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Naruto Namikaze: Curse of the Sharingan @pwhitestrake
Omake 2: Kurotsuchi's point of view

Sorry for Not posting a Linear chapter and putting another Omake. fair warning there will possibly be one more Omake before chapter 11 and that one will connect chapter 10 and 11 together.

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Omake: Kurotsuchis point of view

Naruto was with his wedded wife. The two where hugging. Swaying to a slow beat. He was simply holding Kurotsuchi in his arms. Not a few days prior had he returned from deep within the front lines. A siege on the very capital of lightning country. He had to give credit where it was due. The Samurai and what ever Shinobi the Daimyo had at his side held out for 2 weeks. With Kumo refusing to an Unconditional Surrender it was decided that they would break the very village itself. But the positioning of the City would be its own downfall. Being high on a mountain top and having its trade routes cut off on all side olus earth style users constantly bombarding the city walls from nearby mountains. The Daimyo finally Surrendered to the Lord of Fire country when Naruto Used pure nature transformation to unleash a thunderstorm upon the fortified city making many entrance points along the way.

Knowing that Kumo had 2 powerful Jinchuuriki the Hokage had ordered him to do 2 things. Get the Kyuubi to work on his side and find a way to unleash the Kyuubi, before the 8 and 2 tails could target their troops.

As the beat of the music came to a stop naruto pulled back a little to look at his wife in the eyes.

"Kuro-hime. How long have we been married?".

Kurotsuchi frowned at the question "We are on our 5th month of marriage." She said. Naruto pulled Kurotsuchi to him. "Kuro-hime. With the situation going as they are with Kumo…" he trailed off. Kurotsuchi looked up at him. "Naruto, I thought That the Lord of lightning country surrendered already." Naruto sighed, "The Daimyo Surrendered to the lord of fire. But A refuses to surrender. The Hokage will be Taking a Battalion of Konoha Shinobi to break the fortification Kumo is locked itself in. And the Danger that the 2 Jinchuuriki pose, i've been tasked with breaking the village." Naruto told her. The tiredness showing in his eyes. He might Dislike the Shinobi of lightning country.

But the Shinobi while an integral part of the village aren't the only ones who reside in it. Civilians, children and the elderly. And the defenceless. Taking the life of an Innocent was something Naruto hated with a passion. But now he could very well be forced to Destroy an entire village if victory was to be secured.

Kurotsuchi took Naruto's hands in her own and led Naruto to their bedroom. She laid down with him on their bed "sleep my love. Tonight is just about the 2 of us. Forget about everyone else."

Naruto did so. Falling into the most refreshing sleep he had in years.

Kurotsuchi giggled at her husband's sleeping face. Most other times he just had a neutral expression. Others he looked like the weight of the world was getting to him. Circling a finger of his chest, she let out a worried breath.

The world they lived in was a cruel. No favor in who lived or died. And each time she saw Naruto. It was like the weight of the world was shutting down his light more and more. She wasn't blind to her husband's plight. While she wasn't a chakra sensor she had grown accustomed to the warmth his chakra gave off and the way it felt. But slowly it had turned Darker, Colder, more bitter. Psychological help wasn't something the hidden villages provided. Hell her own had an entire program designed to break the minds of Individuals into 'Beserkers' that would then be unleashed onto the battlefields like a mini bijuu.

So she sought to become his pillar. She gave all of her firsts to him as their relationship progressed so he would look forward to come home to her more and more. The fact they had to keep their relationship a secret from his only remaining family wasn't helping.

And as Konoha began to Rely on him more and more. Often sending him to deal with hundreds of shinobi on his own… She wasn't blind to her husband's plight. She knew she wasn't helping either at times. But she truly did believe that maybe. Their love and care for each other would overcome many barriers.

Probably a silly thought from one of her favorite childhood stories. How two of the characters talked about the darkness before the sun shined the brightest it had before the days that preceded the darkness. She sometimes didn't want to know the end of said stories. After all how could the world go back to the way it was when so much bad happened. But her favorite heroes held onto hope. So she too would. As she told Naruto she would fight to make her dream a reality.

The 5th day after Konoha destroyed Kumo.

The third Hokage was dead.

He had died killing the fourth Raikage.

Casualties on both sides where high.

People where casting doubts as Konoha's war potential was severely Diminished. The civilians looked harshly upon the decision to set the Kyuubi loose from its prison. The amount of civilians and ninja alike who were caught in the crossfire of 3 tailed beast fighting was staggering.

Kurotsuchi had heard her grandfather gloat about how such fuck up put Konoha on the verge of Surrender.

Even if the Last living Sannin Jiraiya was named the Fifth Hokage. She had heard about the Lord of lightning country plea with the lord of fire country to try the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki for war crimes. Not that the man would. Naruto Namikaze was a weapon of Immense value to the village and the country of fire.

