerful. After casting this technique Naruto is known to immediately use his signature attack...

Raiton Kinjutsu: Indra no Ya (Forbidden Lightning Release: Bow of Indra) A/S/SS Rank Kinjutsu.

Offensive. A ridiculously concentrated lightning construct is formed in the hand of the user. A bow. Shape Transformation Mastery and Lightning Affinity Mastery is a must to even attempt this technique. Failure to acquire mastery will render user paralyzed and half of their chakra coils permanently destroyed. As the user pulls back the bow string, a diamond shaped arrow head will materialize. It will grow in shape and size depending how much the draw string is pulled. The color will tell the level of concentration that is within the technique.

Blue: A Rank. Able to tear through a company of Ninja's like they were made of paper.

Purple: S Rank. Higher damage output. Whatever was behind the target will also be hit and destroyed.

White: SS Rank. When the technique is unleashed a dome of white destruction will be formed in a 2 mile radius. This makes a good combination with Raiton: Tenrai. Speaking of which.

Raiton Renkei Kinjutsu: Vasavi Shakti (Forbidden Lightning Release Combination: Spear of the Thunder God, Indra)

Offensive. Combine the two techniques mentioned immediately above and you get this monstrosity. The thunder clouds formed by Raiton: Tenrai have an unstable mix of destruction just lying idle within it. All that is needed, is a catalyst so that it's full power can be unleashed. The higher the charge, the higher the fatality. The clouds will provide an aiming component while Indra no Ya will be the catalyst that will start a chain reaction causing an explosion that will result in not only the target(s) being reduced to nothing immediately, but also powerful gusts of wind slamming into everything with the force of a typhoon. Each technique used is powerful by itself but when they are combined, an abomination of power is released into the world!


Kumo - Alive: 500,000,000 ryo

Kumo - Dead: 250,000,000 ryo

Iwa - Alive: 500,000,000 ryo

Iwa - Dead: 750,000,000 ryo

Konoha - Alive only: 750,000,000 ryo

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