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Data Chpater: Exploring the Rinnegan

I know it is very rude to post none chapters into the story. But people asking questions as to why i refer to Narutos right eye as a Tomoe Rinnegan and not the Rinne-Sharingan. well I am giving you all this Data chapter with all the

explanations as to why Naruto's Dojutsu id the way that it is why i chose it and why it matters to the story. There aren't anything that could be called spoilers but it could give you something to look fowards to.

The reason why i gave Naruto a Tomoe Rinnegan instead of the full Rinnegan or the Rinne Sharingan are many but ill give it to you broken down

Reason number 1. Madara used Hashirama's cells to make himself fully as hagoromo was. Making his Dojutsu "pure".

Now this tells us that in Naruto, Hashirama and Madara at their time had the highest concentration of the Sages energy in their blood. At the time of their life.

Mikoto (Uchiha) Namikaze in this story her father who is Madara's grandson was the son of a civilian woman and the offspring of Madara Uchiha. And her father himself didn't marry into the clan. Making her eye prowess "Diminished". Now Minato is a little trickier to explain. Toka senju Naruto's great grandmother was born to Butsuma Senju after his wife and mother to Hashirama and Tobirama died and the 2 of the had the largest concentration of Hagoromo's chakra from Ashuras part. Hence why Hashirama and Tobirama where fcking monsters in the field. But Toka in this story didn't have that potential instead becoming a genjutsu specialist. She had a daughter that married into the Namikaze family. Who gave birth to Minato. And while Minato had a lot of potential it didn't come from the Senju blood rather that he won the lottery known as chance and came out a once in a generation type of genius.

Hence Naruto's blood is not complete.

And as I said early in the story. Here you need to have all 3 aspects of the sages blood

Reason number 2.

Naruto being the last of the Senju blood in his dimension had another Ramification.

The remaining chakra of Ashura sought him out.

Naruto when he was born became the vessel that received the transmigrating chakra of Indra. While it doesn't matter enough in this story to be put in writing it is something i am willing to explain.

Ashura and Indra are dead. Gone 6 feet under and not coming back. but their chakra was so powerful that it could not dissipate. So it passed down from generation to generation.

While it doesn't leave the impact it does in canon it does mean however that whoever inherits the chakra does receive aspects of the previous person's personality

Prior to his Death Itachi Namikaze was a lot more like Hashirama personality wise, Naruto however was more like Madara unless you were family he was cold. He really didn't like people that much. The only reason he fell in love with Kurotsuchi is because i'm the one writing the story therefore the god of this world and i decided they were soulmates in here. Anyway. When the Chakra of Indra felt Ashura's chakra cling to Naruto the two began to come into conflict. Eventually the 2 chakras balanced out creating a Duality. If you have ever played any elder scrolls game you will often come into the idea of Duality. And it is how dualities in the elder scrolls are presented with people like Lorkharn, sheogorath and Azura that I became fascinated. Therefore here Naruto's Rinnegan represent such duality.

His EMS represents his Dark side. His ability to become a monster at the drop of the hat and kill others in order to achieve a means. It represents his Ability to love and hate indefinitely. It is why he couldn't kill Kurotsuchi. His love for her was like an obsession. Like Madaras obsession with his brother and Itachi's obsession with dying at Sasuke's hand. It is why despite his everything he's done he is still selfishly obsessed with her. Think of it like Darth Vader at return of the Jedi. He could sit still reminiscing at the beauty of a tree wondering why aren't there more like it. While it was also him who destroyed the forest said tree o ce inhabited.

During the Chunin exams i will reveal how Ashura's Chakra has affected Naruto's body and chakra. But the most obvious signs are how gentle and caring he is with his family. It represents his lighter more loving side. What Hashirama was like.

When me and Plasticwolf94 reveal the Ability just know that it is a Manifestation of Ashura.

His willingness to work hard and protect his precious people at the cost of his own life... And the world. It is His love for his siblings and his mother. The care he has for his village.

It is this form of extreme duality which allows him to hate war, while also relishing in its bloodshed. It his his inability to let go of the past that cost him his future.

But it was finding balance that gave him essentially a second chance. It is this extreme form of Duality that brought His Rinnegan into manifesting itself. Sort of like the Curse of Jyggalag that forced said prince to realize the frivolity of his ambitions and the attempts to bring perfect order where chaos reigned supreme and brought sheogorath into being.

And his Rinnegan represents the balance in between. What Naruto is. Soon you will come to realize that Naruto is essentially an "Impure" Manifestation of the sage of six paths. And Sasuke and Hitomi are the two "siblings". Bringing an end to the cycle granting Naruto his redemption I hope this answers question any of you may have about why I keep calling it a tomoe Rinnegan and why I chose it instead of the other 2 Dojutsu.

Now the Difference Between a Tomoe Rinnegan a full Rinnegan and a Rinne-Sharingan.

The Rinnegan is a transcendent bloodline limit.

It is when the mind, body, chakra and eyes of the Sage become one once again.

As I said earlier to have a full Rinnegan in this story you do need all three aspects the Senju, Uchiha and Uzumaki blood.

The Tomoe Rinnegan is an Impure Rinnegan.

It is when you receive only part of the sage. Like Sasuke did.

It has the Abilities of the Rinnegan plus a Unique ability. But it is not as extensive as the Full Rinnegan.

For example.

Hagoromo gained the ability to transcend death.

Nagato had the ability to negate death.

Madara was able to call up meteorites and enter Limbo.

While sasuke could just used an op replacement technique, and some space time abilities.

Naruto while he has manifested the Tomoe Rinnegan. It is not technically active. And it is that reason you have not seen him Using Rinnegan techniques.

Now the Rinne-sharingan is completely different. In what i found is that the Rinne-Sharingan is a Kekkei Mora. Who ever can clarify me on whatever the hell that means i'll send you and online cookie.

But what it is the Rinne-Sharingan is the Most purest form of the Sharingan.

It has the Abilities of the Sharingan. So far we have not seen it manifest any sort Rinnegan abilities so as of the moment I wrote this the Rinne-Sharingan is entirely different from the Tomoe Rinnegan.

Now the Rinne-Sharingan can only manifest if certain conditions are met.

Has a full active Rinnegan.

Has become the Jinchuuriki of the Jubi.

Actually aquarining the juubi and taming the beast enough to seal it into yourself

Actually survive the process.

The Rinne-Sharingan only manifest as a third eye.

It has the Most powerful Genjutsu in existence.

It can travel dimensions and that's all that is known

And where the Rinnegan and Tomoe Rinnegan are purple. The Biggest Difference is the Fact that the Rinne-Sharingan is color red.

Now what causes the Tomoe Rinnegan to actually have tomoes.

Well from what i've read while researching the differences before writing the story. Is that the Tomoe rinnegan obtains the Tomoes depending on the stage of the Sharingan the wielder had before manifesting it.if you had a base Sharingan or a Mangekyou it would only have 3 Tomoes on the first ring and that's it. But Since Sasuke. (And Naruto in this story) had the EMS hence 2 different Sharingans where the Rinnegan now stands it has 6 tomoes. 3 on the first ring and 3 on the second

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