She had sneaked out of the Village towards the Safe house she shared with her husband.

She found him curled up in a corner tear stained eyes as he held both sides of his head. His chakra disturbed her. It was At the Darkest it had ever been. Just as cold. She moved to where Naruto was sitting and simply offered her her comfort.

For 4 weeks the 2 stayed together. Every Night she would reaffirm her love for him. Until within the morning of the 4th week he received a toad summon. She overheard it telling Naruto that something had happened to his only remaining brother. The Uchiha clan was in tatters. Only about 145 remained alive. And aside from 2 or 3 none else where actually related to Naruto. She kissed him goodbye and after he left, she made her way back to her village. Unknown to either of them. Kurotsuchi was with child.

3 weeks after the Treaty of Birds.

A knock on the door on Kurotsuchi's apartment interrupted her from reading her maternity book. Nothing could bring her down now. She was bearing her husband's child and couldn't wait to break the news to him.

Looking through the peephole in her door she saw a familiar face.

She opened the door to reveal Naruto regarding her with a blank face.

"Hey Naruto. How are you?" She told him cheerfully. It wasn't the first time he snuck into Iwa just to be with her so she didn't mind. It would save her trying to make the journey.

Naruto simply raised his fist as is to give her something. When she cupped her hand Naruto dropped his wedding band. She looked at it wide eye "Im sorry. But where I'm going. You cannot follow." Was all he said. She tried to feel for the chakra trying to determine if he was an impostor. All she felt was a sense of dread and a void . But it was definitely his chakra. It was almost as if all happiness had been driven from him.

And before she could reply he was gone.

Heartbroken. She wept for 6 days Barely ate anything. Her father and Akatsuchi had stopped by to try and comfort her but she was lost. What could Naruto had meant she couldn't follow. What reason would he just break of their relationship?. She didn't know. However little did she know she wouldn't be liking the. Answer either

on the seventh day she was called up to the Tsuchikage's office.

Onoki sighed as he looked at the hollow and lifeless look on his granddaughter. He hoped that by bringing her the news that have reached his ears he would be able to bring some life back into her and make her realize that her star-crossed relationship was doomed to fail. He knew each time she sneaked out. And exactly who she was meeting with. He was incensed. But she was his granddaughter and he still cared for her well being and happiness.

And he did tapped every corner of their hideout and old hotel room with listening seals for safety however. He was still a kage and a ninja after all.

He sighed again and pulled out the most recent issue of Konoha's bingo book. Printed out 3 days ago and opened it up to the bookmarked page.

Entry #55773

Name: Namikaze Naruto.

Date of birth: September 24th. 1992

Wanted: Konoha

100.000.000 dead or alive

Attack at your own risk.


42.000.000 Dead only.

Flee on sight.

Suspected of

Guilty of War Crimes against the People of Kumogakure no Sato.

Treason. Defection. Suspected to be behind the massacre of Fellow Konoha shinobi. Suspected of the murder of Danzo Shimura.

Additional Warning: through unknown means he has Enhanced his own Dojutsu.

Kurotsuchi looked at the Page in shock.

Her Naruto, the one that fought so hard so his fellow ninja home and keep his village safe.

She dropped it and began to sob "Oh Naruto, why are you doing this. What happened to make you like this?".

She continued so sob as she sat down in one of the chairs in the office "Why couldn't you have stayed. What am I going to tell our baby. What happened to your brother to make you like this?". She said between sobs.

That slapped Onoki hard in the face. He calmed himself down. Taking a few deep breaths he reminded himself why he was doing it. He thought back to the only other Uchiha to have defected Konoha. And he began to shiver as he began to compare them. He floated over to his granddaughter "Kurotsuchi. Im afraid, Naruto Namikaze was doomed to always become a criminal. Only one other Uchiha has ever reached his level of Infamy on prowess. Have you ever heard the Tragedy of Uchiha Madara."

He began telling her. Through her sniffs she replied negatively. Onoki bit his fear of the man and began to tell her of the most feared shinobi of his time.

"Back during the period before the founding of the hidden villages. One clan was Unrivalled. Madara Uchiha tore through wherever he stood to do battle. Only one clan could stand to the power of the Uchiha. Their rival, the Senju whose clan leader Hashirama Senju was the only one who could rival or beat Madara in battle.

Madara was the oldest of 5 brothers. Similar to how Hashirama was born the eldest of 3 brothers. His mother died in childbirth delivering his Youngest brother. His father died Shortly before Madara reached adulthood.

