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Omake Chapter: How Naruto got his Gunbai.

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Fugaku Uchiha looked at the letter that he had found in a box alongside the sealing scroll.

He was the proxy for the Uchiha clan. With the death of the Matriarch and the next eligible heir years old 13, the clan looked at him for leadership. With him being the chief of the Konoha police department… thats when he wasn't on the frontlines of course.

'Too whoever reads this.

My Name is Madara Uchiha. Soon i will go to battle with my best friend and most bitter enemy.

The Uchiha and Senju are like water and oil. We are two Dominant partners attempting to be in control Of the relationship. We will eventually break up and the fight will continue. My biggest fear is that the Senju will continue to remain in power while the Uchiha will lose all prestige and power. I have a dream that no children will lose their family to continued conflict so I set out in my journey, defecting Hashirama's and my own creation. If i do fall. My True Gunbai is stored here for he who is worthy of wielding such majestic weapon. He who will be my heir. I rest my dreams with you. Only he who bears my blood may open this scroll.'

Fugaku thought for a second.

The only living descendants of Madara Uchiha where the Namikaze brothers.

He knew both of them of course. He had taken them into his household having been a good friend of Mikoto. And with Jiraiya going out constantly deep into enemy lines.

He brought the scroll and box out to his House.

When he arrived at the house he found Naruto sitting down on the Couch.

The cloud campaign had been going on for a year now. And. They had just taken the Capital of Grass country so Jiraiya switched out the Initial commanders with fresher one to avoid field exhaustion. Calling out to Naruto, the teenager looked up from he had been to see Fugaku putting a box down at the table.

"What it is Fugaku-san?". Asked naruto, Fugaku simply said "I found something that belonged to your ancestor. Its locked with a bloodseal. Why don't you go ahead and opened it."

Naruto nodded and bit his thumb and smeared blood where the seal was located. The scroll opened and from the center a poof of smoke letting the two know that whatever it contained had been unsealed. When the smoke cleared a Guitar shaped war fan was revealed to the world.

The black edges contrasting with the center white

Towards the widest edge in each side where the 3 tomoe of the sharingan painted in color red.

Naruto's eyes widened "This is?" Fugaku nodded "I know you have been working to expand your wind affinity and intensify your fire Jutsu. Maybe this will help." Said the older man. Naruto looked at it "where did you find it?". Fugaku shook his head "You will find out when your older."

Naruto nodded. It is true he was a highly qualified Jonin. But he was also a kid still.

"How does it feel?" Naruto held it "It feels just right. Lime the call of blood has been intensified".

Fugaku nodded "This Warfan has been carved out of a spirit tree. Each Worthy leader of the clan has wielded it into battle. Since the first Uchiha. It is said that it contains the essence of every worthy leader before you. Wield it well Namikaze Naruto."

Naruto nodded and gripped it tighter

"Can I still Bear my name even if i have to lead the clan. I am Proud to be an Uchiha, But i am also proud of the Name my father gave me."

Fugaku understood. One thing that living in war had thought him aside of violence was ti be Proud of who you where. Be proud of your Village and clan. Be proud of your family name. Not to be confused with arrogance. But many Sacrificed their live for the survival of the Village.

While he may not have liked Minato from the fact they where school rivals. He couldn't begrudge the man who Had given his life for the village. he couldn't hold a grudge against the kids he produce with the girl he himself had been in love with in his younger years. Many of his own Clan members and family had made it home because of the presence of the Namikaze on the field of battle.

"Kid. I'd be worried if you dropped the Name your parent's gave you. Be proud of who you are. Your an Uchiha, but you don't need to bear our name. Your father was a great leader, who im not ashamed to admit saved my hide more than once.

Be you, Leave your own mark in history. Show the world who Namikaze Naruto is."

Naruto's resolve hardened.

he would bring an end to the war.

or he would die trying

hello everyone Diego here. something that hit my head a while ago. I wanted to write something that show how little actions can change the curse of History.

And being shaped by years of endless war sharpened Uchiha Fugaku from someone who just thought about himself and the needs of the clan To someone who while proud of who he was, he is much more inclusive of everyone else. he is proud of his family. proud of his village. He just care about making it home to his own family, plus show that Fugaku was also one of Naruto's main mentor figure and friend.


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