Madara was said to be a prodigy. He alongside his younger brother Izuna where the prodigie and hope of the Uchiha clan as they advanced their Sharingan to unmatched levels. But as their war not unlike our own tore his brothers from him. He and Izuna became terrors. However it was not to be. As during one particular engagement the Senju exterminated all but the 2 brothers from a platoon of Uchiha near the Nakara river. Hashirama Senju asked Madara to put away their hatred and to bring an end to the millennia old war. But Tobirama Senju had mortally wounded Izuna Uchiha. Madara took his injured brother and the 2 retreated into Uchiha territory. Where Izuna Uchiha would pass away. It was said that Izuna gave his brother his eyes. Granting Madara a stage of the Sharingan only known as the Ein Mangekyou Sharingan.

Madara confronted Hashirama In battle with his new powers. The battle between the two ended in his defeat and subsequently in the peace treaty that founded the Hidden Leaf village. But. 5 years later Madara would defect. Becoming Konoha's first missing nin. He returned to destroy the Village with the Kyuubi under his control. Although he was killed in that battle. The first Hokage never recovered from his injuries and lead to his death during the first ninja war. I stood in the presence of that man once. His chakra was the darkest. So foul and so cold. A ninja like that had no redeeming qualities. If Namikaze Naruto reached the level of power Madara reached. Then Kami have mercy on all our souls".

He said finishing his tail.

Kurotsuchi still sniffed. Holding a hand to her belly. "The Naruto i knew wasn't like that grandpa. His aura and Chakra was always warm. It wasn't until recently where he began to feel off.

What ever happened to my brother in law, it must have broken Naruto. My husband wouldn't have done this".

Onoki sighed "Kurotsuchi. What do you mean you married him?".

Kurotsuchi threw the rings they had exchanged when they traded vows into the desk. "I went as far as to take his name to show him how much I loved him even if I hated the yellow flash" she said bitterly.

Onoki shook his head "Foolish girl. Your a target he will eventually return for. Han and Roshi will remain by your side. And don't forget to live Kurotsuchi. You're an expecting mother now. Live for the child." She nodded the last prestige of her tears still falling.

2 years later.

Kurotsuchi was feeding baby Hitomi when out of nowhere a loud explosion rocked the Village hidden in the rocks.

She passes the baby to her father and goes out to investigate. Seeing Naruto standing atop where the former Tsuchikage Tower once stood, standing above the body of Onoki. As if sensing her Naruto turned slightly to face her. She was shocked to see two very different eyes.

One was the red of the Sharingan but A 3 propeller like blades and spikes coming out of the side of each blade connecting them into a thin cylinder near the edge of the where the pupil was supposed to be. The sign that her grandfather told her signified the Eternal Mangekyou.

The other was an unfamiliar and Unsettling Purple with 3 concentric rings and tomoes that slowly orbited around a black dot at the center of the eye. His voice was cold and cruel "So your still alive. Doesn't matter. Meet me where it all began. If your not there by the time i'm there. I will return to destroy the rest of this Pathetic village." She watched as he disappeared again.

She turned to the rest of the Village and addressed them "Get the injured to the hospital and take care of the dead. Everyone else stay here."

She flickered away. Following her steps Han and Roshi followed her at a Distance still carrying out the orders of the now dead Tsuchikage.

She arrived at the capital of grass country only to see Naruto slam his hand to the ground "SUMMONING JUTSU. Come forth Kyuubi"

She watched in horror as the nine tailed fox appeared. Waving its tails and causing untold amounts of death and destruction by its mere presence. Holding the snake seal she Summoned a Laval golem and hopped on its head matching the stature of the powerful demon. Minutes Later Han and Roshi joined her already transformed at her side.

She tried to reason Naruto. "Naruto stop this madness. Stop why are you doing this". Naruto looked at her with hatred "My people are in fear, while your dear grandpa make demands. This isn't the peace my family fought and bled for. That farce of a treaty is a failed experiment." He shot back.

The reality of the situation hit her by the statement he made next. "I do not care if you were my lover Kamizuru. I will kill you" Kurotsuchis heart broken inside once more. Her husband no longer even recognized her as his family. She would fight and kill him here. She would do it for their… No. Her daughter. He threw away that right when he abandoned her. She would keep the existence of her daughter to herself. The monster in front of her and the man she had married where not the same.

Naruto Surprised her by covering the Kyuubi With a black chakra construct that looked like armor. Kurotsuchi knew she was at a disadvantage not having a wind affinity to counter his skill with lightning Jutsu.

For almost 3 days now she remained on the defensive.

Never having fought an opponent with this skill before. Naruto seemed to have slowed down his pace a bit. Kurotsuchi used this time to really take a look at her ex-husband.

He regarded her with a blank expression. Nearby the Body of Roshi nothing more than a pile of ash. Fallen to a Technique she had never seen him use before. She looked back to Naruto. "What happened to the man that I married. Where did Naruto go?" She asked him. Naruto hummoring her told her "In a grave six feet under alongside his Brothers and Parents. As for Naruto… I am Naruto. Things have changed. With these eyes that my brother gifted me with. My eternal light shall never fade. I will kill you. It is the first step to achieve true peace." Kurotsuchi's eyes widened. "What type of peace would require you to kill your wife and take the lives of innocents."

Naruto chuckled Darkly. "Oh my dear you will live. Inside the Infinite Tsukuyomi, the land of dreams, You will live by my side. But first I must kill you. And gather the tailed beast. Then i'll be powerful enough to cast the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Now do me a favor and DIE!". He said lounging at her from his position atop the 9 tails.

4 more hours of fighting and naruto pulled the Kyuubi back.seeing her Opportunity she signaled Han. "Han i need you to buy me some time for preparations." The transformed jinchuuriki nodded and attacked the fox.

She summoned a big Raven. A gift she received from Naruto as one of her wedding presents from him.

The raven looked at her expectantly "Bring me Hitomi please."

The bird nodded and poofed away. Returning a minute later carrying a basket that contained the sleeping child.

Summoning a sealing alter she prepared her sleeping daughter. She would use a Jutsu She found in the Tsuchikages to encase the 9 tailed fox in a laval prison and seal it into Hitomi. Taking away Naruto's advantage.

But before she could completely even set her daughter on the altar she felt Naruto appear.

Placing down her baby, Kurotsuchi took up a Kunai prepared to defend her precious little girl.

Inside she prayed to Whatever deity existed that the man turned monster in front of her held some shred of her husband humanity. And that he would at least spare a child.

She held onto that hope as she saw the tears form and fall from his face. For the first time since she married Naruto. She felt a shift in his chakra. Gone was the cold and foul feel.

Even the darkness was more comforting

Then she heard him speak "I can't believe I won't live long enough to see her grow up."

Kurotsuchi's hope bloomed a bit more "Naruto just surrender… I'm sure we could show you some leniency."

Naruto shook his head. "Kurotsuchi. During the attack on Kumo i was hit by an unknown poison. No doctor left alive could cure it. I could only buy time." Kurotsuchi felt her hopes go up in smoke once more. She looked at Naruto. "Kuro-hime. Im dying. And when i did i wanted to ensure that our family…" he was interrupted by a coughing fit. She looked as more and more blood fell from his mouth. She yelled at him "WHY DID YOU LEAVE?! WE COULD HAVE BEEN A FAMILY"

Naruto looked at the baby who had woken up crying at the sound of her mother's scream. "I never wanted for any children i would have fathered with you to be born into a broken world.

I failed at that. I've failed at protecting my brothers. I broke the promise I made mother. I failed you. I'm a failure that failed everyone. Care for her Kurotsuchi. Because the curse of hatred will come around full circle. War will start again."

He weaved hand seals and using his connection to the Kyuubi sealed the beast up into the one year old using the 7 tetragram seal.

Naruto took his last remaining Kunai. It was the special kind his father used and handed it to Kurotsuchi. "If you still love me end my suffering".

She took his kunai trembling and stabbed his heart. sobbing into his armored chest. Naruto hugged her one last time and whispered his last words to her "I love you Kurotsuchi Namikaze . Always, in this life and the next."

hello. sorry for not posting a Non linear chapter again. Ive been busy and my co writer is probably busy as well.hopefully this chapter that i had saved up we'll keep you entertained until we get back to regular programing.this is From Kurotsuchi's point of viewsome things that you don't know are revealed in this chapter like the fact that our little Idealistic girl in order to show Naruto how much more her love for him outweighted any hatred she had for his family she took up his surname. Another thing is She named her daughter Hitomi just like Hitomi from The second dimension. The reason for this can be explained through the butterfly effect. Like how The Post dimensional travel Kurotsuchi is 3 years younger than Naruto.something that my co writer asked me about was Naruto's relationship with Hitomi Uzumaki and if it could be showed that he viewed her as his daughter. I agreed with him but i didn't know how best to insert that tidbit into the story.Naruto of course doesn't know his Daughter's Name. But he will come to view Uzumaki Hitomi as his daughter as their relationship progresses. Why? it can be attributed to the Fact that Naruto Missed his own relationship with his Parents and missed out on having a relationship with his offspring and Hitomi Uzumaki not really Understanding the difference between the love siblings share and the love A parent has for his child and the love a child has for their parent. No sasuke won't have a similar relationship with Naruto. Naruto mostly sees sasuke as a younger Version of himself and gives sasuke someone he can relate to. Eventually both Hitomi and Sasuke will find out the truth behind Naruto's origin as Hitomi asks him why when she summoned him a knife was stuck to his chest. And naruto explains his backstory to them.and yes I summarized J. R. R. Tolkien's line from Lord of the rings the 2 towersThe Tales that really mattered. bite me

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